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Posted in: 5 lions slip loose from Sydney zoo enclosure See in context

Roaring with laughter. Leave your belongings and run... Now here's a value for money trip to the zoo and a no need for coffee start to the day.

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Posted in: Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago dispute See in context

It's curious what they consider confidential given that the Carter Page fiasco has revealed that the the government's witness in the Russian collusion conspiracy, was a paid informant. And that his identity was classified as secret just long enough for the information to be concealed from public scrutiny while Page made application for a suit before the court's only to be revealed after his application was struck down because of a lack of merit.

Had that information been public knowledge the government couldn't have argued the merits of his case about allegations of a government conspiracy and official corruption on the part of FBI personnel. He would have won the suit for damages and subsequently the attorney general would be bound to investigate criminal proceedings and charge those responsible for the whole Russia hoax.

Page was unlawfully pursued and accused, spied upon by the FBI and faced death threat's by disaffected left wing moralists presenting as patriot's because of a false narrative fraudulently presented to the FISA court by the FBI - who'd classified the information that would put their narrative before the court in a completely different light. But deliberately leaked their lie to the public specifically to do maximum damage to their targets.

Page as well Trump and everyone else in the Trump campaign that was subject to the effects of the lie that Hillary and Co paid for in their failed effort to gain office in the 2016 election were all libeled, slandered and injured because of these criminal acts.

The thing that made it work for them is the ability to classify the data that would bring down their lies.

Trump as president had the right to declassify anything he saw fit. And if their so called array of classified documents contain anything to do with these underhanded shenanigans, it's definitely exculpatory and privileged.

It's also probably a contempt of court for the justice department to seize the documents and seek to criminalize a suitor for possession of evidence against them.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

Looks like 50,000 new recruits in need of training and no where else to train them on the art of staying alive under Putin's rule.

China as ever, the opportunist, has found another interesting way to encroach on others territory and attempt to intimidate and bluster their way into the semblance of a significant entity. Or even more to the point, a 'superpower' as they so obviously enjoy being referred to.

It's easy to see that India would be looking for a way to engage with the Chinese in an effort to de-escalate the disputed territory conflict with their neighbours. And that Mongolian force's would want to be involved because it's happening in their region.

But the presence of Laosian, Syrian and Nicaraguan troupe's is a curious twist that is possibly a concern for the Ukraine if in fact they're there for assimilation into a Russian mercenary expedition to support the new recruits in Ukraine.

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Posted in: China heightens warning to U.S. over possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan: Financial Times See in context

Dumb is as dumb does... She doesn't care about the fallout when it's someone else in the firing line and her husband is probably well invested in the arms industry that will profit from conflict. And Xi who's scrambled to the top from being raised in a forced labour camp when his father who was an administrator that fell from grace after Mao's end doesn't care about the human side of anything that he does either. He's focused on his legacy (his belts and road's ideology with the expansionist agenda hidden there in), the financial gain's to his cohort and grip on power within the party that he leads. The 23 million people who live in Taiwan don't come into the equation and in every likelihood it's going to leed to the blockading of the China straight to foreign shipping and annexation of the China Sea and plundering of their neighbours resources. Acts they are already guilty of, only now they'll claim a legitimacy of being much more forceful in applying.

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Posted in: Singapore conducts two more executions See in context

And what happens when unscrupulous baggage handlers use other people's luggage for transportation of contraband across international boarders? This has happened and only recently.

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Posted in: Johnson resigns, but will remain British PM until new leader chosen See in context

The chief whip isn't the party standards enforcer as these people are suggesting, the position actually involves tallying the count and relaying communication between members and their leadership.

This cabal has nullified his whip with the intention of hamstringing him through so far unsubstantiated allegations and now want to draw their leader into their tawdry little affair because they say he knew about the allegations, as if they had any significance to the orderly operation of party affairs at the time.

Well I'm sure that they've all had allegations of one sort or another levelled at themselves at some point in their lives and seem quite comfortable with their positions for now. Their virtue signaling is just a mechanism for a plain old power grab by disloyal party members who are bringing their party into disrepute while gaslighting Johnson with the megaphone of a bully pulpit saying that he's guilty of what they're doing.

He's perfectly entitled to replace the entire cabinet, he is the Prime minister, and provide sound government to the people of Great Britain up until the next election. Then take it to the people and let them decide the constituency of their parliament instead of this whole nameless faceless back room deal making nonsense that the Tory party are famous for.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

I'm not sure what is worse, the disingenuous suggestion that there's a significant problem with strangers finding out the mobile phone numbers of minor's at random or the subversive and convert manor with which they plan to deploy a spy tool on the communication devices of our children? If this is what it's cracked to be then it should be marketed to parents of susceptible children.

