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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

A man's film. No women in it at all

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

Japan asked for US intervention as did SK. So, now they've got it

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Posted in: In three shaken U.S. cities, Lady Gaga tries to channel 'fury into hope' See in context

I only know of Michael Jackson and Bill Gates who have delivered on their pledge. All others came to nothing.

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Posted in: 2 guards suspended and warden reassigned after Epstein death See in context

People say the rich get away with murder, we simply have to find out who is richer than Epstein

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Posted in: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China See in context

Whether or not I agree with this, China has a right to aim for a country free of drugs and to punish those who use it, just like in Japan and many other countries. That is their law. Drug testing at work is considered normal in the US and some other countries, china is now added to that list. So, what's the fuss about?

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Posted in: South Korea marks 'comfort women' memorial day See in context

This is one reason there should be no more wars

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Tragic. It was an accident. Accidents happen. With children, you blink and they're off somewhere out of your sight.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton’s Sailor Moon cosplay and character description are bafflingly off-source material See in context

She hasn't been in the news for a while. Thought the media had had enough reporting trivia news

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Posted in: Body confidence and body positivity in Japan See in context

People in Europe are getting bigger and bigger, (only what I see with my own eyes whenever I go back).

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Posted in: Man accused of killing woman and wounding another in Sydney See in context

Well done to those who restrained him, people, milk crate and chairs. Thank goodness he didn't have a gun, imagine the fatalities if he had

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Posted in: Sherman Poppen, inventor of the snowboard, dies at 89 See in context

I heard a waiter used to bring his tray to the slopes and stand on it and manoeuvre it downhill, he did this well before the 60's

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Posted in: 1st-round NBA pick Hachimura scores 35 points in Japan's win See in context

Well done!

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Posted in: Hunters, police search for bear spotted multiple times in Sapporo See in context

Why shoot to kill? We should never forget, they were here before we were. Sedate and take it to its natural habitat. (Way off in the mountains where there are no residents)

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

If protesters behaved this way in the US, (causing a disruption bad enough to close an airport ) I wonder how they would be treated? I'm not against the protest, just wondering how another Government would react?

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Posted in: In three shaken U.S. cities, Lady Gaga tries to channel 'fury into hope' See in context

Lady Gaga has pledged to fund as students in those shaken communities,

Gaga pledged to "fully fund" 162 school projects,

Among those that Gaga chose to full fund is a $462 project at Whitaker Elementary School in El Paso.

'Pledge' doesn't necessarily mean she has given anything. We know she (may) have given a measly 462dollars, hardly worth mentioning

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Posted in: K-pop superstars BTS to take 'long-term break' See in context

Amen to that

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 34th anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

I agree with drlucifer, these kind of ceremonies should be held every five year. Then it could be lengthened to seven years, then every 10 years, or follow the Buddhist death anniversary count

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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

the more relieved that my home state of Massachusetts told the Olympics to go pound sand when we were awarded the national bid for 2024.

Eh? don't get it. Your home state put itself up to host the Olympics, then told them to go away?

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth to separate: media See in context

This is Hollywood folks!

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Posted in: S Korean imports of Japanese beer nearly halve in July See in context

If they're not drinking the beer, they must be drinking the saki

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Posted in: High tide: Cocaine haul washes up on New Zealand beach See in context

Poor fishes. First plastic, now drugs

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Posted in: Lewinsky-produced 'impeachment' drama to air weeks before U.S. election See in context

I never saw Monica as being sexually harassed. I saw a young, not very bright woman who was so impressed that the president looked at her that she was willing, without much coercion, to do things with him. If she'd kept her mouth shut and not babbled about the affair, she wouldn't be in this position.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic premium ticket packages to sell for up to ¥6 mil See in context

Unbelievable, without glasses I thought it said ¥6.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit See in context

Thank goodness for those security cameras, proof at the police's fingertips

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Posted in: Man calls police to report beating mother; then his house catches on fire See in context

So 10mins after the call, the police still hadn't arrived at the scene

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

Japan's multicultural athletes - are they Japanese or not? This is political talk. As in all countries there are always two points of view, those that don't give it a thought and those that want to have a debate and make sure the end result is negative towards multiculturalism

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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

Not only in japan, in a recent channel 4 programme on 18 july sexual offences against female students was rife, although their focus was Cambridge, they found an epidemic of violence.

Shockingly, the risk to women at Cambridge is repeated up and down the country. Our research suggests there’s an epidemic of sexual violence.

Unbelievable and unacceptable in this day and age

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Posted in: Mayor of city in Saitama Pref arrested for punching female bar employee See in context

At least he was arrested.

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Posted in: Schools in U.S. increasingly aim to assess, manage student threats See in context

Torturing/killing animals, continually saying or writing violent things, trying to sneak a weapon into the school, these are some signs to watch out for

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

There is no such thing as half a person. It's two. Two races, two languages, two culture. Both to be celebrated. Wishing them the best.

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