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Actually Japan didn't make up it's mind yet .it does not make any difference guys because sooner or later people will do their activities. we should be careful that's all.

that virus is staying for longer time with us !!

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i'm one of there suffering restaurants owners , we all have families and there in no sales or income because there are no customers , after paying taxes for years this is the time that Japanese government aids some help to be able to survive .

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He does not have any bills problems , does not have kids to feed .

I just hoped he feels how the ordinary man is suffering and waiting for government help

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Posted in: Japan extends calls to avoid nightclubs, bars to all prefectures See in context

Acting very slow , late and confusing . all we hear and read are just talking , its still not clear if the government will help financially and to whom , how much and most important when !!!!!

restaurants, cafes , and bars owners are suffering and bills still coming to be paid !!!!!

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Too late Abe , many small business are shutting down , passengers are coming freely from hot spot area such as Iran, i think this the second time denying the problems and the consequences ( first time was the tsunami and the radiation leak 2012 ) . Mr Abe please start helping your everyone and pump money in the economy

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