I think it's more likely than not that they've discovered while riffling through people's file's while using covert hacking tool's that some kid's have been experimenting with their phones and their anatomy. And the real fear is that others have these tools as well and may exploit this vulnerability.

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Posted in: Global nuclear arsenal to grow for first time since Cold War: think-tank See in context

Forget MAD this is just plain old fashioned insanity. When the whole ball got rolling in 1945 the US military signed an invoice for about $100,000,000 when taking custody for the receipt of the core prior to the very first live atmospheric test of a nuclear device - which led to Oppenheimer waxing lyrical about becoming death. When asked about the quote he almost had tears in his eyes as he went into detail about the six armed hydra in the Bhagavad...

Now we have countries forking out hundred's of billions of dollars each of other people's money for a mutually assured destruction of every living thing on earth.

China with the largest population of all claims to be under developed with high levels of poverty yet able to spend tax dollars on this fool's errand as well as whole cities of high rise construction, in the middle of nowhere with no one to live in them or resources to complete the projects.

Russia has a crumbling economy decaying infrastructure and is run by a kleptocracy of so called oligarchs that have collectively seized all of the formerly state owned assets in deference to issuing public script for a share float on the businesses that could benefit the community as a whole while stockpiling thousands of nuclear warheads without a known target or specific enemy in mind, let own a working delivery method is just plain obscene, for a post Soviet federation who've done away with the expansionist doctrine of the former one party communist state that was the actual threat that led to the conflict in the first place.

The US military with unlimited fiscal support from their government who makes money by borrowing it spends those tax dollars on a mechanism designed to kill the people who pay the bills using the argument that it's in their defense.

And the European sector who claim to be leaders of environmental protection and all things ecological would obliterate all of that just to be on the bandwagon so long as it doesn't burn fossil fuels.

This is utter madness.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

A good boy - young, handsome and now rich, lololololol...

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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

A Taiwanese initiative to advise and assist with a rollout of vaccinations to the most vulnerable may have a affectations result in fostering good will with North Korea by sharing their success stories in COVID-19 management as a way of softening the heart, bridge the divide and serve to negate the impetus towards further arms development.

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Posted in: Alex Jones' Infowars files for bankruptcy protection See in context

The only people responsible for the pain that these families are suffering is the idiot who went berserk with the weapons that committed the carnage in the first place. Blaming gun maker's or gun shops is as ridiculous as blaming vehicle manufacturers for the road toll.

And Joneses right to express his uninformed and ignorant opinion is supposed to be protected. He probably was right in pointing out to his viewers that crisis actors were employed in the coverage of the tragedy by mainstream media, aswell he and his followers probably are also right that there is a movement to exploit these tragedies for their own political agenda in removing firearms from the general population.

I think that with regards to this topic the only thing more obscene than the rantings of Jones is the virtue signalling agenda driven cabal of seemingly parasitic individuals who've attached themselves to others real life loss and pain for their own self promotion, profiting and perfunctory political posturing.

The looney tunes who've harassed and threatened anyone because of what they viewed on Jones' site should be tracked down and prosecuted for their misdeeds, that's on them. Trying to get money from Jones as a way to silence his voice is just plain wrong - no matter how distasteful he is for the majority of rational thinking people.

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Posted in: U.S. slaps sanctions on Putin's daughters, Russia's biggest banks See in context

He's willing to see his country eat grass and just like in the glory days of the Soviet Union that he's attempting to recreate, his cronies and himself will still live in palaces and eat caviar while people starve. I believe that the only thing that will cure their appetite for wreaking destruction on other's is to destroy every piece of ordinance and military personnel as it leaves their borders. Quarantine the entire nation within their federation and pay no heed to the ramblings of a compromised, demented and obviously senile so called leader of the free world claiming that it's going to a WWIII if anyone provokes Russia. If nobody engages nuclear weapons and doesn't invade causing an existential threat then their stated protocols won't be met for the necessity of a nuclear response. So no WWIII, just military embarrassment for them and a good lesson for any other rogue despot who wants to look at his neighbours property and probably political reform in the Federation, removing most of the extraordinary powers that Boris Yeltsin granted himself to see his reforms promulgated.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Moscow is forcibly taking civilians to Russia See in context

