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Posted in: Airbnb, Uber woes show Japan does not share easily See in context

I've stayed in many AIRBNB listed sharehouses where I've met plenty of Japanese natives who lived in them to avoid expensive apartments so they can live in proximity to work, university, relatives, etc. Did they even stop to consider the non-foreign individuals who actually LIVE in these establishments?

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Posted in: Hundreds of junior high boys swarm Japanese swimsuit model after first pitch at baseball ceremony See in context

The real question is why was there a swimsuit model at a underage boys' baseball game? It's really odd. (And, it's not shocking that they would do this).

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Posted in: Porn star's lawyer says she had sexual relationship with Trump See in context

It's disturbing that the bones in this man's closet are being revealed on a monthly basis. Why isn't he being held accountable for these sexual allegations and (trialed and personally admitted) sexual harassments? So far they continue to roll out of the public and political eye like water off a duck's back ... yet these allegations just continue to come to light. Using Clinton as a paired excuse for this man is juvenile. He's not in the White House anymore. Trump is and these are his own misdeeds! Stop dancing around this fool and hold him accountable.

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Posted in: Record 2,413 child pornography cases detected in Japan in 2017 See in context

Imprisoning these individuals will be a major solution. I feel Japan is way too lenient (and quiet) when it comes down to this issue. Just a few months ago, a well-known Japanese creator was caught with such material at his job! And they just gave him a slap on the wrist with a fine. Japan needs to crack down on this by also imprisoning parents who force their children into gravure and premature "idol-hood" and counseling juveniles who send such images.

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Posted in: Popular virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai selected as ambassador for new 'Come to Japan' campaign See in context

I understand "cute" animated characters and mascots are a big part of Japanese society (nearly everything has some 2D charming creature or character promoting it) but can be a bit overwhelming. It comes off as Japan is one giant anime wonderland where anime guides the winds of its culture when it really doesn't. Japan is so much more than this. A different medium than this stereotype would've been better. Introducing things other than already well-known sushi and ramen would also be a plus.

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Posted in: Gov't urges use of anime to teach students about N Korea's abductions See in context

Weird that they wish to push such a heavy political topic onto Japan's youth but yet cannot own up to their own pasttime war atrocities that swept across their homeland and Asia ...

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Posted in: Ice wall partly reduces radioactive water at Fukushima plant but more measures needed See in context

There will never be an end to this in our lifetime. The half-life of nuclear radiation is in the millions. Not even our lifespans 100 times over will see this resolved. They need to do a better job at controlling the radiation. The ice wall obviously isn't a great solution. Creating false hope about this ever growing problem that is not only affecting Japan, but the entire Pacific Ocean region, connecting oceans, and the land that touches, is misleading!

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