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Posted in: Korean Air plane bumps parked Cathay Pacific aircraft when towing tractor slips at Hokkaido airport See in context

These minor accidents happen at all airports. They just don’t make the news in most countries. People freaking out over nothing.

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Posted in: Osaka, Murray lose first round matches at Australian Open See in context

astasherToday  09:39 am JST

*Naomi should have retired permanently in 2021 while at the top of her game. She wasn't enjoying tennis and had other distractions. Could have been remembered as a Calvin Johnson, Momoe Yamaguchi, Barry Sanders -* like figure.

Did you pull those names out of a hat? Johnson and Sanders were inducted into the NFL HOF. If her career continues the way it's going, nobody will remember Osaka. Tennis fans hardly remember who she is even now. Momoe Yamaguchi was an athlete?

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

Stephen ChinToday  09:29 am JST

Taiwan Belongs To China. Take a look underwater. The Island Is A Continuation of the Chinese Mainland!!

The formation of Taiwan was formed by the convergence of sea plates and is not a continuation of mainland China that just happens to break the surface of the ocean.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting worker over noise caused by snow removal machine See in context

PaulToday  05:48 pm JST

I use a snowblower sometimes as early as 4:30 am and as late as 9 pm. I dare someone to try to do the same to me!

I hope someone does cause you'd be dumb enough to do it and end up in prison.

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Posted in: 'Parasite' director slams police, S Korean media over star's death See in context

Quo PrimumToday  10:13 am JST

Oh dear.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again and then some more:

Drug crimes are not "victimless." They're not "non-violent" either.

If you buy drugs or possess them, you are participating in and enabling and supporting an "industry" that is infested with violence.

And you are supporting an "industry" that has left countless victims in its wake -- death, destroyed lives, and drug-fueled violence committed against innocent parties.

I don't care if you're "only" buying a small amount of weed here and there. You are still chipping into the drug-dealing monster. You are still putting money in the pockets of people who are making money off of destroying others' lives through addiction and death.

That using or possessing drugs are "victimless" and "non-violent" crimes is just about the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

Next we're going to be sold on the idea that porn is harmless, and that it doesn't contribute to human trafficking.

Oh wait, we already hear that too -- and often by the same people who defend drugs.

Do you drink beer, wine, or cocktails? Alcohol is a drug so based on your hysterical rant, it should also be illegal, right? In fact, its effects are far more harmful health-wise and to society then let's say marijuana. Or is it illegal drugs' trade that is the issue for you. Then why not legalize them and get rid of the dealers and the all the dangers. If you don't believe that alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal, then you're just spewing hypocrisy.

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Posted in: New York Times essay speculating over Swift's sexuality sparks backlash See in context

*For months the 34-year-old has openly dated NFL player Travis Kelce, *bringing new legions of viewers to football games as the camera routinely pans to Swift.

It pans to her in the luxury box a few times in Chief's home game for a few seconds each time. If they think this will turn Swift fans into NFL fans, they're dumb as rocks. They're only watching Chief's games for about 10 - 15 secs to see Swift not the actual game.

The MC at the Golden Globes made an innocent yet true joke about her at Chief's games and she looked angry and stone-faced. She's one of those that can't laugh at herself because she takes herself way too seriously and has an ego to match.

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Posted in: Baby Yoda gets his own 'Star Wars' movie See in context

I think Jon Favreau was behind season 1 which was pretty good mainly because it builds up both characters well, focuses on their growing relationship, and of course Grogu is cute. I started season 2 but gave up after a while and haven't bothered with season 3.

Usually TV series are made into movies at their peak of popularity but leave it to Disney and Kathleen Kennedy to make a movie when it's on a downslide in another cash grab. Watch just the production budget balloon to +$150mil and leave them scrambling to break even.

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Posted in: Comedian Matsumoto to go on hiatus amid sex scandal report See in context

raincloudToday  12:33 pm JST

Shukan Bunshun is the thing we need to get rid of. No real journalism. Just scandal after scandal, a bunch of paparazzi making money off other people's misfortunes.

