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Posted in: New resident's cards run into technical glitch on first day See in context

"such as offering to mail the new cards to their intended recipients" Shouldn't it be "victims"

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

What a load of old crap! - THINK TANK what? - We are already Bankrupt.. or don't they know that yet. 2050?? What the hell are those blokes on about? Wake up and get a life.

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Posted in: Edano says Japan facing power shortage in summer See in context

If everyone in the nation turned off their toilet seat heaters, I think we'd be just about right.

I like my warm toilet seat, and damned if I'm going to turn it off in the summer. Tell you what, I reckon those dumb politicians that bribe the country, and steal our tax money for stuffing their faces with sushi, should cut down on their air-conditioning in their massage parlours! That would save us a fortune..

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Posted in: 19-yr-old man arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

Its a sick world we live in. Unfortunately, we all lose our temper at some point in time, nothing could have prevented this act. We have the death penalty here, which is very fortunate, and can only hope this vile man will burn in hell. This will be about the only positive news coming from this sad story.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 3-year jail term for Ozawa See in context

Guaranteed he wil NOT go to prison! Why, because he's one of the corrupt politicians who takes our tax money and stuffs himself in Sushi bars, and pays off the police and other officials!! Fact!! We call him Fat Twat, its his Chinese name..

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

What a dick-head!! - Pity he didn't crash into a tree.. Y100,000 is an insult, should have been Y500,000 (same as drink-driving!)

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Posted in: Charges filed against Konishiki for alleged assault over dog poo See in context

Prosecute the bastard!! Konishki is an overgrown bully! An arrogant Hawaiian who should be deported.

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Posted in: Softbank no longer sole network as KDDI set for iPhone 5 See in context

AppleInsider confirms KDDI will launch early 2012. NOT this year, due to preparations.

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