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if it’s just me hug, and a quick snog.

A snog? That sounds rude. lol!

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The population used to be this small. 30% fall in population is a great chance to improve peoples quality of life - more space, less congestion, less work more family time etc etc.>

Seriously doubt that. When nearly half of the population is retired, the other half will half to work double just to afford the taxes for those sitting at home. And what about the monumental health care costs for all those elderly people? Japan is facing a massive problem...

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I thought Twitler was a deal-maker? A closer? More like a closer without the "c"...

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Japan has used its skill and proffit to benifit the world while the US has developed an arms industry and bombed the "unko" out of any lesser nation with oil.

Really? Didn't realize personal computers, smartphones, the Internet, TV, radio, jet planes, etc. were invented in Japan. How has Japan's skill benefited the world, exactly?

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Posted in: TV 'talent' Yuko Ogura announces divorce and expresses gratitude to ex-husband See in context

So the father will likely get to see his kids twice a year...

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What is the significance of him being a "company employee." I have no idea why you include these references.

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What can be remembered and taught, then, is only one fact There was a terrible War between 2 countries. No more no less Uh, wrong. Japan's aggression was directed at many countries prior to and during WWII, not just the US. See: China, the Philippines, Burma, Korea, Australia, etc.

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Would you have posted this story if Hirota had lost?

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Oh, who cares. Grow up, Japan. You're such an immature country... in so many ways. Keep enjoying your little mascots and AKB teens...

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How about same bedrooms to increase the birthrate? Oh, I forgot. It's Japan. Nevermind.

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Not true. The Dutch Baseball Federation has 23,000 members. Similar numbers in Italy and Germany.

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Ah yes, but in the same report, Toronto was named best city in which to live. Montreal was second. http://safecities.economist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/EIU_Safe_Cities_Index_2015_white_paper-1.pdf

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We need Tim Horton's coffee in Japan. It's great and half the price of Starbucks.

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Apparently, being a smoke free city is a requirement for hosting the Olympics. So Tokyo isn't really doing this on its own or to save lives. Also, as pointed out above, the government owns 50% of JT, the world's third largest tobacco company. Isn't it odd that a country would profit from something known to cause cancer?

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Actually, Anraku has already had elbow problems. He was severely overworked in the spring 2013 Koshien tournament, throwing 381 pitches in three days. His high 90's fastball was in the low 80's for the final and he got hammered 17-1. I'd say he's a risky pick for the Eagles.

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As long as we don't get any Sydney funnel webs here, we'll be okay.

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Hey Hidingout. Don't know where you've been but in Canada, calling someone a "foreigner" is insulting.

Also, what if a person is born here, of non-Japanese parents. Are they still a "foreigner" because they are a "visibly identifiable minority"?

The issue is not about being thin-skinned; it's about stamping out ignorance and intolerance.

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Posted in: The most crowded train and subway lines in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are ... See in context

I think it's probably illegal to be over capacity. But I've never seen anyone investigate. One solution: why not pull out most of the seats. That would create more room on either side of the car. Just leave a few seats for elderly or disabled folks. Everyone else could stand up.

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Throwing a baseball is an inherently destructive act. Doing it repeatedly, to the point where one kid needed therapy between games, is abuse. That's why they have pitch counts everywhere else... except Japan.

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Probie, they don't have points in baseball. They score runs. And actually, scoreless games are very exciting. Imagine a game where one mistake could be the end. A nail biter. But I agree with the comments about child abuse. I guess in Japan, they feel that kids' arms are indestructible.

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While I dislike the militaristic elements of Koshien and the obvious abuse of young arms, as a whole the tournament is interesting and often engaging. It's reality television at its best; no script or predictable ending. Also, it's no more exploitive of youngsters than American NCAA football or basketball. At least these kids are actually going to class...

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@Disillusioned. Actually, allowing more women into the workforce could (in theory) produce more babies, if women are given the chance to share more of the workload (and work time) with men. This (in theory) would allow both more time for a balanced life and, thereby, more time for making babies (in theory). Of course, in Japan, both men and women would probably be subjected to overwork, thereby destroying this theory.

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Climate change deniers are almost as bad as history deniers (Creationists).

About 97% of the world's scientists agree that climate change is happening. They base their opinions on scholarly research showing rising sea levels, melting arctic ice, increasing global surface temperatures, rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, etc. You know, actual research.

(See here what NASA scientists think. http://climate.nasa.gov/key_indicators/)

I'll go with real science over anecdotal evidence of flying over the frozen Great Lakes.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics to provide cozy jobs for over 1,000 ex-bureaucrats See in context

Incredible. Great article, guys.

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Woe to those who aren't part of group-think in this country.

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Japan is lame in soccer. What a great result.

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Well, the article states that the father "was divorced" from the mother. Therefore, it's likely that he had custody and could legally keep the mother away. It's another example of why Japan's single-custody system must be changed to protect children.

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Perhaps Hentai University would be a better name. ;)

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Posted in: Police suspect ASKA has been using drugs for long time See in context

Um, in English, I think it's called "ecstasy."

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Posted in: Farm tariffs to stay, Japan tells Pacific trading partners See in context

TPP sayonara!

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