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Posted in: Facebook puts Instagram for kids on hold after pushback See in context

These apps are dangerous, they provide unlimited and unfettered access to our children by people who we have no idea what they are saying and where they're from, or even what motivates them. They encourage insular withdrawn behaviour and provide a barrier between youths natural career and their ability to provide wise counsel and moderation in belief structures and behaviour. It's not just the so called social media platforms that are in the risks category but popular gaming sights as well with their ability to form association's and groups with chat facilities that have very limited moderation with, in most cases a blocking function or a report language and behaviour button somewhere in it's content. This might be okay with more mature audiences but with a young person who has little life experience it's not really an effective safeguard as the user may not even realise that they are being groomed or abused by someone who has something else on their mind or infact if their experience is being taylored by a cabal to whatever end's that they have in mind.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

In the wake of the Christchurch mosque slayings big Tech was reported to have said that they were going to change the algorithm that leads individuals down the rabbit warren of despair and mono centricity wherein they are supplied with a single adverse topic line that is harmful to society and the individual user. Basically they've mislead everyone so that they maintain an edge over the users who are unwittingly exposed to their influence. The only thing that they'd changed was to employ a bank of reconfigured filters designed to recognise objectionable content by recognising a match for stuff that they've recorded and keep on file. Everything else is still business as usual, infact recently it's been reported even their own research identified damaging results from social media exposure to our children - while Mark Zuckerberg was reported to have said that the tweens age group were a potential untapped mine of wealth for monetization by his company, Facebook. A really bad look for them, but don't think that the people who are responsible for monitoring and control of these companies are going to provide protection to your kids or yourself because they too use these services to monitor and control individuals and information flow that they see necessary.

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

They haven't produced any statistics for our analysis to support the assertion that the practice warrants attention, let own a title. Logic say's the smooth and orderly flow of traffic allowing progress in congested areas is incumbent on a driver as long as it's done with courtesy and safety towards other road users. The danger in this practice is for J walkers and boy racer's dragging off at the lights. So if these habits are well policed and not in general use the risks involved are negligible regardless of how some people feel about others appearing to gain an advantage. With a little consideration, respect as well patients - pollution, ware and tare, frayed nerves as well precious time can be saved. But having said that, you get the ticket - you pay the fee. People who can't understand that loose property and eventually go to jail for noncompliance, not the driving offence. News releases like this are designed to demonize people who are just going about there business and the danger in the practice is for our youth who can feel aggrieved and be tricked into a lifestyle of noncompliance where they become accustomed to not adhering to the norm's of society where they pay dearly for it...

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Posted in: Providers urge U.S. Supreme Court to reject 15-week abortion ban See in context

There's deceit on both sides of the argument, one side wants on demand and late term claiming to have women's rights of choice as a motivator, while willing to fudge the margins of what stage of pregnancy abortions should be allowed. And the other side of the argument claims that the development of a pulsing cluster of cells is representative of a beating heart and sign's of life in need of protection by the state, when really they're diametrically opposed to the procedure on religious grounds and would prefer to have it completely outlawed. R vs W is a reasonable middle ground, while defending a women's rights to privacy it also recognised the significance of the trimestered gradient in the development of human life and where viability begins and what is recognisable as a person with right's. The unfortunate thing that has come out of this is the emphasis on safety of the mother aspect with no clear guidelines has led to the point where someone can claim on all sorts of ground's that late term termination is in the interests of the preservation of life when quite often it's a matter of convenience. And through that process has lead to the development of business models for companies that trade in human foetal tissue for research facilities, inflaming the other side. And as a consequence resulted with pushback in the form of state law's attempting to ban the practice.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew served with papers in U.S. sexual assault lawsuit See in context

He's already stated that he has not met the woman and didn't pose for the photo with the alleged victim and Guilain Maxwell. The only thing left is a conspiracy to defraud using a Photoshopped image as no complaints were lodged at the time of the supposed events and the story didn't take off until after Epstein's demise. This theatre is just an opportunistic attack on the British monarchy and an attempt to cash in by underhanded individuals.

