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There's a reason why so many Japanese say that their commute is so stressful. After succumbing to strict manners and protocol in their offices on a daily basis, seems once they get on a train, some feel the need to act out and in a way rebel against office environments/society by being a jerk. The majority still try to be respectful of others but I've noticed a growing trend of not caring. Stretching/crossing their legs and refusing to make space for people, sticking out their elbows needlessly, and my pet peeve; people who smack their keyboards when using their laptop. I have to hear that sound all day in the office. Surely, you can type quietly and gently to spare us that racket on a train after a hard day. Then there's the ubiquitous man-spreading and holding your smartphone inches away from someone's face cause....gosh darn-it. I need to play my game!

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No fuel load and dummy warhead for the parade. Not even NK is dumb enough to design and build a truck that big for a cardboard rocket.

North Korean didn't design nor build the truck It's most likely a modified Chinese WS51200 transport launcher which was also used for the H-15 missile. The picture appears to show a new H-16 which is based on the H-15.

I'm not saying that it's not a threat, But before vowing to spend more military $, the Japanese gov't would be better off analyzing if it's any kind of an upgrade over the H-15 which has been 'in service' for several years now. North Korea has a reputation for sabre-rattling often with inferior, faulty equipment. If the current Japanese missile defense system was deemed suitable for defending against the H-15, it's more prudent to see if the H-16 actually merits more defense spending, not just have a knee-jerk reaction and vow to react.

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

While it's possible he will be declared innocent in this criminal case, he may still have to face civil claims and hopefully have to pay massive compensation to the victims. The young woman and her baby died but there were nine other victims who were also injured; to what extent I don't know. The police checked his car and found no mechanical issues yet he still insists he didn't mistakenly step on the accelerator. He's clearly lying. I think the best result for such an arrogant liar protected by his special status is to have him lose all his money, status, and live what's left of his of his miserable existence in poverty alone.

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He is also accused of kicking the girl in the face earlier that month. She reportedly suffered serious injuries, including an orbital floor fracture.

Where are child protection services? Why was he not arrested and prosecuted? Why was she placed back at home. She's 11yrs old!!!! Oh but this time he was arrested for cutting her's open season for deranged parents to abuse their kids in Japan.

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So basically he's saying that he doesn't care what the status of Covid-19 will be in July next year. Whether spectators or athletes are able to attend and participate is irrelevant the Olympics will go on regardless. I can only speak for myself but I think many Japanese feel the same way; the Olympics have become irrelevant.

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He insulted vets McCain and Bush Sr for having been shot down when he never even served and draft dodged. This is on public record so there’s precedence. Not even any need for a snope check. It’s bad enough when a regular person who never served to say this about vets. An entirely different matter when a draft dodging POTUS says it.

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With the declining birthrate, there seems to a lack of tolerance for children and little consideration for those who are pregnant. And then there are the child abuse cases and systematic failure of child protection services. Just the other day, a pregnant woman was standing on the train and nobody offered their seat. A society is often judged in terms of how they treat kids; they are the future of the country.

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Japan tried to conquer China militarily and were the aggressors. Therefore they are free to erect a statue displaying resistance. It isn't propoganda. A lot of posts don't even refer to this historical event and talk about the current Chinese government, personal anecdotes, the US, etc., and are all off-topic.

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The Trump supporters can petulantly claim this article is bogus but not one of them can deny that he disrespected and disparaged John McCain, a war veteran for having been shot down. Yet Trump never even served. That tells you everything you need to know about Trump and tells us a lot of Trump supporters who supposedly hold the military higher than others yet refuse to acknowledge the awful manner in which he treated a veteran . Based on these facts, it's not hard to believe that he further disrespected war veterans.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

Larr FlintToday  11:12 pm JST

Let me be clear it wasn't Emperor Hirohito himself who forced poor and harmless Japanese nation to invade other countries and do experiments on people in China (Unit 731 experiments on people worst than Nazies did). It was the Japanese nation as a whole who was responsible.

You raise an interesting point. I always hear from Japanese that the civilian population was forced to go along with the military and didn't support the war. But I really wonder if this was the case. Was it more a situation where when the military started the war, the vast majority of civilians wholeheartedly supported the war but once they started losing and eventually lost the war, claim that they were forced to support the war under threat of death so had no choice?

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tokyo-starToday  09:08 pm JST

well, it was fighting for its own freedom and 'human rights' depends on which side of the history book you are on really

Japan started a war to conquer other nations then decided to side with the Nazis. It was purely for political and economic reasons. How anyone can say it was for its freedom and human rights is beyond ludicrous. What did atrocities committed against civilians, POWs, institutionalized forced prostitution, Unit 731 (disgusting medical experiments like Dr. Mengele), etc have anything to do with freedom and human rights.

