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Even Japanese companies are making their electronics overseas now.

But It's the J-govt own fault for heavily subsidizing Japanese electronic companies for years and years and laying fat duties on foreign made electronics until the mid-late 00's.

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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on 'HUGE' re-election in Japan See in context

Ganbare Japan!

It will be party time for PM Abe and Trump in New York next week as they celebrate the massive unprecedented win by PM Abe!

On whose tax dollar would you like them to party it up???

"Massive" is most apt a word to describe the level of propoganda you're bot-ing out.

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant caps dinner price, and after that, anything you order is free See in context

a.k.a. tabehoudai - all-you-can-eat

How is this news??

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

Only 64 people died as a result of the storm. That’s a lot but not catastrophic. 

Except, it was closer to 3,000 as found by an independent investigation. But why the hell should Trump care how many people died, he should be LEADING not armchair quarterbacking recovery. If FEMA failed, he should be front and center saying WTF?

THE HARD TRUTH IS Puerto Ricans can’t vote so the US government really doesn’t give a crap, thus 1-year later and still no power. Meanwhile after 3-4 days without power in Hokkaido, it was national headlines.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl, 2-year-old brother killed in car crash See in context

My heart goes out to those poor children.

How about NOT:

STOPPING in the passing lane


with a BlIND turn


in the RAIN!

i don’t care what your love for animals tells you, care for ones passengers should be paramount.

The seatbelt usage is irrelevant in this case as the people in the backseat, adults or children are sitting ducks. Although, it is a MAJOR issue that needs addressing in Japan. I’ve seen it far too often and it’s sickening.

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Posted in: Quake reveals Japan woefully unprepared to help foreigners in disasters See in context

Nope nope nope,

tourists and visitors should be contacting their embassy or consulate in times of emergency. It is not the responsibility of local governments to provide language translation services.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

Maybe locals in Kansai can start to really appreciate the large number of Asians, especially Chinese, who visit there in large numbers.

This isn't to say all my Japanese acquaintances who live in Kansai think this way, but many have hardly anything positive to say about the large number of tourists that have started visiting there the last 10 years.

As a local here in Kyoto, the lack of tourists is a HUGE breath of fresh air. I was able to drive to work in under 1 hour for the first time in 2 years. On top of that, parking lots aren't full, and you can actually walk down the street without tourists stopping mid-stride to take pictures of themselves.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

Perhaps, now, the gov't will see the flaw in relying so heavily on tourism to boost the economy. Then again the LDP has little representation from Kansai, perhaps not...

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Posted in: Japan's household spending rebounds as wages rise, trade woes cloud outlook See in context

With a massive downturn in tourism on the way - associated clean-up costs for the two latest disasters

Those two things you mentioned usually cancel each other out as the cleanup "costs" are actually an injection of money into the economy via infrastructure/other repairs as well as insurance company payouts.

The downside is more likely to be a rise in Yen as money is often repatriated after a large natural disaster.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending rebounds as wages rise, trade woes cloud outlook See in context

Wages up, spending up, economy strong. But, still some people complain.

I'm curious to hear whether YOUR wage went up this past quarter.

Do the hustle,

Yes, I believe I read the same report. I'm sure Abe has his own backroom propaganda machine pumping out lies prior to the leadership vote.


Exactly! It seems the LDP will stop at nothing to spin the the news in the way it sees most beneficial.

BOJ: "Spending up due to the imminent tax increase."

LDP: "Let's go with just 'Spending up' please!"

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

They often say that Trump is incredibly easy to read.

Who else thinks Trump is trying to negotiate a space for a Trump Casino in Tokyo/Osaka?

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Posted in: Domestic flights at Kansai airport to resume Friday after typhoon damage See in context

There was a rumor that Kobe Airport wants to start having international flights with low cost carriers. Perhaps now is the time.

The main reason why Itami and Kobe are not capable of becoming International Airports is that most flights coming in from overseas are long-haul extended fuselage planes (that are longer than domestic) and require a minimum 3,500m runway. The A380 requires a 4,000m runway which is partly why KIX built a second runway to add to its existing 3,500m one.

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

Once again, rushing something that is not ready does not make it safe, nor something we should be thankful for.

My power was out for all but 4 hours. Many people are still without power, perhaps yourself included but compare the reaction time by Japanese authorities and infrastructure related businesses to ANY OTHER COUNTRY, Japan wins 9 out of 10.

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Posted in: Aso says initial budget requests for fiscal 2019 likely to reach record high ¥102 tril See in context

Why are we spending even more money when the reason for raising taxes next year is to pay for stuff we currently can’t afford?!

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

think about what just happened. Japan's largest airport just lost its only bridge in and out of the facility due to a tanker that lost its mooring. Sure it was a massive typhoon.

You are misinformed, the bridge is still intact. There is some damage to the westbound lanes 1 and 2 due to the guardrails and lamp poles falling. The eastbound side is fully operational but for safety concerns they have closed the westbound side until the structural assessment and repairs have finished. Trains and traffic of 1 lane in either direction will be running once the airport reopens Friday or the weekend. If this were any other country you’d see closures in the weeks at least, so be thankful you live here.

