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Posted in: Britain's Truss faces whirlwind week as politics resumes after queen's funeral See in context

On the second day of her being the PM the queen dies. She will bring more misery to the UK! Unfit for the role of PM. Even during the debate sessions on BBC she was terrible. She says things which just doesn’t make sense in the real world. I’m sure she won’t last long as PM. The other guy was not perfect but was much much better than her and could have really brought the British economy back to its glory days through his skills.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching woman on train because ‘she wasn’t wearing mask’ See in context

It is actually not required on commercial flights either, at least in Japan.

Its required on almost Japanese airlines especially JAL and ANA! Check their website and it’s clearly stated that you can be denied boarding if you don’t wear a mask! Those with medical exemptions are required to wear a face shield. It’s all clearly written on their website.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching woman on train because ‘she wasn’t wearing mask’ See in context

I blame the Government and the railway companies for incidents like these because to date they haven’t given clear instructions on mask wearing! It’s always ambiguous instructions. They need to step up and have the balls to say things clearly, make proper rules and implement these ( Japanese people are good at following rules so it shouldn’t be hard to do so )! Either tell the public that it’s compulsory to wear mask on public transportation or just say it’s not!

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Posted in: More U.S. lawmakers arrive in Taiwan with China tensions simmering See in context

Also I bet all the pro war”let’s confront China and show them whose boss” posters will be on the first plane out of here when it goes boom

Exactly! These cowards have no courage themselves but wish for war between China and its neighbors! They did the same and are still doing it with Russia and Ukraine situation. If they had the courage then why didn’t they join the Ukrainian forces when the President of Ukraine requested men from around the world to join them fight the Russian troops! They only have the balls to type war war war on the internet and hide at the first sign of danger!

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Posted in: More U.S. lawmakers arrive in Taiwan with China tensions simmering See in context

The US is just begging China to invade Taiwan! When it eventually happens the US will just sit back and watch as they did with Ukraine! The US will not send its troops to defend Taiwan because congress will never give the green light on this. On paper the 1 China policy still exist and House Representatives as well as senators will use it as a reason to vote no on sending troops to defend Taiwan. They won’t want American troops being killed! The fall of Taiwan is imminent because of the reckless actions of The US!

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Telling Japanese not to pay respects to it's fallen soldiers, while you worship your military, and soldiers as heroes, it's doubled standard and full of BS.

Stop comparing fallen soldiers to war criminals. Other countries have fallen soldiers buried at sites while Yasukuni has war criminals who tortured, raped and killed millions! Just because it didn’t happen in your lifetime and to your loved ones doesn’t give you the right to defend war criminals who are buried there! Yasukuni will be always a place where the war criminals are buried and to honor them is just pathetic!

What's the problem with going there? I actually went to pray there when I became Japanese. 

If you need to ask this question then your intelligence level is simply zero!

Oh, you can’t become Japanese! You can become a Japanese citizen but you’ll always be considered an outsider / foreigner and gaijin in the eyes, minds and hearts of Japanese people!

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘When to end a relationship?’ See in context

Six years and he kept his own apartment until now??? Avoids the topic of marriage??? Less affectionate??? There are so many red flags. Stop wasting your time and move on! As someone mentioned above it takes 1-2 years ( at least to make plans for engagement if not marriage ) if he really wanted to marry you!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic film debuts in Japan; headed next to Cannes See in context

The Tokyo Olympics will always be remembered in history as the downfall of PM Suga who showed just how weak he was by putting the life of every single Japan citizen at risk and not standing up to the IOC thugs ( Bash said openly that IOC will decide to hold or cancel the Olympics and the Japanese people can’t stop us )! He could have made better judgement call and showed his strength by standing up to IOC ! I really wish he had as I was rooting for him to succeed as one of the best PMs but unfortunately you all know how he will be remembered!

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Posted in: Australian PM-elect Albanese says Quad meeting in Tokyo 'absolute priority' See in context

I just hope he doesn’t become the USA puppet like Morrison and his government was! The Australian economy is suffering because of the actions of Morrison who tried to please the US at any cost!

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Posted in: Biden arrives in Japan for summit, Quad meeting See in context

That's an odd Presidential photo.

Biden giving an overly friendly man hug with his security man behind him trying to keep his trousers up.

I wonder if Biden will hug the emperor in the same way?

I don’t go around hugging my co-workers. Are these guys colleagues or cronies? Even the Japanese guy is like wth.

Thats a way of showing your a human. Embrace each other to show appreciation. Biden is showing Rahm that he appreciates the work Rahm is doing as the ambassador especially since there was no US ambassador in Japan for more than 2 years and the embassy’s operation was a mess!