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It was sand this time. Next time when he's rejected he could throw a drink, hot coffee, a glass, a mug, a punch....I have a feeling there a lot of INCEL'S in Japan.

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hachikouToday  06:31 pm JST

Japan was not an evil.

Atrocities against civilians throughout Asia, against POWs, institutionalized prostitution, Unit 731, etc, etc. It is you who needs a history lesson. Japan sided with the Nazis. You can try to whitewash it all you want but the fact remains.

Their plan for the Jews was based on politics and economics not human rights.

One person's account means nothing.

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hachikouToday  05:37 pm JST

It was not based on anti-semitism but rather on economic and political strategies. The Japanese gov't at the time could've cared less about the Jews from a benevolent perspective. It was their political influence that was the main motivation along with the ability to help with Japanese infrastructure and industry in Manchuria. The majority of the Japanese population had no idea who the Jews were. Japan sided with Nazi Germany. Period.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

They allied with Nazi Germany. This is their legacy and can't be swept under the rug. Is this presented in Japanese school textbooks?

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

Internment camps were a mistake in the US and Canada. They were citizen of these countries and merited the same level of civil/human rights as other citizens. They should've been surveilled to see which ones if any supported Japan over the Allies. Tamura was clearly patriotic towards Japan not the US. even though he was a US citizen. Hard to have much sympathy for him considering the way the Japanese brutally treated POWs. He made a choice. Oh and racism also exists in Japan.

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Ossan-America - Please post a link to a government source supporting your claim. Japan is a country that experienced the Minamata disaster. It is about the last country in the world that could or would hide mercury in food issues.,about%20100%20times%20the%20limit.

Really? You trust and believe what governments? LOL.

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Many people who visit this website would not appreciate it, at all, if any Japanese citizen criticized the practices of their home country. Again, no one has a right to judge how other people hunt their food.

Criticize away. Most people aren't that sensitive and ignorant. People and culture change because others point out deleterious practices.

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They sent a group of 'experts' and this is what they came up with.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat See in context

Peeing? What a joke!

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NHK is a laughingstock. And yet they keep asking me for money.

Can't believe they're still doing that, One guy put his foot in my door to prevent me from closing it.

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It's understandable that the Korean press is more aggressive as Japan invaded Korea and other Asian nations not the other way around. Korea has never invaded Japan. What Koreans should stop is continually asking for money. Also nice to see some Hiroshima citizen groups taking umbrage about these parts in the broadcast.

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The shrillest of the rats is fleeing the sinking ship.

They’ll be others to take her place, don’t worry.

In the case of rats, yes there usually are........

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The Korean laborers who sued Mitsubishi were not slaves. They were fairly paid workers who signed employment contracts with the Japanese company. 

So because they were 'paid' by Mitsubishi, it gives them the right to have treated and abused them like slaves. These people were all over Asia and in Japan as well. What percent were paid? I can imagine what they were paid.....essentially nothing as Japan's resources and $ were being used for the war effort. Mitsubishi is also just one company.

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These victims can't continue asking for financial compensation. That boat sailed already. However, they have every right to continue speaking out about these companies. That's their right no matter how much Japan wants the world to forget their wartime actions and sweep things under the rug. Why should these things be forgotten.

I remember going to Sadogashima where POWs and Japanese political prisoners were forced to work in a mine called Kinsan. There's a museum there now but there's no mention of, no memorial for these people who were forced to work resulting in thousands of deaths.

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Filthy beach last time I went. Prefer some of the beaches in Chiba’s Boso Peninsula like OHara. People don’t respect beaches in Japan. Too much litter.

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

This isn't the same as being bullied at school or on the school bus where it's often an everyday, face-to-face occurrence that's very difficult to avoid. Nobody is forced to use or maintain social media. It's a choice. She could've easily closed her accounts and avoided the 'cyber-bullying'. People like her want the publicity, the attention, the notoriety until it starts to go against you. Well, you still have a choice.

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Japan was embargoed because they invaded neighboring sovereign nations under the lie of the greater east Asia co-prosperity sphere when in actuality they invaded purely for economic and political reasons. They were the aggressors. They started the war with a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. There are so many who have no idea about their country’s own history and this is the result of educational whitewashing. Just some of the posts here is proof.

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This is when Japan should be introspective, look in the mirror, and ask why instead of blaming.

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This should be a time for introspection in Japan. Look in the mirror and ask why it happened. Japan invaded neighboring countries, started a war with a sneak attack, and millions died because of it. Japan were the aggressors. Don’t start a war.

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