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Posted in: Rakuten ace Tanaka to hold talks on U.S. move See in context

In the US they do not make you pitch a day after pitching 160 times.

He begged the manager to put him in. He wanted to be out there.

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Posted in: Asia's F-35 buyers forced to wait as China seeks edge See in context

@ Jack, the ICBMs are not thought of the same way, because there is only so much upgrading you can do to them. Missile Defense Systems are built to take down the ICBMs; Patriot missles are the number one answer most people think of. That's why the U.S. is moving more MDS's into Alaska. And why they have been so hell bent on re-doing the defense shield in Europe. The aircraft and naval vessels can still be significantly upgraded, so that's where the wars will likely be won/lost. Hence the build ups and technological advances.

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Posted in: Lantern runs solely on salt and water See in context

In an earthquake or nuclear disaster, water may not be available, suppose you could pee in it?

Probably meant that you could gather the required items before the earthquake/nuclear disaster and stockpile them.

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Posted in: Returning U.S. Congress faces big tasks, likely to do little See in context

Quickie sessions are the rule rather than the exception in election years, and lawmakers may be around just long enough to approve a must-pass spending bill to keep the government running before racing home to campaign for their seats

Why don't you campaign by completing tasks assigned to you?

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Posted in: The rules of sushi See in context

Strange, on the other hand i have never seen any japanese person mix wasabi in their soy at a sushi restaurant... Unless they are eating Sashimi, where it is acceptable (and considered the norm)

Just went to a sushi restaurant last week, EVERYONE mixed... IJS

I wasn't trying to be a d*ck, just stating that I have never seen anyone eat it the way he wrote and if it was the "rule", then it's either outdated, or not everyone cares for it..

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Posted in: The rules of sushi See in context

If the correct way to eat wasabi is as you state, then many Japanese need to be taught this as well. Just about every Japanese person I have met, including my wife and in-laws, mix their wasabi...

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Posted in: Taliban threaten to kidnap and kill Prince Harry See in context


It shouldn't matter if they are in their own country or not, nonsensically killing people is WRONG! Killing people that have done nothing wrong, is inhumane... As far as nonsense comments, re-read your last sentence,

US invaded Iraq for oil reserves, now they want natural gases, minerals and rare earth which are in abundance in unexplored Afghanistan!

How on earth are these things in abundance if it is unexplored? That makes ZERO sense.

While yes most wars are fought for NATIONAL/FOREIGN INTEREST reasons; typically the economies are not boosted long term by going to war. Have you seen what the economy of the U.S. is doing right now? Not doing well; $16T debt... So by fighting these wars, where is the economic gain in a drawn out conflict?

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Posted in: Taliban threaten to kidnap and kill Prince Harry See in context


First off, it was Afghanistan. Second, radicals will never be completely removed from any culture, demograph, or people. Unfortunately, it is part of the human species... The Western governments are protecting an Islamist government yes, however from "even more Islamist rebels" NO. They are being protected from RADICAL Islamists. Islam itself is not the issue; nor is an Islamic State, it's the radicals that misinterperet their Holy book to justify the lack of human rights being afforded to their people. And as far as the the Constitution goes, it can/should be rewritten to suit better the country, however, that probably will not happen for MANY MANY years.

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan over plan to nationalize disputed islands See in context


I'm assuming because a large majority of the readers of that article probably don't know names of cities in Taiwan, nor do they know the exact location of Ishigaki Island. They are using reference points that the vast majority of readers would understand.

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Posted in: Taliban threaten to kidnap and kill Prince Harry See in context

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson is in Afghanistan on a four-month tour, based in Camp Bastion in the volatile Helmand province, where he will be on the front line in the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents.


British authorities have given few details of Prince Harry’s stint in Afghanistan for security reasons.


My thoughts exactly! LOL

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Posted in: Taliban threaten to kidnap and kill Prince Harry See in context

no matter how much I may hate, dislike the Taliban, etc..it is their country, if it were up to me, just let them all kill themselves, their country let them be, but the second they try any international terrorism, let them drones come blazing in.

