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Posted in: NHL grapples with vaccine inequity between U.S. and Canada See in context

Costa Rica's population 5mil. Chile's 19mil. Canada 39mil. Chile and Costa Rica are also tiny in terms of area compared to Canada which is the 2nd largest in the world after Russia. There are surely some government issues but it's part of a bigger picture that include lack of domestic production and logistics; sheer size of population and geographical area.

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Merely perpetuating the lies and racial basis behind the persecution of marijuana and its users that started in the US in the 30’s & 40’s. Copy cats with no factual medical reasons.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

Consider.......consider....think about......create a committee to do more considering........maybe.......maybe not........what should we do........hmmmm..........consider again........hmmmm.....

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YuriOtaniToday  11:51 am JST

Yet how does blaming China improve things? Do you really want a war with China perhaps nuclear?

It's not about blaming. It's about acknowledging that it started there. Once that's done, then steps can be taken to decrease the likelihood of it or something similar happening again. If you think that amounts to blaming, then you're just as bad as the Chinese about saving face.

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Not only are you dealing with a lying government in denial, you're also seeing a population blindly supporting the government believing anything they say in an effort to save face when in actuality it's making it worse. The Chinese are sheep.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands rally around Australia to demand justice for sexual assault victims See in context

Ego Sum Lux MundiToday  01:01 pm JST

mountaingrillToday 12:48 pm JST

I hope these protestors are treated better than those in the UK. The images of the police dragging women away from the vigil were truly disturbing. Power to these ladies.

They were in violation of Covid-19 gathering ordinances. Or doesn't that matter when it's for a cause you favor?

It has nothing to do with bias. It has everything to do with discretion and planning. The man accused of the murder is a policeman from the same police force. Knowing that, the police could've taken a more conciliatory approach maybe even show solidarity with the crowd then together with the organizers, ask people to disperse and go home. The event started in the late afternoon when there was still sunlight. Why not show a presence from the very beginning before people started arriving to discourage the gathering. Instead the police waited for darkness to fall before physically removing people. You allow them to gather and demonstrate peacefully then all of a sudden arbitrarily decide it's time to break this up when it gets dark.

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Posted in: How dangerous is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant today? See in context

The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, says the tsunami couldn't have been anticipated, but reports from government and independent investigations and recent court decisions described the disaster at the plant as human-made and a result of safety negligence, lax oversight by regulators and collusion.

Japan's lack of natural fossil fuel sources and developmental tardiness of sustainable energy means that unfortunately, they will continue to rely on nuclear power for some of its energy. There is risk with so many earthquakes but these can be partially offset by newer reactors and more importantly better safety management, enforcement of regulations, and constant monitoring.

Even before 3-11, TEPCO had a terrible safety track record; carrying heavy water in pails, injuries, spills, leaks, etc. Because they and the Japanese gov't are in bed together, they answer to no one and the gov't turns a blind eye. Fix that and nuclear energy can become much safer albeit never 100%.

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Posted in: Grief hasn't subsided for some survivors of tsunami See in context

aomorisamuraiToday  10:52 am JST

*"We all suffered and it's time to move on," he mumbled before walking away." **- That's right, jiji. No further questions, no more analysis. Just shut it all further conversation and walk away.*

Of course jiji would say that....he's old and approaching the end of his life. Why would he care about others with their whole lives ahead of them like children. Pure selfishness. I see and hear more and more of these self-entitled senior citizens who only care about themselves.

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Posted in: Grief hasn't subsided for some survivors of tsunami See in context

Imagine losing your 5yrs old child then hearing that people heard her crying for help for hours in the darkness. Those feelings will never go away. Of course grief hasn't subsided. Why would it. The article's poor writing itself assumes that feelings of grief in this situation are some kind of anomaly or is not the norm. The idea that people need to move on is incredibly cold and callous. I really wonder about the true nature of people.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe moving to U.S.; switching base of operations to outside Japan See in context

There is no shortage of Asian actors already in the US who are talented and are fluent or native English speakers. Their challenge is getting work. Matsuda Seiko once said she failed in the US because the industry was racist. I think more likely she lacked the talent. It's far more competitive and sorry to say most tarento, actors, singers just aren't talented enough.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