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Posted in: More than 30 California children still stuck in Afghanistan See in context

Two hundred children. A great success?

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza after violent protests along border See in context

Despite all of the rhetoric to the contrary they need Hamas in place, because without them and all of the havoc that they cause Israel might be forced back into negotiating about the land seizures, enclaves on occupied land and hideous giant concrete walls that they've referred to as fences that carve swathes across land belonging to other's. Or even worse, being pressured into adherence to the UN resolutions ordering Palestinian territories restored to their rightful owners. I've made the observation and think that it's really odd that the average Jewish voter in the US is more inclined to be a left leaning liberal Democratic party supporter while also being an avid Israeli state supporter. But in Israel because of all of this artificially manufactured conflict is overwhelmingly a hardline right wing political party supporter - which is a bizarre dichotomy of juxtapositional viewpoints. In the real world, if the leadership of Hamas are actually terrorist's they should have long ago been arrested, tried and jailed. One cannot argue that the ability or will isn't available to do it, so the only reason for this not happening is that they serve a mutually beneficial purpose that lends itself to a broader Geo Political agenda.

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Posted in: Chinese court rejects Canadian's appeal of death sentence See in context

He's still going to have an opportunity to have the sentence reviewed by the supreme court and the process for the jailing being swapped out for death argued, let's hope... Simple answer is don't willingly or knowingly peddle or smuggle drug's in a country with the death penalty for the offence... Just think Bali... A very popular holiday destination for people from all over the world, young and old alike. But the storied toll of those executed for in some cases as little as a joint by the state are legion. Speculation about the motives for the severity of sentences doesn't have much sway, the fact is that they have law's and that the Chinese are executing the Law in accordance with the rules of their respective regulations. Iran, Hong Kong and the US government should not be confused with the process that these people are subject to as sad and unfortunate that may be.

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Posted in: Google founder gets New Zealand residency, raising questions See in context

The news that should be reported is that his child needed medical treatment only available in New Zealand from where he was residing on an island in Fiji, attempting to sit out the pandemic. The fact that NZ has a business Visa available for investors over a certain threshold isn't news and his private business is just that. He's allowed to move wherever he wants to, it's still a free world and we all deserve a little privacy when it comes to our children.

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns S Korea-U.S. drills will rekindle tensions See in context

Doe's anyone seriously believe that NK will attack the South or even that the Chinese will use them as a proxy to take over SK because of an ideology? The North may be stuck in an ideological time warp which has ruined her financially and so weakened the population physically and emotionally that getting up from the administration's overbearing oppression is impossible. But with all that going for them, do they really have a credible ability to invade and suppress the south? China is a one party totalitarian, capitalism based state who loves the money that goes with power. There's no profit in destroying SK unless it was to take out a competitor. So basically all of the sabre rattling is just good old fashioned reminiscing and drumming up arms sale's for the industrial military complex in spite of the obvious salt that they are rubbing into old wounds. In fact one could summise that the very act of this behaviour is perpetuating the need for maintaining a strong military presence to counter the reaction. Put simply, a case of cause and effect. The reality of the situation in my view is that the Chinese are using the North as a proxy to antagonize the West in an obvious attempt to gaslight and bait which prolonges the cause and effect process which incurres further sanctions and that perpetuates the grip that they have over the population. The West on the other hand use the situation to maintain a form of back pressure on the CCP to prevent them from being too bold in bullying their immediate neighbours.

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Posted in: Justice Dept says IRS must give Trump tax returns to Congress See in context

Well I think that they should go a lot further than that. I think that they should demand all records of all of the senate and congressional members and their families. And anyone who runs for the presidency. As well anybody else that becomes a director or senior management in justice and the FBI. And while they're at it state governors AG's

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. citizens, entities over Hong Kong See in context

Sanctions? Wow they must be shaking in their boots. Arrest warrants though is an entirely different story. That is a real threat, given Chinese involvement in Interpol of recent times and the unknown influence over their indebted trade partners in foreign trade dealings around the world. Travel for these targeted individuals may be perilous.

