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Mike Will comments

Posted in: Gas cylinder full of nails explodes in police dorm in Sapporo See in context

So, on five separate occasions, someone has walked into a policy station foyer with a gas cylinder encased in some wraparound that is full of nails and , obviously, some sort of remote detonation attachment and no-one saw anything. Where is the guy outside with the bit stick??

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Posted in: Japan berates China's Xi over Nanjing remarks in Berlin See in context

Japan has never officially denied that the massacre took place. It does take umbrage, and rightly so, at the grossly exaggerated number mentioned by the Chinese Communist leadership who, at the time, were busy retreating away from the fighting in their Long March.

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Posted in: Meteorological agency predicts higher than usual temperatures for April-June See in context


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Posted in: Seoul unmoved as Japan hails bridge-building summit See in context

Ms Park demonstrated that she has no liking for the Japanese and that her dislike is neither political nor philosophical but emotional. Not the sort of quality you want in a leader of a nation on the edge of a tense situation. Abe at least, made the attempt.

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea to resume high-level talks See in context

NK must be short of food again.

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Posted in: N Korean envoy walks out of U.N. rights council as Japan speaks See in context

Neither China nor NK are communist countries. They are both imperial oligarchies. In China's case the eunuchs have enshrined the emperor, (Mao), and rule in his name. With NK it is a dynasty. In both cases the ruling powers enrich themselves at the expense of the masses. Russia, for whom the world had such high hopes after Gorby, it is the same in relation to the ruling oligarchies. Feudal and doomed to historical collapse.

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Posted in: U.S. scientists expect traces of ocean radiation from Fukushima soon See in context

Why don't we just ignore the science and pay attention to the rumor. Oh, that's what is happening.

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Posted in: Amano says IAEA will work to improve nuclear plant safety See in context

Zichi, name one type of power that is 100% safe. Wind power can fail and kills wildlife. Coal and oil pollute. Steam can explode. Gas pollutes.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 8 missing after cargo ships collide near Tokyo Bay See in context

Lights out??

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Posted in: Tsunami-wrecked fishing ports find new life See in context

Where are the radiation doomsayers comments when there is an indication of a positive aftermath from the Tsunami and Fukushima. Any reports that radiation damage has not destroyed life as we know it seem to be met with silence from the anti nuclear lobby.

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Posted in: Crimean MPs vote to join Russia; U.S. unveils sanctions See in context

Russia wants Crimea and all the talk about further action is designed to give the West something to negotiate Russia into not doing something saving face for all and leaving Crimea in Russian hands. Move made, gambit over, the game goes on.

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Posted in: China declares national days for Nanjing Massacre, Japan defeat See in context

China will remember as it wishes. It is not for the world to observe the day despite China's wishes for international ratification.

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Posted in: Asada wavering on retirement; says Mori's comments didn't bother her See in context

Alex, "why someone who has nothing to do with sport in general at all is allowed to be a top of committee, and why you all salute her for keeping her head down. Any proper athlete would properly lash out at that senile old men who has no business being out of a care facility in the first place"

Perhaps you are unaware that Mori is the head of the Japan Rugby Association and was an active player just 10 years ago. He has been responsible for bringing the Rugby World Cup to Japan in 2019 and is very well respected by the IRB.

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Posted in: China aims for Nanjing's history to speak loudly on Japan See in context

The number of people killed should be irrelevant to the atrocity committed. Where the problem lies appears to be Japanese denial of the number of people killed as touted by the Chinese. Very few people in Japan deny the massacre occurred, just a few of those in positions of authority, but being accused incessantly by history revisionist China is grating to Japanese sensibilities. The list of Chinese whitewashed historical killings is endless. Who are they to claim innocence of their own inhumanities whilst pointing the finger at inhumanities of the distant past of another nation wjo has done all that they could to steer a new direction. Be careful China, lest a Japan that you create becomes the very threat you espouse it to be.

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Posted in: Japan may review study on WWII sex slavery See in context

With my apologies to all women. What Japan is tired off is being treated like a husband who has sinned, who has said sorry, but who's wife will not stop nagging. SK, of course, is the wife. For those women offended, please feel free to reverse the roles. Japan being the sinning wife and SK the nagging husband.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chairman Mori critical of Asada, ice dancing brother and sister See in context

Way to go, you contributors. Take Mori to the cleaners without looking seriously at what he said. Fact. It is true that Asada Mao does have problems with pressure, as evidenced by the beautiful program she skated last night when she knew there was no unreasonable expectation of a victory. Fact. It is very likely that participation in the team event, and the subsequent loss incurred, put even more pressure than normal for her to succeed in the short program, resulting in her, (Much lower than usual), score and 10th place. Fact. Japan coaches and skating authorities should not have entered her in the team event knowing her propensity to not perform under pressure especially when the team event takes place before the singles and that a loss would increase the pressure.

Any disputing the above as reasonable statements of fact. If so please respond without vitriol and with a logical and reasoned counter proposal.

