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Posted in: Kyoto aiming to disperse crowds to ease 'overtourism' See in context

Let's get one thing perfectly clear, first. Kyoto (government) DOES NOT AND DID NOT want an increase in tourism. I have been living here for decades and the local government has ALWAYS been opposed to the LDP plan to exploit Kyoto for the benefit of central government coffers.

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Posted in: Passengers to be banned from carrying knives onto all trains in Japan from April See in context

Folks may not like it, but these trains should have airport type security in place, or at least have all baggage scanned! Also metal detectors as well.

Yubaru, You're recent posts are starting to concern me. I used to agree with a lot of what you said but really? metal detectors/airport security aren't going to happen; cooler heads SHOULD prevail.

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Posted in: Japan OKs extension of tsunami-hit 40-year-old nuclear reactor See in context

Simply because of the words "same basic design as ... Fukushima" everyone is throwing a hissy fit. How many people on here were in Japan on 3/11/11? And how many of you remember the REASON for the meltdown? TEPCO didn't want to scrap their reactor by adding seawater although it was an option. Their greed led to the meltdown, not because the design is flawed.

This is insane, it's going to continue past it's use by date.

Unlike in video games, nuclear power plants don't explode when they go over their expected life expectantcy, just like people who are now over 100 didn't die the day they hit their 70th birthday.

As much as I am an opponent of Nuclear Power, Japan simply doesn't have the resources neither fiscal nor natural to produce enough cheap and clean energy at the moment. So until we perfect underground combined cycle power generation, I'll stick to cheaper electricity bills and nuclear power.

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Posted in: Everything's at stake on eve of first Trump-era elections See in context

America is 75% white

Can you provide a source for that? LOL

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. call to stop returns to Fukushima See in context

But Japan's government rejected the criticism, saying Tuncak's comments were based on "one-sided information and could fan unnecessary fears about Fukushima," a foreign ministry official told AFP.

Sadly, this is all to common in Japan, and I've seen it far too much in the short time I've lived here. Only Japan knows what's right for Japan, even when it flies in the face of logic and their own OCD-level risk aversion.

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I know that in other countries "light pollution" is a concern -- as too much light may affect wildlife, such as nocturnal birds. Perhaps Japan this should also be a concern in Japan.

Wild life? In Tokyo? Do you mean the birds and bees in Harajuku?

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context


I agree. If it didn't happen, you say so and deny. To say you don't remember, is to say there is a possibility.

So much for that Todai education!

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Posted in: U.S. institute warns pregnant women against traveling to Japan due to rubella outbreak See in context

Considering Rubella shots are mandatory (free) for all kids in Japan, I'm curious who these people are that are getting sick?? Are they kids, adults, the elderly??? More info would be great!

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Posted in: Minister Katayama sues publisher over graft scandal See in context

Katayama seems to have scandals following her everywhere. And to think there were NO other women in the LDP to call upon for ministry positions...

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Posted in: Abe urges parties to present constitutional amendment plans as Diet session opens See in context

Abe is acting like a dictator. You don't tell other parties what changes they want included in a revision if they REJECT revising the constitution. This guy needs to go ASAP! I honestly fear for the future of the country I proudly call my home.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes making daily necessities eligible for 2% rebate scheme See in context

That's why a tax on gasoline is better than some guy sitting in a toll booth.

Eventually, all highways in Japan will be ETC only, or so that’s the current plan, so those toll collectors will be made redundant. A tax on Gasoline won’t happen now that online shopping has become a huge part of life here. The government is smart enough to know that if they increase the tax any further they will hear it from the majority of the population. That’s partly how the DPJ got elected 10 years ago, they said they’d cut the gas tax.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes making daily necessities eligible for 2% rebate scheme See in context

M3M3M3 - only someone that thinks logically could come up with that and as you know, logic is non-existent in Japan. Also, the LDP is supported by big business and the wealthy so clearly they are pandering to their base although I haven’t heard them mention rebates for the elderly....YET!

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing bicycle from 12th floor of building, injuring woman below See in context

I'm curious as to why in Japan the charge in these types of cases is often 'attempted murder' when there really wasn't any deliberate attempt to murder 

Japan doesn’t have a manslaughter charge so if you kill someone even by accident it is considered 3rd degree murder. Thus the act of throwing the bike that “could have” possibly killed someone is considered “attempted murder” however it is of course up to the prosecution to prove that was the case. I’m pretty sure they are going that route because of the victims age. Further if the witness had NOT been there, they’ll say, she very may well have died from blood loss etc...

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Posted in: Ill-fitting suit tips police off to con man in Tokyo See in context

The cops violated his rights when they demanded to speak to him without probable cause.

The cops didn’t demand anything, they questioned him based on the fact that he matched a brief description of someone of interest to police. How are the police not doing a good job in this case? They got the guy, in large part thanks to his stupidity, but nevertheless they got the guy! Also, what Japanese rights were violated? Let’s not apply foreign rights to Japan

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Posted in: French woman questions Abe, Macron over sister missing in Japan See in context

Good for her. It seems that the Japanese media for the most part haven't given this story much attention as, I would assume, they don't want the negative news getting out and ruining that stellar image Japan is riding.

