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mikediab comments

Posted in: AKB48 members to appear on stamps See in context

well ,you can't blame japan post , those(AKB48) are the creme of the crop of japan of today. Really pathetic!

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Posted in: Christmas decorations and illumination displays are already up in many parts of Japan and in some other countries, too. Do you think it is too early? See in context

Xmas has become nothing but pure business.the world if filled with naive people who fall for it. Last time I checked Xmas was about Jesus and people of christian faith, knowing the vast majority of japanese aren't christians ,it makes you wonder why it's important in japan.Celebrating everything western people celebrate , considered cool I guess in japan, they even marry in churches nowaday the japanese.

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Posted in: Star power See in context

agree not garee (mistyped)

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Posted in: Star power See in context

@bluewitch & ivan coughanoffalot

unlike "Japanese women in general", all of her teeth are in a straight line, and she doesn't walk like she's got scoliosis. She's a genuine, sexy woman, not some flat-chested bint trying to look and act like a six-year-old.

the twisted teeth of japanese women and the little twisted walking style ,find that so appealing,it's plus not minus.though I garee isn't appealing at all acting like 5 year old ,I myself wonder why they act like that. I was commenting on the physical beauty of yu yamada,first time I see her photo.Anyway, I still stand about what I said in my previous comment.

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Posted in: Star power See in context

have no idea why so many guys here think Yu Yamada is so hot, at best average, especially in comparison to the beauty of japanese women in general.Some people really have so low sense of taste.

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Posted in: Triumphant ladies See in context

@dent Shop

you were right about japanese women and the way they express their thoughts, however, JapanGal here did mention many times previously that she had studied and lived in the states.Just FYI

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Posted in: Triumphant ladies See in context

@ the munya time

'Japanese girls will never be sexy'

I don't know whether you are man or woman, but man you have no idea what you are talking about . japanese women in general are the most beautiful ,most cute ,most sexy women on the face of the planet.You may not agree with me now, but the sooner you agree the better for you in order to have chance to be with one of those women I'm talking about. If there is no biased in donald trump's beauty pageant , miss universe will always be japanese with my all due respect to other beauties around the world. I apologize if I offended the women of the other nations.

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Posted in: Sneaky salarymen scheme, skim and hide cash from their wives See in context


this 7pm thing to be home is kinda ridiculous. you know so well most salary men in japan can't be home by 7pm. good for you if you can make it home by 7pm, I guess I'm one of those bad men according to your 7pm rule.

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Posted in: Apple core fans See in context


with what you said 100%. though this one is so obvious.This kind of schemes are so common in japan. Shame on the news media who knowingly or unknowingly cover this without any hint that it may not be genuine.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura gets married in Hawaii See in context


That was really good one, very witty of you, made me laugh so hard, thank you :)

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Posted in: Tearful fans from Japan, other countries farewell Rain as he joins S Korean army See in context

bunch of mentally unbalanced women ! have they cried for the huge suffering of the victims of the triple disaster in japan?hell no, I bet you.Losers, go get a real life.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara's getaway with boyfriend sparks wedding rumors See in context

40 and so damn cute, only in japan!

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Posted in: Female Japanese tourist murdered in Myanmar See in context


I also totally agree with what you said 100%

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Posted in: U.S. calls Israeli settlements 'counterproductive' See in context

@Mexcicano, you are equating the agressor with the victim here. Your understanding of the israeli-palestinian conflict is obviously very shallow. Having said that, I don't condone all what hamas does, but in comparison to the actions of israeli GOV they look to me like angels. Until this conflict is resolved fairly to all sides involved, will never see peace in the middle east and the rest of the world Giving how deeply the US is involved to protect israel and the cowardness of the europeans.

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Posted in: Japan may buy more European bonds, finance minister says See in context

simple math, they sell bonds to the japanese with very low interest, and buy bonds from the europeans with much higher interest. Provided the europeans don't defaullt on those bonds, is definitely no brainer to the japanese government. I wonder why they call it helping the europeans though. It's purely and investment with potential high return they are making and nothing else.

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Posted in: Radiation found in rice from Fukushima Pref; more tests planned See in context

@bluewhitch, very well said!

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Posted in: DJ Hello Kitty thrills teenagers in Japan store See in context

@laurie, Good one laurie, totally agree with you!

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Posted in: Japanese girl delighted that her message in bottle found in Hawaii See in context

This news is everywhere, I see nothing extraordinarily about it. Anyway, for those who don't agree, shut up and don't jump on me!

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Posted in: Rescue teams search for bodies after typhoon leaves 34 dead, 56 missing See in context

@JapanGal Don't you think is too early to expect those who have lost loved ones and suffered damage to move on so quickly? you comment very often in this forum, I have to admit your comment this time was very surprising.

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