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Yet he still makes better films that directors half his age. I will say that a film festival opening with Cry Macho and closing with Dear Evan Hansen is hardly going to generate any buzz.

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We can see even on this thread that some Japanese are unable to accept and acknowledge anything negative about their country even if it's an undeniable fact. Their oversensitivity, nationalistic education system, and pride even extends to their own citizens. Many victims of Minamata Byo have been criticized, insulted, and even attacked for demanding recognition and compensation. They side with the gov't and Chisso corp over people who are clearly victims of a massive attempt at a coverup.

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I just have to laugh at those who thinks is a positive and that there's no need to worry. People are shortsighted and can't see past the next 20yrs. The declining population will negatively affect everything in Japan. Pretty soon the numbers of seniors will double while the population crashes. With a shrinking domestic market, Japanese companies that don't globalize will go bankrupt. Say goodbye to all that money you paid into pension. The inability to learn and speak English and other foreign languages will limit globalization. All that famous Japanese savings will quickly disappear. Yay...time to celebrate.

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I decline to be interviewed. I decline to be interviewed. LOL! They're clearly afraid of having to address legitimate questions like why it's illegal and why people are jailed for commemorating the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989. And this is just one question.

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Nice to see an effort being made to do more research on this as it can affect a lot of cats over a certain age. Maybe these Japanese cat lovers will also address the hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs that are gassed to death in shelters. Something like 80 - 90% of these animals are 'euthanized' in shelters because people are permitted to abandon their pets quite easily often for the most selfish reasons. Sadly very few are adopted and Japan has one of the highest rates in the world.

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Posted in: Woman goes on trial for burying body of newborn baby in Tokyo park See in context

DanielsanToday  09:57 am JST

If abortions were freely available as they are in most modern countries, this sad case might never have happened.

"In Japan, abortions are performed at designated OB/GYN clinics. It is a legal surgical procedure for patients with economical and social reasons."

You have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you're confusing Japan with state of Texas.

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Posted in: Woman goes on trial for burying body of newborn baby in Tokyo park See in context

YubaruToday  07:52 am JST

This is just sad…a defenseless baby killed! It’s amazing that the family members, friends or acquaintances of Kitai did not know that she was pregnant or probably knew but didn’t give any support whatsoever to her thus turning her into a killer! But knowing the Japanese legal system I won’t be surprised if she walks free or gets a suspended sentence.

Really? Is it that hard to believe? She is a university student, which means, in all likelihood that her classes for the past 2 years (roughly) have been online, and had little if any physical contact with any of them over that time. Also not to mention her fear about saying anything to any of them.

Yes she is an adult, and yes she committed a crime, and yes she should face the consequences of her actions as well. BUT she also needs some serious help too! She is going to have to live the rest of her long life with the memory of what she did.

Do you know her? How do you know she'd feel this way? Maybe she just doesn't care. That's also possible too. She could've used contraception. You's called a condom and they can be bought at any drugstore or online. She could've had an abortion within an extended period of time. She failed on both accounts. Stuffed tissues into a newborn and suffocated it then buries it with part of the face and arm sticking out of the ground. She can get mental health counseling while she's in prison. A completely avoidable crime.

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snowymountainhellSep. 13 08:43 pm JST

Foundation is a bit of a task to read. Asimov is a sci-fi legend and his concepts are deep and thought provoking but quite frankly...he's not the smoothest writer. Some people like to read before watching the film, others the opposite. In my opinion watching Foundation first may be the better route to go. I agree. The trailer looks pretty good.

Wheel of Time will premiere on Amazon Prime in November. There's also a series on Netflix called Shadow & Bone that seems similar.

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The original 6 books by Frank Herbert are the best. His son and Kevin Anderson wrote a bunch of Dune prequel books that I found really bad. God Emperor of Dune is my fave cause it's so freaky followed by Heretics (most action), Chapterhouse, Dune, Children, and Messiah.

