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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors eyes early retirement for workers 45 or older See in context

Mitsubishi has always been a third-rate automaker, has had recall after recall since the early 80's, produce trucks with bad axels and wheels that shear off and kill children, and their vehicles don't sell well even in good times.

They should offer the whole company early retirement, not just to those over 45. This is just another gaff and mistake by Mitsubishi management. I, for one, won't cry if they go under if they keep doing their best to become a third-rate company.

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Posted in: Worried by pandemic, unmarried Japanese couples want legal protection See in context

"The nurse said that her last name is an integral part of her identity.She built her professional life with the name she has always known, including publishing writing under it, and changing seemed like "being cut off from my career," especially without assurances that employers would allow her to retain her maiden name."

Untrue. Companies, especially professional associations, and most organizations have allowed for more than the last 25 years, for people to work under their maiden name, and there is a line for this on the standard Japanese resume. This is a non-issue.

"They could be refused hospitalization as a family, could be barred from receiving critical treatment information, or be unable able to sign consent for medical treatments on the other's behalf should it be warranted."

They should then come a family under the law. Her personal feelings to the law is irrelevant. She should petition her local lawmaker. But no politician will take this up, as 90% of the population is against it, as it ends up with disjointed families that cannot figure out their family histories.

"There are other worries, too. Since her husband has parental rights, his sudden death would leave her with no legal claim over their children, putting them in a vulnerable position."

If she is really worried, she should follow the law and the customs of the country. They country need not have to cater to her individual worries. If she is really worried, she is putting herself ahead of her children, which makes her a poor mother with little to no ethical responsibility as a parent.

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Posted in: Will COVID-19 be a game changer in our relationship with meat? See in context

"Suspicion over a possible link between wild animal meat and COVID-19". How much more weak can the support for the case be? "Suspicion over a possible link" is about as weak as one can get.

If they want to sell mystery meat and someone wants to buy, that is fine, but people need to stop judging other's choices and shaming. If shaming is acceptable, then all kinds if shaming are on the table. I vote for none, especially when it is based on "suspicion" and gnawing at some misplaced righteousness.

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Posted in: Bristol Myers' Opdivo with Exelixis drug cuts kidney cancer death risk: study See in context

Dubious company, dubious drug. Bristol deserves special attention due to a lack of internal oversights and loose compliance with rules and regulations fo the countries in which they operate.

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Posted in: Husbands happy, wives stressed over parenting during stay-home spell See in context

Here is another prime example of a non-story. Read the stats backwards for a clear understanding.

70 percent of husbands in Japan felt more positive , and 60 percent of wives DID NOT feel stressed at having to be with their kids and husbands all the time.... [not much difference]

However, THREE in FOUR housewives whose husbands have experienced teleworking said they WANT their husbands to continue the practice, according to the survey. [75%--sounds like a great number of positives here, folks]

Meanwhile, 78 PERCENT of female respondents said they DID NOT grow irritated more often ... and 88.7 percent DID NOT GET frustrated .... [Almost 80% and 90% positive --sounds like just one or two per hundred. Great job all--telework is a success and it is bringing families closer together in almost 80% of the cases!]

Where is the story. There is no story.

Sounds like Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. has statisticians who can't tell a story so they flip good data to make it sound bad

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Can I sue my husband's mistress for psychological stress?' See in context

She wants to sue 'the woman' but notes "last year I caught my husband cheating on me with multiple women." I think she might be a little nuts, or she should put them in order or keep a book and record. Before that, ask herself why her husband enjoys other women more than he does her.

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Posted in: New support center opens in Tokyo for foreign residents in Japan See in context

Well. considering that the J-govt is not allowing any foreigners back into Japan when if they have a visa, house, job, company or family, maybe they can toss in a few yen or apply some pressure to MOFA to keep their promises instead of paying rent in a high end area just to show us how to use a Hanko.

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Posted in: Japanese carriers start sales of iPhone SE See in context

@zichi: If it's DATA you want, ... use a SIM for Sakuramobile."

Usually I agree with you in most cases but not here.

Sakura Mobile is pretty much a ripoff for subpar services. They just advertise a lot. I would recommend them only for short-term visitors who have a huge budget and don't want to shop and compare, as the prices for the service provided are too expensive, the procedures are cumbersome, and the service quite poor. Big deposit too, which they try hard to keep and not give back unless threatened.

For Data and Voice, I would go with the ¥5k/month Mobal sim for data and voice (Softbank chip--never had a dropped call in two years), 7gm data and ¥1k for an extra 1gb of data. Other plans (cheaper and more expensive) too.

For Data only (using Line or Viber for Voice), I would go with a LightPocket WiFi unit (lightpocket.jp) which works with any phone, has 150mb down speeds and unlimited usage (the unit peters out at 100gb but they send you a new unit for the rest of the month for free). Six users can login at the same time and all can stream with no problems (said from experience).

