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Posted in: Japan's mobile phone users made 260,000 years' worth of calls in 2011 See in context

I would have enjoyed knowing the star system travel distance / time

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Posted in: Man who cooked, served his own genitals sent to prosecutors See in context

Photos? So what we have are Mountain Oysters with Sausage.... Bathed in a light creme sauce...I wonder if they made a leather coin purse out of the sac like they do with rocky mountain oysters...did they serve the sausage inflated or in its deflated state? Was it fried, sauteed, broiled or baked? Put on a stick as a pronto pup?

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Posted in: In climate landmark, Arctic ice melts to record low See in context

I think the melting ice around the world speaks for itself...and ocean levels rise...and Kauai beaches continue to erode at an accelerated pace...coincidence?

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Posted in: U.S. presidential race more bitter than usual See in context

Most wealthy elitists don't give $4 million to charity...his church recommends a 10% tithe...he gave 19%...he also has contributed 28 years of public service for free. His business record shows he has the ability to turn business around and not sacrifice jobs as the means of doing so. He is one of America's hopes for an economic recovery force. Perhaps he can also inspire, instead of divide, America's Congress and do so with a collaborative styled leadership. The incumbent has successfully branded the American people to their incomes dividing the nation into classes. This mindset is antithesis to the American tradition but not to the Incumbent's perspective of flattening entrepreneurial success.

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

I think the ad is advertising genius. It puts the brand indelibly into your mind by linking it to a subject that holds feelings within the subconscious and conscious minds. It implants the brand. Brilliant.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez files $20 million extortion suit See in context

Now won't the secrets come out in the suit?

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