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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

Police had a veterinarian perform a post-mortem on the hapless pigeon and determined its cause of death as traumatic shock, according to local media.

I think we can safely assume he was responsible for its death without a pigeon autopsy. So traumatic shock and not blunt force trauma....LOL!

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I've seen some videos on youtube of people climbing and filming volcanos and seriously wonder what's going on in their heads. Some are so nonchalant and far too close. Even expert volcanologists can't accurately predict when and how they'll erupt. It's not just lava and flying boulders but toxic gases as well.

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Posted in: A look back at 50 years of Kiss-tory as the legendary band prepares to take its final bow See in context

aaronagstringToday  01:21 pm JST

The only decent band in that list is ACDC. But then, they’re all just watered-down versions of Led Zeppelin. A band that none could dream of coming close to.

None of those bands intended to sound like or actually sound like Led Zeppelin which had much more progressive, skillful, and talented musicians who had eclectic musical tastes.

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Posted in: A look back at 50 years of Kiss-tory as the legendary band prepares to take its final bow See in context

Their early albums showed they can play hard rock albeit simple but became real bubblegum crap in later years. But they've been around for over simple feat so love'em or hate'em, they remain popular and have longevity. Few bands have worked as hard with over 30 tours and 2,000 concerts. Stanley and Simmons are also good businessmen who were able to effectively use merchandizing to boost popularity and make millions.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

wallaceToday  12:41 pm JST


you posted

"Not in Japan. If you're arrested in Japan, you're going to get charged. It's just a formality,"

I said that is not correct. Not all arrests lead to being charged.

In other cases, the public prosecutor works out a deal between the offender and the victim.

You changed your comment to

"the vast majority"

That is the common story that happens in most countries.

I know people who have been arrested several times and released without charges.

I elaborated. What's wrong with that? Why persist?

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

wallaceToday  12:25 pm JST


I dismissed your claim that all arrests end with charges when they don't. There are also cases where it is worked out between the offender and the victim. I don't know the percentage of the arrested who end up charged but it's not 100%.

As for holding someone, well that is a different matter.

What part of the vast majority and exception do you not understand. You jus reiterated what I wrote. And I never wrote ALL. end with charges. When was the last time you heard someone being released. It's the rare exception not the norm. If it's resolved between the two parties, then it's usually a civil case. In the case of a capital crime involving death as in this case, it's not happening.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

wallaceToday  12:09 pm JST

No, you are not. The public prosecutor decides who will be charged and not every arrest leads to a charge.

The vast majority result in actual charges. It's a rare exception when they don't. Much more so than in western countries and they can hold you for a long time without formal charges.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

Harry_GattoToday  10:01 am JST

*No, they have not charged him, they have arrested him on suspicion; *big difference.

Not in Japan. If you're arrested in Japan, you're going to get charged. It's just a formality,

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

TrappedToday  08:47 pm JST

Imagine for a moment that you are poor Kuroki, in your little sedan, parked nose in between a highace and an elgrande, that weren't there when you parked up. You start reversing out slowly and you hear/feel a slight bump.

Imagine for a bit longer that you are a mum walking through the carpark, bub strapped to your front thereby creating a minor blindspot as you crane your head to talk to your precious cargo. The next thing you know, your knees has been taken out and you collapse on the ground on top of baby...

There was no malicious intent and you could easily transpose someone from any gender or age into this position. Unfortunate all round. RIP little one.

I hope that your account is actually what happened but there isn't that much information. What we do know is that the police have charged the man with negligent driving resulting death or injury. Was he negligent just because he just didn't look and see them? Sounds overly harsh. Or negligent because he used excessive speed to back out? I don't know but if it was just a bump from low speed contact, I don't know if there would have been any injuries. It does say that the mom had a leg injury. It was an accident but was there any negligence?

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

I could be wrong but I think pedestrians have the right of way in a parking lot so the onus is more on drivers. Perhaps for this reason, some pedestrians let their guard down. I also often see reverse lights come on but they're reversing almost immediately which means that they might not even be looking or if they did, it was the perfunctory glance.

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Posted in: Dolly Parton's crossover rock album tops charts See in context

Talented icon who has been able to stay classy and relevant. But ludicrous that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted her. Then again.....ABBA, Jay-Z, and Whitney Houston were inducted too.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

Simple way to avoid parking lot accidents: drive very slowly especially when in reverse and keep your head on a swivel. I often see people backing out of parking spots too quickly. I mean you know that there are people walking around in a parking lots.

