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Posted in: Abe to tell U.N. chief he opposes talks with N Korea See in context

If it was up to me, I would rather see, US, China, Russia and Japan sign a non aggression pact and ensure neither country provided support in any means necessary including humanitarian until the conflict battled out by both South and North came to an end on their own terms. If it means a fight to the finish so be it, but at least it should be held by their countrymen and shedding or loss of life by either side not outsiders. Once the conflict ends and the argument is settled then the nations could assist a unified Korea.

Sorry, but this suggestion is absurd. How could stepping out of the way and letting them all kill each other be a good idea? Having lived in South Korea for 4 years, I can assure you that the South doesn't want a war. Most people in the South don't even want reunification because of the economic strain absorbing the north would cause. South Koreans aren't willing to fight to free the people of the North, they are only focused on self-defense. If the U.S. and China stepped out of the way, the North would attack, millions of people would die on both sides, the Korean peninsula would be mostly destroyed, and no one would be any better off than they are today.

The South (and probably most of the world) would be content with open borders, but that will never happen under the Kim dynasty. If those in the North realized what the rest of the world was like, The North Korean government would lose the psychological hold they have on their people and their government would collapse.

Within North Korea, the best case scenario is actually an internal uprising, but that would likely trade one dictatorship for another. Diplomacy is the only real hope for the outside world.

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@Cricky, I completely agree with you. These are desperate people with no hope in their lives and no future. Desperate people take desperate actions sometimes. There is no telling what some of these appliances could have gone for on the black market in the DPRK. These mere things they took could have been sold to purchase food as the government distribution system in the DPRK doesn't provide enough for them to eat. They could have used these items to bribe border guards to look the other way as they reentered the country (after a trip much longer than expected, the government was most likely searching for them and had quite possibly declared them as defectors or enemies of the state).

To those so quick to judge the actions of these people and call them criminals and thieves...I agree with you too. What they did was wrong. It is unfortunate in this day and age that we have a country full of people so close to us that are starving and live in such horrid desperate conditions that they are willing to steal to survive. Obviously you have no sympathy, but why are you so calloused? If you don't think they were taking these things to survive, I would suggest you do a little research on what people in the DPRK are driven to do for survival. Books such as "The girl with seven names" and "In order to live" would be good starting points for you. The plight of the North Korean people is the worst injustice of our time in my opinion.

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A week earlier, the coast guard rescued three North Korean men from a capsized fishing boat off Japan's northern coast. They were transferred hours later to another North Korean vessel that was to return them home.

In this case, I wonder if the men rescued were asked if they wanted to return to North Korea or not.  I have read several books written by successful defectors.  If these people had been listed as missing for any reason, they are in for lengthy interrogations by the DPRK when they return.  I only hope that the Japanese government would be willing to take in refugees from North Korea.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay Y610 mil damages over noise problem at U.S. Yokota base See in context

I've worked and lived on US Air Force bases for the last 26 years, and am at Yokota now. Yokota is probably the quietest base I have ever been at. I spent four years in Misawa and the F-16s are much much louder there than the aircraft here at Yokota. I'm curious as to what the level of noise pollution is around some of the airports here with significant air traffic such as Haneda? Are the residents in that area protected from aircraft noise levels? Are they asking for early morning and later night flights to be cancelled? Are they seeking compensation for noise pollution? If not, this seems more like extortion than realistic noise complaints.

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The man suffered a broken spine.  The article doesn't say, but doesn't that normally mean at least partial paralysis?  Regardless, this is horrible.  I hope they see some serious jail time so they can have adequate time to think about their lives.

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I wonder if these are really accidents. The certainly could be mere coincidences...or they could be practice runs for something bigger yet to come.  I am not normally one for conspiracy theories, but look back at 9/11/2001.  When the first plane hit a tower, we all thought "what a terrible accident."  When the second plane hit, we knew we were under attack.  Is that what is going on here?

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Ota had been arrested in 2013 for allegedly sending child pornography online while working at an elementary school in Saitama Prefecture, but later managed to be hired by the Chita board of education after changing his legal name in the family registry.

This is a big part of the problem.  If he was arrested in 2013 for child pornography, he should still be in jail.  As garypen said above, the other guy should have been jailed as well too...not given a six-month suspension from his employer.  These are serious offenses and deserve serious jail time, not slaps on the wrist.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman using smartphone while walking See in context

Although I seriously understand this guy's frustration, kicking someone is bad form. If some smarphone zombie is coming my way, I usually elbow the hell out of them or throw my arm or shoulder out in front of me.

@Mocheake...do you really think that elbowing the hell out of them is any better than what this guy did?  SMH


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Posted in: Teacher tells student to jump from school window in Saitama See in context

Hopefully this teacher will be forced to seek out a new profession.

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