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

And let's cut the "rare horrendous year" stuff, because it's becoming the norm. Massive heat waves for more than three weeks, massive quakes, massive rainfall, massive typhoons. This is going to become exponential, and it won't ever get better. Not until we cease to exist and therefore stop our activities.

However it wasn’t the norm 31 years ago when KIX construction started. No one even talked about climate change back then.

Ill quote Wikipedia here for all the KIX haters.

On 17 January 1995, Japan was struck by the Kobe earthquake, whose epicenter was about 20 km (12 mi) away from KIX and killed 6,434 people on Japan's main island of Honshū. Due to its earthquake engineering, the airport emerged unscathed, mostly due to the use of sliding joints. Even the glass in the windows remained intact. In 1998, the airport survived a typhoon with wind speeds of up to 200 km/h (120 mph).

Note the lack of damage from the earthquake and typhoon.

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

Quite a lot of people sounding off at KIX lack of preparedness. Let’s not forget this was the equivalent to a large Cat.3 hurricane and KIX took it HEAD-ON! Sure the power went out, but that was to be expected given the scale of this unprecedented storm. More than a million have been without power in Kansai. Then to make things worse, a huge tanker took out part of the bridge. Again, not KIX fault. How did all of you people complaining fair in the typhoon? We lost power but I’m not blaming kanden for it or the city for letting trees grow tall.

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Posted in: July retail sales gain might be too little to spur third-quarter growth See in context

The biggest driving force behind sales these past 9 months is due to the governments “threat” of an imminent sales tax increase. They have yet to announce whether the tax will be implemented on schedule which has cause people to make those big purchases (including house renovations) now rather than next year. Mark my words, the moment the tax goes up, Japan will fall into a recession if it doesn’t tank pre-increase.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry requests record budget of ¥5.3 trillion See in context

The military spending has risen seven consecutive years under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

This is the same gov't the advocates a low yen to support exporters to boost the economy. Why? WHY, Abe, are you so goddamn insistent on being a complete hypocrite? If the LDP, invested that 5.3 trillion yen in domestically made military weapons, instead of buying from the US, this 30-year long deflation would be done and over with.

"It's the economy, stupid", James Carville

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

Well, the cops never really do anything about this until post-accident clean-up time.

By Japanese law, the cops can't actively engage with bikes unless the bike has physically injured someone and the police have some sort of physical evidence (video or otherwise). This is coming from a police officer acquaintance of mine. And that is why there was likely no cops following these kids or trying to stop them or any others on the roads. The only thing the police will do is follow and record what the bikers are doing to compile enough evidence to arrest and convict them.

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Posted in: Teen biker mistaken for fugitive killed in crash after police chase See in context

Now a youth is dead mistakenly

Sorry, but no, he didn't die mistakenly.

He died because he was A) driving without a license (which you get after proving you know the rules of the road and can prove you can drive properly) , B) ran a red light, AND C) went the wrong way down a one-way street. OH, and D) Fleeing from the Police.

He died because he did these things. The police do NOT and can NOT aggressively stop any vehicle in Japan by law. Anyone who has lived in Japan knows this, otherwise there wouldn't be any more yanki bosozoku driving around all night like the ones that recently died in Nara.

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Posted in: Narita airport shuts one runway as plane enters wrong taxiway See in context

Can someone explain why 6 Jetstar flights were cancelled and no other flights?

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Posted in: Turkish man sues Osaka immigration bureau for breaking his arm See in context

...at least in Japan where 80% of Japanese don't want any immigrants, they'd rather self-destruct...

I’m curious to see a source of that “80%” unless you are speaking anecdotally.

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Posted in: In Japan, new rules may leave home-sharing industry out in the cold See in context

[SMH] I think there's a simultaneous sigh happening amongst the 6ft+ tourists/ex-pats here for reasons already mentioned.

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Posted in: Warning area expanded as Mt Shinmoe continues powerful eruptions See in context

Thankfully this eruption is in a relatively sparsely populated area of Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't considers limiting casino visits to 10 per month See in context

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that found it strange that the LDP including Abe are at odds with the “Japanese government. “

The Japanese government... presented ruling lawmakers a plan....The plan ..... has already met with opposition from lawmakers of the Liberal Democratic Party, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe...

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Posted in: Automaker unions seek pay hike as annual wage talks get into full swing See in context

Maybe mine is off too but would it not work out to more like ¥100,000? If ¥3000 is roughly 3% then surely 100% is roughly ¥100,000.

at first I got that number too. But there is no way on earth, full-time seishain workers are getting 100,000 that’s below minimum wage!

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

Far too many people here are confusing Immigrants with refugees.

Sure there are a lot of people claiming to be refugees whom are in fact economic migrants, but Japans historical record on refugees is far too poor to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows for 8th straight quarter See in context

When the GDP is at or below inflation there is a problem. And the Cabinet Office conveniently left that info out.

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Posted in: Automaker unions seek pay hike as annual wage talks get into full swing See in context

But even if the request of Toyota's union is fully met, the monthly pay hike will only be 2.87 

Maybe my math is off, but a raise of 3,000yen at 2.87% of wages would put the average base wage salary at ¥209059.

Does that hat seem a bit low to anyone else? No wonder the economy isn’t booming!

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