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Posted in: Takanashi left wondering what went wrong See in context

Japanese media at best....there was never a let up, she was pressured beyond and more. I wonder when will Japan media starts to shut up. All hype as in she is God of the Hills. Let her enjoy the way she has been doing. She was extremely well before the nauseating media coverage started portraying her to be the best and absolute.

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Posted in: Fashion magazine model arrested for shoplifting See in context

this model is sick...she has been wanting limelight and wanted to be famous. She has claimed many things and even plagiarize other peoples facebook and other blogs to her own just to be noticed. This is her latest stunt.

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Posted in: Baseball star Tanaka charters Dreamliner for flight to New York See in context

the guy is crazy, he thinks he is cool but spending your hard earned money for a show? even Bill Gates will not be this extravagant.

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Posted in: China visa woes for New York Times as government ups pressure See in context

Hello earth...from China

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Posted in: Over 70% say they don't feel any benefit from Abenomics: poll See in context

more than 70% feels no effect...just wait until the prices of commodities hit the ceiling. But hey try to invest, if you don't buy a lottery ticket you will ot win. Same with Abenomics, if you don't invest you deprive yourself.

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Posted in: Olympic worry as Takanashi suffers second defeat See in context

will the media keep their mouth shut? The girl is doing fine and is very competitive. I hate the media sometimes for making superwoman out of of her. How sick.

Let her enjoy and have fun. She is still on top of the world in terms of skii jumping. Title should say, she won silver not defeat. May the writer of this article try jumping a 4 feet slope and down into the crevice and freeze.

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Posted in: Factory worker arrested over tainted frozen food See in context

temporary worker...same work but no benefits, no sick leave, no vacation, no bonus and he resented it. And yes this company has about more than 60 % temporary workers

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Posted in: Head of NPO promoting motherhood arrested for beating his wife See in context

isn't it ironic?

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt See in context

Kennedy...greenhorn. A diplomat being drawn into controversial topics and mouthing about them.Tsk tsk tsk. Keep your hands on your pants lady.

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Posted in: Syrian opposition agrees to attend peace conference See in context

from the fry pan into the fire...these people don't realize that once Assad is out of power, the country will degenerate into full scale civil war with one islam faction fighting the other.

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Posted in: Boy hangs himself at high school in Toyama See in context

very serious mimded...a closer step to lunacy? maybe he is so much stressed.

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Posted in: Indian police say Danish tourist gang-raped See in context

I Respect Women slogan and problem solved.

Dream on India.

First get serious.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving daughter naked out on balcony See in context

mom is a single mother, probably on welfare too as she is watching 2 small children. Under stress or what, she made a bad decision that could turn ugly. Sometimes children will challenge their parents, like maybe the mother said if you won't behave, I will let you out in the veranda naked and the child replied, yattemiro.

The mom will not get a jail time, just a reprimand. AICHI police are known for their lack of intervention and will just sweep the issue under the rug.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets against Chinese plane See in context

China needs distraction. The banks are running out of cash and having liquidity problems that they need to increase the borrowing rates for the 2nd time less than 6 months which means it is becoming a big problem. And japan keeps the common Chinese population in control. Though money is moving out from China fast silently even from Chinese investors.

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Posted in: Parents return with ashes of honeymooner son murdered in Ecuador See in context

The pair had a quarrel with the taxi driver provided by the hotel. They were billed 20 dollars for a 2 dollar trip and had a quarrel according to the taxi driver of the hotel, the pair decided to hail a taxi from the streets...

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna price plunges 95% at year's first auction See in context

last year was high because a bidder from HongKong China came and started jacking the price up but this Japanese did not want to be outbidded so the price became sky high...now China is running out of cash, last time in June and now this December and companies are having liquidity problems aka no cash so the price returned to normal because China can not afford to bid.

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Posted in: Man abducts 2-year-old boy, pretending to be his father See in context

it is possible that the dad is looking at something else while the mom is looking after the kid and got distracted. The info never said both parents were together watching the kid when he vanished. There's a lot of scenario. But yes, here we go again with the superparents who can do everything at the same time. Can you come take care of my boy?

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

the mighty US have been pushing Japan to militarize as to free itself from the burden of keeping peace in the EAST ASIA region for so long. Even McArthur was surprised that the Japanese did not change their constitution outright when the US army left Japan. And because USA wrote the constitution and crippled the Japanese in defending their country, they were forced to protect it at the expense of American taxpayers...

I think the majority of Japanese are so tired of apologizing that they want to rearm themselves. Let it be. China and South Korea are nasty neighbors.

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Posted in: F1 legend Schumacher in coma after ski injury See in context

what an irony...the man who dares death in his races...

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

kids will always be kids, its the adults who must always be on guard for something like this.

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Posted in: Woman killed after car is hit by bullet train in Yamagata See in context

shinkansen hitting a car...i am glad there are no more than one fatalities.

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Posted in: China must retaliate for Abe's shrine visit, state media urge See in context

China is going to build the biggest memorial shrine to enshrine their past and present leaders who enslaved, tortured, massacred, and pillaged its people. Yasukuni shrine will pale in comparison. Hurray!!!

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war See in context

Except for Korea and China, no other countries who suffered under Japanese invasion are protesting and had never protested.

China and Korea's tie will not change anyway, its already bad as it is. If he doesn't go, its the same thing. So better it done and done with a flash.

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Posted in: Elderly couple die after being hit by truck on crossing See in context

my friend's daughter got hit by a car turning left last Sat. She was also crossing the road when the car made the turn without even slowing down. What is wrong with these drivers? POLICE are the problem. They will stop a foreigner with a bicycle while they trun a blind eye on these driving offenses.

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Posted in: China denounces 'slanderous' air zone remarks by Abe See in context

china bully the weak, that's why it got angry when Philippines listed the help of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and other southeast asian countries to met the growing imperialism of grat China. Japan, seeing this opportunity to regain its leadership role in Asia, it started lambasting China and stood with the countried being bullied by China through threat and intimidation.

China is more interested in controlling its population now that they are in transition of leadership plus the downturn of China's economy are the main reason it keeps on with its rhetoric. China is trying to divert the attention of its people from the growing chiasm of economic classes and the stagnation of its economy.

China will be balkanized the way it became a nation. Its just a matter of time.

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Posted in: Olympic judo champion loses appeal over 5-year jail term for rape See in context

a disgraced olympian...5 years is too lenient. He will be back molesting people.

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Posted in: Children threatened with death if school doesn't cancel 'bonenkai' See in context

so who's the teacher responsible? I'm waiting to know

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Posted in: China sends fighters to ID flights by U.S. and Japan See in context

The great China can't afford to go to war neither Japan nor the US but China does not seem to realize that targeting Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries it bullies into submission, they are creating a situation that they themselves can no longer control.

China is going down because manufacturing has hollowed out in China, the real estate bubble has burst, and China is in deep economic trouble. All this to mask, it has to divert the attention of its citizens to Japan which is an easy target.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for torching vending machines See in context

these kids will be back torching atm machines

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Posted in: Top court says 2012 election unconstitutional, but not invalid See in context

the problem existed for how many years, DPJ kept on insisting that changes should be made then the unthinkable happened. DPJ won in the previous election. Then they stopped whining because they became recipients to the same flaw. Then the DPJ lost again with wide margins, then they again started whining and brought the issue to the supreme court....crazy country.

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