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Posted in: Protesters in Tokyo join 24-hour global 'Occupy Wall Street' movement See in context

How can they draft legislation? These people don't have law degrees, nor are they politicians. Furthermore, whir it would be great if they did, it doesnt guarantee it will be passed because the GOP bhas been blocking everything for the past 3 years.

Furthermore, part of the teason they are protesting is because those people with the education, power, and responsibility to make legislation are FAILING to do their job.

There are problems on wall street they aren't equipped to handle. And congress is taking its sweet time coming up with a solution.

Consider the fire under their asses lit...

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Posted in: U.S. farmers celebrate approval of free trade deals See in context

Let produce prices rise? Seriosly.. feeding the world aside.. that would be dangerous at home. Some people can barely afford to eat healthy as it is. If freah food prices rise how will these unemployed, homeless, poor people feed their families? Or should we just let the free market self-regulate their survival rate? (_)

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Posted in: How Japanese manga can land international travelers in jail See in context

@spidapig, im not condoning this manga, because ive never seen it so i cant judge. But, if by you definition pornography is images "for the purpose of arousal or erotic satisfaction" then i'm sorry but you cant definitively say this is porn.

You may imagine what he does with these pictures but you dont actually know his purposes for keeping them. Nor do YOU know he is aroused while looking at them.

What this article is saying is that the manga is an ART form. Not porn. And that distinction needs to be made clear.by your definition, If i touched myself while looking at boticelli's venus, it WOULD be porn.

Naked =/= porn....

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Posted in: Protesters in New York march on billionaires' homes See in context

I think its unfair to call them lazy. Many of these people have ben working two jobs just to make enough money to survive and now they're jobless. Sure is easy to tell them its their fault and to get educated, but how? They havent been able to save a dime to pay fortht eduction. Will you teach someone to read a spredsheet for free?

And how can you not see the point? Barbara streisand and steve jobs didnt become billionaires because the lied and cheated the system. Why SHOULD they be protested?

Those with power have the responsobility to ensure the system continues to work. Unfortuntely they haven't done that. You cnnot blme someone who took a mortgage, because it never should have been offered. If i knowingly sell you a faulty blender and you get your hnd chopped off its your fault? Get real.

There are major problems and these people simply wnt their voices heard. All they're asking for is someone to listen.

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Posted in: Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt See in context

The jaan situation is "less" recent. And also different. The japanese people regret what was done, but there hasn't been an official apology because those in government now deny accountability.

Also, jaan doesn't continue to rape and pillage. These people are attacking on almost a weekly basis...

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Posted in: Nuclear power essential to cut emissions: UK expert See in context

@realist, really? really now? its insulting that you consider yourself educated, and worse probably that you are. Unfortunately "global warming" isn't a scam. And your insistence that its a worldwide government conspiracy is simple fear or anger mongering.

Yes, global temperatures are cooling, and warming is a natural process. To this end you are correct. That is why the phenomenon 's name has been changed to "global climate change". Keep yourself informed please.

Climate change (no matter the direction of temperture) is real, its happening, and its being escalated by human impact. Droughts, storms, flooding, etc are influenced by human behavior. More importantly we should recognize that we have the knowledge and capability of doing something about the causes and effects of climate change.

The only people who still call it "global warming" are those who want to denounce the climate change phenomenon and deny copability so they can put thr ENTIRE world in danger while raking in massive profits.

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Posted in: Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers See in context

@virtuoso, and darkbob,

Just because other people behave like idiots or miss the world around them doesn't mean you have to.

I own a smartphone and i'd like t think i'm still polite. I still notice the beaauty of the world. And in fact i can snap a picture of the giant butterfly, the brilliant sunset, or cloudless full moon, and immediately post it directly to my facebook to share it with my friends around the world.

Like any new tech, and addictions, its all about learning to handle them responsibly. But frankly, the ease of access to, and immediacy, of information is world-changing. For a long time i didn't own a tv or computer, because my phone did it all.

