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Posted in: Baldwin was practicing drawing gun when he fired fatal shot: director See in context

The man with a gun is responsible for the gun.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to only give written answers at marriage press conference See in context

I think all interviews should be conducted like this

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Posted in: Confusion reigns over Queen Elizabeth II's health after hospital stay See in context

She's still doing a great job

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for ex-nurse over murders of 3 patients See in context

@bokuda I agree

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Posted in: 2 bus company execs go on trial over 2016 fatal crash in Nagano See in context

Takahashi and Arai were negligent for not ensuring that he was qualified to drive large buses.

Boris , take heed, you want HGV drivers without training to deliver goods in time for Xmas, an accident waiting to happen

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Posted in: House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt See in context

Lock him up

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Posted in: Morgan Freeman interviews police recruits in Alabama town See in context

recognizable by his voice if not by his face:

who wouldn't recognize MF's face? He played the role of POTUS once and some voters wanted to vote for him in an election

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

This must have been a huge wallet. A million yen is a really thick wad of notes and wouldn't fit in an average wallet, that's assuming they were all ¥10,000 notes. If ones and fives were included, you'd need a bag.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka to lift nightlife curbs from Monday as virus cases plunge See in context

Nationwide, new infections have plunged from record highs of over 25,800 in August to under 400 in recent days.

These numbers are incredible. I just don't know what japan is doing right, whatever it is, they should share it

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Posted in: Greece hands over Olympic flame to Beijing 2022 hosts See in context

You wanna stop China. Easy. Don't buy anything made in China, I dare you

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Posted in: UK terror prevention program questioned after lawmaker slain See in context

Why use the word, Islamist? The guy is bad, evil, heinous, mad even, why blame a whole religion and belief for the crime of an evil man? It's this kind of reporting and language that create hate.

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Posted in: 2 ex-workers at facility for disabled arrested for abusing teenage resident See in context

Aren't people vetted to care for young people. Both sound like they've been abusing others for years. Also these facilities should have cameras

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Posted in: Police shooting looms over confirmation battle for Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

Seems to me more a demotion than a promotion

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Posted in: Kipruto, Kipyogei complete Kenyan sweep at Boston Marathon See in context

These marathon athletes are awesome. 22 miles is no small feat and at speed. Congratulations to two greats.

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Posted in: Don Quijote asks couples to refrain from breaking up in its Osaka store See in context

@BJKayce very funny, I can actually visualize that situation happening

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Posted in: Princess Mako visits imperial graves ahead of high-profile marriage See in context

Out of the frying pan into the fire. I wish her the best of luck

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Posted in: 6 injured after wooden maze floor collapses at Hyogo amusement park See in context

I don't know how more accidents don't take place at these 'parks'. From Disneyland to local Rollercoaster they all seem open to something going wrong. Not only mechanical but people stupidity. Still, no fun without risks

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Posted in: Kishida, China's Xi hold phone talks See in context

50th anniversary of the normalization of Japan-China relations, they "must take the opportunity to build constructive and stable relations

yes, moving forward positively is better than moving forward negatively. China is a neighbor of Japan, a good neighbor is better than a bad one

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Posted in: Kishida says he'll work closely with Koike in tackling virus See in context

Give the man a chance

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Posted in: Instagram and teens: How to keep your kids safe See in context

Follow a line similar to China, only one hour for kids on social media. Maybe they'll use it for the good, maybe not, but should there be damage, it'll be easy to control and addressed

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Posted in: Google: Flight search tool can help you fly 'greener' See in context

Fly greener. Flying is not green, whichever way you look at it, so fly greener is nonsense

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Posted in: Facebook grapples with another global outage See in context

FB for business? Asking for trouble. Many corporate businesses thought it was hip to use FB, might have been at the time, but not any longer.

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Posted in: 53 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan See in context

It seems only professional people who have some connection with Japan and/or the outside world getting into Japan. Very discriminatory

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Posted in: Truck driver dies after crashing into koban See in context

Sounds like koban is under attack

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Posted in: French prosecutors seek to dismiss rape case against movie mogul Luc Besson See in context

I'm all for rape and assault charges (by both men and women) to be severely punished. But, I just don't get it when a person is raped to continue a 'professional' relationship for two years. Just like I don't get it when people cry rape/sexual assault and then sign an acting contract with the culprit.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

She must be very disappointed but it will make her focus more on her next bout. Good luck

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Posted in: Chief trade negotiators from U.S. and China hold 'candid exchange' See in context

I've said it before, if you want to stop China, stop buying 'made in China ' goods. I dare you

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Posted in: N Korea says abduction issue already resolved See in context

@LouisF, well said. Free the abducted Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan skipper Yoshida accuses Saudi fans of 'discriminatory gestures' See in context

Until I came to Japan I had always called it football, still do.

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Posted in: Surfers sidelined as California races to clean up oil spill See in context

This is how civilized Man treats the natural environment. Unacceptable

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