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Mike Dashler comments

Posted in: Woman calls police, saying she killed her 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter See in context

This was a single mother, and probably expected to raise 2 children on her own with no financial support. Where was the father? I can almost guarantee he was not providing child support leaving the entire financial burden on the mother. Unlike in N. America there are severe consequences for those deadbeat fathers but not here in Japan.

Of course, my heart bleeds for the loss of those children lives but more needs to be done to go after those fathers who run off many times to another woman and start another family leaving the last family to struggle.

That is some serious speculation. Perhaps the Father was paying child support. Or perhaps the Mother abducted the children as is so common in Japan leaving the Father to not even know where his kids are.

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Posted in: Japan OKs changes to system for recognizing paternity after divorce See in context

I wish Japan would focus on recognizing paternity and giving Father's rights to their children after divorce. :(

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Posted in: Even if Naomi's rank falls and she isn't seeded, I think she has the confidence to advance to the finals of any tournament, so long as she focuses on winning one match at a time. See in context

She has the ability for sure, but definitely not the confidence. Lack of confidence is her main issue IMO.

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Posted in: Gov't panel proposes to scrap 100-day remarriage ban for women See in context

I learned a lot from reading this article. Let me explain J-logic. My wife and I have been separated for almost two years. I haven't seen her since July 5th, 2020 which is also the last day I saw my children before she abducted them. Since we are sill married, if she has a new BF and gets pregnant, I am the legal Father. Yeah, I would say a complete overhaul of the Japanese marital, divorce, and child custody systems is desperately needed.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

The proper time for the Australian government to deny him entry was when he applied for his visa. If they messed up and approved his visa, they must face the consequences. Putting Djokovic in a psuedo-jail is unfair, inhumane, and likens Australia to China.

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Posted in: Serena Williams not on January's Australian Open entry list See in context

Headline is Serena, picture is Djokovic. JT does this all the time. I am the only one that finds it odd when pics don't match the headlines?

I agree with Seesaw7. It is time for her to retire.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Saitama Prefecture See in context

The extent to which Japanese run red lights is disgusting and something I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Their is a several second delay before a pedestrians signal goes green yet they still run through that too. Only in Japan

I have no sympathy for the driver either, but if you think Japan is the only place in the world where people run red lights, you must not get out very much. This is a common problem all over the world, except for the utopian society that you must be from.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of Hiroshima woman in 2001 See in context

If the man has no memory of doing this, it is unlikely that he committed this crime.

More than likely he did do this. You may forget certain things as you age, like what you had for dinner last Tuesday or what you wore to work on Feb 6, 2001, but committing a murder is probably something you would remember. If he says he didn't do it I would be more skeptical, but saying he doesn't recall whether he killed someone or not is ridiculous.

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese students share summer house, deepen understanding See in context

In my experience living in both Japan and South Korea, the younger generations do not have the same level of animosity towards each other as the older ones. Forgive and forget seems to be working the farther we get into the 21st century. At some point, all of the anger and hate left over from WWII needs to be left where it is...in the past. Do not forget the past, but don't let the mistakes of yesteryear control the future. You can't walk forward if you spend all of your time looking backward.

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Posted in: Tennis tour investigating abuse accusations against Zverev See in context

Innocent until proven guilty! The ATP should let the proper authorities finish their investigation before deciding to take any action. Let the pros handle this, the investigative pros, not the tennis pros.

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Posted in: Osaka feels 'itch' to make tennis return 'soon' See in context

Perhaps the itch she feels is her sponsors letting her know that they are going to drop her if she doesn't start scratching (competing) again. I empathize with her mental health issues and think she should take all the time she needs to get better. If she is truly concerned about her health, take more time. Moods (itches) change like the days of the week, so she shouldn't subject herself to the stress of competition until she is definitely ready to return. I do hope that she will come back and do well when she is able, just worry that she is rushing her return and hope that she isn't doing so for the wrong reasons.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Yokohama See in context

What a tragedy. I can't imagine the agony that the Mother must be in after witnessing this. RIP

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Posted in: Raducanu drops coach who led her to U.S. Open triumph See in context

Seems like a smart move. She is focused on making it to the top and staying there. Hopefully her former coach got a healthy severance and they departed on good terms.

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Posted in: Blinken tells irate Congress the U.S. was ready on Afghanistan See in context

You all make excuses for Biden as if he had no idea we were at war in Afghanistan before he became President; as if he had never received an intelligence brief, or had no pre-existing knowledge of the situation. I get it that he had only been President for eight months before this happened, but if memory serves me correctly, he was a sitting U.S. Senator when the war began and was the VPOTUS for eight years of wartime. He had plenty of time to back out of the timeline he inherited from Trump. Blaming everything on Trump isn't going to solve Biden's problems, isn't going to get America behind him, and definitely isn't going to help any of the Americans we left behind.

