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mike46 comments

Posted in: Don’t want to pay your NHK TV license fee? Beat Takeshi agrees with you See in context

I don't pay - and until it's prison or pay - I will refuse to pay.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

All blown totally out of proportion

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Posted in: Man arrested after hiding in drain to peep up skirts See in context

Now why didn't I think of that.

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Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners See in context

Drug related? (Do not want to look like I am stereo typing nationalities by the way)

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Posted in: Do you think that a man giving up his seat on a bus or train to a woman, holding a door open for her or holding her chair as she sits down is outmoded? See in context

I still do this and always will, I am surprised at the number of people who says it is outmoded.

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Posted in: McDonald’s 60-second campaign a bit much for staff See in context

Junk food just became "Junkier"

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

I will continue to stream and watch all my favorite shows without fear of prosecution - everybody stop panicking NOTHING is going to happen to us. We are untouchable.

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Posted in: Violations involving reckless cyclists on the rise See in context

I cycle daily on Japanese roads, am also guilty of running red lights. I ride on the road as much as possible - and believe it or not it is safer to ride on the road than the pavement. I have more near misses while pavement riding from cars that don't even look while coming from small side roads to join larger roads - many car drivers could also do with some safety education. Car drivers awareness of cyclists on the road has gotten better over the years though, but really cyclists really do need some better cycling infrastructure. Hoserfella - do you have any idea how much money is wasted by municipal governments yearly doing unnecessary jobs just so their budget is not reduced the following year? Some of that wasted money could go towards improving cycling infrastructure.

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Posted in: Ric O’Barry and his group to return to Taiji to oppose dolphin hunt See in context

Hurry up and get me my Dolphin meat fix.

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Posted in: New registration system for foreigners starts in Japan See in context

*Can I get arrested if I forget to carry ID *** I doubt it - I never carry mine and have been asked for it a few times by police, usually for a driving violation, I get a lecture about not carrying it (And a fine for the traffic violation) but that is it, police seem not to care if you don't carry it - but I hate to say this if I were not a Caucasian result might be different.

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Posted in: New registration system for foreigners starts in Japan See in context

This new card is issued by the Municipal offices (Shiyakusho) rather than the Immigration offices right?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for growing marijuana on apartment rooftop after neighbor tips off police See in context

Where did they get the seeds in the first place if it's so illegal here? You can legally import seeds! Strangely enough being in possession of seeds is NOT illegal - I should know I was found with them hidden in my bag at Nagoya airport and after a thorough (terrifying) search was asked if I wanted my seeds back - I said no!

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Posted in: 3 die in Saitama scooter crash See in context

Poor kids and their families. Too blame the kids or their parents for an accident like this is pathetic.

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Posted in: Skymark pilots to be monitored following litany of complaints See in context

In the 90's I done a lot of seriously hard drinking with Air New Zealand pilots - many of them had flights within 8 hours of the time we said good night - in a very drunken state !

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Posted in: Kyoto police deny witnessing death of high school girl in traffic accident See in context

"............. but perhaps if they'd paid more attention to raising their daughters properly, the whole tragedy could have been avoided..........." The smug self righteous person that wrote the above is obviously not a parent of young adults.

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Posted in: Tearful pope says church will better protect young See in context

And he is now being so frank, honest and sorrowful not because he wants to be but because he is left with no other choice, the Vatican has finally realized their days of cover up are gone. Shame on you all - open up your records, hunt down these pedophiles and bring them to justice.

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Posted in: Vatican blasts anti-Catholic hate campaign See in context

I am from Ireland and grew up and went to schools in the 60's and 70's there. Only in the last few years has the extent of this problem started to see light. Talking with friends and family I realize that abuse was wide spread (We are not just talking about a few bad apples here) There were also wide spread abuses in the orphanage system, physical abuse was wide spread in public and private schools. Ireland is a cesspit of pedophiles and adults who were abused as children. There are more plenty more cover ups waiting to see the light of day, there are thousands of abused victims that have kept their secret and suffering every day for what was done to them. The Vatican and the Catholic church deserves all and any "Bad publicity" it is now getting.

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Posted in: Abuse scandal means tough checks for future popes See in context

About time - there should be way more checking into who is becoming priests also, and once they are priests there activities should be closely monitored.

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Posted in: Afghan leader's anti-West comments draw fire See in context

Karzai - is only where he is because America placed him there thinking he'll be a good lap dog that will do what he's told he has now started biting the hand that feeds him.

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Posted in: Atom smasher will help reveal 'the beginning' See in context

What a pathetic waste of money.

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Posted in: Jetstar's 3rd anniversary See in context

Why am I even looking at this picture - I CAN'T STAND BECKY !

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Posted in: 9 charged with bullying Massachusetts teen who killed herself See in context

Poor kid - how did she put up with this day after day, and the worst part is that the adults around her couldn't give her proper help or support. It is a harsh thing to say but why couldn't her parents see the great emotional pain this child was suffering?

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Posted in: Two female suicide bombers kill 38 on Moscow subway See in context

Look to the roots of "terror' problems anywhere and you will likely find a population that is controlled and brutalized by a larger and stronger force. Terrorism is wrong but the greater wrong is the circumstances that cause it to surface in the first place.

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Posted in: '24' canceled after eight seasons See in context

Ah finally.................I can stop wondering what is going to happen next

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Posted in: Tokyo Anime Fair See in context

I love Japan.................

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Posted in: Teen charged over racial announcement at New Jersey Walmart See in context

Just a young fellow having a laugh

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Posted in: U.N. chief says Israeli settlements must be stopped See in context

After the second world war displaced Jews went home to find their homes had been taken over and lost to them forever - since then they never stopped doing the same thing to the Palestinians, taking over and confiscating their homes, and building illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

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Posted in: Papal letter fails to calm anger over Irish sex abuses See in context

Down through the ages the Catholic hierarchy and the pope have been guilty of cover ups and involvement in such despicable acts as "Witch hunting" the Spanish Inquisition, refusing to acknowledge the Genocide of the Jews and recently cover ups to protect legions of pedophiles within its ranks. The pope is deemed as "Infallible" - down through the ages they have been anything but infallible.

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Posted in: Toyota chief says quality control training lapsed amid fast growth See in context

As a loyal Toyota driver I say hurry up and get back on the track of making quality cars.

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Posted in: Three dead, one child severely injured in Nagoya head-on collision See in context

marie at 06:29 PM JST - 15th March Aichu (sic) drivers are the worst drivers in Japan. They race around, don't stop for anything and will pass at all costs. I feel sorry for the families but something MUST be done about traffic safety in Japan - and more so in Aichi - Have you ever actually driven anywhere else ? Driving manner in other parts of the world is equally bad or worse, I also cycle a lot on the roads here - NO WAY would I want to cycle on the roads of my home country.

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