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Mike Sims-Williams comments

Posted in: FamilyMart, UNY merge, creating Japan's second-largest convenience store chain See in context

My local Circle K is so freakin' loud. I don't know whether it's just that branch's policy or a corporate thing, but they shout SOMETHING every minute, at the top of their voices. It might be "We've just finished cooking some chicken" or "How about some 'o-den' boiled shoes?"

Let me shop in peace?

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Posted in: Seeking power conservation measures while battling summer heat See in context

"fan" + "marketing" = "circulator". Buy more devices...

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Posted in: A stamping good time See in context

OMG why is this a thing?

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Posted in: Police officer commits suicide with pistol in station toilet See in context

I wonder if the new mandatory workplace stress testing will apply to the police. A lot of them seem rather highly strung... like the guy outside the Imperial Palace who was shouting at me this morning for cycling in a straight line through a green (no, blue) light.


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Posted in: 10 reasons why Kuroneko Yamato is probably the best delivery service in the world See in context

On #7, I think the increase in bicycle carts occurred not for environmental reasons but because of the launch of parking wardens and much stricter enforcement of illegal parking on public roads in the metropolitan area.

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Posted in: What Japanese habits have you adopted since moving to Japan? See in context

Not getting into bar fights.

(I don't miss it at all.)

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbers to be urged to wear helmets See in context

"Climbers crushed under avalanche of safety equipment"

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Posted in: DIY hydrogen bath kit See in context

Don't worry. Japanese bathrooms are designed to be very well-ventilated. That's why they never ever have problems with mildew. Ever.

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