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With the falling population, even less people will go to Kabuki which isn't even very popular now. So many fine arts and performing arts in Japan think they’re elite which cuts them off from the general population. I took my son to an art museum 10yrs ago in Ueno. Lots of dirty looks because they felt children shouldn’t be there. Took him to a jazz venue at night; same thing. It's not even because kids are noisy or making trouble. Their presence is enough to piss people off because they feel fine and performing arts are not for children.

Now when their audience numbers are dwindling they’re going to ask why aren't people coming without realizing that making yourself inaccessible to kids means shooting yourself in the foot for future supporters.

As for trying to appeal to international markets, I understand why they need to do it (hardly anyone in Japan will be interested & plummeting population) but.....good luck with that. Unless you change it for modern audiences, interest will be minimal.

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TokyoLivingToday  10:39 am JST

All English. Should be titled as 500 Best English Language Album.

They just want to recreate their fairy and decadent little western world..

BackpackingNepalToday  08:12 am JST

All English. Should be titled as 500 Best English Language Album.

Few album of Masayoshi Takanaka.

Lot's of envy and jealousy. LOL!

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AnonymousToday  01:30 pm JST

Deport them tout de suite or immediately as the case may be. Obey the laws of the country you’re in.

They were two Canadians in Manitoba. How can you deport citizens living in their own country?

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Posted in: Two Canadians arrested for handing out cannabis Halloween candy See in context

GBR48Today  10:06 am JST

@Laguna: Opioids are essential for pain relief. Just don't be an idiot abusing them.

People need to stop blaming technologies and products when it is people that are at fault.

Making kids sick like that is twisted. I hope they get long sentences.

The opioid crisis was caused by mega pharma, private health insurance, and doctors to fill their pockets by flooding communities with opioids like Oxycontin and Fentanyl. At least four companies will pay out $26bil in compensation for lawsuits. Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of Oxycontin may end up having to pay $12bil.

It is people at fault but not those addicted to opioids but those who flooded communities with cheap opioids to create addiction to further line their pockets. It's preying on the weakest and most vulnerable to make a buck.

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SpeedToday  04:32 pm JST

Elvis wasn't drafted. He volunteered.

Jerry Lee Lewis was the essence of rock 'n roll. Marrying his cousin, 12 or 13 at that, and not giving a duck. He blazed hard while he could. RIP to the The Killer.

The essence of rock 'n' roll has nothing to do with pedophilia. Having sex with kids goes way beyond a rebellious attitude.

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RichardPearceToday  10:27 am JST

It is amazingly sinister that private businesses etc would allow themselves to be turned into places where people could renew their drivers licenses etc while abroad.

Because that is what these 'police stations' can do. No holding cells, interrogation rooms, they're not even technically Chinese territory like embassies, simply places to access the bureaucratic services that in China are located at the police station rather than elsewhere.

But don't let a simple thing like the facts get in the way of the rampant Sinophobia (its not like that spills over onto Japanese expats and visitors in North America, right)

The fact of the matter is; then why not setup a legitimate office/service for Chinese overseas to renew their drivers licenses. Why hide it and operate in other businesses (convenience stores) and in private residences clandestinely. They're obviously hiding something otherwise they wouldn't be operating the way they are.

My Chinese friend in Toronto stays away from the Chinese community in Toronto because he doesn't trust people. He pretends he's Korean or Japanese.

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JeffLeeToday  07:56 am JST

I thought this was really sinister until I read this:

"pressure Chinese nationals to return to China to face criminal charges."

I'm in favour of that. Canada is a refuge for the scariest and most dangerous Chinese criminals. The RCMP attache in HK warned in the 90s that the Snakeheads were planning to base themselves in Canada ahead of the HK handover. His diplomatic cable was ignored by Ottawa.

A recent BC commission found that organized Chinese crime activities linking money laundering, fentanyl, and gambling represents a level of criminality never seen before in Canada. Canada's courts have shown themselves incapable of prosecuting these global masterminds, so having communist hardliners go after them is probably the best way of kicking them out of Canada and facing justice.

It's called going through diplomatic channels and cooperating with local authorities to capture said dangerous criminals not setting-up illegal operations in another sovereign nation.

Speaking out against the Chinese or HK government is now illegal and considered a criminal activity. There might be some dangerous criminals or the majority can be dissidents.

Keep making excuses for them.

