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Posted in: Three dead, one child severely injured in Nagoya head-on collision See in context

I know and drive this road a lot - as long as you take it easy and WATCH where you are going there are no problems, problem is the in-experienced/idiot that think driving styles are uniform regardless of the road and weather conditions.

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Posted in: Clinton slams Israel on housing announcement See in context

When will Israel be properly held responsible for its actions - they break one UN resolution after another but hypocritically scream when others (Particularly Iran) do the same.

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Posted in: Go green and switch to bamboo See in context

The only thing bamboo is good for is building hats......And building scaffolding, boundary fences, wind breaks, garden rakes............a whole multitude of uses for this versatile plant !

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Posted in: Woman fired, another quits as abuse at nursery school surfaces See in context

Kids - are getting harder and harder to control (I am not condoning what happened) They generally have no fear or respect of adults whatsoever, and I am talking here about 4/5 year old not young teenagers. Until parents start taking more responsibility and teaching their kids manners and respect there will be more and more stories like this. Not all teachers are perfect but there are many good teachers trying to do a good job and they are completely ham strung when trying to discipline kids who have no concept of being taught anything at home - and the parents think their little offspring are totally incapable of any wrong.

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Posted in: Iran's Ahmadinejad calls official version of Sept 11 attacks a 'big lie' See in context

Ahmadinajad is an idiot, but when it comes to 9/11 and truth he has a point. I doubt we'll ever find out what really happened that day.

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Posted in: Japan won 5 medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. How would you assess the results? See in context

Dismal - considering Japan has so many venues for winter sports. There seems to be something wrong with the whole way athletes are coached here doesn't seem to be lack of will as the athletes themselves generally show a lot of perseverance and enthusiasm, but hey what do I know..............

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Posted in: Tokyo residents pedaling to work in increasing numbers See in context

I live in Nagoya and frequently cycle in and out of the City on the roads. Motorists are in general getting used to seeing cyclists on the road and are on the whole careful of cyclists, however beware - the unwary cyclist can be easily caught unawares and hit by a car coming out from a side street driven by a driver that looks for neither pedestrian or cyclist, being over taken by huge trucks can also be a an adrenalin rush at times. As cyclists increase there will also be ab increase in cyclist/car accidents which I hope sur the Govt. to make more bicycle friendly roads and cycle paths.

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Posted in: Gov't looks to immigrants as population shrinks See in context

Gosh - the birthrate here is dropping ? I wonder why anyone wouldn't want to have babies/children in this baby friendly society, is it because of the tiny little houses or apartments ? (That cost ridiculous prices) is it because of the lack of parks and areas for children to play in ? Is it because of the lack of government support for families, and single mothers ? Maybe it is because of the total lack of compassion the general company has for workers with children to get home to, It really is hard to figure out why the birthrate is dropping isn't it ?

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Posted in: China demands apology from CNN after commentator calls Beijing 'bunch of goons and thugs' See in context

We Chinese shall retaliate to this despicable comment by launching an export of shoddy goods and tainted pet food such as you have never received before, and as usual the will be gobbled up by a gullible American population that is only interested in cheap goods.

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Posted in: JSDF private arrested for threatening 12-year-old girl in Gunma See in context

And funnily enough the first advert we see after reading this story is one advertising a dating service.

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Posted in: Ahmadinejad accuses U.S. of using 9/11 as pretext for invasions See in context

Ahmadinejad is a bit of a nut (Though not as big a nut as the leader of America George Bush) but he does raise several good points here.

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