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Posted in: Relatives of Sri Lankan detainee who died at immigration center to sue gov't See in context

This is why the Government should make it a priority to deport visa violators immediately rather than keeping them in detention centers for months and even years!

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Posted in: Arrested Australian rugby player details Japan prison time See in context

Our anger tends to get the better of us and unfortunately makes some people resort to violence! This really destroys our life and the life of our loved ones! Ferguson had so much going for him but he threw it all away!

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Posted in: Over 407,000 on entry waiting list as Japan eases border controls See in context

People whine too much about these border closures. It’s a privilege not a right to enter a country apart from the one that you are a citizen of! They just have to wait until the Government can open up the country safely instead of showing their desperation! How bad is their life back home that they are so desperate to run away to Japan ( and then bash Japan in the future )!

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Posted in: Japan to help U.S., EU aid refugees after Russia's invasion of Ukraine See in context

It’s good to hear that Japan is going to support these real refugees. Over the years especially in Japan a lot of people claiming to be refugees ( not real refugees ) try to get the visa and this has tarnished the humanitarian refugee status! Ukraine citizens fleeing now due to the invasion are the real refugees and need international support and protection!

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Posted in: Japan offers many work opportunities for highly skilled foreign professionals See in context

As long as you like low pay, long hours, abusive treatment and enjoy all difficulties coming into the country and filing our paperwork, you’re golden!

Spot on!

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Posted in: Ex-Ghosn aide Kelly confident of being acquitted on Thursday See in context

"There was no need to report because Carlos Ghosn never got paid, and there was never an agreement to pay Carlos Ghosn," Kelly said in a recent interview with Kyodo News. "This is not a criminal matter, and nobody should go to jail for anything."

That sums up the entire fake case against Kelly and Ghosn! Shame that the international communities ( media, human rights organizations and foreign Governments ) didn’t do anything from the beginning to help out these two who were treated so harshly by the terrible justice system of Japan under made up charges!

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Posted in: Trump calls Putin smart; indicates he'll run again for president See in context

Trumps continuous love for Putin speaks for itself! Makes you wonder if he is an asset planted by the Russians to break democracy in America ( and this seems to be succeeding gradually). This corrupt, lying, traitor and failed coup instigator as well as a thief ( stole and destroyed classified Government documents ) should be in prison already! LOCK HIM UP! But he gets a free pass as he is a dictator for the Republicans Party!

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Posted in: Australian 'rain bomb' floods claim sixth life See in context

The photo looks scary!

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Posted in: 2,000 Ukrainians, Russians and supporters in Tokyo protest against Russia invasion See in context

These protests in Japan are meaningless because the Japanese Government has done the maximum they could do by implementing those economic sanctions ( although many people think it’s way too little and pointless ). They can’t and won’t do anything else because there isn’t much else to do except to send it’s own troops to help Ukraine! That isn’t doing to happen and thankfully so because many Japanese soldiers will die pointlessly! Even The US and UK the so called ally of Ukraine are staying out of it without engaging military! Make one think that maybe Ukraine should have been more friendly with Russia rather than the US because US never helps anyone without having an ulterior motive! Watch out Taiwan because when ( not if ) China attacks you’ll be on your own as The US, Japan and Australia won’t lift a finger to help you. Makes you wonder if it’s better to make an ally out of China and Russia rather than the US!

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Posted in: Post-COVID landscape suggests a bleak picture for izakaya and coffee shops See in context

The main reason for coffee shops not being able to survive in Japan is that most people who go there buy one cup of drink ( mostly the cheapest one ) and sit there for hours using PC, cellphone or just killing time. There are no seats available for others and they walk away without buying anything! It’s about time that coffee shops implemented one drink time limit to around 30 minutes to one hour only! Those who want to stay longer can do so but should purchase the second drink!

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Khachanov in Dubai for 2nd win of year See in context

Well, Novak lost the quarters in Dubai to 123rd ranked Jiri! This guy Jiri has beat Novak 2 times and never lost to him! Novak will lose the number one status from next Monday to Medvedev! Age finally catching up for Novak or maybe he is just too rusty since he hasn’t played in a while. Either way still a great player and one of the best ever to play tennis. However his personal behavior such as either exposing others to covid knowingly or making forgery PCR test documents to get medical exempt has damaged his image a lot!

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Posted in: Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns U.S., NATO See in context

The two independent zones of Ukraine has been wanting separation from Ukraine for a long time and the Western countries paid no attention to this. The people there were terrorized by the Ukrainian military but no efforts were made to help them. In fact it’s because of the President of Ukraine who was pushing for NATO member openly and challenging Russia! And of course Putin is the main culprit! This is beyond the control of The US so no use blaming either side.

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Khachanov in Dubai for 2nd win of year See in context

Novak isn’t the problem ( although I agreed with the decision for him to be deported from Australia ). The problem lies with the ATP who can’t establish a clear rule for vaccination and also countries which have tough immigration policies but loopholes for the unvaccinated to use for entry! If there are clearer rules than the Novak saga won’t have happened in the past! In this tournament he is doing extremely well until now although the second set in his second match was a bit too competitive for his liking!

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Posted in: Zverev kicked out of Mexican Open after angry outburst See in context

“Due to unsportsmanlike conduct at the conclusion of his doubles match on Tuesday night, Alexander Zverev has been withdrawn from the tournament in Acapulco,” the ATP said on Twitter early Wednesday.