As a tabloid, they're certainly guilty of sensationalism targeting celebrities and they were sometimes wrong but sometimes right. They broke the story of Johnny Kitagawa back in 2001, were the only media outlet that had the guts to stand up to him and the agency, and they were absolutely right. So too claim that they're not real journalism isn't correct.

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Posted in: South Korea's parliament passes bill to ban dog meat trade See in context

Kind of makes you wonder what took them so long = the ole it's our culture and nobody can tell us what to do even though we know it's wrong and outdated.

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Posted in: Calling all guitar heroes, The Smashing Pumpkins are hiring See in context

rainydayToday  02:57 pm JST

I have to admit to knowing none of their work post-2000, despite having been a fan of theirs in the 90s.

There are only a few of their contemporaries which have had decent careers in the 21st century and which I've kept listening to their new stuff:

Pearl Jam


Foo Fighters


That really was the best decade of music. Looking at the stuff the young generation is listening to today I cannot relate to them at all.

I think some of them do different things to try to stay relevant. Dave Grohl does a lot of collaborations with other artists and bands. He's always doing something new. Weezer kind of resurrected their career doing covers of popular songs and they're really good. I think Thom Yorke did a couple of movie soundtracks.

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Posted in: Orderly manner See in context

The Original WingToday  02:29 pm JST

Especially on crowded platforms where there are a lot of people milling about, I sometimes see foreign tourists who don't notice that people are waiting in lines, and skip ahead of others.

*I think in most cases, it's an honest mistake.** But frustrating for the locals, nonetheless.*

I don't know about that. The concept of lining up is pretty much universal. It may not be as common in some cultures but I think everybody understands the concept as it's visually self explanatory. I think some tourists are taking advantage of Japanese manners and graciousness by feigning ignorance.

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Posted in: Calling all guitar heroes, The Smashing Pumpkins are hiring See in context

Correction The early 90's.

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Posted in: Calling all guitar heroes, The Smashing Pumpkins are hiring See in context

The key word here is they 'were' a popular band. The vast majority of those album sales came from three albums in the early 80's. Their last six to eight albums haven't sold well at all. Somewhat overrated in my books and Corgan is not known for being a pleasant person to work with. But Zero is a killer track.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' dominates Golden Globes; 'Poor Things' wins best comedy See in context

Lanthimos is one of my favorite recent directors and I really liked Poor Things so glad to hear it won. Was never an Emma Stone fan but she was fantastic.

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Posted in: Britney Spears shoots down album rumors, vowing to 'never return to music industry' See in context

starpunkToday  02:17 pm JST

Thing is with the industry as it is, there will probably be another dumbbutt lip-synching gyrating-on-stage sex robot to take her place.

Hard to believe that at one point the Beatles were considered a pop music band. You can't even remotely compare their song writing and musical skills to today's lifeless pop.

Elvis is hereToday  06:06 pm JST

Bring back 1970s rock.

The sad part is that rock has become niche music today with people still listening to the Stones, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bowie, CCR, old Aerosmith, etc., because it's so hard to find decent new rock bands.

Spears was never really about music but about her looks and image. Like many pop artists today, she used prerecorded music rather than an actual band in concerts. I give her credit for getting what she could out of the industry.

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Posted in: Escaped passengers recall tense moments in Japan Airlines jet blaze See in context

Elvis is hereToday  11:50 am JST

I wonder what aviation fuel the planes used?

I think it's called JP1A and it's a type of kerosene. It burns at higher temperatures than gasoline so it's considered safer for fires.

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Posted in: China's Ultraman obsession growing as superhero franchise makes mark See in context

More examples of how media & art serve as a bridge between countries to bring them closer together. Manga anime, music, dramas, movies, etc are great diplomats.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

OssanAmericaToday  11:27 am JST

*This teacher needs to be fired and replaced with a person who has some understanding of the responsibilities of an instructor in a classroom environment.* Sounds like one of the wads who post here.

Sounds like you're angry and frustrated by being constantly humiliated. LOL!

