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Posted in: Tearful S Korean president says ferry responsibility 'lies with me' See in context

Lame...using the tragedy to keep her in the office. it just reflect how the Korean society thinks. First they blame the president then the president apologize as if she has anything to do with the tragedy. Bullies. Fix the problem not the facade ...

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Posted in: Obama's Asia pivot tested by China's bold maritime claims See in context

your talk is cheap obama, youre not a man

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Posted in: Japanese World Cup visitors warned about crimes in Brazil See in context

ghost rider...very funny. Wallet stolen in Tokyo. If you make some lame lies, better make it more exciting like I was beaten to the verge of death in Tokyo or I was mugged and has to hospitalized for a year. Don't make lies, it makes you so pathetic.

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Posted in: Ferry victims' parents demand meeting with S Korean president See in context

and the president has to apologize now and pay money

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Posted in: Vietnam says China fired water cannon, rammed ships near oil rig See in context

ithas been years that China is provoking its neighbors and the US keep on saying it is watching...yeah.


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Posted in: South Korean diver dies in ferry search operation See in context

and what sucks is that the president has not stopped blaming the ferry operators and some local officials just to save her butt from being blamed. You will be in prison after your term.

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Posted in: S Korean leader vows to punish ferry disaster culprits See in context

whys is the president still in power? resign. When The US NAVY and Japan offered help, the Korean govt refused. Now hundreds of people died because of what? PRIDE?

live in shame

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Posted in: S Korean leader vows to punish ferry disaster culprits See in context

MsPresident apology not accepted. Live in shame and pay up for not doing your job protecting your people.

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

what can we say...maybe godzilla learn to hang out with Homer and Dice-K Funny looking monster, are they making a comedy?

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Posted in: China releases Japanese wartime documents See in context

and i bet people commenting in this forum never tasted war nor Japanese brutality.

Why all the hatred?

People are reliving the past when they never sa it nor experienced it.

War bring the worst in all people.

In war, people are killed, being killed, tortured, raped, pillaged, burned alive, fed to the dogs, and much worse. That is why we have to move on and remove the hate within us so that we can prevent another war but seems to me people just like to nurture the hate they have when they are not even victims of crime.

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Posted in: Abe says Obama just wanted to talk trade at sushi dinner See in context

Its bad etiquette. You don't talk business during dinner. Obama is rushing the TPP because its going to be elction soon and he needs something to show for his trip but it is not the Japanese way nor the way of some countries in the world. Respect the culture. Business talk is done after the pep talks when people are more relaxed and are willing to make concessions. Dumb president.

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Posted in: Aso says Obama powerless to get U.S. Congress behind TPP See in context

the American congress sees no need for TPP so they are not in any way giving in to any concessions. Is that too difficult to understand?

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Posted in: Lost codes spark airport scramble on eve of Obama's arrival See in context

as usual, Japanese security is so lax. Main reason why the US had pushed Japan govt for the secrecy law.

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Posted in: S Korean president says ferry captain's action 'tantamount to murder' See in context

and SK are so happy with her that they will vote her again in the office, mission accomplished. And next time she opens her mouth it will be endless tirade again against Japan.

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Posted in: Officials vague on rumor Japanese support was refused for S Korean ferry See in context

Reports that up to 200 ships, 34 aircraft and 600 divers have been taking part in the search operation...that was the the official line, on the ground? 2 ships and one aircraft. Ask the locals.

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Posted in: RIKEN splashed cash on luxury furniture to use up budget: magazine See in context

it is practiced all over the world, in every country on earth.

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Posted in: While there are many conservative members in the assembly, there was strong criticism about the forced vote in the Diet. I hope the central government and Diet will humbly listen to the voices of loca See in context

these japanese don't understand, it was the US govt who requested this secrecy law because Japan intel is like a sieve. Everything the US is doing even in high level talks ends up in being divulged to China, South Korea and North Korea. Japanese can't keep a secret.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested over knife attacks in Kashiwa See in context

suspect probably described some details that can not be seen from his vantage point. It was very dark and was difficult to see the place where the crime occured and probably his story was too detailed for an eyewitness account. DNA are left on the crime scene.

reminds me of another nutcase where a man killed a nurse sleeping in the same condo he lives. he was describing the event and came out in TV and interviews but the police found his story so disturbing and later led to his arrest. He was later found to be the culprit and just did the crime because he wanted money for his pachinko vice.

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Posted in: U.S. urges restraint between Japan, S Korea See in context

Japan already knows that US is not their ally. When China expanded its air zone, the US did not rebuke China nor made a strong stand against it and Japan got the hint that the US is a fence sitter so Abe pushed the limit.

Russia also saw weakness of USA so it simply disregard its mandate and started annexing parts of Ukraine knowing that the present US president is spineless and is nothing but talk.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested over murder of Mie girl last August See in context

girl was raped, dna is positive, police is just withholding the info in my opinion.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

I love the way Abe is spinning the South Koreans. The South Koreans went around the world telling Japan never apologized for their comfort women and started erecting monuments everywhere. Japan kept on saying it already made an official apology which the South Korean denied. Then Abe said, lets revisit that apology....

Am I the only one feeling the stupidity going on?

Deal with fools, you can probably stand it, deal with South Koreans, better live in isolation.

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Posted in: S Korea chides Japan over 'comfort women' apology review See in context

Japan made apology, South Korea went around the world claiming Japan did not. Then Japan said it will revisit its apology and South Korea is angry and asking the Japanese govt not to revise their apology. Deal with fools, you can probably reason out. Deal with South koreans, better ignore them. They are more than confused themselves, totally moronic and rotting with insecurity.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected as cause of 16-year-old boy's suicide See in context

when will the Japanese as a whole learn that bullying is not the answer to achieve excellence?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

i doubt these claims just like the claim that one of their boats was sunk by the whalers few years back...truth came out that they just wanted to have a publicity stunt to raise fund to buy a new boat.

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Posted in: Two injured as commuter train derails at Kawasaki See in context

maintenance car was on the wrong tracks...luckily it was late night and the train is on route to the service area when the accident happened

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Posted in: Man arrested for stomping on children’s feet See in context

wow, so manly huh? this guy have serious issues. I wonder what would be the appropriate punishment....say let him pay a hefty fine and have him terminated from his job.

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Posted in: Glitter starts wearing off for aging 'parasite singles' See in context

reckoning time...but actually its more of the parents fault. Many Japanese don't want to have their children marry because they are their social insurance, yup, they want them to take care of them when they get old so its a commensalism in a sense

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Posted in: Yamazaki deliverymen hand out bread to snow-stranded motorists See in context

Yoshihiro Aoki...i hope you won't be on the receiving end ungrateful being like you

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted kidnapping of 10-year-old girl in Tokyo See in context

wow, lucky young girl...I hope they hang this man until dead or better yet cut his achilles heels and his fingers

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Posted in: 5 Japanese divers found alive; 2 still missing off Bali See in context

seems like the skipper is to blame...

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