ATP using the term withdrawn!!! He should have been suspended / banned and fined for this attack! Violence of this type should be condemned instantly and swift punishment given! Criminal charges can also be brought against him!

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Posted in: Woman found dead in bathtub last year had ¥150 mil life insurance See in context

Nothing in this article reveal or even indicate that the adopted son killed her. Yet, so many comments about the adopted son being guilty! Maybe the apartment building has cctv or nearby cctv footage can share some light on this matter. Someone mentioned above that the data from the cctv is most likely deleted or written over after 2-3 months but this isn’t true for most cctv in Japan. Maybe this is the case in the US or some developing countries but it Japan all the footage is automatically uploaded in the servers and stored for many years! We no longer live in an era of VHS tapes where recordings are recorded over and over…lol !

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Posted in: Today’s commute to Yokosuka was my first train ride as Ambassador. #Japan’s world-class rail system is worthy of a world-class country. It did not disappoint. See in context

Japans trains are awesome and convenient depending on which line you are using, what time you are using it, how far you are traveling and many other factors! For those commuting during rush hour daily packed like sardines in a can, Japan trains are terrible!

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Posted in: Taiwan lifts import ban on Japanese food linked to Fukushima disaster See in context

Even Japanese avoid food from Fukushima but Taiwan Governments disregard for safety is mind blowing! But then again lot of food from Fukushima already find its way abroad under the “ Produce of Japan “ label! Fools abroad don’t realize this!

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Posted in: Canadian police arresting protesters, towing rigs in Ottawa See in context

About time! Lock these people up and let the majority of law abiding people get on living peacefully with life! These idiots violent protesters have been fueled by the pathetic American far right wing people to damage the image of calm, peaceful, loving Canadians!

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Posted in: China detains Japanese man in Shanghai; details unclear See in context

China detains foreign citizens and publicly make examples of them by handing out hard prison time. The CIA on the other hand just make people disappear without a trace! Which is the bigger of the two evil is anyones guess!

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Posted in: Kyoto eyes empty homes tax to stem exodus of young people See in context

Just like many regulations in Japan this one doesn’t make much sense!

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Posted in: Biden says Russian threat to invade Ukraine still 'very high' See in context

We’ve been hearing that for weeks now from the American administration! Seems like Putin just toying with the Americans!

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Posted in: Takagi wins individual Olympic speedskating gold See in context

Well done…congratulations for the gold that you can add with your silver medals!

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Posted in: Trump, 2 of his children must testify in New York investigation, judge rules See in context

Former President Donald Trump must answer questions under oath in New York state’s civil investigation into his business practices, a judge ruled Thursday.

This has no meaning because everyone knows that Trump can lie under oath as he has done in the past!

Let’s just all move on with life because we just have to accept the fact that Trump is above the rule of law and will never face any consequences for his corruption, lies and even failed attempted coup!

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Posted in: Kishida tells Putin diplomatic solution needed over Ukraine crisis See in context

Wow! That was fast…lol! The Russia invading Ukraine saga has been going on for more than a month and finally the honorable PM has his say!

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Posted in: 16 prefectures to remain under COVID quasi-emergency See in context

The words “ COVID quasi-emergency “ has become a joke in Japan!

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sand on woman who rejected his advances at beach See in context

@Jonathan ...What is the crime ?

So you think throwing sand at strangers face isn’t a crime? If the sand had entered the eyes it can lead to permanent long term problems and even blindness. Would you like some stranger to do this to you? Think before commenting!

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister and his lawmaker wife plead not guilty to vote buying See in context

Anri Kawai said she "never conspired with my husband or handed out cash to get elected," adding that the money her husband gave out was for the purpose of expressing support for people running in local elections or to congratulate those who won seats.

Reasonable defense... might get away with it if the witnesses don’t clearly say / show evidence that the Kawai’s directly tried to buy votes!

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for assaulting man on Chiba beach See in context

Here's another question, given how vast a beach is, how could two people possibly come into close contact? I would understand if they were inside a train station or at a bust crosswalk but not at a beach.

The beach area in Chiba isn’t a full stretch wide area and people crowd up the beaches making it practically impossible to walk freely. Haven’t you been to a beach around Chiba or Kanagawa during summer? So many people on all spots that it becomes more stressful than relaxing ( as a foreigner but Japanese are okay with it )!

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Posted in: KFC tells customers to hold off on the 'Finger Lickin' for now See in context

The quality of KFC has become really bad recently. I buy a 4 pieces pack once in a week but the taste has deteriorated. Upon sending KFC Japan an email regarding this I received a feedback with all sorts of excuses such as not enough flavor was added at that branch, unfortunately the chicken might have been undercooked / over cooked on that particular day, new staff joined a branch and didn’t prepare it properly etc... Japanese chicken meat is terrific but I think KFC Japan might have started using imported chicken which isn’t really fresh and the staff are being undertrained! KFC Japan really need to do much better to bring back the original taste that it’s renowned for globally!

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

Most of the people I know including foreigners and Japanese used the 100,000yen as it was intended to by the Government. Some used it as a necessity and some as a luxury. I guess people who put it aside in savings ( some commented above ) didn’t really face financial difficulties yet! But sooner or later you’ll also use up that money on something... can’t take it to your graves!

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