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Posted in: Data cheating worries spread to Tokyo Skytree, Olympic buildings See in context

"infrastructure ministry said there was no risk that the affected buildings could collapse, even if they are hit by a quake at the top of Japan's seismic intensity scale"

There is ALWAYS a risk! To say there is no risk is to say, I’ve got KYB money in my back pocket.

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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context


Japan has a sale tax of 8% that is very low, as you can see from the above, I know tax is a very contentious issue, but its about time the big companies start passing on its profits to its workers who then can have a better standard of life.

With the exception of the US, most to all of the countries you’ve listed have very low corporate taxes. So it’s either we have high corporate tax or high personal tax. You can’t have both. Would you prefer that we have low corporate tax so all the fat cats get fatter?

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Posted in: Imperial visit See in context

What does that say? A place with no seats for tired tourists, for the old, for families, is an unfriendly place. It is saying "do not linger here, don't get comfortable, stay on your feet, take your pictures and move on, you are not welcome".

It says, "don't loiter here, commoner. Now, move along."

And, what's wrong with that? It's not exactly a public park.

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Posted in: Trump asked Abe to allow one of his top donors to open casino in Japan: report See in context

It's the President's job to promote US business abroad.

Sure, in the plural! But not a single business, and certainly not if said business owner gave him money.

Google: "Conflict of Interest".

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Posted in: Trump asked Abe to allow one of his top donors to open casino in Japan: report See in context

That damn swamp is growing larger by the day!

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Posted in: Tokyo named world's best city for 3rd year in row outside U.S. in Conde Nast Traveler poll See in context

Not quite sure what the title is saying? Is this a survey of Americans of what the best city outside their own border is??

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Posted in: Abe says Japan would welcome Britain into TPP See in context

If Australia can take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, what's the problem?

The only thing more ridiculous then that is South Africa joining the USMCA (NAFTA) trade agreement

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Posted in: Abe says Japan would welcome Britain into TPP See in context

"Trans Pacific trade pact"

What part of the Pacific is Britain located in?? Maybe my geography is a bit off.

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Posted in: Fukuoka senior arrested for stealing a single grape See in context

But honestly, the shop owner sounds like a bunch of sour grapes.

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Posted in: Fukuoka senior arrested for stealing a single grape See in context

If only he had heard of Costco, he might have gotten 2 or 3 grapes!

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Posted in: 6-month-old baby dies after being left unattended at unlicensed daycare center See in context

US military does this so members can live close by and allow pay parity between soldier in Hawaii and soldier in Nebraska).

And the US has the the largest military payroll in the world, spends huge % of GDP and is financially the most debt ridden country in the world. Are you suggesting Japan go that route given their demographics?

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Posted in: Household spending in Japan posts biggest rise in three years See in context

It was the second consecutive month of gains following a 0.1 percent increase in July, prompting the ministry to say household spending is "beginning to pick up,"

No economist in their right mind would say it’s beginning to pick up until at least a quarter of steady 1%+ growth. This LDP propaganda machine is a joke! 0.1% is barely a heart beat.

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Posted in: Opposition parties criticize cabinet reshuffle, Aso's reappointment See in context

However, the JDP should put up or shut up. They have not been able to mount any sort of real challenge or hold the power for many decades.

Ummm, the JDP was just created prior to the last lower house election.

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Posted in: Kyoto introduces lodging tax on tourists See in context

Gotta love the paradox of "improving tourism services" and "promoting tourism" by taxing tourists

Life is full of paradoxes, man. You pay income tax don't you? That income taxes props up the gov't and without a gov't chaos reins and you don't have a job anymore...

> This will really help the old stereotype that Kyoto folk do be stingy.

You've confused Kyoto with Osaka again.

> Why tax the tourists bringing good money into the economy, shouldn't it be the other way round?

What do you think the duty free shopping is???

> most likely it will be spent at kyaba and auto salons.

Or, unlike the federal gov't, there is a lot more scrutiny at the city level and without said money, the subway can't run...

> Hopefully some of the funds will be used to have more signs/info in more languages for visitors driving, taking buses or just walking around Kyoto.

That is EXACTLY what the airport departure tax will be used for. This $2 tax will help expand bus routes and the number of buses on the road, driver salaries and possibly subway expansion.

> What are the taxes to be used for?

This $2 tax will help expand bus routes and the number of buses on the road, driver salaries and possibly subway expansion.

> Greedy government biting the hand the feeds it

More accurately, Overworked mother asking her kid to carry their own dishes to the kitchen.

> While I admit that ¥200 is not a lot for accomadation that I usually stay in (under ¥20000) I still would not want to pay it out of principle.

I guess that I won't be staying in Kyoto again. As Mocheake says, it has just become a tourist trap.

Bye Felicia!

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Posted in: Kyoto introduces lodging tax on tourists See in context

You watch tourist numbers fall dramatically because of this cash grab.

Yeah that $2 fee is gonna sting! Still cheaper than Osaka and Tokyo’s “cash grab”

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