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Posted in: Gov't to bolster steps to help foreigners in event of massive Tokyo quake See in context

*"The ministry will beef up airports and railways' quake resiliency to ensure the rapid return of foreign visitors."*

Does that mean they will an extra train for the rapid return to my home in Saitama? "Return" seems to be the key word here.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wary of boosting investment amid intensifying trade war See in context

The title is; “Japanese Firms Wary” but the article does not support this.

Some 52 percent of respondents said they would not change their capital spending amounts next fiscal year versus this year, whereas 12 percent said they would cut. Meanwhile, 22 percent planned to increase investment, and 14 percent said they would do likewise but only moderately.

So 89% will maintain or increase capital spending. So why the focus on China-US relations when about 90% will continue or increase investments in 2019?

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Posted in: Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style See in context

The suit never went out of style.

Most of the Great Unwashed just never figured that a suit can be comfortable, good looking, and stylish as well.

Everyone in the know have been wearing suits all the time. Nothing like throwing $2000 at a well tailored suit.

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Posted in: Nissan to file civil suit for damages against Ghosn: source See in context

The Nissan Headquarters in Yokohama does not have an airport.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

@RecklessToday "In defense of Japanese women, I find that they are well-traveled compared to many Westerners, so the point of the woman's letter above may not so much be about complaining about visiting his family as not being able to travel as she had done before. "

She has more than 49 weeks in which to travel. No need to defend Japanese women, they do just fine, and in this case, is simply a gold digger. Let it go.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

Most Japanese will go home twice a year, in July and December. I am sure this guy has to endure watching TV, eating mikans and drinking the same old beer.

If she cannot "endure" taking a free trip to Canada, he should simply divorce her. How ungrateful.

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Posted in: Nailed it: How a manicure master clawed her way to the top See in context

"Takano, who is credited as the inventor of pressed flower nail art, has spent half of her life helping her clients express their individuality through their fingers and toes, letting their nails speak on their behalf."

So what does plain pink represent? lol

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Posted in: S Korea says Japan showed no definitive proof of radar lock-on See in context

Both sides are being rather stubborn and are pointing fingers at each other.

They deserve each other, and both are guilty.

Move on, nothing to see here.

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Posted in: American man pleads guilty to killing, dismembering woman in Osaka See in context

"a condominium rented out to tourists"

Come on! Just call it what it was, and AirBnB. I am tired of seeing Japanese media trying its best to not say AirBnB. I am sure AirBnB had a say in this too. AirBnB's reputation is so low here anyway that it really doesn't matter.

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Posted in: Rakuten announces fully cashless smart stadium concept See in context

"Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and J1 League professional soccer team Vissel Kobe will roll out fully cashless payment systems under the “smart stadium concept” at their respective home stadiums"

This is not being done out of kindness or any reason to do with making things easier. All customers will be required to download "Mickey's" App, and pay directly to Rakuten. They avoid the middleman and collect all the money themselves, and will have all the funds available for investment until settled 30 days later.

There is no new "concept" here--it is as old as the earth. It is called greed.

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Posted in: Google Japan unit found to have underreported ¥3.5 bil in taxable income See in context

"While admitting it has corrected its tax declarations, the Japan unit said in a written statement that it did not intend to avoid paying tax and that it will continue to pay tax in accordance with Japanese law."


They DID intend to avoid paying tax, otherwise they would have not shifted this money without reason, and the reason would have been upheld upon auditing by the NTA. Where are the auditors in all of the cases?

This occurred in 2015, and it is just being found now? The auditors should have found this well before taxes were even filed. An auditor is hired to find these kinds of errors, and should not be signing off on fraud. Since auditors can withhold signing and approving the final books, they should also hold legal responsibility for these mistakes.

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Posted in: Nomura aims for increased deal-related business in U.S. push: CEO See in context

" It [Nomura] is trying to build up businesses there without taking on bigger risks."

That is why the economy is stagnant. Risks will rewarded. This guy just wants free money.

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Posted in: New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman See in context

For fun, Renault should be buying as many shares of Nissan to increase their hold from 43% to 50.1%

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Posted in: In Japan, a scramble for new workers disrupts traditional hiring practices See in context

This phenomenon is older than the hills. “Stable” jobs at bigger and more established companies are the first to disappear, leaving smaller companies to fight over the remaining talent pool, and this process continues all the way down.

