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Posted in: Passenger dies after falling out of taxi; driver arrested See in context

@Disillusioned Im sorry did i mistake a 71 year old man for a 11 year old boy? No taxi driver ANYWHERE in the world will tell their passengers to wear a seat belt.

@combinibento Is what you say was the case i really really doubt he would be still heading to the passengers destination and not just running away somewhere and on top of that i really doubt he would be going back the same road looking for him if he knew what has happened.

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

ka chan.... do they seriously need to spell it all out for you? Everyone learns things and go through training there are your experts. I dont know how it will go but lets use some brain for a second ok? Probably make this in Tokyo see how it will work and than if it works well it will be funded and expand. You dont see companies opening up and going global right away do you? Everything needs time.

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

@Strangerland, exactly! i read your comment above (sorry for not doing it earlier i started reading comments hoping that people here finaly say something nice but nooooooooooooo they were still unsatisfied so i sort of just skipped everything and wrote my thoughts.) and i agree with what you said 100%. People dont seem satisfied with anything anymore. Instead they just focus on the worst possible outcomes and ignore all the good. I am happy that this squad is formed and i am sure that they will be lookingi nto these stalker cases more than police did. And they said that they will be providing relocation and protection if the victim chooses so.

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

PS. If Police here did nothing like people here claim Japan wouldn't be one of the safest countries in the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

Seriously all i see is a bunch of foreign people complain about police here. You dont like it no-one is asking you to call them. I needed police help on several different occasions including stalker related one and everything ends up being fine... Just because you read bad endings on this website doesnt mean every single one of them end bad around Japan. Look at the number of stalker cases that end well and are dealt with just fine. All i know is that comment section in this website is dumb because 70% of people who comment here probably havent even been in Japan at all. And it is always like they know things better and could run the country better. This squad is needed and everyone who lives here knows it. how it will go time will only show... And for those of you who say its too late seriously... just...w/e. Better late than never.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting schoolgirl's skirt in train car See in context

Makes me shiver every time i read stuff like this. Some creep trying to get a peek at underwear....

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

Yardley... I dont want to work for 10 hours a day 6 days a week to keep animals in their cages who do nothing.... and did nothing but wronged people in the past. You are basicaly paying for a bunch of murderers, rapists, child molesters and who knows what other horrible criminals.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

Death penalty is what animals like them deserve. In my opinion once you commit a crime sutch as rape, murder, stabbing and so on thats where you lose your human rights. And all of those who say that they still have rights are wrong. You want them to go free after several years and repeat the same thing. Maybe 1 out of 100 people would change their life style. But people like the two hanged do not change.

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Posted in: Attacks in Kobe, Osaka spark concerns over 'Knockout Game' See in context

I do not think its that at all. I think these are just random acts of violence by scumbags who have nothing to do and children who cant be controlled by their parents. And seriously putting this stuff and titling it as "game" on TV seriously will invite all sorts of thugs to try this so called "game" out.

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Posted in: Children threatened with death if school doesn't cancel 'bonenkai' See in context

Yubaru. The police cant protect every child in the school at one. And you are suggesting for teachers to ignore the note and go have fun in the expense of in dangering children lives. Think what you are saying. Maybe Police can stand around places for a day or two to protect them but they wont be able to do that every single day. And just because the article doesn't say that police are looking for him/her doesn't mean that they are not.

I for one think that teachers did the right thing to be this careful. You want to drink and next morning find out that your little Yurie or Riko got stabbed to death because of your party? I don't think any teacher wants that on their head.

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Posted in: Christmas kiss See in context

Awwww! So cute ^.^ I hope they have a great time together ^.^

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death near train station; ex-boyfriend held See in context

So sad. Police seriously needs to start taking those ex-boyfriend reports more seriously. Every time i open this website and i read the title of a woman stabbed to death i allready say "ex-boyfriend" and 90% of the time i am right.... withci s sad and i hope i was wrong....

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Posted in: Microsoft sells over a million Xbox Ones in under 24 hours See in context

Microsoft sold over a million copies n 13 countries and Sony 1 million in 2 countries and microsoft is the one breaking a record? WTF?

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Posted in: Microsoft hopes Xbox One finally puts it on the media map See in context

Wait so are they trying to out stage Sony in Japan? Because it wont happen here... People here don't have HUGE apartments with loads of space that Kinect requires, and it is forced on you... More than half the features in Japan wont even matter.