It’s much better than what Trump did to the European leaders at a summit when he literally pushed aside a few leaders ( bumped them out of the way ) just to get to the front…really unprofessional and no manner! Also Trump couldn’t patiently feed the fish while in Japan and just threw all food from the dish in the pond at once…no respect of Japanese culture and tradition ( even Abe was shocked )! Biden will meet the Emperor with more dignity and respect than Trump ever did!

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

Absolutely disgusting. I have zero income and survive on my life savings. Getting my PR visa took years. Before the corona virus I paid tax and now pay sales tax, land tax, health insurance. 

they will get ¥2800 a day! And visa! And accommodation! And free flight.

totally disgusting. Most asylum seeking get up to two years immigration detention, then deportation.

they get the red carpet, even though their country has caused my living expenses to rise by 10-20%, and our government throwing away tax money for weapons and salaries in Ukraine, including neo-Nazis.

absolutely disgusting.

I have been to many conflict zones so I understand their plight. But they can simply walk over the border into Poland, where they can be safe.

Totally agree with you on this one especially the final part! There is no need for them to go all the way to Japan when they can easily stay comfortably in Poland and nearby countries. Then going to Japan puts the extra burden on the taxpayers there and it simply isn’t fair! Remember Japans pension system is on the verge of collapsing as well and these evacuees getting 2,400¥ a day is more than what some pensioners ( who contributed to the national pension system for years ) are getting there…simply unfair and disgusting!

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Posted in: High school girl arrested for stalking Johnny’s 7 MEN Samurai member See in context

What is the world coming to where so many girls are into boys ( these boys who look like girls - use lipstick and foundation powder, eye brow cosmetics and so on )!

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Posted in: Masks outside not needed when not chatting: gov't panel See in context

Wearing masks when outdoors is not always necessary even if …

Still it’s not a clear statement… they are using “ not always necessary “!

Almost all Japanese people won’t stop wearing masks and will frown on anyone ( especially a foreigner ) who isn’t wearing a mask around them!

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context


I dunno about you, but if $360,000 just magically appeared in my bank account apropos of nothing, my first reaction would not be “Welp, guess someone really likes me” and then a gambling spree. It’d be on the phone with the cops so fast, it’d make your head spin. Last thing I’d want is my account number attached to that much money from nowhere

Its easier to say this than to actually do it! Money is one thing that humans can’t part with especially such huge amounts!

If you called the J-cops regarding this in Japan you’d probably been detained for questioning and thrown in the detention center without access to legal representation for 21 days. Then you would have been interrogated day and night. Being a foreigner you would have been treated like a criminal and somehow the mistake of the city officials would have been shifted to you! You clearly still don’t know that as a foreigner you better stay away from the Japanese police force as much as possible!

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Posted in: Twitter defends anti-bot efforts, Musk replies with poo emoji See in context

Musk is losing his mind at such an early age! At least with Trump he was such a knowledgeable, charismatic, visionary person in his younger and middle aged life and became a disaster after 70! With Musk it’s not going to take long for him to lose his brains!

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥13 bil loan deal to help Ukraine economy See in context

Helping Ukraine is fine but the government should spend more money to help people here who are suffering from the COVID recession and the rising prices.

Best comment here… simple and realistic!

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Posted in: Jury sees photos of Heard's swollen face after fight with Depp See in context

The writer of this article did a crappy job of not reporting the actual facts…clearly a fan of Amber Herd ( The Liar Amber ). This is just sad to read as millions of real domestic violence people face mental and emotional depression day and night but the writer of this article is trying to bend the truth to protect the liar Amber!

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Posted in: Gov't to help Ukrainian evacuees find jobs See in context

These Ukrainians should have chosen other EU countries for refugee status since they won’t get one in Japan easily. They are being brought here just to show the world Japan is doing so much for Ukraine but in reality it’s just that Japan wants to look good internationally. They are being brought here as evacuees and not refugees so they’ll be sent back in due course when the world isn’t watching!

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context


Travelers are only allowed entry with guides and tripple vaccinated?

Meanwhile Japanese can travel as they like and don't have to be vaccinated at all.

It's really astounding. Also, I'm not going to get a third vaccination after getting 2x Pfizer + being infected 2x and being a fit, 30-year-old, just so I can travel to Japan.

My bank account is very happy with Japan's decision. For the money that I spend on flights&rail&hotel in Japan, I'll be treated like a god in a 5* Ritz Carlton resort on the Canary Islands. It's a good perspective. They also have a Japanese restaurant there, lol.

Great comment… loved the last paragraph as it’s absolutely true that you can get so much better options than Japan!