Fourth and fifth rate companies such as CyberAgent and Mercari are bit players mascarading as legit , and if they were paying a fair wage based on talent they would certainly be happy to have it disclosed.

Yo be fair, Japan’s old guard is not much better, with refrains if the sky falling, is just covering up a more systemic problem of not hiring for talent but for university name.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Seoul clash over S Korean warship's fire-control radar lock-on See in context

Nice airplane!

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

@M3M3M3: This practice of resetting the clock with a new charge is incredibly common in every western country too. Police and prosecutors are very sensitive to the time limits. Terror suspects, for example, will initially be charged with weapons possession while evidence is being gathered for a more serious charge.

The systems are not comparable, especially when compared to the United States. The prosecution in the United States generally has up to 48 hours to charge suspects, and if there is not enough evidence, they ae released. If they are charged, they get to see a judge, with representation, to determine bail. Suspects have the right to talk a lawyer and are Mirandized. Japan can hold a suspect for two, ten-day terms, even more if the judge agrees, limits access to a lawyer for less tea 30 minutes at their discretion, Legal representation is not allowed to be present during questioning, and suspects cannot meet with, or call, friends or family.

I don't understand how the systems are even remotely related. Ghosn is not a terror suspect.

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context


Are you living in Japan? The law here is that suspects are innocent until or unless proven guilty. Perhaps it is strange to you only because you lack an understanding of your constitution.

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Posted in: Nissan probe into Ghosn turns to 'CEO Reserve' fund, Dutch unit See in context


Please explain your comments. “It comes from the differences of the systems of corporations and societies - Japan and the West. Japan borrowed the system but we are Japanese. At the bottom, we are different.”

How does being Japanese excuse you and the rest of the population from oversight the the rule of law in Japan?

Japan is part of the world but gets a pass on ethics and law?

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Posted in: Nissan probe into Ghosn turns to 'CEO Reserve' fund, Dutch unit See in context

An internal investigation? How?

The article says “Why would (internal financial staff) go in and check one-million-dollar transactions in a subsidiary.

I certainly would. In the real world, a few of those make a big difference. That amount buys a lot of car parts, or even partial running costs for an assembly line.

If they don’t look at a US1M transaction, do they look at 100 1M transactions? 500 of them? When do internal safeguards kick into place?

Sounds like Nissan was keeping things from Ghosn long before they started the plan to frame him. Maybe he was set up to hide the numerous million dollar transactions that nobody decided to monitor.

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Posted in: Don't contact our board members, Renault tells Nissan See in context

Nissa is what is called a “fair weather friend.”

When facing bankruptcy they would have and did anything for Renault, including giving them 43%. Psykawa and his cronies were saved from humiliation by Ghosn. No favor goes unpunished.

Renault taught Nissan well, and now Nissan is successful because they were shown a new way to be successful. Now the ungrateful want to bankrupt themselves again morally, which is obvious. Give them their wish, and when Psykawa brings his company down again, it will be the Japanese taxpayers who are forced to cough up the billions to bail them out again. They will be are the new “coalition of the (un)willing.”

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Posted in: Ghosn arrest lays bare frustration at Nissan See in context

Let Nisssn wither and die again. If they feel wronged it’s theirr right to run their company into the ground once again. The stupid don’t learn well.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Nissan exec arrested with Ghosn asserts innocence See in context

Saikawa may find the court of public opinion turning against him. I doubt he has enough political capital within Nissan, and he is airing too much dirty laundry which is not too welcome here.

I doubt he’ll be retained by the board either because he is bringing in too much attention that may shift focus.

He may be the true fall guy.

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Posted in: Nissan executive pay may have topped ¥3 bil cap in FY2017 See in context

This is not a head-scratcher at all. The police were waiting or him at the airport and had permission to go onto the tarmac and board his plane. You can't just causally stroll down to the airport and do this. It was well-planned. They had "evidence."

This whole plan was based on jealousy, from the Number Two down. They could have come up with a better plan, considering that if Ghosn did not take over when he did, the company would be in the history books. As far as responsibility...