It pays to shop. Both Mobal and LightPocket are not giant companies but small businesses trying to make a living by providing great services and personal service. No deposits, no hassles, just great services.

(No, I don't get a cut nor am I friends with either). I just respect small business owners who are making it easy for NJ to get good phone services for reasonable prices).

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Posted in: Medical workers face severe equipment shortages amid virus spread See in context

Someone needs class in statistics.  "shortage", and "somewhat of a shortage" is like being pregnant or kind of pregnant. Without any idea of what is the definition, which knows what is "somewhat of a shortage." Adding then together is even a worse idea used often to make things seem worse than they appear. Somewhat implies no, shortage implies yes.

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Posted in: Robots on hand to greet coronavirus patients in hotels See in context

I have a robot at home already who is even colder than this one. But this one has an off switch which makes it a tad more bearable, but not by much.

I travel and enjoying staying at a hotel to get away, and have a human touch and be treated well, not have to deal with another robot or automatic check in. The hotels are trying to make things cute but the real reason is cost reductions for already low paid hotel employees. These robots will allow the hotel to let the doc and the more expensive nurse go home early. Charge me a little more and I'll take the human please. Let the robot 'clean the hot spots' and stay far away from me.

cx@vanityofvanities: "Society will make a big change. Even the coronavirus subsides, people will remain very cautious about the infectious diseases and social distancing will continue." I disagree, society will just learn to use a Kleenex, use hand sanitizer and wash their hands. We will be out in force on Day One.

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Posted in: Abe seeks to extend state of emergency by about a month See in context

And for those who want a little police force to help enforce a ban, ask anyone who lived through the kenpeitai fun and games if we want to do that again.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

"All we need to do is exercise self control and stay home for 2 to 3 weeks and the numbers will most likely go down enough for a throttled opening of businesses."

Most likely go down? Where is the evidence for this? From where do you derive this analysis? We are not in NZ. And for the next two to three weeks, you will be paying salaries of employees who cannot go to work? Only 24% of workers in Tokyo can telecommute.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context


"These businesses have NOT been ordered to close."

So, you are new to Japan, huh? Still unsure of how things work here? I wish I were 18 and half as naiive as you.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context

@u_s__reamer "I'm not a doctor" Not hard to guess....

Unless there is a 100% lockdown of everything, including the Governor's mouth, Herd Immunity is Japan's only choice.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context

@Mirai Hayashi " there are such things as false negatives... another cause is mutations." The mutations have t be known and they mutations can be tracjked. So ar in every country that has tried, there is NO evidence from any country that that Cover-19 mutates. False hopes. Japan is not NZ and closing off the country will not help.. Herd Immunity is the best and only choice now.

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Posted in: Japan faces bed shortage in ICUs if pandemic peaks: study See in context

Japan faces bed shortage in ICUs if pandemic peaks: study

Most of Japan's 47 prefectures are likely to face a shortage of beds in intensive care units for treating severe coronavirus patients under a peak scenario envisaged by the government, a Kyodo News study shows.

I have never seen so many qualifiers in my life thatches has to be oe of the worst articles I have ever read in my life

"Most" How many of the 47 prefectures?

"If", under what scenarios and what needs to take place for "if" to happen?

"Likely" How likely ? 1 in two million? 1 in 100,000, 1 in 10?

"Peak Scenario" fine, what is a" peak scenario" ? Half of the Population dying? 1 patient waiting 20 minutes more than they should?"

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

@Ricky Kaminski "You call an emergency parliamentary session, you make a quick law, you explain it to the public and less people die. Impossible? Once again half measures and expediency reigns supreme."

Japan tried this line of thunking before in the 30s and 40s and did not turn out well.

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

@Dr. Theopolis: What’s the point? There are enough people not following it to make it useless anyways.

The constitution does not allow the government to lockdown a city. It is not legal and cannot be enforced. What is so difficult to understand that it is not legal and oversteps the bounds of the government?

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Posted in: Over 210,000 hotel rooms secured to treat coronavirus patients See in context

Olympic cancelled, hotel rooms empty, and then when the 'need' is there, all of a sudden 210,000 hotel rooms were contracted for, when only 3,000 were confirmed (including minor and asymptomatic cases). Bigger Olympic budget, helps out the hotels, and now hospitals can bring in higher-paying cases when choosing which ambulances to allow bring in patients.

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

In March 2020, "931 cases of ambulances getting rejected by more than five hospitals or driving around for 20 minutes or longer to reach an emergency room, up from 700 in March last year." Unless the example of searching for hours and being refused by 80 hospitals is an outlier, shame on Mari Yamaguchi and Yuki Kageyama (usually fair reporters) for baiting readers.

