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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop hampering military flights See in context

China is the large dog behind the fence that barks and barks whenever anyone approaches. What it is saying is" stay away, stay away", and it barks out of fear not as a state of dominance. I wonder how they would have treated a Philippine or Vietnamese vessel sailing around their "islands". Probably boarded and scuttled. But the US is a much bigger dog and like all bullies and cowards China will remain behind the fence when the big dog walks by. Barking,, Barking mad.

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Posted in: Clinton's lawyer says her email server was wiped clean See in context

Why did she wipe the server? If I had to turn over a server with pe3rsonal and business emails to people who are not looking to judge fairly but are looking for anything to use then I would clean all personal email off the server as well. Trust the witch Hunt and you will wind up being a log on the fire.

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Posted in: China opens exhibition to mark war victory over Japan See in context

Apologies and admissions would only feed the nationalistic demon arising in China. Distraction from the market failure coming, destruction of the Asian peace.

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Posted in: X Japan to play concert, premiere film in London See in context

Clemanza. Crucify my love, endless rain, forever now. I can remember them and I am not Japanese. However, as a musician I appreciate the skillfully written and performed music of X-Japan. Wonderful band and second only to Yoko Konnoh and the Seatbelts in Japanese bands. But your music tastes are probably limited to (c)rap and trance.

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Posted in: Abe offers 'eternal condolences' for Americans killed in WWII See in context

Well done, Abe. You made the right statements regarding the war and the right statements regarding now. You remembered you were speaking to Americans whose spirits are moving forward not dwelling in the past of injured pride.

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Posted in: Russian court charges 2, detains 3 others in Nemtsov killing See in context

Back in the good old days again. Show trial, fake confessions. Death by misadventure.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

I think it is permissible, even mandatory, to mock that which makes itself a mockery.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't issues influenza epidemic alert See in context

Works for me

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't issues influenza epidemic alert See in context

take a half teaspoon of tubed wasabi, place it on your tongue and let it explode in your mouth, hold for 30 seconds and then wash it down with a glass of hot water and vinegar. the fumes from the wasabi will clear out your nasal passages, killing the virus and the rinse and wash down will clear the virus from the throat. this only works if you catch the virus early although it will work at any time with the cold virus

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Posted in: No. of Fukushima nuclear plant workers on false contracts increases See in context

And there now laws In place that prevent forums like this from free debate............. So why am I reading this

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Posted in: Banking culture creates the crooks See in context

need vs greed, The desire for re election against the desire of money.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

a wavelength nullifier with a 10 meter diameter worn under a jacket would do the trick. It would also be hilarious to watch

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Posted in: Ex-pet shop employee arrested for dumping dead dogs in Tochigi See in context

Jprim, you don't get paid??????

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ fined $315 mil in U.S. over Iran sanctions violations See in context

Scrote, and the legal basis for such a tax would be.........?

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Posted in: Expectant newlyweds among those missing after Hiroshima landslides See in context

I am curious as to how the building permits were granted for construction at the base of a steep mountainside in an area known for mudslides.

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Posted in: Putin promises to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia See in context

If Putin has no fear, why does he lie?

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Posted in: Japanese firms hurt by tensions with China, S Korea See in context

It amazes me that most posters see China and Japan as countries following the same economic pattern but fail to make a note of the one most important difference between the two. The rule of law as opposed to the rule of man. For those who have no idea of what that means; look it up. For those who do; you should be aware of the enormous gulf between these two principles and the ramifications of that difference. That should always figure in your appeasement attitude towards the monolith of China

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Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

The naiveté of absolute pacifism is astonishing. In an era of nationalism rising and growth oriented dictatorships such unrealities are dangerous

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Posted in: Thousands protest greater Japanese military role See in context

So I have this good friend who tells me, "If anyone gives you trouble or attempts to harm you, count on me to back you all the way". I respond. "Thanks buddy, Cannot say the same for me. If you get attacked, you're on your own" CSD means Japan can assist it's allies as it's allies will assist Japan in the event that an attack is instigated by an enemy. (By enemy, it means one who attacks ). It does not require Japan to assist an ally should the ally instigate an attack, nor does it require the ally to assist should Japan instigate an attack. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. What's all the fuss about.

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Posted in: Murofushi appointed Tokyo 2020 sports director See in context

An excellent appointment.

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Posted in: Japan blasts Chinese bid for U.N. recognition of Nanjing massacre See in context

How is it possible to register an event. A thing, such as a book or documents that are of the time are one thing, but documents after the fact are subject to bias and therefore not registerable. Of course, registering Tiananmen square would also be a good world heritage event to acknowledge. .

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Posted in: 2nd U.S. Global Hawk drone deployed to Misawa base See in context

The global hawk is a reconnaissance drone only. At 18,000 meters flying height it is not a hunter killer drone as is the predator. Check your facts Stuart.

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Posted in: Court rules against Oi nuclear plant restart See in context

so lets go ahead and open up some more coal power stations and burn more oil burning power plants. way to go greens, save the world for the cockroaches while humanity and all other life swelters its way to extinction. in Hawaii they have recorded carbon in the atmosphere ppm of over v400 for the first time.

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Posted in: Nosebleeds, food, and fear: How a manga became center of a debate on Fukushima See in context

Smoke and mirrors rather than smoke and fire. Two incidences of nosebleeds and no medical evidence to support an epidemic. I agree with the writer that the associative claim is spurious. Opinion and suggestion is permissible and the writers of the comic should not be condemned. The people who believe or accept the story as having credence without verification should be pitied for their gullibility and inability to use all the available knowledge abounding to learn for themselves.

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

I see where some comments make mention of Senkoku. Islands under Japanese authority since the war. China has no claim that can be validated and refuses to go through the ICJ. The same applies to their claim for the Spratleys and the Paracels. Land grab, or ocean grab, if you like. Either way it is reprehensible and pure robbery.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. express concern at China-Vietnam maritime dispute See in context

China is breaking her own rules of communism which decry adventurism and opportunism. Mao's little red book is no longer being followed. Because of internal conflict, patience is no longer an option. WWIII is coming. The dragon will be slain but it will require an arrow to the weak point, ala Smaug; The leadershipThe entitled privileged old men who pretend to work for the people whilst enriching themselves and their families according to the tenets of Confucius. The same old regime except the emperor is in a mausoleum and the eunuchs rule in his name.

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Posted in: Putin calls on Ukraine rebels to postpone secession vote See in context

Sanctions do bite don't they, Vlad

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Posted in: Former Fukushima nuclear plant worker sues TEPCO over radiation exposure See in context


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Posted in: Chinese admiral to snub Japan at regional meeting See in context

Agreed. Little child in the playground attitude. The reality is that the action is entirely political and serves to bolster the Politburo's position in a time where the Chinese people are getting impatient with reform.

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Posted in: Obama, Abe to address negative images at summit See in context

China is the aggressor here. For all those who would appease their "hurt feelings", remember Lehman Bros loss of 400m dollars when Chinese banks refused to honor their commodity trading errors and pay the option fees. Chinese obey no international rules except when it suits them and any contract or agreement will be more honored in the breech than in the keeping.

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