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@aly rustom,

you should brush up on your history, those Japanese in South America were there way before world war 2.

They wend there becasue of economic hardship in Japan in late 1800 to early 1900.

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Yeah, your right but, there is consequences for not being vaccinated which should be. One of them being not allowed in the country. As all the other rules put in place like not being able to dine in restaurants, not being able to attend sports venues, and etc...

Remember, majority rules. Majority makes the rules. And we, the vaccinated are the majority.

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Maybe it was run by Chinese company? They don't like Chinese there right now.

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Mr Kipling: Same thing probably happening at the Weibo chat rooms too. Of course China's foreign policy is for their benefit, nobody needs to be told that, same with us and Japan. It's for our benefit so what's your point?

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All of you armchair quarterbacks should give her some leeway, after all, it's not like she can do everything at her will, the Military Junta still controls the country. We don't know what went on between her and the Military when the Rohingya crisis was unfolding. They most likely threatened her with something.

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