A country that faces a debilitating and deleterious population decline should be embracing children as they represent the hope and future of Japan. This should be obvious to every Japanese. Yet were faced with a selfish, self-centered lot that care not one bit about society and care only about slight disturbances in their own little, current world. I see intolerance for babies crying on trains, mothers struggling with strollers in stations, kids accessing museums and other facilities. I've gotten into arguments at art museums and jazz clubs because my 9yrs old son was there. He wasn't doing anything wrong. Just his presence was enough to anger people. Indeed, the sound of children playing is the sound of life. Those who hate kids so much are embracing darkness and death.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

He was hired by AI and the recruiter fully knowing that he possessed only conversational Japanese and couldn't read or write. He then completed his 6 month probation. During that time, AI changed the skill requirement. He should've never been hired in the first place then. As for hiring control, it's stated that it was included in his contract yet AI's constitution & bylaws stated the contrary. AI flip-flopped on several issues and their board of directors were erratic and displayed terrible management. I don't think he should be rehired but AI should be made to pay for their dumb mistakes.

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Burning BushToday  08:30 am JST

“That’s total hogwash,” Oakes said, adding: “Why don’t we shut the world down because of the heart attacks? Why don’t we lock down cities because of heart attacks?”

He's got a good point.

Zero risk is impossible.

Anyways, it's his store, it's a private establishment and he can set whatever rules he wishes.

I applaud his efforts to give his staff and customers the choice to breathe while shopping and working.

No he doesn't. Heart attacks are contagious. Anyone who believes this or accepts this comparison has no grasp on fact or reality. You can breath with a mask or are you saying you suffocate with one on.

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

It's called a Meeting Agenda. You document beforehand what will be discussed by who in a set time limit. Then you have someone, usually a timekeeper or gatekeeper, moderate the meeting so you stick to the agenda and stay on time. Yes I know.....a Meeting Agenda is considered to be a foreign practice and basically unheard of in Japan companies and organizations because it's considered to be unnecessary........

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Posted in: Jane Fonda to receive Golden Globes' Cecil B DeMille Award See in context

OkiblueToday  09:08 am JST

Good intentions? Tell that to all the Americans who died.

Why is that her fault? The US government is to blame for all the Americans that died not Jane Fonda.

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Posted in: Life of A-bomb-hit Hiroshima girl and family being made into film See in context

Some historical incidents have no statute of limitations. Doesn't make a difference if a mere 75yrs or 500yrs have passed. They should not be forgotten. However, this will most likely end up once again portraying the bombing as a crime against humanity and the Japanese as victims. If they include the bombing of Pearl Harbour, mention the atrocities by the Japanese, and that the Allies asked them to surrender twice and Japan refusing, then it could actually be educational especially for today's Japanese youth who have no real idea what happened due to the government's and ministry of education's whitewashing of WWII. If you want people to remember, have them remember all of it.

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Posted in: Clinical study begins in Japan for Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Another example of how Japanese think that they are physiologically different enough from other people to warrant their own clinical trials. Another example of bureaucratic delay and indecision on part of the government. Yet when you go the doctor and get prescription medication, it's the same medication that's prescribed around the world. This is Moderna not some new vaccine that hasn't undergone enough testing. But I guess Japanese need to know that these are clinical trials conducted on Japanese to make them feel comfortable about being administered it.

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Posted in: Arashi's Matsumoto cast as lead for 2023 NHK drama See in context

NHK and other networks, take these historical figures and their accounts then rather than portraying them accurately, make them into modern day personas replete with today's stereotypical mannerisms and dialogue. In addition, they take liberties with the biographical or autobiographical accounts. I watched a little of the NHK drama about Shinichi Suzuki and it was a travesty.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

As the Chinese government arrested and accused the Chinese doctor who announced the virus' presence as a liar and traitor, no doubt that they will deny any findings of the WHO team and accuse them of spreading lies too. Didn't they just sentence a local journalist for reporting about the virus as well. And the whole Chinese population will support anything their government says. Blind allegiance to governments and leaders never leads to anything good.