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

People who take up on this offer must be idiots! There are better countries to visit in a more free way than this crap! Never really understood the desperation of people wanting to visit Japan…yes it’s a great country but there are many other countries which are better to visit especially with these restrictions! Oh and yes, don’t forget the mask even outdoors during the hot humid summer or you’ll be frowned upon by the Japanese and some might even mumble swears at you in Japanese for not wearing a mask!

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Posted in: Russia's Pussy Riot on European tour to help Ukraine See in context

No matter how hard some Russians try to oppose Putin and the war, they like all other Russians will be discriminated and hated by the western world! These innocent Russians will face constant frowning upon with the mere sight of being Russians! Some who can’t publicly oppose Putin because of the fear of their life as well as the life of their families will be banned from international sports and even traveling in the days ahead e.g footballers and tennis players who are all banned despite not supporting the war at all! Makes one wonder if this in turn will push Russians to the extreme since they are being punished regardless!

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Posted in: China loves lecturing the world about what is right and wrong in geopolitical affairs. One week it is preaching to the Philippines, the next day it advises Japan and on the third day it is lecturing all of the above. Last week, China's lecture was directed to Japan. Beijing was telling Tokyo that it shouldn't be a promoter of NATO's Asia-Pacific expansion. See in context

The word China should be replaced by The US! Despite having a million problems back in their own country, a country which is truly divided and on the brick of a civil war, the US has the nerve to dictate other countries what to do! Fix your own country and the internal mess rather than trying to tell others what to do!

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia confirm cooperation toward free, open Indo-Pacific See in context

Meetings like these is a waste of taxpayers money!

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Posted in: IAEA: Japan making progress on Fukushima water release plan See in context

If any other country had planned to do this they would have been bashed and warned against doing so. But since it’s Japan and the US supports Japan regardless of how much mess they create they’ll get a pass on this as well!

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Posted in: Ukrainian evacuee fights fake news after uprooting life to Japan See in context

"Upon arriving in Poland, Tiazhka went straight to the Japanese Embassy to arrange the visas."

From Poland (NATO save heaven) to Japan?!

Why do I smell that rotten stench of fish?

And yes, one is allowed to ask questions.

She knew that she can be more vocal as well as continue with her shenanigans in Japan and gain sympathy rather than stay in Poland and be oppressed under strict Polish laws!

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Posted in: Child's body found after tour boat sinks; probe of operator launched See in context

Yes yes it’s everyone’s fault from the tour operator, crew member, to the authorities and the biggest fault lies with the people who decided to take the tour despite being fully aware of the harsh weather conditions which were forecast ( even watching the fishing boats return to port yet they didn’t want to cancel their sightseeing cruise )… actions have consequences and they paid the price with their life!

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Posted in: Over 50% in Japan feel public safety has worsened in last 10 years: survey See in context

Yes, China number 2. 

Totalitarian state that don't care about their citizens. 

Very good and trustful ranking it is.

You have clearly never been to China! Just believing the western media about China has blindfolded you! I worked and lived in many cities in China for 10 years and spent 10 years in Japan as well and China felt much safer than Japan. Of course it’s not as clean and quiet as Japan on most days but Japan also has its fair share of dirty, dodgy and rowdy areas! Countries such as the US is the worst in terms of personal safety!

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Posted in: 10 confirmed dead after tour boat with 26 goes missing off Hokkaido See in context

Terrible tragedy, if the information leaked is true and the boat should not have been in the water families would be right to demand justice.

Do these families that you claim would demand justice even bother to advise the deceased / missing member not to go on the tour since the weather wasn’t favorable? Yes, the captain and boat operators are at fault for operating the tour when the weather conditions were adverse but at the same time the people who go on these tours during harsh weather should also be responsible for their actions! People should have the intelligence to cancel these type of leisure activities for their own safety instead of just relying on others to do so!

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Posted in: Netflix aims to curtail password sharing - and bring in ads See in context

They are whining about the loss of 200,000 subscribers when it was their own decision to stop business operations in Russia and lose 700,000 subscribers! While the majority of people initially supported sanctions against Russia, it will come back to bite them in the back when prices for everything rises due to cutting Russia out!

Password sharing with family members living in different households was actually part of the reason that Netflix got so many customers in the past and by stopping this they will definitely lose so many subscribers. Also since we are learning fro live with covid and resuming outdoor life many people just won’t have time to watch anything on Netflix so will cancel their subscription…bye bye Netflix!

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Posted in: Gov't weighs ¥50,000 cash handouts for low-income families' children See in context

This is discrimination against those who cannot have children due to medical reason! Everyone is affected due to the impact of rising prices and not only people with children! Any form of cash handouts should be across the board! It’s everyone’s tax money and heck the low income people pay even less tax! Why should hardworking individuals who work day and night to earn a healthy wage be penalized!

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