Foundation is pretty impressive considering when it was written. Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke is great quick read.

I started Wheel of Time but stopped. It's really a Young Adult series.

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Thankfully Villeneuve is only covering the first half of the book in a +2.5hr film. The second film, if greenlit by WB, will cover the 2nd half of the book in probably the same amount of time. So we're hopefully getting over 5hrs to tell the story of the first book. That's almost equal to a 7 x 45min episodes in a TV series.

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StrangerlandToday  11:18 am JST

This is merely your interpretation and opinion nothing else.

How is that any different from your interpretation and opinion of the etymology of it?

But as far as it goes, you gave a kanji that has multiple different translations to English, that vary based on context. One of those meanings, displaced, fits the idea of a refugee, who is a displaced person. The other meanings do not fit the context, and yet, you concluded that 'displaced' being the accurate meaning is somehow only my opinion, as if the facts aren't laid out right there for you and everyone else to see.

I said that the Japanese I've talked to felt the same way.. That's it's not interpreted just one way and there is a negative meaning for some.

So because of multiple meanings of which most are negative, there is more than one way it's interpreted by people. You're the one saying that there is only ONE way it can be interpreted. Typical.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

PerformingMonkeyToday  10:55 am JST

Pathetic but not surprising. Refugee in Japanese is Nanmin (難民). Nan means: Difficult, impossible, trouble, defect, accident. Then add Min which means: People or nation. The word itself is negative to the extreme and symbolic of Japan's isolationist ideals.

Try and pass at least N2 before you lecture us on the etymology of Japanese words.

I have. Speak for yourself. Or do you know me? LOL!

I've talked to a lot of Japanese about Refugees and the negative attitude towards them was expressed by them and they themselves admitted that the word doesn't do them any favors.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

StrangerlandToday  10:25 am JST

There are several meanings and usages of the kanji. Most are all negative.

But only one of those meanings is applicable to this context:

Only one refers to displaced.

So the others aren't relevant.

This is merely your interpretation and opinion nothing else. The prevailing poor attitude towards them and government policies say something else.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

In this case, it's the nan used in 避難 (ひなん), evacuation. So it would refer to evacuated people, not specifically to their difficulty. Different meaning of the word.

There are several meanings and usages of the kanji. Most are all negative. Only one refers to displaced. The most common is muzukashii. If people interpreted it as only displaced, the prevailing attitudes toward them would be different and more would be allowed into the country, Japan has one of the worst acceptance levels among G20 nations for a reason.

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I think Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners, etc) being a huge Dune fan will give me the movie I finally expect. It is only half of the first book. Lynch's 1984 version in addition to constant interference from producer Dino de Laurentis, tried to cram a complex book in one film and completely missed the mark. Not surprising that Lynch pulled an 'Alan Smithee' on it. The 2000 Syfy TV series version was more faithful to the book but lacked a decent budget.

I give credit to Jodorowsky for his arthouse films like El Topo and Sante Sangre and he made significant contributions to European graphic novels. But he's made 10 films in 60yrs, is difficult to work with, and is better with his own material not adapting others work. He wanted to Dune to be over 10hrs long. Who in their right mind at the time would've invested in that. His casting choices were beyond dumb, Have you ever seen Mick Jagger act? Salvadore Dali? LOL! Thank god it was never made as it would've been an unmitigated disaster.

Dune was written in 1965. George Lucas stole so many things from it to make Star Wars that Frank Herbert was actually considering a lawsuit. For me it's one of the pillars of science fiction. I'm pleasantly surprised that it'll be released on Oct 15 in Japan, one week ahead of the most country releases, and will definitely see this in IMAX.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

Pathetic but not surprising. Refugee in Japanese is Nanmin (難民). Nan means: Difficult, impossible, trouble, defect, accident. Then add Min which means: People or nation. The word itself is negative to the extreme and symbolic of Japan's isolationist ideals.

