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Posted in: What do you think of Quentin Tarantino as a filmmaker? See in context

I enjoyed his cameo in Desperado. I enjoyed Pulp Fiction (all of it).

But since then NOTHING.

Maybe Inglorious Basterds won't be as weak.

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Posted in: Negotiators scale back U.N. climate pact ambitions See in context

Climate Change (it used to be called Global Warming) is a corporate SCAM to bring in Carbon Taxing (that's where you pay for the privilege of BREATHING on this insane corporate planet). There's something in the universe called THE SUN: it is the major influence on the warming and cooling of the Solar System, not a life-giving gas the plants love called CO2.

Look up what's been happening to ALL THE PLANETS of the solar system as sunspot activity (on a twenty year cycle) has gone up and down. There's a MAJOR scientific rebellion against Al Gore's money making scam. He will not convince all the sheeple all the time.

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