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Posted in: Accuser says talk of Cuomo as AG spurred her to come forward See in context

It's a lot of she said she said he said. Innocent until proven guilty, no matter who you are

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Posted in: Discovered remains identified as those of woman killed in 2011 tsunami See in context

I understand it's his way of healing.

I wonder, sometimes we have to let go in the knowledge that the person has found true peace and we should be happy for that


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Posted in: Discovered remains identified as those of woman killed in 2011 tsunami See in context

I saw a program of how a father learned to dive and for years searched the sea for remains of his daughter. He did find many teeth and bones but not his daughter's. Now his health is ailing, he no longer dives everyday. It's his It made ne wonder,

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault, robbery of visually impaired woman See in context

People leave their engine on while they shop and their helmets on their motorbike. I've seen expensive trainers left outside the genkan, I often leave the door unlocked if I'm going out for a short time.....

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Posted in: S Korea probes deaths of two who received AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Japan offers 44 million yen, no takers so far

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Posted in: Swiss to vote on whether to ban full facial coverings in public See in context

Some of the covid masks people wear on the street look like this

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Posted in: Australian PM backs attorney-general accused of rape See in context

I really don't know what to make of this? Did she confide to anyone at the time, if so they should come forward. Also show the complaint she filed with the police, usually they ask very graphic questions. Sad case all round

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Posted in: Through the mailbox slot: Japanese theater offers new viewing experience See in context

Well, you can't say the industry is not trying. I applaud these creative ideas to keep the show on the road

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics add 12 women to executive board to reach 42% See in context

Essentially Mori said: when a woman puts her hand up to talk at a meeting, others follow, it's their competitiveness.

What's wrong with that? I say that all the time about men and heard it said million of times more.

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Posted in: China says calls for 2022 Winter Olympics boycott doomed to fail See in context

Of course the boycott is doomed to fail, we don't like it but it's true. Most countries depend so much on China, if China should stop trading with them, zap! Look around you, it may not say, made in China, but bet your bottom dollar some part of it was

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Posted in: Yakuza air complaints about COVID-19’s effect on money gains and operations See in context

Did a stint at a festival stall years ago. This aggressive guy (another stall owner) used to push his way to the front, help himself to goods and snarl at the owner. I was told, it was ok, let him take what he wanted. We were all at a loss what to do, to think this still continues is unacceptable

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Posted in: Taiwan prepares white rhino to find mate in Japan See in context

Where did this wild rhino come from? Animals should be protected in their native habitat, that would help increase the population

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences drop in population for 7th consecutive month See in context

This is welcome news

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Posted in: Australian attorney general denies rape allegation See in context

There should be a rape team available to all police stations all over the world, made up of women who can create a respectful and professional environment for women and men who have been raped

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Posted in: Trainer banned from British races over photo on dead horse See in context

My heart bleeds the way we treat these great animals in life and in death

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Posted in: Reggae great Bunny Wailer dead at 73 See in context

Awwww... that is sad. Great musician, great music. You may be gone but your music will live forever.

(Where's a picture of Bunny?)

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Posted in: 6 Dr Seuss books won't be published for racist images See in context

Folks, read the article. The publishers made a decision and gave their reason. In a democratic society this is their privilege

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister Kawai granted ¥50 mil bail in vote-buying case See in context

They'd have had a better chance of being let off if they recorded a conversation to each person saying: find me 11 000 votes or more

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

If it is the vaccine or connected to the vaccine, her family can claim 44 million yen from the government

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

What a generous offer, it's heartwarming to read other news than the pandemic, vaccines and infection rates

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Posted in: 30 years later, Serge Gainsbourg still a global influence See in context

What a great froggy voice he had

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Posted in: 43-year-old female company exec arrested over indecent behavior with 17-year-old boy See in context

Bizarre, she traveled to Nara, surely she could have got what she wanted in Tokyo

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

Aren't they putting the cart in front of the horse? You get Ghosn first, then you go after the small fish

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Posted in: Nametake tuna rice: A delicious rice cooker recipe using just three ingredients See in context

Sounds delicious

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Posted in: Woman who fell to death from 9th floor was thrown by husband, police allege See in context

If he did it, he sounds very cold, going out for a fag and noticing his wife on the ground, sounds all matter of fact

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Posted in: Tina Turner documentary, lockdown films headline virtual Berlin fest See in context

Great singer, have seen a film about her musical career before, it made for a gripping story, I'm looking forward to this one

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Posted in: Mystery man donates bags of cash to local schools in Nara See in context

There are some wonderful and fabulous people out there

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 'G-SATELLITE' carried to International Space Station See in context


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Posted in: 65-year-old man arrested over fatal stabbing of woman at his apartment See in context

Why is it most everyone who commits a crime us unemployed? O think what happens, the police go round to their place of work.

'We're investigating A-san for murder/attempted murder/theft/assault...'

'No, we have no one of that name working here '

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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

This needs to be investigated thoroughly.

I'm not taking this scenario on face value, a lot of questions need to be answered, why would an adult destroy the lives of innocent children? At 16 and 17 they wouldn't know much about life or about being manipulated or about saying no, if they don't want to do something. Very sad

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