WOW, I am in absolute awe at this statement. Do the rest of the Afghan people deserve to be killed just because the government thinks it's ok? Do the innocent civilians deserve to die because you think all the people in Afghanistan are the same? Do the people of Afghanistan not have basic human rights????? Do you think Saddam had every right to kill his own countrymen, just because it was his country? What about Al Assad in Syria? Is that ok too? I mean he's the leader right?

Ignorance is bliss apparently...

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Posted in: No trouble please See in context

Deplore-- While that flag may not have been adopted for that specific purpose, many in the world see it as such. For a country that supposedly respects everyone's opinion, it's a bit ridiculous that one would take this flag to a match against a country that feels this way. It's the same as a white American going to an historically all black college in the states waving a Confederate flag. It's just disrespectful.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, U.S. to hold naval exercises off Hawaii See in context

The U.S. Pacific Fleet said Monday the drills will include a search-and-seizure exercise, a counter-piracy event, a search-and-rescue exercise and officer exchanges

How does the purpose of these exercises; see above (from the article), have anything to do with China being bossy with land disputes? These drills are essential to any Navy in the world. This is good to see Allies (Japan and Korea) putting aside their differences to perform drills essential to both the region, as well as their respective countries.

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Posted in: Haneda Airport installs bird strike prevention equipment See in context

Has it even been tested? The article/ press-release sounds like an optimistic prediction...

The article states that it has been in use for 3 months.

the system has been in use for almost three months and is the first in the world to utilize both horizontal and vertical radars in combination with surveillance cameras

That's pretty impressive to use both radars in conjunction with cameras. I like it.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

you are simply suggesting U.S. interests in Japan must come first before the interests of its own nationals. Okinawa's burdens and sacrifice are negligible before the greater interests of the U.S., you want to say.

That is not what I'm saying at all. If you have your interpretation of what's going on, fine. But don't twist my words into something they are not. Japan CAN say anything they want; they just don't have the backbone to do it. Very big difference there. Japan is not a vassal, it has become a country over time that has not learned to say "No". The US may very well be taking advantage of that, but vassals are forced into submission, Japan has conceded itself by not learning to say "No". So, no, vassal is not the correct term...

And please, PLEASE prove that the MV-22 Osprey is accident prone (the testing V-22 was, the CV-22 was slightly, the MV-22, not so much). Where is your evidence? Basroil has given everyone, on multiple occasions, statistics that prove otherwise. Yes, they had two crashes recently, but overall the MV-22 is a safe aircraft. Both accidents were pilot error. The vast majority of the CH-46 and CH-53 accidents are mechanical. Read the past statistics. These are airframes are safer than the ones they are replacing. This arguement is not valid.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

But of course you are suggesting "the needs of the COUNTRY" are primarily the needs of the country that is called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Can't you see the stupidity you are talking about?

On the contrary, I am actually suggesting that the needs of the COUNTRY should come before the wants of a single region. Of course, I'm also NOT saying that those wants shouldn't be of some concern to the central government, but the local government should understand the needs/wants at the national level too. They should be willing to "live with" the "undesireable consequences" (as you seem to be describing the situation) at the local government level. Most local communities in every country deals with some kind of an "undesirable conequence" in the local sector. And when an issue comes up, they route it up through the governments; local, prefecural, national. Do it the proper way, and listen to your government.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

voiceofokinawaJul. 19, 2012 - 04:54PM JST

Japan is not a vassal to the US. Japan has every right to deny anything they want; as a sovereign nation should. Just as basroil stated earlier, Japan has no say in what the US uses it's defense budget on. If it's an issue the country as a whole has, they need to voice it to their CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. You cannot claim that two areas in Japan seemingly don't want it, so it should leave. These machines are TENS of TIMES BETTER than the machines they are replacing. Basroil has also provided those statistics on several threads!!!! The arguement to keep the Osprey out is purely political! If the two areas are truely concerned over the safety of the machines flying over them, they would welcome this aircraft with open arms. Everyone here has been provided with cold hard facts as to how this airframe is safer than the one it is replacing; and the only arguement anyone has is, "Its not safe." HOW IS IT NOT SAFER!!! How is this not clearly a political arguement????

