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Posted in: Complainant testifies about Australian Parliament House rape See in context

She told police she didn’t think anyone would believe her story and figured Lehrmann’s words carried more weight than hers because of his more senior role.

at that given time she was absolutely right

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted kidnapping of school girl in Osaka Prefecture See in context

pervert for sure, but wouldn't happen if little girls weren't allowed to walk to/from school alone.

so a pervert has evil intention in mind and it's the little girl's fault.

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Posted in: Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch See in context

International punch. Are they referring to an alcoholic beverage, can't see how an English language TV channel is going to have any impact

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Posted in: U.S. women's soccer probe uncovers 'systemic' abuse and sexual misconduct See in context

What is it with these coaches, not only womens soccer, but mens too. Not only in the US but in the UK too

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Posted in: Confident Tiafoe 'flying high' after Japan Open start See in context

Watched the final match between Tiafoe and Alcaraz, what a match. They're the future greats

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Posted in: Indonesia police chief, others removed over soccer disaster See in context

Fancy, you send your husband and children to a football match and they come back in a coffin. How do get over that.

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Posted in: Man stands trial for rape in Australian Parliament House See in context

Maybe he was drunk and can't recall much

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Posted in: Nursing home employee arrested for attempted murder of 82-year-old resident See in context

She survived that attack and at her age, just goes to show, when it's not your time ...

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Posted in: Native American actress who refused Oscar for Brando dies at 75 See in context

Yes, RIP Sacheen. You kept your dignity while those around you had none. You remained true to yourself in a tinseltown full of shallow characters, Wayne being the worse out of a bad lot. Decent to end: It's never too late for forgiveness."

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Posted in: Kyrgios focused on Japan Open on eve of court case See in context

Everything he said is right. He doesn't have to appear at court, so best concentrate on his temnis

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Posted in: British PM Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn See in context

The Bank of England should have stayed out of this, it's not the job of a bank to start bailing out the government or to talk about social issues, it only causes jitters in the market (which nobody wants). We've become so impatient, we want a good economy and we want it now, sometimes we have to have to wait

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for forcibly kissing school girl See in context

Unacceptable behaviour, now she'll have to take a covid test, maybe even counseling

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Posted in: Japan revises law to speed identification of anonymous cyberbullies See in context

Step in the right direction

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Posted in: Denmarks: Nord Stream 2 pipeline seems to have stopped leaking See in context

Yes why dismiss Putin's claim as outlandish, he has nothing to gain here, so go look somewhere else for a culprit. This doesn't mean I'm pro-Putin, just let's have some unbiased eyes looking at this issue

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Posted in: UK train strikes, energy price hikes add to a week of turmoil See in context

Everything has gone up but wages remain the same, it's the only way to get the gov to listen, I'm not saying they'll do anything about the problem, but listening is the first step

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Posted in: Springsteen takes on Temptations, Supremes, Four Tops See in context

Great songs that moulded an era. It would be interesting to hear Bruce's version, doubt he could raise that electricity that ran through one's body or gave you that warm magical feeling as in the originals

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Posted in: U.S. wins 4th straight women's basketball World Cup See in context

Congratulations to the winners, commiseration to the losers

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Posted in: Russian athletes who do not back invasion of Ukraine could return to competing: Bach See in context

Bach, how much do they have to pay to compete?

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Posted in: North Korea fires 4th round of missile tests in 1 week See in context

Again. And again, nothing is done to stop another launch

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki, Japanese pro wrestler politician, dies at 79 See in context

RIP a real showman, a caring politician and a decent human being

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Posted in: New UK coins featuring image of King Charles revealed See in context

The coin looks real cool. I'm a great money user, it keeps you in touch with how much you're spending and I believe gives more understanding of the value of the money in your wallet

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force issues rare apology over sexual harassment case See in context

Forehead touching the ground might be a little more convincing as an apology and saying gomen-nasai 3 times in a loud voice

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Posted in: Court rejects long-stay visa for gay U.S. man married to Japanese See in context

Had to check the calendar to make sure it said 2022 and not 1922

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Posted in: Guilty plea in hit-run death of 'Gone Girl' actor Lisa Banes See in context

Clear case of hit and run

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Posted in: Coolio, rapper behind hit 'Gangsta's Paradise,' dies at 59 See in context

Always sad when a star goes out, makes the world a darker place. But if we fill the emptiness with positive words and action, there's light again

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Posted in: Idol singer from Keyakizaka46 says she’s now working as a Tokyo bar hostess See in context

Who did she pay for all this publicity

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Posted in: Male rapper arrested for threatening woman on social media See in context

Police seem quick to act on things they can solve quickly and easily, but when it comes to really dangerous situations....stalker has entered the woman's property, they seem slow to act and solve

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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

The list covers 125,284 people

What about the others. Just because they have 125 284 names doesn't mean that's it

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife after she asked for divorce See in context

He's still young, maybe there's hope for him yet. Maybe this is his wakeup call. She got out, hoping she stays out

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Posted in: A documentary from the Disney family takes aim at the Mouse House See in context

Way to go girl, but doubt this will dent Disney's profits

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