If you resist the tech push, you'll be just like my parents generation who said the computer was evil. Or those who said tv makes people stupid. Its all about how YOU choose to use it.

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Posted in: G7 ready to fight excessive currency moves: Japan See in context

You may enjoy the high, but japanese companies with business overseas are dealing with significant loss. Japanese products are now too expensive, and what the do sell isn't worth as much when those profits are shipped home. So for now you can enjoy your salary, but when japanese companies start downsizing to maintin their bottom line profit margins, you will understand how bad this really is. Unemployment in japan will inevitably rise if this isn't taken care of. Japan isn't immune to the recession.

Perhaps largely due to its heavy dependence on western markets. If japan could find somewhere else to export its goods maybe...

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Posted in: U.N. chief tells Fukushima radiation evacuees 'to hang in there' See in context

Maybe he doesn"t have the power or the means to do anything directly, but ganbatte...? Really?

Thats what you say to a 4 year old who falls down and scrapes his knee. Something a little more heartfelt would have been nice.

And if he really wanted to "express solidarity, for himself and on behalf of the UN, you don't think he could have brought supplies, clothes, fresh blankets, or even divider screens instead of cardboard boxes? "Ganbatte" doesn't feed a hungry mouth. It doesn't clothe a ragged peraon, and it certainly doesn't provide shelter or any modicum of privacy.

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Posted in: G7 ministers, central bankers to discuss U.S. ratings downgrade See in context

I would rather be holding yen... that's why i'm in japan. I am concerned about how dependent on the u.s. asian markets, and the rest of the world too, seem to be. Japan should start to move away from western dependence. Japanese people should be able to enjoy their strong economy, not be forced to devalue their own currency because the u.s. is failing.

It seems like the u.s. and europe are just like the big banks that caused the financial crises. Too big to fail. Its a shame really how a few CEOs can make the whole world plunge into econmic recession.

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Posted in: Debt is a done deal, but peace truce already fades See in context

@molenir, You scare me. You think the problem is that repubs caved? Really the problem is that repubs still think they have the power. And maybe they do. Democrats actually want to save this country, not just wall street. So all the repubs have to do is stall long enough to force a conpromise because no action means death to all. They are gambling with the nation, betting the dems will fold. Because even if it all goes sour, they can blame obama.

If you were told you could choose: die today, or struggle until we find a cure. What would you do?

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Posted in: 31.4% plan no summer break See in context

I believe that is what they mean by graves. But it says "loved ones" not "partners" so this could mean relatives, grandparents, parents, cousins, or even maybe distant relatives that were affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami.

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Posted in: Leaders should train students who have the potential to outshine them, but Japanese leaders tend to reject such students. See in context

This isn't really any different than in America. Educational problems like this aren't necessarily Unique to Japan. They may even be worldwide. While US schools may (many don't) have programs for "gifted" students, many teachers don't know how to handle them or lack the desire to help them go further. Japan should be happy at the base level, considering that the literacy rate in Japan is so much higher than that in the US. So many people in our country don't even know how to read.

However, I do agree with the statement. How can we hope to progress if academics isn't willing to let the bright youth excel? These days it is much like neverknow2 says, you have to pay your way. A student can have high scores, get good grades, and be smart and insightful, but unless they can pay their way through college to get a degree they are out of luck. On top of that, an undergraduate degree is almost meaningless these days. So you have to pay even more to get a Master's degree, and then what? You still have to know the right people to get a job.

It's so hard to battle educational stagnation when the community network is all that matters. As much as the US stresses individualism in comparison with Japan's communal vibe, we still have to network to get anything done. You have to know someone who knows someone to get a position.

Regardless, educational systems need to be reformed. Much like many systems across the world, people no longer enter a career based on the desire to help humanity. Everyone wants to help themselves, or just stay afloat.

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