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Posted in: British actor Tom Wilkinson, known for 'The Full Monty' and 'Michael Clayton', dies at 75 See in context

Fantastic, classic British actor who couldn't be typecast. Capable of playing any role really well. RIP.

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Posted in: Was 2023 a tipping point for movies? 'Barbie' success and Marvel struggles may signal shift See in context

Marc LoweToday  04:08 pm JST

Judging from all of the comments thus far, I can safely assume nobody posting here knows anything about cinema. Surely none have written, produced, directed, filmed and edited professional music videos. This article raises pertinent questions that more knowledgeable people must answer, so the cerebrally sedentary public will know what films they should be supporting.

Do you have to be a politician to criticize politicians? Do you have to be a musician or singer to criticize a song and say why you don't like it? A chef to criticize a dish? Your premise makes little sense especially as films are an art form so a professional background isn't necessary to criticize it. One's preferences, tastes, experience, etc leads to reasons why we think a piece of art is good or bad for us.

And what do music videos have to do with cinema? If someone can make a 4min music video, does that automatically make them capable of making a good 90min film.

Come off your high horse and give us your knowledgeable "expert" analysis.

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Posted in: Was 2023 a tipping point for movies? 'Barbie' success and Marvel struggles may signal shift See in context

Saturation over production, bad inexperienced writers & directors, studio micromanagement, woke producers & writers, and inflated budgets cause theatre releases are all expected to be blockbusters. All has contributed to the downfall of the superhero genre. The Marvels production budget alone was close to $300mil. Add in marketing and promotion costs and it doubles to $500 - $600mil. That puts extreme pressure to make a profit after such a huge investment. To make that much money, the film has to appeal to a wide range of people resulting in water-downed generic themes and political messaging so that everybody is appeased. You're not making films for your core audience who in the end are your true return customers.

Hollywood needs to consider a different strategy of producing more films with smaller budgets, targeted at core audiences, with narratives that deliver what those audiences want. They're putting all their eggs in one basket with blockbuster budgets and in the end produce a crap, diminished product.

Which doesn't mean that the superhero genre can't be resurrected. People are still willing to pay and see them but those audiences need a better product.

Much has been said about Godzilla Minus One's production budget of only $15mil which shows just how excessive Hollywood has become. Makes you wonder what they're spending so much on even taking into account numerous reshoots which show just how bad the writing and directing has become. Kind of a wake-up call for Hollywood. That being said, the negative is that Japan's cinema industry has long been known for woefully underpaying crews and terrible working conditions. That needs to change. If the budget doubled to $30mil to properly pay crews and improve conditions, it still comes in far, far less than Hollywood films.

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Posted in: Canada bids farewell to plastic straws, cutlery and checkout bags See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  03:51 pm JST

Nothing to do with being a man. Everything to do with not just taking up the rear from people who want to degrade your quality of life. If you are fine with that, suite yourself.

Using a paper straw is hardly a draconian measure as you don't even really need them. Using organic, fabric bags will save your whittle fingers. Talk about minor inconveniences being over-exaggerated as 'degrading your quality of life!!' Woman-up or human-up and stop being a spoiled prima donna.

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Posted in: Canada bids farewell to plastic straws, cutlery and checkout bags See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  07:17 am JST

Paper straws are inferior to plastic quite simply, and I'm not sure metal ones are too great either.

Do you also eat the bugs for the environment? There are limits to what people will tolerate their government forcing them to do, at least in the US.

I'm lucky. Despite a plastic bag ban in my area, the local grocery store has some super thick plastic bags that they still offer that are free and recyclable. Not sure why I would do if I were forced to have my fingers bleeding from paper handles.

Paper straws are only inferior if you take like over 2hrs to finish your drink which most people don't. For most drinks, you don't even need a straw.

Comparing eating bugs to using a paper straw is the epitome of exaggeration. One is changing your diet, the other is choosing a type of utensil that is often not needed in the first place. They are in no way comparable.

There are tons of reusable shopping bags made from organic fabrics like burlap that come with rope handles that don't bunch up like both plastic or paper bags do. Complaining about using paper straws and your little fingers bleeding from holding bags to save the environment for future about being pampered. Man-up.