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

You just have to shake your head in sad amazement that the age of consent in Japan is 13yrs old. And people wonder why pedophilia is not more aggressively looked down upon in Japan. This is the law in a supposed modern and socially aware country? It actually encourages creepy, old depraved men to have sex with minors.

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MarkXToday  07:22 am JST

I just don't get it. A few weeks ago, the Briish PM states that she is going to spend 45 billion pounds to help the British economy, and the world comes down on her like a ton of bricks. She fires the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then she resigns. Japan, whose debts are worse than any other country in the world, and yes I know they are mostly self owned, but regardless, today state they will spend $458,039,791,600.0 and nobody bats an eye. I am really afraid that this debt crisis is going to hit Japan a lot faster than anybody expects of hopes to see, and I fear it is going to be really bad!

You forgot to mention tax cuts for the wealthy. During times when some have to cut meals to make ends meet, she proposes giving tax breaks to the wealthiest??!! Right now, the UK gov't needs as much as tax revenue as possible.

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Posted in: China warns against Japan-Australia defense accord See in context

Never mind about what doesn't concern you and worry about your disgusting wet markets and foul propensity for eating exotic animals that produces deadly viruses that affect the whole world.

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Awa no GaijinToday  02:03 pm JST

Missiles and airplanes now.

South Korea what's up with that ?

No military is perfect. Which military do you think is more prepared? A nation that has been under a cease fire for over 70yrs and has mandatory military training for all young men or a nation that can't even reach its recruitment numbers.

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Revisionist dinosaur who is holding back Chinese progress for his own personal gains and ego. Yet the majority of sheepish Chinese think he's some kind of great leader. Him, Putin, Trump, and Bolsonaro should be exiled to a deserted island.

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There's still a market, albeit smaller too, for coffee table, picture books, nonfiction, hardcover, etc. It's the standard paperback and softcovers that are really disappearing. Not a big deal. They usually end up in tatters anyway.

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I wish we could reverse time and have this couple serve for another 50 years. They may be old but they are still a class act, knowledgeable, and very progressive.

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vanityofvanitiesToday  01:51 pm JST

I saw the news on BBC TV old folks served meals at churches. I was impressed British churches do such a good thing and thought about Japanese buddhist temples where people go only when people die. I wish they do similar charity things at Japanese temples too. They are having troubles losing believers visiting temples recently.

I've never heard of a temple or shrine making a donation or supporting those suffering hardships in the community. Their help is usually, 'Come pray at our temple/shrine for help and give us some money.' They seem to be all about collecting money not giving it or spending it on the local community. My inlaws invite the local priest to make a blessing at their home every year......¥10,000/visit. Got nothing against them getting income but seems it's all for profit.

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Posted in: Can the Rock steady the DC universe with 'Black Adam'? See in context

Like spy, mafia, westerns, etc., super hero movies are now a regular genre so they'll always be around. No one should be surprised. The issue is that the market is oversaturated with them and most are now complete crap.

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Posted in: Australia to investigate reports its pilots trained Chinese military See in context

Michael MachidaToday  04:23 pm JST

One would think that the Chinese are trained on how to fly. Why would they need Australian citizens to train them?

It's not about teaching them how to fly. They're interested in learning western combat pilots' engagement techniques and procedures so that they can counter them.

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Posted in: 170 cats abandoned in house in Gunma after owner falls ill See in context

The owner is recovering, and the animal welfare group will take care of the cats on a volunteer basis until he is discharged from the hospital and can look after the cats again.

Tells you everything you need to know about the attitude towards animals in Japan. They simply don't care about animal welfare. This guy should be fined and never allowed to have a cat again. Looks like he was a hoarder too. House should be demolished as a health hazard.

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Posted in: Canada's love of ice hockey wavers over sexual assault scandals See in context

It is not a huge problem for the sport. It's a problem that affects the elite players and the aura of entitlement and a coverup. It's no different to the way other elite players in other sports are coddled and their transgressions ignored or covered-up. It isn't representative of the vast majority of youths who play amateur hockey.

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Posted in: Consumers to ditch cafes for coffee at home amid rising prices, says ICO See in context

theResidentToday  08:54 am JST

Invest in one of the better Nespreso Machines that froth/heat the milk for you too. Delicous coffee at home, Save yourself a fortune. Love coffee.. But not the muck they turn out in the chains and convenience stores here. Segafredo is the only chain I'll buy outside from. I miss the old fashioned Coffee Kissaten, where the coffee was great, big doorsteps of Butter Toast, you could take your newspaper and smoke your cigarette for hours totally undisturbed.

