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Why in these articles people always give excuses for the woman? And then give her sympathy and not the actual victims. I'm a father and can't imagine such an act.

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I was one of those foreign people investigated last year.

Fact is problems will always exist, but Japan law is in many ways flawed.

A conviction rate of 99% is asanine. Getting arrested and held with 0 evidence of a crime is wrong.

I was arrested because a drunk Japanese man came to my group sitting outside and grabbed our beer started drinking it, then proceeded to grab my wife and kiss her on the mouth.

I throw him out of the area, he fell to the ground and police came and arrested me.

I spent 10 days in jail and had to pay equivilent of 20k in dollars and 7k in lawyer fee's.

I've never had trouble with the law in my life either in Japan or anywhere.

Even the police said they sympathize with me, and that the law should change in these cases, and asked me to please not let this affect how I think about Japan.

When I went to my cell the officers told the guards specifically my story and thankfully they treated me well.

I had video evidence of what happened on security cameras, and even the prosecutor said, she understands my actions, but that doesn't mean I can ever put my hands on someone even in that situation.

I don't want to cause trouble, but I don't want my wife assaulted either. So instead of assuming all these people are bad, I'd suggest you look at the context of japanese law first, and go case by case.

I was locked up with only Japanese. One being a man who stole well over 100k from old people, an arsonist, a thief, and another drug addict.

I was protecting my wife.

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