If Nissan was really fooled, and Ghosn truly cheated Nissan out of that much money without them knowing about it for so many years, the remaining employees at Nissan who were supposed to be watching for fraud and accepting irregularities are too stupid to run the company by themselves. Let them go under after they are also arrested.

If Nissan was complicit in misstating the amount of Ghosn's salary, they are also tainted, and the authorities should start arresting everyone who had anything to do with the fraud. In the case too, the company is too stupid to function. Nissan can pay Renault back all of the profits it has been making since Ghosn has been leading the firm, with interest, and then try to make it own their own. They can ask Mitsubishi Motors for some advice. Two peas in a pod.

That much money is just too difficult to hide or "miss" by the auditors. The auditing company should have held the reports back (like they did in the case of Toshiba), until all (or most) of the money had been accounted for.

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Posted in: They are the only ones reaping the benefits and it's unacceptable. Our management should have a sense of responsibility following a recent string of scandals. See in context

@BertieWooster "Glad he got caught."

Even though it is not fully understood here, you should know better. Innocent until/unless found guilty.

The board, the auditors, the accounting and finance department had to have been involved. If Ghosn is found guilty, the board, auditors, and finance people who approved the payments should be arrested as co-conspirators.

Considering how slow things move in Japan, it is amazing how fast Ghosn was thrown under the bus with his successor already chosen, and all of the so called evidence in order without a raid, and officers were waiting for him at the airport.

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Posted in: Prosecutors weigh bringing charges against Nissan over Ghosn case See in context

Just as I called it yesterday about responsibility: "...the Japanese car giant could itself face charges over the alleged financial misconduct that led to the stunning arrest of its chairman Carlos Ghosn."

I also said that this was probably jealousy on the part of Saikawa. Now the latest round of announcements provides evidence of this: "Ghosn's fate appears all but sealed after his hand-picked replacement as CEO, Hiroto Saikawa, launched an astonishing broadside at his mentor, saying "too much authority" had been placed in his hands and lamenting the "dark side of the Ghosn era."'

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Posted in: Ghosn's arrest casts doubt on Renault-Nissan alliance future See in context

All going according to plan.

If this has been going on for years, Nissan's Board or the accouting firm who audits Nissan would have and should have spotted the error long ago. If it was happening for several years, CEO Hiroto Saikawa, the Board, and the Auditor should also be arrested for being complicit in the cover up.

Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa just didn't want the merger, was tired of Ghosn, so here comes a whistleblower, several years too late. With the guilty until certified guilty system, Hiroto Saikawa now gets the spotlight.

A simple case of jealousy.

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Posted in: British woman sues Japanese university over power harassment See in context

@Schopenhauer '"Giri Ninjo" is ...very difficult for the westerners to understand." No, the concept is extremely easy to understand, but hiding behind it immediately puts the burden on the accused, and fighting it will make it so.

As for being denied professorship, the whole department will discuss and vote on it. If the two professors were wrong, the vote would have swung the other way. Most universities do not require a unanimous decision; a simple majority is all that is needed. Unless there are three professors at Ritz, there were other professors who also help similar feelings. This is not a widespread problem, as most famous universities have Deans of both sexes, and a female professor is not at all a rarity. I would like to hear some more before making a decision. The story did not mention any possibility that it may have been a third problem, such as the quality of research, and a whole host of issues which were not mentioned

Again @@Schopenhauer: If the university has any Giri Ninjo, they would have taken care of the issue before it became a lawsuit. It cuts both ways.

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the bad shock absorbers were made with faulty Kobe Steel and installed in the factories where the falsified Nissan and Subaru cards were built?

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Posted in: How to prepare for Japanese drinking culture at work See in context

Did someone find this article in an old box from 1978?

Stereotypes and old useless information. History of life in a Showa-era company.

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Posted in: 6 misconceptions about teaching English at a Japanese university See in context

This is not a university teaching position you are describing. You are describing a dispatch employee sent to teach conversation as secondary part of the curriculum.

The Ministry has guidelines for hiring of instructors and professors and according to the background you described, you would not have made the initial cut.

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