Those capsule machines produce a lot of plastic garbage as they're not recyclable as Nestle claim. Not surprising as Nestle are one of the worst corps out there. Child labor in Africa is used for Nespresso coffee. This is also the company that wants to own and privatize potable water. Personally I stay away from Nestle products.

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Posted in: Gasly says he feared for his life after avoiding hitting crane See in context

garypenToday  01:14 pm JST

Japanoob - @garypen F1 doesn't use slicks in rain. Look at the top photo.

I did. And, they look pretty heckin' slick to me.

Somebody just pointed out the obvious and the photo of Gasly's car clearly shows intermediates or rain tires. If there any grooves on the tires, they're not slicks. No team or driver would use slicks in conditions like that. But you insist that know better.

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Posted in: Jada Pinkett Smith has deal for 'no holds barred' memoir See in context

Her condition is in no way life threatening nor is there any pain but she acts as if she has cancer. She's a truly mediocre actor and brings nothing special to the screen. Yet she thinks she's popular enough to warrant a 'my memoirs' style book. LOL! I'm sure she'll tell us why she has sex with her son's friend. These Hollywood-types are the true definition of narcissistic.

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Posted in: Unification Church tries to derail ex-believer's press conference See in context

If Aum Shinrikyo is still allowed to exist and operate in Japan after murdering over 20 people and injuring thousands, there's no way the UC will be outlawed. Besides, the LDP like them.

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Posted in: Indonesia police chief, others removed over soccer disaster See in context

The police should be held responsible as firing tear gas created a panic. But the fans are equally responsible for being hooligans and storming the pitch, attacking other fans, and police pressuring them to panic. Hooliganism has long been a problem in Indonesian soccer. Plenty of blame to go around and not just the police. If fans just calmly went home after the game, it wouldn't of happened.

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Posted in: U.S. women's soccer probe uncovers 'systemic' abuse and sexual misconduct See in context


A lot more than just shouting at them. Sexual abuse too. Sad victim blaming.

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Posted in: Four bikers dressed as Spider-Man arrested in Saga City See in context

The cops in my area don't do anything about bozo-zuku. It's like they're afraid of them. But if they wear cheap superhero costumes, the cops will arrest them! I think clown costumes are most appropriate.

The bozo-zuku I see are hardly kids. They look like they're in their mid or late 20's. They're losers.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt’s 'Bullet Train' adds Japanese subtitles for its Japanese dialogue See in context

“I really appreciate how thoughtful this is.”

“Really been looking forward to this movie and now I can finally go see it!”

“Now a whole new group of people can fully enjoy it!”

“I hadn’t realized adding Japanese subtitles to Japanese dialogue could help more people enjoy a movie. Nice work!”

Adding Japanese subtitles for Japanese dialogue suddenly convinces you to go see it???? What a joke. And it was total crap. Poor man's Guy Ritchie flick.

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Posted in: Japan to compile stricter rules on school bus safety after child's death See in context

No need to reinvent the wheel. They're called headcounts. One headcount when kids get on the bus, another when everyone is on the bus, final one when kids get off the bus, followed by a final sweep of the vehicle. Repeat for every trip. It's not that hard and doesn't take that much time. But yeah, let's create another useless committee to investigate.

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YohanToday  01:30 pm JST

Why to single out men? Women are violent too. Domestic violence is not a one-way route from men to women. Do you think that violent women who beat up their husband and their children deserve jail time too?

Yes there are the rare situations where a few women physically abuse men but the rate is so ridiculously low when compared to men physically abusing women that it's an irrational and flimsy excuse. Check world wide statistics on murder, violent crime, physical abuse, stalking, rape, and sexual assault. The statistical differences between women and men are clear and obvious.

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

blue in greenToday  08:20 pm JST

Not much character in people who wait till someone is dead, to criticize.

You'd think they'd keep it zipped till after the funeral.

Bwahaha!! As if the timing of the funeral has anything to do with it! Besides, the funeral should've been two months ago!

I and many others have been criticizing him ever since he entered office. He was morally void, with zero integrity. All about the cash grab, that's it.

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