Local municipalities started bussing residents out before the hostilities started with the Russian invasion, when force's were still holding their "exercises" in their own territory. Prior to this local populations had been subjected to a concerted disinformation campaign wherein they were told that the Ukrainian population were predominantly led by Nazi's that wanted to exterminate them and take their homes - but all was well as sanctuary was available in Russia for them. Any way you look at it, that is an abduction of the population under false pretenses and definitely of the children who have no voice of their own. It's also a grab at the demographics for future electoral significance, as is driving out a quarter of the population in the north and west of the country, too. There's probably countless young women feeling evermore apprehensive the further afield they're forced to travel away from home for safety - and many won't even have family meeting them where they're going to. But alas this one has a nice pot of rabbit stew in hand and a mother to cook it for her...

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Posted in: Australia accepts New Zealand offer to take 450 refugees after long delay See in context

Started with boat people from Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos in the seventies where the root cause was obvious and unfortunately inevitable under the circumstances. But the avenue's employed and the people profiting from the people smuggling weren't adequately addressed at the time and in the interim. It's no easy feat to organise large numbers of people who originally came from the middle east, north Africa and even Afghanistan to get together for a boat ride over the Timor sea or North Cape of Australia. And the collection of intelligence and detection of person's of concern has been woefully under par which leads us into the position where we're at risk of becoming the very tipe of environment that these unfortunate individuals fled from in the first place. The whole concept of concentration camps is anathema to the very idea of what it is to be Australian. We fought against this in the second world war. We lost our loved ones fighting the idea that a countries rulers can do that to people and we lost people in the camp's as well. It's become apparent that the liberal party has been diletous and guilty of mismanagement in maintaining security in our region with the over riding goal of legislative reform that empowers the federal authorities to a greater extent by allowing the massive influx of desperate refugees to gather in numbers off our borders. All at the expense of these unfortunate individuals and our freedoms. A great example of where this unchecked attitude has progressed is the 501 legislation that now see's people who have lived their entire lives in Australia being deported for behaviour that they've learnt in Australia from childhood up to the present without remediation.

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Posted in: Harris trip to Poland takes a turn over jets for Ukraine See in context

Stingers and Javlins are fine with tactical support and disrupting enemy manoeuvres. Instead of air power and wasting trained pilots in combat, a cruse missile system would take the fight to the Russian army in their own territory and prevent sending their fighter jets and bombers in the first place. Enabling the Ukrainian force's to disrupt the rail network that provides logistical support as well destroying artillery pieces that are making life hell at the moment might be a better use of resources. A couple of submarines probably wouldn't go awry either with the ability to hem in the Russian fleet in the Crimea and at the gates off Turkish territorial waters. In my humble opinion and these measures would send a very clear message to the people of the Russian Federation that their leadership is embarking on a very precarious course of action that does have real consequences for their own safety and well being and doesn't really have their interests at heart.

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Posted in: Myanmar military revokes citizenship of opposition members See in context

While the regeme is well armed and the people who would resist aren't nothing is going to change. They've effectively given super powers to a rabble of uneducated gormless pathetic little individuals with guns. Time and money may change their thinking into no longer supporting the junta but that could be a generational scenario and it may be their children that makes the change. The time to do something about it was, instead of going to the Hague and facing the music for their misdeeds Su Kui should have found a way to lure them out of the country so that they could be arrested for the human rights violations and ethnic cleansing and genocide they've committed.

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Posted in: Bloomberg News loses landmark privacy case at UK Supreme Court See in context

The claim that the decision makes the job of bringing accountability to those in positions of power and privilege is wholly specious and self serving. That job is for the authorities and court's to deliver to society. The press serves us by reporting the facts as they arise, not in creating them. If that was the case then it would be all to easy for a competitor to hobnail his rivals with unfounded accusations and see them into bankruptcy by disrupting cashflow due to loss of trade and creditability because of the public's reactions to the slanders that they themselves wouldn't be associated with by the public.

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Posted in: Australian PM upbeat despite virus surge See in context

As with any desease management strategy it's beholdent on the individual to keep one self safe. If in public you behave like you have it and don't want to give it you're going a long way towards curtailing it's spread. If you inoculate your self as best you can you've done your part at protecting yourself. Other than this you can only manage who you choose to associate with, the safe or the unreliable. Lockdown is not the answer, draconian legislation and penalizing people out of existence is not the answer.