People also confuse Refugees with Migrant Workers who displace themselves and enter other countries in order to find work. Refugees are people who escape from their country due to war, persecution, and natural disasters. There is some overlap sometimes and sometimes sympathize with Migrant Workers but most are not Refugees.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan urge Japanese immigration center to fully disclose video See in context

lolozo79Today  07:07 pm JST

And what would happen to a Japanese who overstayed their visa in Sri Lanka ? Nothing pleasant I assume. Why should she get preferential treatment ?

Receiving the proper medical attention when you are seriously ill is not preferential treatment. It's a basic human right. Even serial killers and mass murderers get medical attention in prison. You either don't even know what preferential treatment means or are just plain ignorant.

Yes, let's compare the standard of Japan, the 3rd largest economy in the world and a global leader with a developing third world nation like Sri Lanka. What a dumb comparison.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest Tiananmen vigil organizers See in context

Due to complicated corporate supply chain policies, it's impossible to not buy 'made in China'. You may not even realize that it was made in China due to multiple components, etc.

When air travel resumes, boycotting personal trips to HK, Macau, and mainland China can have an effect with loss of tourism revenue.

But until the Chinese realize that people being targeted by the CCP for whatever reason they deem fit, are not subversives or trouble makers but just regular Chinese like themselves who simply want to have freedom of expression as an undeniable human right, it'll only get worse. Seems the majority of Chinese are sheep who just go along with whatever the CCP says and does out of some misguided, ignorant sense of patriotism.

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Posted in: Surfer fatally bitten by shark off Australia's east coast See in context

Lived in Australia for three years. The vast majority of people swim and play in clearly designated areas that are protected with shark nets, patrolled by lifeguards and helicopters. You're more likely to drown than be attacked by a shark. Sadly surfers and advanced swimmers aren't provided the same protection probably because there's too much area to patrol. Choppers will give surfers a heads-up if they see a shark near them but that's about it. At your own risk.

Sharks don't hunt and eat humans? Really? They are apex predators and if hungry enough will hunt and eat pretty much anything. Of course there may be easier prey than a human but if you're alone in the water for an extended period of time in unpatrolled waters, assuming they don't hunt and eat humans would not bode well for you.

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Posted in: Osaka smashes racket in U.S. Open loss; says she is considering taking break from tennis See in context

Fighto!Today  06:53 pm JST

Queuing up to pay her even more, thats what. Naomi never asked to be a role model. She is a tennis player and is the highest paid female athlete in history. She is worth hundreds of millions of $$, thats the main thing.

End of.

Then win or lose, play tennis and stop crying, Right now, it's questionable how much of a tennis player she is. All high profile athletes face pressure. If she can't handle it then quit. It's not her $$$ worth that's the main thing. The main thing she a top ranked tennis player and for how much longer?

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Posted in: Osaka smashes racket in U.S. Open loss; says she is considering taking break from tennis See in context

kurisupisuToday  02:36 pm JST

Not very Japanese to show emotions like this in public, is it?

Really? Japanese athletes and tarento often cry in public.

Do your best, win, lose, struggle, train harder, push yourself harder or......don't. It's your life. Do what you want with it. All big name athletes face pressure. Enough with the constant crying and poor little me routine. Now she's having court tantrums.

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Posted in: Japan and disabilities: Will the Tokyo Paralympics bring change? See in context

Was part of a volunteer CSR activity at work where we helped a local nonprofit with a wheelchair access map in central Tokyo. Put into groups of six with a wheelchair, given maps and asked to mark buildings and establishments with wheelchair access. In the area we were assigned to, less than 10% had wheelchair access. In some cases, there was access to enter the building but once inside, many of the facilities like washrooms were inaccessible to wheelchairs. I doubt much has changed. A few places even got angry and told us to leave when we told them what we were doing. The attitude that people with special needs are a waste of time and less than human is very much alive in Japan. It's a joke that the Paralympics are even held in Japan.