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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

Australia is in serious trouble with the grand bunch of halfwitted, gormless numbsculls in charge of the place now. Firstly they kick out of the country children that they have raised and know no other place that they're able to call home for the bad behaviour that was acquired in the community to which they've lived all of their lives. Now we hear tut tutting because someone else's self effacing joke about what a scary proposition the sudden and unexpected sight of their unroabed and naked body would be to someone delivering a meal at their door step. Oh how horrible, I'm having nightmares already... I think I need a good lie down or a cup of tea or something... Is it really such a crime for someone to look for a little levity when facing the prospect of being incarnated for a couple of weeks, or is everyone supposed to go quietly into the night just because our government tells us to?

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Posted in: Leaders of North Korea, China vow to strengthen ties See in context

It's all in the rhetoric, Kim talk's in terms of being a fixed stand and Xi talked about providing happiness by controlling the strategic dialogue. Given the treaty of 1961 between the two states NK has no need for a nuclear weapons program and it's obvious that the Chinese are using the North Korean's purely to generate conflict and couldn't give a damn about the suffering of its population resulting from the sanctions that they've incurred because of the hostile platform that they're embarcing towards their neighbours.

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Posted in: Top Chinese diplomat dismisses Wuhan coronavirus theories See in context

When called on openness, a response incorporating a threat is like a confession. These people don't appear to care if they present as foolish, psychotic or guilty. Their only interested in pushing the CCP agenda and delivering up the same old garbage. They obviously don't care at all about the near on 2 billion people living in their own country and most definitely not a fig for the rest of humanity. While revenue streams are still strong they will continue to buy influence abroad and have the ability to satisfy local support and stay in power. I think that time, distance and an apparent display of wealth have blinded a lot of individuals to the real threat that these people pose to the lives of every man, woman and child that lives on our planet.

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Posted in: Chauvin's lawyer seeks new trial, hearing to impeach verdict See in context

Chauvin should count himself lucky that he's not facing a capital crime. If it weren't for the argument that he was acting in an official capacity he'd be accused of a willful murder charge and facing the possibility of a death sentence. This despicable individual is responsible for untold misery and unrest all in the name of trying to turn a free democracy into something akin to a Soviet Russia or people's republic of China where people cowtow to the authorities.

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Posted in: New Zealanders face mental health, economic challenges in pandemic recovery See in context

When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place you have plenty to complain about. The fact is that only a few relative to the population have succumbed to the virus. But the cost to people who have not received treatment for other conditions during the lockdowns aren't measurable. Stress induced illnesses such as smoking and not getting out of the house enough to stave off other conditions like boney growths and cholesterol build up, drugs and alcohol damage compounding lung, cardiovascular and diabetic problems all of which are unaccounted for. The behavioral health of our youth who receive no credit for misbehaving and infants missing out on kindergarten all are critical and unaccounted. The new normal where the government can tell you how to live and when, where and what is acceptable is in a way de-humanising and contrary to our cultural upbringing and what our forefathers faught to maintain, ie. the sence of a free democracy. They don't see it as tyranny, they see it as expeditious and humanitarian. The fact that they've mortgaged our future is irrelevant compared to the money they've saved on the health care system and lives that they have saved. Because everything else is unaccounted for or immeasurable it's not even in the equation.

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Posted in: 2 Americans accused in Ghosn escape to go on trial June 14 See in context

They may have arranged for a flight and transfer in Turkey and even the transportation of goods, but what evidence is there that Goshin was on those aeroplanes and even the box that people are talking about? The plane's everyone is talking about could have been a red herring to conceal his real method of travel. He may have had a false passport and disguise which would be illegal and sanctionable in law and may have seen him sent back to the point of origin, Japan, which would be disastrous for a fleeing fugitive from Japanese justice. All of the shenanigans aside, I think that the whole exercise has more to do with a Japanese corporate entity using the support of its government in trying to gouge a European invester out of the rights of control over a business that they have salvaged from extinction and made good. It's just race based territorial parochialism for gain.