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' conquers French box office, if not critics See in context

Sven AsaiToday  10:30 am JST

*Watching the trailer is already difficult to stand and more than sufficient. What purpose does that movie attempt have, besides making some bucks? Look, he neither acts, speaks nor even looks like Napoleon.*

Purpose? Well yes one is to make money and the other is to try to entertain. So you're an expert on Napoleon? Can you tell what he really sounded like? Like...did you talk to him? Going into a film adaptation expecting a history documentary never works. There's always going to be artistic license and different interpretations. Good or bad, at least we're getting something other than comic book films, sequels. or remakes.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan gives us a pistachio Frappuccino for Christmas See in context

Starbucks is now a sweets shop not a coffee shop. You can't even smell coffee anymore as it's swamped by the smell of sugar and confections. The only way I'd pay 700yen for a drink is if it has alcohol.

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

Well it got published in a journal, albeit one that has questionable practices of accepting 'mediocre' quality research. A sample size of 72 is too small. After reviewing the study and checking its methodology, the study then needs to be replicated with the same methodology (if deemed acceptable) and with a much larger sample to verify if its results are credible. Nothing really empirical can yet be determined from this study.

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

AureliusToday  08:50 am JST

That's what we keep hearing is that the US military is needed

However i believe JAPAN is more capable of defending itself from CHINA than is being recognized or appreciated

The Japanese navy is without a doubt a formidable force as history has shown .

Japanese self defense forces are not incompetent !

Go to a credible military think tank like Jane's and you'll see why what you wrote is ludicrous.

Japan's navy has about 150 vessels. China has more than 500.

Japan's air force has more than 750 aircraft. China has more than 4,000.

Japan's ground forces have about 450 tanks. China has 5,000.

Japan has about 250,000 troops. China more than 2,000,000.

Even when taking into consideration that Japan may have more technologically advanced weapons, China's modernization and military has closed the tech gap.

There's no way, Japan could handle China's military.

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Posted in: UK sci-fi hit 'Doctor Who' celebrates 60th anniversary See in context

TokyoLivingToday  10:10 am JST

One of the best science fiction stories in the world..

Way much better than childish star wars..

It used to be....not so sure nowadays.

Yes...Star Wars is childish and it's not science fiction.

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Posted in: Woman alleges Jamie Foxx sexually assaulted her at New York bar; actor says it 'never happened' See in context

Just before the bell.....the supper bell that is.

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Posted in: Load of rubbish: Litter-hunters vie for unusual world title in Tokyo See in context

Shunryū SuzukiToday  05:53 pm JST

Agreed. How many of us non-Japanese have been shocked to arrive at a beach or rural area that has rubbish everywhere including dumped fridges, old TV's etc.

The nearest beach to Tokyo Katase Nishihama beaches was a health hazard the last time I was there. You could not take a step without stepping on ciggerette butts. coffee cans or conbini plastic bags.

I think a truly clean country is one that takes cleanliness in the real as well as the urban environment seriously such as Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Norway and Switzerland etc.

Judging by the downvotes, looks like some Japanese posters misunderstand again. By pointing the uncleanliness in some areas doesn't mean to say that Japanese aren't clean. I think the point is that they're not cleaner or dirtier than other people. Again big cities are very clean because of societal pressure and norms. I've been to and seen some Japanese homes and was surprised how messy and disorganized they are and it's not always because of lack of space. The real verdict is how clean one keeps one's own home. And there is a lot of disrespect for nature whether beaches, forests, rivers, etc. littered with garbage of all kinds but since most don't see it.....out of sight...out of mind.

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Posted in: Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera dropped from Hollywood companies after comments on Israel-Hamas war See in context

opheliajadefeldtToday  01:52 pm JST

*Gaza has been like a prison camp for decades, the Israeli army controls who goes in and out. This NOT an anti-Jewish remark but just the truth.*

Because it's a border. A border with a group of people who have publicly stated that they don't accept the existence of Israel and ultimately wants its destruction.

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Posted in: Load of rubbish: Litter-hunters vie for unusual world title in Tokyo See in context

AndyToday  10:38 am JST

Attention should be turned to the beaches and river banks as Japan has the most garbage and litter than any other country I have ever seen. The natives just walk passed it as if it they are blind to the fact.

