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Posted in: Starbucks Japan goes full autumn with chestnut beverages and regional drinks lineup See in context

Abroad we get Pumpkin Spice Latte muffin and scones

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Posted in: Review: 'Bullet Train' goes off the rails, but Pitt doesn't See in context

Why would anybody want to pay to see this movie?

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Posted in: Musk loses fight to delay Twitter’s lawsuit against him See in context

JTC the $1B is a penalty for either side - there is no clause to allow backing out. And Musk agreed to very limited disclosure/ diligence so bailing on bots won't win in court. Likely the judge will require a settlement at least $20B and TSLA will sink

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Posted in: BOJ buys record ¥16.20 tril in gov't bonds in June See in context

Pound and Euro all crashing now, USD is a bully

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Posted in: BTS rekindle debate about military service in South Korea See in context

People said the same things about Elvis too. And the BTS members may look feminine on stage but they are very fit strong guys and will look just like everyone else with a military haircut. Korea would not be better off without 2 years of BTS working

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Posted in: Lexus unveils all-new RZ, the first pure battery EV for global markets See in context

Many EV drivers can charge at home or work or where they shop or travel. No ICE car can refuel in as many locations. In Vancouver there is one gas station downtown and over one hundred public charging stations

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Posted in: Netflix shares drop 23% after it loses 200,000 subscribers See in context

Netflix has a lot of K Drama

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Posted in: Japan’s best-selling beer changing its recipe for first time in 35 years See in context

IPA and high BTU brews are popular but I can't stand them. Who likes grapefruit beer? I hope they keep Asahi Black.

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Posted in: China marks 84th anniversary of Nanking Massacre See in context

If you are in China and search June 4 (or June 4 1989) online you will find nothing at all about Tiananmen

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court's immense power may pose a danger to its legitimacy See in context

Not a word about Citizens United ?

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Posted in: Extreme teleworking ... from Mount Fuji See in context

I saw a TV programme about the seasonal wotk (and life) on Fuji from the priests to the staff preparing the food , cleaning the road , even picking up the mail. Quite interesting and a challenge to live there over time

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Posted in: Taliban blame U.S. for airport chaos See in context

But no blame for the Afghan government... oh there is no Afghan government anymore? Maybe that's actually the problem. And that isn't Biden's fault. The Russian embassy in Kabul is still open, guarded by the Taliban.

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Posted in: Canada warns citizens about possible Hong Kong exit bans See in context

And Taiwan is next

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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

3LDK is 3 separate rooms

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Posted in: Civic group calls for cancellation of IOC chief's visit to Hiroshima See in context

They have a point : Japanese can't attend the Olympics, Tourists can't visit Japan; so IOC staff should stay in a bubble and not visit non venue areas and cause stress

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Posted in: First-ever Pokemon manhole covers installed in downtown Tokyo See in context

Manhole cover art is also popular in Vancouver London, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle... Google image search "manhole art"

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Posted in: Honda Aircraft Co unveils HondaJet Elite S See in context

Made in USA

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Posted in: HondaJet becomes top-selling small business aircraft for 4th year See in context

Interesting, since all HondaJets are manufactured in USA., Greensboro North Carolina

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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album See in context

I like TWICE and there are more KPOP groups that have more edge like LOONA . Watch there Heart Attack video it is cute and serous too https://youtu.be/BVVfMFS3mgc

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Posted in: Ushio launches world's 1st UV lamp that can safely kill coronavirus See in context

Other UV-C are also effective at mutating the genetic code of the virus but also do the same to human skin cells. This machine claims to precisely provide 232 nm wavelength which cannot harm human skin. That's "new"

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Posted in: Japanese couples who want to try living together can now rent apartments for as little as one week See in context

If the price was really that low couples could use it for weekends and then linger periods as they transition from their single apartments

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Posted in: Starbucks opens teleworking branch in Tokyo’s Ginza See in context

Most of the Starbucks in Vancouver have the seats removed

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 39 new coronavirus cases; lowest in 4 weeks See in context

Maybe Koike should count the lineups outside the hospitals

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy protesters aim for massive turnout at rare sanctioned march See in context

some (not all) of the violence has come from agent provocateur posing as protestors ... example https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/c5uhna/a_police_provocateur_got_exposed_by_hong_kong/

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Posted in: Marie Kondo's doing what she can to make your kids tidy See in context

Yes. What about people who have to pay someone to tell them to throw away stuff they don't use? What does it say about them?

I guess these are the same people who pay people to show them how to exercise

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Posted in: JR East aims to launch ferry route linking Haneda with central Tokyo See in context

Tokyo monorail from JR Hamamatsucho Station to Haneda is only 20 minutes anyway

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Posted in: Toyota speeds up electric vehicle schedule as demand heats up See in context

Toyota has long resisted the battery EV to develop an alternative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle. It has cost billions of $ and put Toyota at the back of the EV pack. I think they've sold less than 10,000 Mirai worldwide and last year they sold about 30,000 Prius Prime plug in hybrids in USA alone

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Posted in: Avril Lavigne speaks Japanese in new commercial for Laundrin’ See in context

videos unavailable in Canada, lol

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Posted in: What's in a name? For meat alternatives, quite a lot See in context

Same in Canada .

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Posted in: Kyushu Saga International Airport to become proving ground for latest technologies See in context

This is interesting but I wish more background was provided here. Are automated baggage loading systems used anywhere else? What is the benefit of remote pushback trucks?

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