A clear simple message about personal responsibility is needed and identifying where the push back comes from and dealing with them in a more direct manor.

Not criminalisation of whole communities and throwing the book at youths for trying to enjoy themselves in hard times made even more harsh by endless restrictions and imposition imposed by government decrees.

The mental health of our youth is a very major concern, as well is ensuring that we don't allow our administrators to fall to comfortably into a mindset of ruling by decree, at the risk of becoming despotic. It's as important as the personal responsibility of every at risk individual to both isolate themselves and vaccinate themselves in an effort to take personal responsibility for themselves and their families.

Locking down and locking out entire communities and separation of family is not a mandate handed to any government when elected. Effectively bankrupting our children's futures with untenable debt and destroying enterprise by decree is beyond Stalinist in nature and should not be allowed. Successive administrations have been as guilty as their predecessors at not investing in capital infrastructure like having gold standard health systems. Now when we're in the thick of it they want to spend that money on a lockdown strategy and compensating a handful of workers and businesses.

Whatever rhetoric that they generate, I think that the polls should reflect these failings and hold our representatives to account.

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Posted in: Eric Adams sworn in as New York City mayor after ball drop See in context

He is his own man, so time will tell if he can manage a fiscal budget or maintain a regeme of developing policies to keep people safe. The key will be if he possesses the ability to work with people and provide a bridge between discordant sector's, bringing harmony to the various sometimes diametrically opposed demographic segments that combined make up the extremely large and diverse community that is the city of New York.

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Posted in: Tony Blair and COVID officials receive knighthoods See in context

Isn't that supposed to be the highest form of insult for a member of the labour party, hehehe hrh heh?

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Posted in: CNN fires Chris Cuomo over help he gave to governor brother See in context

Kinda makes the sanctimonious weasel a pilferer and deceitful liar as well an enabling abuser who has compounded the damage done to the victims of sexual abuse committed by his brother. Go and peddle tobacco or Chinese technology to Congress or something... So long suckerburg... Oh' go on then, just one more flash of those purley whites and a flex of those peck's before you go...


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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

A large part of the CCP's moral support is directly linked to their exploitation of historical facts regarding the course that the Japanese imperial forces embarked on over eighty years ago when millions of Chinese were butchered, enslaved and oppressed by them. Article 9 is a visible and very crucial display of penitence to her neighbours that this will never happen again. The so called US Pacific umbrella is also a significant apparatus placed to ensure that the Pacific Ocean is not militarized and save the vast number of small island nations therein the huge bourdon of maintenance towards a defence force any more than taking on border control, counter insurgencies and policing responsibilities.

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Posted in: Top U.S. admiral warns about China threat at Halifax forum See in context

Practically all of the US technology and it's advancement in terms of military superiority is supported by satellite based systems. We've just had in the last few weeks an exhibition of the opposing forces ability to disrupt those critical components in a satellite based targeting and communication network. China has the ability to harvest our satellite's and Russia can shoot them out of the sky. First strikes will be to blind and deafen our command bases and forces prior to any hostilities and if they are allowed to develop superiority of numbers trained with low tech capabilities and able to operate in the context of a pre ordained plan against a technically superior but dependent military I have serious reservations if we could prevail without training in the basics of warfare and maintaining a society that has a place for all of the young people to fit into once they have served their time in terms of the changes in behaviour and character required to get a young person who will willingly lay down their lives in service of their country. It's easy if you can make a game out of it and just walk away afterwards, but vastly different if one's forced to get down and really face adversity by physically doing battle then if you're lucky enough to have survived come back to a home and fit in when those values aren't respected.

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Posted in: Myanmar junta charges Suu Kyi with fraud during 2020 polls See in context

The thing that stands out to me is that no one is calling them out as an illegitimate leadership. It the junta this and after the coup... that. They lost an election in overwhelming numbers, too massive to fudge or do by fraud. They don't get to take control and say anything about the evidence that they claim to have. The chain of custody in handling of the evidence has been corrupted. They've arrested the independent non party officials for doing their job and detained everyone else in a position of power across the board. No one should talk to them as if they were anything like a government. They are simply put, a bunch of murderers and butcher's no matter how white their gloves and uniform is. They should be in the Hague facing life, especially for the crimes against humanity that they let Ang Sun Suu Kyi stand up for when they were responsible and out of her control. This time for the multitude of killings of innocent civilians, false arrests and theft of the affairs of state. They've inflicted genocide in a number of regions in their own country with ethnic cleansing calling their innocent victims rebels in a civil war effectively blaming them for their own fate. Suu Kyi is getting old and her time will soon be over but if these thugs are not stopped, they will go on forever there will be another to replace this one when he's done.