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Posted in: Court revives Nirvana child pornography lawsuit over 'Nevermind' cover See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  03:51 pm JST

I am not the only one in the universe that sees Mr. Elden as having a legitimate case and we aren't the one defending this nasty cover.

If you think that a naked four month baby swimming in a pool is sexual in any way, it's you who has nasty thoughts. His case wasn't legitimate because it got thrown out of court and it will be again. You are part of an insignificant, damaged minority that see something only sexual in a naked human body.

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Posted in: Court revives Nirvana child pornography lawsuit over 'Nevermind' cover See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  02:18 pm JST

So yeah, it is context dependent. The only way to be safe is not to take the picture at all.

You are mixing up all kinds of stuff. No need to respond to this nonsense.

Oh no!!!! You are outraged at me!!!! Whatever will I do?!?!? Clearly something is gibberish and it isn't my statement.

"A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive."

How is that picture sexually suggestive? Do you have evidence that the members of Nirvana are pedophiles? No. So there's not even any context that can be construed sexual except in your dirty mind.

I'm not mixing anything up. You introduced changing baby diapers as an example not me. You introduced more nonsense to your oversexualized mind.

Outraged? No. Laughable yes! Your response was, not surprisingly, childish because you can't reply maturely to the fact that you see a four month old naked baby swimming in a pool as sexual.

You're the only one that sees that picture as sexual. I wonder why.

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Posted in: Court revives Nirvana child pornography lawsuit over 'Nevermind' cover See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  01:13 pm JST

Does a google search of his name bring up the photo of his privates? Then yes, it is child pornography.

That's your definition of child pornography? LOL!

"Child pornography, in criminal law, any visual depiction of a minor (a person who has not reached the age of consent) engaging in sexually explicit activity. In the federal criminal code of the United States, child pornography is partly defined as “any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image” that depicts actual or simulated sexually explicit activity by a minor."

What part of that photo depicts sexually explicit activity?

If the parents keep that stuff to themselves they have nothing to worry about. They really shouldn't be taking such photos and video, though. Not sure who just changes their baby's diaper in public.

You clearly don't have children. If you did, you would have changed your baby's diaper in public at least once. But let me guess.....changing a baby's diaper in public is child pornography to you.

I'm sorry the humans offend you but humans are polymorphously perverse including attacking those that are already suffering/humiliated.

Complete gibberish. The fact of the matter is when I see a naked four year old baby swimming in a pool, I see a naked four year old baby swimming in a pool. When you see a naked four year old baby swimming in a pool, you see child pornography. Clearly it's you who's thinking something deviant and perverse when you see the photo not me. There's something wrong with the way you think.

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Posted in: Court revives Nirvana child pornography lawsuit over 'Nevermind' cover See in context

Hilarious! Cause showing his 'privates' when he was four months old is the same as showing his 'privates' now. So he can be identified and recognized as an adult from the photo when he was four months old. Somehow this equates to child pornography. This extreme, ultra-puritanical attitude now means that any photos of naked babies in public are now perceived as child abuse. What's disturbing is how anyone can see a naked four month old baby as sexual in any way. Those that think this way are themselves guilty of deviant thinking.

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Posted in: Japanese singer marks 30 years of visiting leprosy colony See in context

Remarkable commitment to people who are falsely treated like pariahs and considered the dregs of society.

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Posted in: 2 Canadians face charges over smuggling of record stimulant amount at Haneda See in context

Fighto!Today  02:15 pm JST

*Nothing showing up in the Canadian news outlets about this. A bit of suppression going on up there? Hopefully our Canadian friends will flood the socials with the Japanese news to let Cabadians know about this.*

Believe it or not, two idiots getting busted in another country doesn't make the news because nobody cares about two idiots unlike Japan where if someone robs a convenience store, it gets exposure. I guess people care about idiots in Japan.

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Posted in: 2 Canadians face charges over smuggling of record stimulant amount at Haneda See in context

VrethToday  01:09 pm JST

I expect better from Canadians.

Why? Do you mean people from your country never commit crimes.

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