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Posted in: Memorial service held for Japanese who died in Siberian labor camps See in context

kanapi Today  02:18 pm JST

please note it is not the only Japan that forced the foreign workes to engage in tough jobs during the war!

Do you think that's all the imperial Japanese army did to POWs? Their cruelty and the atrocities committed are well documented. Compare to how Japanese POWs were treated by the US.

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O'BrienToday  07:58 am JST

He was stationed in Iraq, and one day his superiors handed down an order that all missions were to be executed in co-operation with local Iraqi troops, or "jundhi". Our guy found this hard to understand, because the local troops were, for the most part, absolutely terrible soldiers: undertrained, often cowardly, and lacking in decent equipment

There are similarities but each situation is also different.

In Iraq, the US disbanded the Republican Guard and basically made them pariahs. They were the best military force the Iraqis had. Many of them joined Al Qaeda and other extremist groups, So all who were left to support US forces were basically your typical recruits so it's not surprising they were subpar soliders.

Back in the 70's after the US supported the Mujahadeen against the Soviets. Then after the Soviets left, so did the US leading to the demise of the Mujahadeen and the rise of the Taliban.

In one case the US, ostracized the nation's best soldiers and in the other, they abandoned them.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. offer of safe haven for Hong Kong residents See in context

It seems China is in full propaganda mode all the time. A shovel won't do. You need a backhoe to deal with the amounts of crap they spew. You'd think they'd be happy to get rid of the so-called troublemakers. But this is hardly surprising. What's surprising and disappointing is the lack of questioning and open discussion about their government's policies and statements among Chinese citizens. I don't think it's out of fear. More likely that the majority of Chinese blindly and stupidly support whatever their government does out of some moronic

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Posted in: Pompeo got $5,800 whisky gift from Japan, but where is it? See in context

Outdated practice as they're not allowed to accept gifts. Same has occurred in the corporate world. Of course you have no choice but to accept the gift and do the typical reciprocal gift motions. They should just do away with this dumb practice.

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Posted in: Japan's No. 2 diplomat in South Korea ordered home for improper remark See in context

Fighto!Today  08:17 am JST

Sent home for a bit of banter and humor? Unbelievable pettiness. Where is the sense of humor?

Japan will now expel the 2nd in command Korean diplomat in a tit-for-tat.'s okay for a drunk construction worker, angry delivery man, or you to say but not a diplomat because their job is to be diplomatic. If you're still confused, look up the definition.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

OssanAmericaToday  02:09 pm JST

Do you know what Gokko ごっこ is? It's to play/pretend.

Nobody ever said "Let's massacre Jewish people" suggesting that people be killed.

The correct translation is "Let's play Holoaust (massacre of Jewish people)".

Back to Japaneses 101 for you.

Let's massacre Jewish people and Let's play Holocaust are the same. Semantics. And you misspelled Holocaust.

Back to English 101 for you.

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Posted in: Under-fire Olympic composer steps down over past bullying See in context

ChizukoToday  07:44 am JST

So cancel culture is at it again…..

the comments here are ridiculous also. The guy is 52, why is he being judged and cancelled for things he did as a young teenager?

He not only taunted kids with Down Syndrome, he forced them to strip and masturbate then even boasted about it later in life showing no remorse.. Oyamada is a particular kind of 'privileged sick'. I don't care if he did this 60yrs ago. He should've never been asked to lead. The Paralympics are also part of the Olympics.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context

Fighto!Today  10:29 am JST

I cant see the problem. Unbelievable. Just a bit of banter.

Have Koreans lost any sense of humor?

Perhaps Japanese diplomats should start openly taunting Moon about prison. All Korean Presidents are traditionally imprisoned after they are ousted.

That's because so many politicians should be imprisoned. They got it right. More Japanese prime ministers should be imprisoned but the people are too weak, ignorant, and sycophantic to understand this.

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