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

Many people, yes. Most, no. Most probably don't care. If the people want them gone; introduce it to your government. Democracy 101.

Occupied in 1945, yes. But in 1972, the U.S. government returned the islands to Japanese administration. And the Japanese then did not ask the American's to leave. I am not arguing the original occupation. But to say that it is still occupied is inaccurate. Okinawa is currently a prefecture of JAPAN, hence my previous statement.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context


which is why a so-called sovereign nation still is occupied by a foreign nation's military

It's not occupied... If Japan wanted US to leave, all they have to do is ask. That's what the PI did, Thailand did it, etc. Japan sees a perceived threat (China and or Russia) and would like the US to stay.

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by donor nations to give $16 billion to Afghanistan to prevent the country from sliding back into turmoil when foreign combat troops depart? See in context

The statement said the participants in the aid offer have "renewed their firm determination to combat terrorism and extremism in all their forms and never to allow Afghanistan to become a sanctuary for international terrorism again".

Farmboy - It seems you forgot to quote the above paragraph as well, from the same article, in your thug money rant.

Or maybe this paragraph:

The deal is meant to make up the difference between what Kabul gets from its barely functioning economy and what it needs to become a stable country.

But go ahead and keep thinking all Arab states are the same... It seems that most people are misled in that regard. Some countries actually want to make a better State for themselves and the world.

The China Daily http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndy/2012-07/09/content_15559721.htm

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Posted in: The reality is that welfare recipients can receive more money than they can from working at low-wage jobs. And that's a problem. See in context

tmarie -

I do agree with most of what you are saying though. It's the same in most "industrialized" countries these days. MOST people are thinking they are owed a job, etc. And refuse to try to find a real job and try to work their way up the employment ladder.

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Posted in: The reality is that welfare recipients can receive more money than they can from working at low-wage jobs. And that's a problem. See in context

The notion that all welfare recipients are talented and hardworking is false

I hardly believe that was the notion given. gaijinfo was merely stating that hard working, talented people are not getting jobs they deserved/earned and are now at or below the paverty line because companies are trying to save themselves money by not paying higher salaried employees in favor of less expensive workers.

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Posted in: Gemba expresses concerns over Osprey to Clinton See in context

Of course there are safety concerns about the Osprey

There are safety concerns about every machine that flies and floats. What gives people the right to continue using them?

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Posted in: Off the beaten path - summer festivals See in context

Definitely would suggest both the Nebuta Festival and Tanabata Matsuri. Both were awesome last time I went.

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Posted in: Gemba expresses concerns over Osprey to Clinton See in context

Japan plans to send a group of 10 experts to the U.S. later this month to be briefed on safety measures being taken to prevent further incidents concerning the Osprey

Experts on what? Only the U.S. uses this aircraft... And given recent "safety expert" activity (TEPCO), I'm noy so sure this is a smart move on Japan's end.

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Posted in: No charges over Ghana deportee's death in Japan See in context

I mean they were restraing an extremely violent struggling person who did not want to be deported, he was under alot of stress and could have had a heart attack as a result

I think this is why they kept his heart for analysis. It's severly unfortunate that he lost his life but, just as Export said, if he had followed the rules to begin with, he may yet be alive and still with his Wife. RIP

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Posted in: Okinawa governor rejects U.S. Osprey deployment See in context

What kind of role can the marines, whose reason d'etre is just invade enemy land and fight a ground warfare there, play in a high tech conflict in East Asia if there ever occurred one here?

They play exacly the role you make them out to. The Air Force/Navy will take out sophisticated targets from the air, paving the way for Army and Marines. These two entities will then proceed to take out the sophiscicated targets that are probably underground as well as the ground forces that will inevitabley make their way to any other country that an enemy wants. That's how warfare works in this technological era. The same as it has been since the conception of the flying machine. The Air Force will then continue to maintain air superiority until the end. Just has it ALWAYS has. You cannot simply bomb an enemy and claim the conflict is over. You need troops on the ground. And this MV-22 will take the Marines there. That's their purpose, troop transport. That's how all this ties together.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan to sign first military pact See in context

@Sandie - I meant actively. As in Passive and Active. Wrong wording.

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