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Posted in: Jury to get to weigh some lesser charges in Rittenhouse case See in context

No matter how misguided one may believe he was for being there in the first place. He still had a right to defend himself against a mob out to cause mayhem, destruction and death to anything that stood in their path. It's clear that these people were fixated on doing harm or murdering him as a mob, wherein they could just fade away into the woodwork and feign anonymity even possibly getting away with his killing amidst all of the chaos or by victim signalling and crying white supremisist as they are now. Personally I don't think he should have been there in with a riffle to do the state's job. But having said that, it's still his right to defend himself from injury or threats to his life.

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Posted in: Chinese forces exercise near Taiwan See in context

China isn't going to attack and murder people who they claim are their own. They'll wait and support some complete fool on a popularity wave into office and have them hand over everyone's future, just as they did in Hong Kong nearly a quarter of a century ago. If they were to lose patients and launch an invasion inflicting massive casualties on a civilian population there's the possibility that it would unleashed civil unrest on the mainland questioning communist rule or bring about a response from the apparatsia leading to their own arrests and prosecution for crime's against the people.

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Posted in: Many Taiwanese think Japan would aid Taiwan if China attacks: poll See in context

China can't attack Taiwan without suffering heavy casualties attempting to cross the straights to gain a beach head using an amphibious assault and modern air defence systems would pretty much negate an airborne drop in sufficient numbers to make headway. The fact that they claim that the population and the country means that bombing of the innocent civilians going about their normal routine as would happen if there was an attempt to bludgeon them into submission or destroy the country's defence systems would be tantamount to murder of their own population and could lead to a full scale insurrection on the mainland or the system turning on the administration and prosecution for crime's against the people. The only way that they're going to gain power in Taiwan is if some fool is elected and invites them in like the idiotic bunch that thought they had a deal in Hong Kong.

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Posted in: Assange lawyer dismisses U.S. promises over extradition See in context

Yeah, nah... She'll be right mate. We'll get those guys we used to look after Epstein... and we can all sleep right through it all with sleepy Joe... And them. While we're at it we might as well get a cut and paste pic of him and that Gislaine Maxwell woman and after that nobody will care what happened to him it'll be a case of, Julien who? It really beggars belief that a major ally of ours can commit murder and conceal the evidence, then get away with persecution and imprisonment of anyone who discovers that and informs us about it. Especially since the present administration has used whistleblowers on numerous occasions, both military and ambassadorial against their last President extolling the virtue's of good people just doing the right thing inspite of the personal risks involved. The really curious thing about this case is, why haven't any of the major media organisations that also distributed the data not been held to account as well..?

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Posted in: Facebook puts Instagram for kids on hold after pushback See in context

These apps are dangerous, they provide unlimited and unfettered access to our children by people who we have no idea what they are saying and where they're from, or even what motivates them. They encourage insular withdrawn behaviour and provide a barrier between youths natural career and their ability to provide wise counsel and moderation in belief structures and behaviour. It's not just the so called social media platforms that are in the risks category but popular gaming sights as well with their ability to form association's and groups with chat facilities that have very limited moderation with, in most cases a blocking function or a report language and behaviour button somewhere in it's content. This might be okay with more mature audiences but with a young person who has little life experience it's not really an effective safeguard as the user may not even realise that they are being groomed or abused by someone who has something else on their mind or infact if their experience is being taylored by a cabal to whatever end's that they have in mind.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

In the wake of the Christchurch mosque slayings big Tech was reported to have said that they were going to change the algorithm that leads individuals down the rabbit warren of despair and mono centricity wherein they are supplied with a single adverse topic line that is harmful to society and the individual user. Basically they've mislead everyone so that they maintain an edge over the users who are unwittingly exposed to their influence. The only thing that they'd changed was to employ a bank of reconfigured filters designed to recognise objectionable content by recognising a match for stuff that they've recorded and keep on file. Everything else is still business as usual, infact recently it's been reported even their own research identified damaging results from social media exposure to our children - while Mark Zuckerberg was reported to have said that the tweens age group were a potential untapped mine of wealth for monetization by his company, Facebook. A really bad look for them, but don't think that the people who are responsible for monitoring and control of these companies are going to provide protection to your kids or yourself because they too use these services to monitor and control individuals and information flow that they see necessary.

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