While quite a poor show, these numbers are only up 25% from last year. The problem is systemic, even last year the situation was incredulous. The problem stems from ambulances being refused admittance to hospitals in Japan, especially Kanto. This it is not necessarily a Coronavirus, problem, It is just a way of deflecting and ignoring a bigger problem, considering that ** "calls that did not require any emergency response accounted for 1,603,721 [of] cases [in 2019]."***

The "Emergency Declaration" of Abe-Sori" gives the government the right to take over hospitals "in time of need" with or without the owner's consent. In the case of Tokyo, they government can designate at least one Coronavirus-dedicated hospital and maybe one standby, and if the doctors working there took the Hippocratic Oath, they will treat all patients with compassion and the appropriate level of medical need without complaining.

As the government has power to commander the hospital on command, there will be no shortages of beds for Coronavirus patients. While they are at it, an edict which disallows hospitals from picking and choosing patients who can be ignored the most for the largest number of "points" for services issued by the Ministry of Health.

As far as the about N95 masks, gowns, ventilators and other supplies, a simple call to Donnie, Governor Cuomo, GM, 3M, Abbott, or the myriad of areas and companies with enough supply, I m glad they would be glad to step up to the plate.


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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

Hey, they need to fill the hotel beds which are now empty because of the Olympics! This is a good way for doctors to make money and for the hotels to stay open and have people eat at the buffets. Invite your friends for breakfast! Support the economy!

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Posted in: Could the new coronavirus weaken 'anti-vaxxers'? See in context

@Burning Bush: "I'd rather get infected with corona than take Big Pharma's chemical cocktail."

Darwin, please do make that choice alone in your apartment so as not to infect others.

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Posted in: Traditional Japanese seal system hampers telework for some See in context

@Ken. My bank in Japan also refused and insisted that I must fax invoices to them,send by post or personally take them to their office.

What kind of business? In 30 years of business in Japan, “my bank” has never seen even one of my invoices and there is no regulation which requires it. I’ve never faxed anything to my bank. My Japanese accountant and Japanese clients will all accept pdf invoices and statements. It’s a non-issue.

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Posted in: What will life in Japan under a state of emergency look like? See in context

@rgcivilian1: You may be new to Japan, but the Constitution and several laws clearly prohibit "the police to close all exits out of the declared prefectures and not allowed anyone exit those areas."

Unlike some neighboring countries, Japan cannot simply weld the door to your apartment shut, or arrest you while you go buy a sack of rice. Or, just leave your home to take a walk.

However, if you want to live in a police state and be subject to the whims of the leaders , I will be the first to wave to you as you leave on your flight out of Japan.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

"An expert on the government's coronavirus panel said Japan could avoid an explosive rise by reducing person-to-person contact by 80%."

Obviously an "expert on the panel" who has never taken a rush hour train across Tokyo. What a joke

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

@TamaramaToday  There is no such thing as a "hard shutdown." Such activities are explicitly disallowed.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

@RecklessToday: You and a lot of others seem to misunderstand what is an emergency directive. An emergency directive is NOT a stay at home order.

Business are allowed to open and people can still move freely. You cannot be forced to comply with a lockdown as there will never be a lockdown.

The only differences will be that the government can claim limited Eminent Domain to takeover private hospitals, some transport, food , and pharmaceutical companies. Businesses do not have to close and no one can ask you to go and stay home. They can also 'request' training and other transport systems to slow down service. Very little else.

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Posted in: Airbnb to verify all 7 million properties to improve trust See in context

Of any single company in the world, I can think of no worse than AirBnB. They literally let people hang blowing in the wind in a typhoon (yes, first hand knowledge).

if they really cared about accuracy and fairness, they would not be taking 14 months to check their listings.

14 months to check rooms? They could do it within a month if they wanted to. They won’t. Why!

This is a PR campaign— simply lip service, as AirBnB spend millions on lobbying every year exactly for the purpose of skirting laws and not being considered a hotel where minimum standards exist.

This initiative will wither and die in 30 days. Some companies are too corrupt and evil to exist.

Do yourselves a favor everyone, and stay at a Hilton or a Sheraton, not at a “technology platform” company.

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Posted in: What’s the best part of Tokyo to live in, and why? Survey gives the top six picks See in context

Pollution? In Tokyo? Bwuhahahaha.

Just go spend three days in Beijing, and buy a pollution app: Tokyo was 37 (good) and Beijing was 188 (unhealthy/potentially dangerous). Tokyo is just fine.

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Posted in: NEC face recognition tech ranks first in U.S. test See in context


"If this was an American company getting first place you wouldn't say that."

No, I would say it about any product that would mis-identify 600,000 of 12 million in a test, and then one that will possible be responsible for falsely detaining or letting 730 potential criminals into a country.

This level of inaccuracy is unacceptable for a product of any manufacturer in any country.

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