If not, then recognize that what Mori said may not have been politic or tactful but it is quite possibly true and the condemnation he is getting on these pages is because he is speaking truthfully??? So we damn the truthful and would prefer sugar coated platitudes.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge to broaden recovery See in context

Abenomics relies on the redistribution of economic gains. The standard trickle down economic theory. If the major corporations follow the expected role of redistribution, through machine orders, increased keiretsu business to the secondary suppliers and increasing the "take home" for employees then it has a chance of success. However, if the corporations sit on their hands, (or on the bales of cash they have gleaned from the stimulus and the yen depreciation, the plan has no chance of working. Now is the time when the people will get to see whether altruistic patriotism rules over profligate profiteering. My guess is on the latter.

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Posted in: Abe keen to cut corporate tax rate, says Suga See in context

The TPP was non an American concept. They came to it late in the picture. Abenomics depend on corporate leaders using the tax cuts and benefits to increase wages. If they do the concept has a chance of succeeding, If they don't it won't. Simple

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Posted in: Time running out for former Korean sex slaves See in context

It happened. 90% of Japanese know and acknowledge that it happened. 10% , those "old men and nationalists" do not deny that it happened but they try to find justifications to mitigate the cause and effect in order to mitigate the responsibility that Japan had/has. The same with Nanjing. It happened, but it was not as bad as China states is their reasoning. There is some truth in that but it does not excuse if there were only 60,000 killed and not the 300,000 that China claims. But that was then and now I feel that politics has taken charge of the affronted feeling and is using it for distraction and disturbance for political ends and no longer for assuaging agony and torment the victims still must have. The nationalists, (minorities all), need to have some gags placed by the public on their loose cannons shots across the bows of international peace. In all countries.

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Posted in: IAEA backs controlled discharge of tainted water into sea from Fukushima plant See in context

The process is called dilution. It's a big ocean out there.

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

Just a couple of points. The purchase of the three islands was made by the Japanese Government to forestall a plan of Ishihara's right wing group to purchase them. Such a purchase by the Right would have caused much more trouble as they intended to place a group on the islands. The Japanese government made it clear that the reason for the purchase was to prevent such a thing happening. The setting up of the ADIZ was not directly connected to the purchase and was undoubtedly in planning well before the Yakasuni shrine visit. Although, to be fair, the visit gave China the excuse to impose the ADIZ. I do not any protests by the US and allies for China to change the lie enshrined at the tomb to the Korean war in Beijing where they claim over 1 million Allies killed and their victory. (A complete fabrication enshrined in their history) As for the propaganda war. The illiterate and the ignorant and the greedy will pay lip service to agreement with China's stance. But the realists recognize the truth, that the opinions of a few old men in Japan do not reflect the essentially irenic nature to Japan today.

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Posted in: Google becomes world's No. 2 company in market value See in context

Based on Market cap but not on current profitability merely potential. Apple is down from the 600 plus billion of last year and sinking slowly from the electric sheep, (Vonnegut/Blade runner), buying Samsung. When Buffet declines to invest in either it means the stability is weak.

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Posted in: Record tumble in Japan machinery orders casts doubt on Abenomics See in context

'SITTING ON 220 TRILLION IN CASH" The problem is the unwillingness of the corporations currently benefitting from Abenomics to go into the second phase and "pay forward".

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Posted in: Australia, Toyota at odds over manufacturing halt See in context

Let us not forget that the Xmas break in Au is the summertime and the time when children are off school. 3 weeks seems not unreasonable provided that is the only long term holiday in Au for the AU. (Auto Unions). Not counting the stoppage for the Melbourne cup. And, as stated by Toyota, that was not that great a bone of contention.. So why all the Union Bashing? Rather look at Abbots record on many other things in his short but dangerous role as PM. When you elect a real Australian Yobbo you are going to get the varnished truth. Getting warmer, Tony?

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Posted in: Abe as unpopular as Kim Jong-Un, S Korean poll shows See in context

South Korea equates massive inferiority complex. It's leaders play the past history between the two countries in order to distract the peoples attention from the Oligarchic Chaebols and the cozy relationship with the governing bodies. Ms Park? I am sure that detailed investigation will establish that her animosity to Japan is personal, gained during her term as her father's representative as host to visiting politicians from other countries. Some misogynist Japanese politician undoubted asked her to make the tea and she has never forgotten.

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Posted in: Imperial Household Agency criticizes lawmaker for handing letter to emperor See in context

Will some of you people read the scientific reports on the level od radiation leakage and the amounts of radiation in the surrounding land and sea and get an accurate picture of the situation instead of parroting the fear media.

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Posted in: McCaw, Carter to be unleashed against Japan See in context

****Japan will score at least 20. New Zealand?????? 80 plus. will be a very open game and free flowing. Lots of tries and good spirits. Spectator candy. Good for the game in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan considers tax on digital music, books bought online from abroad See in context

Very easy to implement from any deposit in Japan and I seriously doubt whether most buyers will use off shore accounts to avoid sales tax. Reasonable tax and good idea.

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Posted in: The sexes, especially in Japan's giant cities, are spiralling away from each other. Lacking long-term shared goals, many are turning to easy or instant gratification, in the form of casual sex, short- See in context

Observer prurience, quoting from a sex counselor with an unusual background. I think some second opinions are warranted.

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