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Posted in: Australia says it canceled state deals on China's Belt and Road over 'national interest' See in context

Eyes are for watching and looking, not talking... Communication should be reserved for conversation within the group.

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Posted in: Maoist rebels kill 22 Indian security forces in gun battle See in context

Elimination of their leadership may be easier than what it is they're fighting for. The only way to defeat the idea that they are willing to lay down their lives for is to actually make it untrue. With better living conditions it will be apparent to those effected that the rebels are infact just agents provocateur for the tentacles of a greater effort by the CCP in their endeavours.

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Posted in: Myanmar insurgents warn of growing conflict as neighbors press junta See in context

Sanctions and criticism hasn't worked in the past. Arrest warrants could be the option to explore now. The ICC tried Su Kui for genocide committed by these individuals and was unsuccessful because it was proved that she as leader of the nation had no control over their actions. Obviously if international arrest warrants can't be served without risking the lives of those seeking to execute them, trial in absentia is the way to go. Once declared a bunch of murderous criminals sanctions on any and all financial dealings with them will have more traction and justification gaining a broader range of support than is present today.

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Posted in: Wisconsin pharmacist arrested on charges of sabotaging COVID vaccine doses See in context

It didn't get out of the cool storage by itself and he said that it's spoilage was due to an inadvertent mistake. Everything else is the result of leading questions to fill a narrative that fits a forgon conclusion. It's just an employment, training and management issue. Not the crime of the century or a political act. There will be other mistakes made, are we going to hang, draw and quarter everyone else who slips up?

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Posted in: Chinese official says Australian PM overreacted to tweet See in context

The image speaks to the Chinese population. It's intent, to demonize western culture, religion and it's people to the Chinese, with the very likely consequence of stirring the people to support military action to curb a behaviour that will have been falsely presented and wipped up to a fervent degree. The platform for this is already in place on many fronts throughout the South China sea affecting all of their near neighbours. Pacific nation debt traps, Bhutan, Nepal, India, African debt traps. As well supporting Iran in a multitude of issues ranging from backing regime's ethnic cleansing and terrorism to the nuclear proliferation issue. And let's by all means not forget North Korea and Taiwan just to name a few of the many issues that they may seek to gain leverage by force. So gaslighting Australia is just a means to further ramp up the fervour at home and cement their own position while telling the troops to be loyal and ready to fight to the death for their country/party. In an environment where they've been responsible for the spread of a pandemic that has all but crippled the world in so many ways, on top of behind the scenes support of conflicts that have lead to Europe being flooded with refugees from many conflict zone's, sending people from completely opposed cultural backgrounds to seek refuge in totally foreign countries and environment's further exasperating regional and local conflicts and expenditure issues throughout. Nothing should be ignored, nor left unanswered. But protesting will just play into their hands and make the indignant look guilty to the target market. They have to be called out for all of their may misdeeds, loud and clear so their own population understand's what exactly it is that they're being steered into and the completely fallacious premise whereupon they will be called to lay down their lives. So if inquires lead to them recompensing the globe just one centilla of the damage incurred by them, my advice is to not be distracted and simply stay the course.

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Posted in: Trump says he will leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote See in context

Wow, so much love on here today... All of this enmity is like a cancer for the soul. Get used to the simple fact that man can not walk on water, eat BS all day and expect to produce icecream at days end.

