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The US should build cars that don't fall apart; the integrity is awful. I don't even like buying American-made Japanese cars; we have a RAV4 made in Japan and a Civic Hybrid made in Japan. Are we doing so badly that we're back to bashing Japan, which employs thousands and thousands of people in the US?

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When I lived in Japan in the 90s, they were whining about visits to Yasukuni Shrine. They're STILL whining about it, the little bee-yotches. But to the Japanese, it's not a "war criminals" shrine any more than is Arlington National Cemetery in the US. I'm sure many of the people interred at Arlington engaged in what could be considered war crimes. And if Japan had won WWII, Truman and the generals who ordered the firebombing of Tokyo, the camps for Japanese-American CITIZENS, and the bombing of Dresden would have been in the docket as war criminals.

China forcibly removes its people from enormous areas to dam rivers, forces abortion and sterilization on women who have "too many children," and is in large part responsible for the current world economic turmoil with its outrageously undervalued currency. They hold Tibet by force and are currently "ethnically cleansing" the region by moving in Chinese, and their entire western lands are non-Chinese. So China, shut it. I really wish there was a good way to boycott their cheap cr@p, but too many western countries were lured by cheap production and higher profits.

And one commenter is right--the Senkaku Islands have always been part of the Ryuku Kingdom (Chinese travelogues dating back to the 16th century acknowledge this fact), and since Ryuku is now basically Okinawa, Senkaku is Japanese. Japan had manufacturing facilities there (for bonito) more than 100 years ago. China only became interested when natural gas was discovered in the seabed around 20 years ago, and has only gotten noisy about it now that it's building up its navy. It's doing to the same thing to countries in southeast Asia. Look at China's military development: all of its weapons are designed to make it dangerous for US ships in the western Pacific (new aircraft, China's first-ever aircraft carrier, long-range missiles).

Japan needs to stop apologizing, stop even considering the demands of these vile hypocrites, and have the PM visit Yasukuni Jinja. It's a beautiful place, where the souls of many brave young men who believed they were fighting western imperialism are interred.

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China reminds me of the "Third Reich." Hitler's belief was that anything that had ever been part of Charlemagne's kingdom (the First Reich, or the Holy Roman Empire) was legitimately part of Germany. Charlemagne, known as Karl the Great in Germany, at one point conquered a vast territory that included much of western and central Europe. China's behavior is a LOT like Hitler looking back to Charlemagne for Germany's "legitimate" borders--or as if Greece decided that all of the land that was once under the control of Alexander the Great (from Greece to India) was "Greek territory." Ridiculous and frightening.

I believe that this is the underlying core of China's beliefs (look at its attitude toward Tibet, which it insanely calls part of China, Manchuria--which is not Han Chinese, the Senkaku Islands [in which it had no interest until oil was discovered], the many islands in Southeeast Asia it claims as its own, or the "New Territories" to the west, which they will lose just as surely as the Soviet Union lost all of the "-stans" [Kazhastan, etc]). China is bent on expansion, and must be treated as a threat.

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