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milkywayxx comments

Posted in: Another cooked bug found in processed food See in context

Oh my gosh..eww ...i'd freak out if i found a cockroach in my noodles..

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Posted in: 7 children injured by dog in Oita See in context

Oh my. Poor kids :(

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

I've read so many hate/ridiculous/ignorant comments on this article i can't even......??? Here are some reply's to some people but they apply to all peeps that were negative on this thing :)

@Alex Einz

dont need halal, if you visit a place, follow the customs of the residents!I dont ask for pig dish or booze when I go to a muslim country... this whole courtesy thing becoming ridiculous.>

Hi Alex :) Don't need halal? Great! they were doing it for the muslim people anyways. It's not like they will be throwing halal food in your face, or forcing you to work with them to make these things possible. Just live your life. Nobody said they didn't folow their customs. I'm pretty sure most people respect each other and follow whatever custom there is to follow. If Japanese people want to do this thing for muslim people, then let them. You're not going to die of it ;) oh and F.Y.I there are plenty of muslim countries that cater pork dishes and alochol! (e.g. Turkey, Morocco, Dubai..) and if you dont ask for it then thats your problem. it doesnt mean that other people have to follow ''your'' rules. If people want to ask for certain things, they might just get it. Just like in this particular case. Just breath in, breath out and life your life ;)

@Sacris Heilig

I think Japan is not ready for Muslims, japanese people are too polite to deal with religious extremists. Not all Muslims are the same, there are good and bad elements in every religion or culture, but the examples are there. It's a big mistake and Sweden can teach us about that big mistake!.>

Hi Sacris. Japan is not ready for muslims? Muslims are human beings, just like Japanese people are. And secondly, are you mr.Japan in the flesh to know what the country is not ready for?? I'm glad you said that not all muslims are the same, but still. Judging from the above sentences you obiously have not lived with or befriended any muslims. So please refrain from ingnorant comments like that. Nope not all muslims are the same indeed. Cuz if the current over-a-billion muslims were extremists, we'd be in BIG trouble ;) That still brings me to the following question. How does halal food and prayer rooms contribute to extrimist behaviour??

The funniest thing is that most/all commentors are not even Japanese. Therefor why are you breaking your head for something as inevitable as this. Japanese people want to do it, let them do it, And like i said before, you're not going to die or get a disease if theres an extra prayer room in your nearby mall.

BREATH IN AND BREATH OUT people. Just spread peace and love.

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