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Mike Hunt comments

Posted in: North Korean leader Kim shows off banned missiles to Russian minister See in context

Do they all use the same tailor?

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Posted in: Ex-intel officer says U.S. hiding info on alien craft See in context

Does anyone think we are really alone?....

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Posted in: London jury acquits Kevin Spacey of sexual assault charges See in context

Back at the old vic he was know to be a predator. And would cross boundaries to see what he could get away with. Multiple friend shared stories of uncomfortable behaviour back in the early 2000s. Matching what people i trust told me to the procecutions testamonies brought me to my conclusion.

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Posted in: London jury acquits Kevin Spacey of sexual assault charges See in context

Boooo, he is guilty as sin!

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Posted in: Sinéad O’Connor, provocative Irish singer-songwriter, dies at 56 See in context

Her son comited suicide a while back. Losing your child woof can't imagine the pain. RIP to both of you. Even though nothing compares was a cover she made it hers and will be remembered long than most of us.

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Posted in: Nissan plans $663 million investment in Renault's EV unit; says profit leapt in April-June See in context

Nice someone benefits from a weak yen. Oh surprise surprise its not us little people who continue to get shafted left right and center. Japan inc indeed.

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Posted in: Era of mass closures: The Japanese businesses without successors See in context

Near me was a nice old carpenter and i don't mean a daiksun i mean a proper craftsman. We were close and i took some local woodworkers to see his place and they all just scoffed at it even though he was willing to teach them all he knew and hand it over for free. I lost all respect for said daiksuns that day. Remove kids games and switch on their brains could be a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: Tony Bennett, masterful stylist of American musical standards, dies at 96 See in context

96 what an innings and what a life. RIP Me Bennett!

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Posted in: 74-year-old man arrested for stabbing co-worker at apartment’s cleaning area See in context

@falseflagsteveJuly 20  05:39 pm JST

What a terribly queer affair. What’s going on with these old guys lately?

Its pride over emotional maturity/control.

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Posted in: Japan issues heatstroke alerts as temperatures soar See in context

For those with dogs. I poor two litres of water over our mut before early morning or evening walks comes back much cooler and reduces the floor mouth dribble considerable. Don't walk ya dog between 10-6 if ya can help it.

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Posted in: Japan issues heatstroke alerts as temperatures soar See in context

My Japanese wife is wearing denim jeans today. I can't wear denim after April or ill turn into a ball of flames.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested after 19-year-old woman found dead in apartment See in context

How to say pride comes before the fall in Japanese?

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Posted in: New book claims to reveal identity of 'Jack the Ripper' See in context

Growing up in stepney at the end of the 1800's my granddad loved to tell us stories about "old jack" that would have us brown panting it until the morning.

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Posted in: Japan space agency rocket explodes during engine test See in context


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Posted in: Japan considers raising truck speed limit for faster goods deliveries See in context

Like aaron above said a big NO.

The breaking distance "left" by most motorist is a total joke. I was drving yesterday in the rain will a massive truck on my ass in the pouring rain. If i had to break suddenly my vw would have been squashed like a can of soda.

Increase poor driving fines like undertaking, running red light, crossing speeding and usinh ur phone would be a better start.

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Posted in: U.N. human rights group to probe Johnny's agency sex abuse scandal See in context

Looks like everyone and their gran is looking into it except the j police... I wonder why that is...

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Posted in: Struggling Japanese dairy producers betting farm on new markets See in context

Over 90% of Japanese have vitamin d deficiency. Add vitamin d to milk & dairy productd and promote that through the benifits of vitamin D etc.

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Posted in: World registers hottest day ever recorded on July 3 See in context

First year since I've lived here that we got to july without using a/c. Don't believe everything you read, sky's always falling. Avoid the "news" a bit more and enjoy what you have.

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Posted in: Prosecutor says Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey is 'a sexual bully' who preys on men See in context

All young men knew to avoid him like the plauge back at the old vic!

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested over murder of 18-year-old ex-girlfriend in Yokohama See in context

@ John:they were both very young, what a terrible murder. Not sure if his parents have done anything after the police advice. He is still young too. If parents had talked to him constructively, he might have moved on with his life.

He is 22 not 12.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 8-month-old son in 2022 See in context

We done Japan Child welfare system. You failed another life! You have blood on your hands.

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Posted in: Ex-ad agency chief admits guilt as Tokyo Olympic bribery trial opens See in context

Are not ate

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Posted in: Ex-ad agency chief admits guilt as Tokyo Olympic bribery trial opens See in context

Mori they ate coming for you, I hope.

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Posted in: BBC chair made 'errors of judgement' over Boris Johnson loan, lawmakers say See in context

Is the word loan a euphomism?

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Posted in: Israel's president urges Netanyahu to delay legal overhaul See in context

How on earth did he get back in....

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Posted in: Winemaker to start making 'Nagoya wine' this summer See in context

Kobe wine is overpriced vinegar that I'd only use for cooking if I was given a bottle cos I ain't gonna pay for a bottle.

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Posted in: Burt Bacharach, legendary composer of pop songs, dies at 94 See in context

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head just for starters. A legend! 94 is a good inings.

May you rest in peace and thank you. Already passing on your music to my 6 year old.

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Posted in: Disciplinary action taken against 276 police personnel in 2022 See in context

Today  06:35 pm JST

The number also included a Nara police department head who was given a pay cut for his department’s failure to prevent the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Nara last July.

sorry, but wasn’t his security mostly provided by the Japanese version of the Secret Service?! Why was this poor sap disciplined?

Nope Abe had one body guard (the guy who lifted the breifcase with a steel plate inside, a second too late. The rest were local boys in blue.

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Posted in: Ex-pop star Gary Glitter freed from UK prison See in context

I found him in cambodia in the early 2000s and shopped him to the The Sun which made him run to vietnam and then we all know what happened.

He's been in a picknick prison and will sadly live a lush life until his demise.

Paul Francis Gadd is a POS!

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