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@ Andrew Crisp

No big deal, all rice farmer's are safe.. in Northern Europe nobody is able to produce rice. It's to cold :-)

@ Bill Wright

exactly if the seperate countries have no common internal VAT and luxury tax system.. you will spare only some Yen, if you buy a product.

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@Toasted Heretic

Every run starts with the frist step! But the run for to save the planet get's complicated more and more. But maybe when two of the economics leading nations, with similar historical background, starts an new initiative.. this could be an good step to save us.


Sounds like too much informations from Breitbart-News! Reality looks different!

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@ Jandworld.. correct! Europe wants ballance! We must life there together with Russia on one continent. And stories about the WWII glory of some god owns countries are really bothering! Too much victims! Life is changing! Future wars are the trade-wars. You know a trade-war is an easy won game! Welcome to Trump-world!

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Hi guys, looks for me that some of you get the information about Germany directly from the US government. Or in other words: Fake News :-). For example Blacklabel is posting that Germany get 70% of his energy from Russia! Maybe you remember we talk about NG (natural gas) currently the portion of complete NG using in Germany is up to 7 %, rest of energy mix is: 20% wind energy; 10% solar energy; 8 % biomass energy; 4 % hydropower; 25% brown.-coal (German-mining), 13 % coal from US and China, 13% nuclear power. So Germany portion for buying foreign energy is less than 15%, the rest of the energy is "homemade" produced in Germany. The posted Nord-Stream gas pipeline, is delivering NG to the most of the European countries, not only to Germany. And one sentence to this really stupid NATO discussion and the protection of the US against the empire of the evil! Hi guys we are living in 2018! 1980 was in another millennium! I remember very well about the fear of the people in Europe and specially in Germany as “front-state” for the risk that somebody will start an nuclear war. If a war will start in Central-Europe, this war will be definitely the last war! I don't must tell you stories about this two dates in history: 1945年8月6日と9日. To invest in old military structures are no longer valid.  The new kind of war is the commercial-trade-war and this war start's now, and to be honest nobody can win this game. But it’s great that we have the new JEFTA in place, 600 M citizens of the EU and Japan can join this FTA. This is the real protection against war!

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