For such a huge city, Tokyo is one of the cleanest in the world. Yes, most Japanese don't litter but part of the reason in cities, is that you'll be seen by someone; social pressure, which in itself is as good a motivator as any. But go to the countryside, forests, beaches, and riverbanks, and you'll see a different story because there's less people. Japanese beaches can be really filthy with all kinds of garbage: cans, pet bottles, plastic bags, bento containers, etc. Sodai gomi pickup can be expensive so during a stroll in the forest, don't be surprised if you see some small printers, monitors, microwaves, etc.

Any help with littler is beneficial but sometimes these kinds of volunteering activities for corporates and youth aren't very attractive, popular, or creative and takes away responsibilities from city and ward gov'ts who are supposed to use our taxes to keep places clean.

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Posted in: Why the French can't stomach their Oscar entry See in context

Peter NeilToday  12:30 pm JST

The French don’t even like themselves.

Have you seen it?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones announce 2024 North American Tour in support of 'Hackney Diamonds' album See in context

Definitely getting up there in age but still better live than most of today's bands and singers who use auto-tune, pre-recorded tracks, and lip synch. No wonder hundreds of thousands pay and still go see them live.

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier Carl Vinson arrives in South Korea port See in context

EastmanToday  02:29 pm JST

we dont need any war and all we need is deescalation,but american provocation will not help at all.

go home there are many things to take care is tired from your warmongering.

A US ship making a port of call in a country where they have thousands of US troops is not provocative. Everything North Korea does is a provocation. But of course, you're going to side with a looney dictator who doesn't give a crap if half the population is starving while he enjoys fine dining and other luxuries.

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Posted in: Apple's Napoleonic $200 million gamble See in context

Liam RobertsToday  10:10 pm JST

This will bomb as bad as killers of the flower moon has . Great director and cast but the topic no. There are better films out there on a lesser budget that go under the radar if you look , I like big budget films (superhero films included) but I don’t want to be bored to death watching this

You like superhero films but you don't want to be bored by this because it's a historical film based on a historic person? Got something against dramas? How do you know you'll be bored before you even watch it. That really says it all. I'd rather watch this than the Marvels that's for sure. Yes there are lots of lower budget films, certainly those in festivals like Sundance, etc.., that will be interesting. When you like a film, you really don't care if it bombs or not. I liked Killers of the Flower Moon hence don't care if it bombs.

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Posted in: 'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars See in context

The article clearly states both sides of the problem. Immigration policies means that yes...sometimes some bad apples enter and cause problems. No screening can keep out all the riff raff. The majority of the gangs are from low income areas. These are kids and teens who have a bleak future living in impoverished conditions. If they could find jobs, they probably wouldn't be joining gangs. Immigration policy isn't just about letting people in, It has to include integration policies. skills training, education, community connections. Just letting them in and washing your hands of them isn't going to work.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

Japanese ryokans charge per person not by room rate and because dinner is often included, they are often overpriced. And yes....then there are the rules.

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Posted in: Verstappen slams Las Vegas GP as '99% show' See in context

Circuit layout has got to come first. The average number of turns among circuits right now is 17. It looks like the LV circuit which is basically a street circuit, from what I can see has a mere 10. It's got a long straight though almost 2km long. But long straights aren't what drivers really like. The only real attraction is for TV viewers as they'll be able to see cars whizzing by all the major casinos and lights on the Strip at night.

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

Too many want to go to university and get useless or hard to apply degrees. Get a history degree. Well, you can be teacher, work in a museum, or be some kind analyst but those jobs are few and far between. Still better than a degree in English or French literature. Students are being duped into getting a university degree as well as going into debt to pay tuition. The only degrees that actually have real value are ones like science, engineering, or IT.

There is a myth that blue collar jobs are low class and undesirable yet they provide essential services that people need: plumber, electrician, construction worker, etc. Going to a trade school instead of university should be just as desirable. Many teach technical skills too like graphic design, CAD, interior design, etc. They're not all blue collar jobs. Yes some blue collar jobs require physical labour that you can't do forever but the point is by that point, you could own and be manage your own business.

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Posted in: Kitano discusses new film on homosexual relations in samurai era, Japan's showbiz world See in context

TokyoLivingToday  08:30 am JST

Kitano's movies are great...

Total garbage!!

Sound like someone you know?

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