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Posted in: Ohtani steals home as Angels send Yankees to 4th straight loss See in context

Headline, "Ohtani steals home..." 7 pictures with the article, but no picture of him stealing, or having just stole home. Seems kind of strange.

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Posted in: Organizers defend Bach's return to Tokyo for Paralympics See in context

@ Reckless He put himself in harm's way for the children and athletes. Like a hero.

I hope you were joking because I seriously laughed out loud when I read your comment.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games chief Hashimoto pledges all possible steps for safe Paralympics See in context

Hollow words from yet another LDP/IOC controlled muppet.

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

Getting people vaccinated should have been top priority for Suga, but the Olympics were more important than the health of the nation. If the vaccine rollout had been first priority, the Olympics would have been much more welcome and fans most likely could have attended to some extent.

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Posted in: TV Asahi Olympic coverage worker injured after attending all-night party See in context

I thought karaoke places were closed. I thought alcohol was banned from being served after 8 pm. Oh right, TIJ. The quasi-rules are only quasi-enforced and the government's on-again off-again approach towards fighting the pandemic has most people not even quasi-paying attention anymore.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for requesting young girl send naked selfies See in context

Japan desperately needs a sex offender registry and this guy needs to be on it. He should never be able to get anywhere near children again, let alone be a teacher.

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Posted in: Suga kicks off Olympics diplomacy See in context

Suga is set to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, when the French president is expected to raise the issue of child abductions by separated parents.

Vincent Fichot, a 39-year-old French national who says his Japanese wife has abducted his two children, has made headlines for going on a hunger strike near the National Stadium in a bid to raise awareness of the issue.

Thank you Vincent Fichot and Presidnet Macron. It has been one year and 17 days since my kids were abducted. I feel your pain and appreciate your determination as I know many many others do too!

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

He should be deported immediately and the people that were harboring him should be investigated.

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Posted in: Over 70% of Japan's elderly to be vaccinated by end of July: tally See in context

If there is a supply shortage, why has Japan been donating so many vaccines to other countries? My guess is because the incompetent oyajis running the J-gov couldn't figure out how to use them all before their expiration date.

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Posted in: Federer fails to make Halle Open quarterfinals for 1st time See in context

I hate saying this, but I think it is time for Federer to retire.

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Posted in: IOC veteran Pound says Tokyo Olympics 'a go' See in context

I feel like we are playing chicken...you know where two cars (Japan and the IOC) are charging at each other at high speed hoping that the other will swerve out of the way first. Unfortunately I think we are about to witness a head-on collision as greed is preventing either one of these idiots from getting out of the way.

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Posted in: Did you think that in March 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics were postponed until this year because of the pandemic, that even 2021 would be too soon to hold the Games? See in context

No, a year ago, I still had faith that the government would actually do what is right to protect us. I believed in humanity; that a vaccine would be developed, which it has. I also believed that the government would do everything they could to distribute that vaccine and inoculate in mass. We have seen that in some countries, but certainly not in Japan. If I have learned anything over the last year, it is that those in power within Japan are only concerned about saving face and increasing their personal wealth. The government dragged/is still dragging their feet on the vaccine role out because they were hoping a Japanese company would produce one and they could all increase their wealth. Hosting the Olympics is obviously much more important than the livelihood and health of the people...how many times have we heard a government official or the IOC say something like the games will go on at all cost, or the games will go on no matter what. Yes, I was a much more naïve a year ago. I believed in our leaders. I believed people were mostly good-hearted and wanted to do what is right. I know better now.

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Posted in: 2 Americans accused in Ghosn escape to go on trial June 14 See in context

"The Taylor's were not available for comment." Wonder what they could possibly be up to which would make them unavailable? They were denied bail, so they should have all the time in the world right? Could it be 18 hours a day of questioning without an attorney present? Wonder if they have been physically assaulted by police/interrogators and perhaps were not presentable enough or coherent enough to speak to the media?

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Posted in: Raised fists, kneeling during anthem OK at U.S. Olympic trials See in context

If you are so ashamed and embarrassed of your country that disrespecting the flag and anthem are ok, why would you choose to represent your country in the Olympics to begin with?  There are other more appropriate venues to protest.  This just encourages even more division.   The Olympics are supposed to be about pride in country, and unity among athletes.

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Posted in: 3 men jailed for murder of 80-year-old woman in Tokyo See in context

Does it solely depend on the judge how long a custodial sentence is passed down?

I was wondering the exact same thing. It seems that there is no standard and must be entirely up to the presiding judge.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years in prison for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

I am honestly shocked that they gave him this much time considering most cases where people kill their children, they only seem to get a few years. I agree with you all that he should have gotten more time.

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