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Posted in: Graham facing ethics complaint over Georgia ballots question See in context

That's all BS, four people who have not been party to a conversation are repeating what someone says that they thought someone else means when asked about their authority to do something. Which is incredibly about weeding out unlawful entries in the election process. So if in fact there are large scale irregularities the people now have four candidates for inquires to ascertain if there's a conspiracy. Clever clotts they may be but sheer arrogance and a law degree may not save them from having to answer sticky questions in their own right.

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Posted in: FBI investigating Texas attorney general See in context

And here goes the liberalisation of the lone Star state... People may be fleeing the West coast in droves because of the state of thing's there, but if they aren't careful they'll end up in the same situation as they were in when they fled all of the craziness. Starting with white ant's is never a good way to rebuild a system so with architects like this, it's no wonder that thing's are bad in places.

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Posted in: Ex-NJ governor Chris Christie says he's out of the hospital See in context

It is easy to take a snippet from half facts and then project one's own biases to come up with a complete fabrication. The suggestion is that Trump himself super spread the virus because of a perceived laxness in protocols on his part due to his incompetence. The facts are that the WH bubble is a tight circle entailing regular testing of all who have access, I think that I read that it's weekly swabs somewhere. Given the response to the SCOTUS nomination I think that it's fair to say that there's a lot of individuals that would be hell bent on stopping or sabotaging the process in any way that they can. So it's not within the realms of possibility that at a semi-public function just about anyone present or involved in the catering and cleaning were able to contaminate common areas, utensils or food. People are spreading an enormous amount of hostility and hatred and blaming their target. Some people need to take a really good look at themselves and think about where they are in the scheme of thing's and take a reality check.

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Posted in: Pakistan's prime minister says U.S. 'martyred' bin Laden See in context

I think that the point he is attempting to make is, instead of bringing him to book for all of the wrong that he'd brought into the world and untold suffering inflicted and criminal abuse in the name of a lie that he was perpetrating.

The Obama administration chose to actually assassinate him in the dead of night in front of his terrorised wife and children, killing one of his sons in the process. Then even granted him a timely and honourable funeral at sea.

Unfortunately in this context he is absolutely right, because of the way that things were carried out by the Obama administration, people are still able to romanticize his memory instead of remembering what he did and watch him suffer while he rots in jail like he deserved.

Because of the way that they did thing's, they robbed us all of the justice we deserve.

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Posted in: China's Communist Party faces its biggest crisis since SARS See in context

Position, privilege and permanency. China, a prime example of everything that can go wrong with the maladministration of state.

Career politicians with no more skin in the game than their job and the next wrung on the ladder have no problem with presiding over a festering mess, as long as it stays in its place and they're able to float to the top. Of course when finally latching onto the golden gong spread enough love, in the right direction, to ensure tenure.

Well isn't that just so, so familiar. It's as if civilization has amnesia. We've all, or as it would seem, most of us have learnt in our schooling about failed dynasties lost cultures.

This is how some of them have disappeared into history.

A pandemic bred in an environment where it was fostered, then spread as if it wasn't even there until it's too late for the majority of people who are exposed. Not good enough!

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Posted in: U.S. House passes measure to limit Trump's ability to wage war on Iran See in context

It really is inconceivable that a whole political party could be so hijacked by a group who can't get over the fact that they lost an election.

To drag the entire nation along with them as they prosecute every utterance, gesture and perceived action is utterly despicable.

They have spent the last few years of their salaried time prosecuting a lost election... And very little debating issues or providing anything constructive.

I've seen nothing but sower grapes and undermining white ant behaviour towards the undisputed and unequivocally elected and now, which must really gets their goat, President... Lol...

What would or could Congress do, if for instance some larger benifacting state was to use Iran as a proxy in an attack over a Chirtamas or the summer break. Or even god forbid were able to take out their building ala, Sutherland's, "Designated Survivor," style of event.

They could conceivably strike a telling or even fatal blow that the nation is unable to recover from.

The whole world is riding on the green back and whole nations have their currencies pinned to its success.

There have never been any shortages to the list of despots willing to upset that cart and inflict hardship wherever they can to expand their influence.

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