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Posted in: How Tom Cruise survived the end of the star era See in context

@Paul i think Johnny being out of the picture is his own doing

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Posted in: Twitter defends anti-bot efforts, Musk replies with poo emoji See in context

Elon's money is all in assets, he quips nonsense, moves shares, spurts ridiculous figures and hey presto, his shares go up. He knows how to manipulate the market for his business interests

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Posted in: Facebook changing with times a decade after stock debut See in context

When FB started I opened an account. Closed it after a week. Boring tittle tattle and strangers making contact asking me to 'like them' so they could be the most liked. Strangers asking me to be their friend. It was never ending. So yes. It's raining, it's pouring FB is boring, as the young say

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Posted in: Musk's China connections add potential risks to Twitter purchase See in context

Business is business.

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Posted in: Tiger, Spieth and McIlroy will play together at PGA Championship See in context

Sounds good. Come on, Tiger. Just love comeback of champions in sport, makes me feel that against all odds Man is a kind of superhero

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Posted in: New rugby laws pour cold water on Erasmus tactics See in context

Sounds like they've got to grip with some loopholes

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Posted in: Finland, Sweden submit NATO membership application See in context

Promises, promises. Broken, broken. First Russia invades Ukraine. Second, US and UK don't live up to their word to protect. Now Sweden and Finland. And they want NK and other countries to disarm on a promise of protection, not gonna happen after this fiasco

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Posted in: Gov't to help Ukrainian evacuees find jobs See in context

Hello Work is a waste of time. If the Ukrainians are not looking for professional, well paid positions, they should be fine

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Posted in: French carmaker Renault to sell Russian operations to Moscow See in context

Russia I'm sure is able to produce their own cars just as well as any other country, so what's the big deal

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Posted in: McDonald's to sell all 850 stores in Russia See in context

Mac has done the Russians a big favour.

Not only health, but Mac has destroyed great historical sites with their arches. The pyramids, Westminster cathedral et al

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Posted in: Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown See in context

Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown

even if the headline read 'Shanghai says zero-covid achieved and no more lockdown' there are those that would still be critical and cynical

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Posted in: Monfils withdraws from French Open with heel injury See in context

Couldn't they find better pictures. One has too much exposure and the other has a ball covering most of his face. Unbelievable

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Posted in: Nicklaus says he turned down $100 mil offer from Saudi-backed tour See in context

Nicklaus said he turned down the offers out of loyalty to the PGA Tour.

Aw give me a break

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Posted in: Swiatek on streak entering French Open, with Ukraine on mind See in context

Keep politics out of tennis,

Hear hear

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Posted in: Brandi Carlile, Yola, Allison Russell lead Americana nominations See in context

Must brush up on my music

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Posted in: Get on your bike: Coldplay hopes to lead with a green tour See in context

They had talked about this well before Covid, I give them credit for that.

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Posted in: Divers prepare for search inside sunken Hokkaido tour boat See in context

Nearly a month under water, doubt there'd be any survivors

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

@ Cricky that is so funny

When I lived in a small town in Nara years ago. A few times I heard some Children shout 'foreigner coming' when I walked down certain streets.

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Posted in: 7-month-old boy dies from ruptured liver See in context

They remove the older sibling and leave her with the most vulnerable. Unbelievable

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 78-year-old father to death with hammer See in context

These things seem to happen after an argument. Makes me wonder if many out there think GBH or attempted murder is all part and parcel of having an argument

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Posted in: Some residents of Fukushima village can finally return home in June See in context

Well the contaminated water is safe enough to dump in the sea, so I guess they come to the conclusion must be save to live there

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Just look on YouTube, it's full of close misses of parents driving in/out of their homes, there's even one where the child went under the car and the car sped off but fortunately did not run over the child. It's a global phenomena

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving umbrellas on train tracks in Wakayama See in context

What a strange thing to do, what has he got against umbrellas

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Posted in: Man’s body found in space between two buildings in Osaka See in context

70cm gap that's about 27 inches, must have pushed and shoved to get him there

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Posted in: N Korea reports 15 more COVID-19 deaths; hundreds of thousands of fever cases See in context

No one's going in and no one's coming out, so what does it matter

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 50 years of end to U.S. rule amid protests See in context

Okinawa. You're on your own here, buddy

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Posted in: In new album, Kendrick Lamar delivers introspection and biting social critique See in context

Congratulations. I applaud anyone coming out of Compton and being successful, because that's what real success and achievement is

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Posted in: Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision See in context


Are any Ukrainians playing at Wimbledon this year? The others may as well go home.

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Posted in: Another fightback puts Jabeur in Rome final; Tsitsipas beats Zverev See in context

Wow congratulations

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Chelsea to win FA Cup See in context

Wow. Congratulations

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