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Posted in: Trump downplays Russia in first comments on cyberattack See in context

Burning BushToday  06:40 am JST

The media (backed by the military industrial complex) is always pushing for war war war!

The other team has WMD, we have proof but we can't show you because it's classified.

Finally a President that stands up to all the war mongering.

Delusional statement. Trump's own appointed secretary of state said it was a major hack and that Russia was behind it. As did other government agencies in his administration. They all said Russia but Trump contradicts his own people and said it's no big deal and it's China. It has nothing to do with the media. And as usual, his people are doing damage control.

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Posted in: Japanese beauty firm under fire over CEO comments on Koreans See in context

Racist attitudes towards Koreans, Chinese, and other Asians in Japan is undeniable but it's worse for those with African or Afro-American backgrounds like Ariana Miyamoto and Naomi Osaka in Japan. When skin color and some facial features are different, racism in Japan becomes amplified. And yet most Japanese will tell you that racism doesn't exist in Japan. They deny it, don't want to talk about it, get angered by the notion, or simply ignore it. Major media never even broach the subject. How many Japanese youth are even aware of it.

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

WolfpackToday  10:54 am JST

Drag Trump out.


He's refused to concede defeat after numerous state and two supreme court legal rulings have clearly stated there is no evidence that voter fraud occurred and that his lawsuits were meritless. He even tried to have a state submit a lawsuit against other states (LOL!!!). Now the electoral college has certified that Biden won yet Trump still refuses to accept that he lost. I wouldn't be surprised if he has to be 'escorted' out. You either believe and support the democratic process or you don't. Drag him out.

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

Drag Trump out.

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Posted in: Mayor defends councilwoman's ouster over sexual assault claim See in context

So a woman accuses a mayor of sexual assault and the mayor and town's reaction is to fire her with no investigation into her claims, due process, or any process at all because they say her accusation is damaging the town's reputation. If this isn't a misogynistic reaction, I don't know what is. Maybe she's lying but the statistics would support at least some kind of investigation and process. I'd day that the mayor and town's reaction is damaging the town's reputation and not her accusation.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit and Trump bid to overturn election loss See in context

Every state where a lawsuit was filed and now the Supreme Court twice have thrown out trump's lawsuits on the grounds of baseless accusations with no evidence. All this makes America and American politics a complete failure and joke and anyone who disagrees is an utter fool. This has weakened America. Drag him out!

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Posted in: Japan boosts AI funding to match lonely hearts See in context

Leave it to a bunch old men who know nothing of relationships and who treat their spouses like crap to come up with an idea like this. You have to be able to communicate your attitudes, interests, and goals in person articulately to not only develop a relationship but maintain it in a marriage where kids are involved.

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

Burning BushToday  07:28 am JST

Humans have a right to breath.

He has the right to breathe on you.....

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Posted in: Hong Kong activists jailed for anti-govt protest See in context

I used to go on regular business trips and vacations as well to Macau, Hong Kong, and China. I don't have to go on business trips anymore and will no longer take any vacations. Instead of using Hong Kong as a model for the future of China, the government has taken a foolish about-face and gone backward. Their response to COVID-19 as the origin of the virus, continual abuse of ethnic minorities, refusal to abolish wet markets and abuse of exotic animals, warrants derision and disgust. The government continues to lie and deflect and even sadder, the majority of the population support it. People should boycott travel there.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

There’s always denial and resistance when reality and the truth comes from outside Japan: whaling, WWII, education system, etc. So Japan isn’t that different from China is it. The truth is the truth.

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Posted in: Health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house See in context

I can only say this about my neighborhood: most owners don't take their dogs for walks, dogs only know the inside of their home and yard, aside from immediate family dogs have little contact with strangers, very few dogs receive training.

Result: dogs experience little socialization. they're only comfortable with their owners, they're frustrated and view strangers as threats.

Taking a dog for a walk is critical. It gives them a sense of their surroundings, a chance to explore and get to know places and people, a chance to relieve themselves, gives them a lot of pleasure.

Not taking a dog for walk is abuse.

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