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Posted in: Iwate tries to crack down on upskirt photos taken with cell phones See in context

I say those perverts brought it on themselves... You guys dont know how nerve wrecking it is for us to wear skirts and be afraid that some pervert is taking pictures while we are walking up the stairs or just standing in a train station or on a bus or something. And you can down vote me all you want but you guys will never understand.

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Posted in: SDF troops get warm welcome in typhoon-hit Philippines See in context

Im glad that people are not holding any grudges against each other, as they shouldn't since this is new generation and we should not be punished or judged for what our grandfathers and grandmothers did in the past.

I can understand how people in Philippines feel since we in Japan went through the same thing when earthquake and tsunami hit. I hope that Philippines get as much help as they need to get things back to normal.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for kidnapping 12-year-old girl for ransom See in context

Seriously some people bash about the police here... You guys must not know what bad police really is. I have several foreign friends who live near me and they have nothing but good things to say about police of Japan. Everything depends on a situation. Sometimes things dont work out as they want to. I am very very glad that the girl was found so fast and i do not care if it was luck. All i know is that the officer did his job to protect a citizen and did it well.

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Posted in: Girl beheads father after he rapes her in Papua New Guinea See in context

GOOD GIRL! finaly a girl who stands up for herself.... unlike those who get raped by their fathers and keep quite. And who ever sais that rape does not deserve death talk to ANY girl who has been raped... their lives are ruined and they would much rather be murdered than raped... So i support this girl 100%

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Posted in: Senators blast U.S. military response to sex assaults See in context

Hashimoto had 0 point he is a disgrace to everyone in Japan. Seriously why should women be required to have sex with a military person just because they need to "relieve their sexual tension " wanna relieve your sexual tension go find a girlfriend damn it. And every guy who agrees with him has 0 understanding and are seriously digusting for even agreeing to that.

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Posted in: 150,000 protest in Paris against gay marriage See in context

Call me racist or what ever but french are so damn closed minded....

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Posted in: Microsoft touts Xbox One as all-in-one entertainment See in context

I watched this conference and seriously through out the whole hour they didnt show any gameplay 90% of all this was TV... It was stupid... My money is totaly on PS4 in their conference they showed off games and many interesting functions + built in streaming sounds amazing no more capture cards -.- Xbox really really dropped the ball there when it came to gamers. And seriously another Call of Duty game? When i see people play it all i hear is 9 year old screaming over the mic and insulting players and their mothers.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by stalker despite asking police for help See in context

To be honest imo police did all they could do i mean they gave him a warning than they escorted her home and the car was gone who would have known that he found a way to enter a house. I dont think that police is at fault.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

Someone put a sock in this guys mouth. Yes it was war time lets be realistic here during all wars there were rapes commited by ALL countries and who ever sais otherwise is absolutely wrong. I dont think that Japan will apologize fir this because what does apology mean? It means that Japan admits it what goes after apology? conpensation money wise ofcourse.

I do beleave that during WW2 troops here raped women and i do beleave that when Americans first came here they raped Japanese women too just like it occurs now once in a while.

I think that all of this should be just sropped at this point Hashimoto needs to apologise to all people of Japan and to American troops and just sit in his tiny office and worry nott o get kicked from his position.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing his 2 teenage children See in context

@Matthew you wouldnt beleave what kind of problems stress can cause. He might have been a good father but Stress makes people crazy. RIP Haruka and Masaya you will be missed.

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Posted in: Backstreet Boys to tour Japan in October See in context

EWWWWW! Its like having 5 biebers come here! thats horrible !

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl seriously injured by school goalpost collapse See in context

@Disillusioned The company could have nothign to do with it. It all depends when it was installed maybe its like 10 years old and was unsafe because of the time factor.

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother arrested after infant's body found in her room See in context

Really? This woman needs to be put to jail for a long time....

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off women's clothes as they slept See in context

ummm do people not lock the doors anymore? this guy will so go to jail tho

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Posted in: Same-sex marriage gains traction around world See in context

Good for these guys ^.^ I cant wait till i finish college find a job and be able to marry my girlfriend ^.^

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Posted in: Cleveland bus driver charged with rape, kidnapping after 10-year ordeal See in context

This filthy pig needs to be locked up with several rapists in one cell and the key should be thrown away.

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