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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

Okay...I don't know the driver at all insist it was a mechanical failure (stuck accelerator) when according to the police, there is no evidence that was the case, kind of tells you what kind of person we're dealing with. He injured several people and killed a young mother and toddler....stole their future. An old man in the nadir of his life, who was a high level politician, refusing to hold himself accountable. Seems he doesn't feel responsible at all. Sounds all too familiar. I'd throw him in jail regardless who and how old he is.

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Posted in: First impression working women want to make is clear skin, Japanese survey reveals See in context

Bwahaha!! What a joke!!!!

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Posted in: English level at Japan's secondary schools falls short of gov't target See in context

Not enough focus on speaking and listening. Over emphasize reading and writing. English teachers are often Japanese with limited skills and or no interest in English. Native speakers are only assistants. Nothing has really changed in 30 - 40 years yet the government and ministry of education keep clamoring for change when they themselves refuse to change. Once the Olympics are over, nobody will care anymore.

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Posted in: Black market strong six months after Canada legalized cannabis See in context

You can't discuss anything nowadays without ignorants making political references.

All these inventory issues will be addressed soon enough.

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Posted in: Yakiniku chain store lets customers enjoy delicious Japanese barbecue together with their dogs See in context

Another example of Japanese being clued out about dogs. But I guess if you want to let your dog beg at the table, crap disgusting excrement, have bad breath, have indigestion, then by all means feed them whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want. The vets in this country are also woefully lacking.

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Posted in: Depression in Japan: Who to contact and what to do if this happens to you See in context

The article mentions TELL which also provides face-face counseling by qualified counselors with many getting their MA's and licenses in North America and Europe. I'm surprised you haven't heard of them and make the assumption that you have to see a Japanese counselor, pay so much, and that people don't care. Last I heard, TELL also uses a flexible fee scale based on your annual income so it's quite affordable. No they can't prescribe medication because they're not psychiatrists but they can refer you to one if needed.

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