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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

They'll use that as a trial for future track and trace and I'm not talking covid

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Posted in: Australian soldier sues media over Afghan war crimes allegations See in context

Soldier, I wouldn't go down that road. One newspaper you might have a chance, your word against theirs, but three? There's no smoke without fire

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Posted in: Toyota reaches settlement over bullied engineer's suicide See in context

A Japanese friend of mine took her holidays (at this office no one had ever taken their hols even though they're entitled to it) when she returned to work they'd removed her chair so she had to stand and work for days.

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Posted in: 'Belittling human lives'- how pandemic pushed Olympic volunteer to quit See in context

Why are there even volunteers? This is a

Huge money making event for massive corporations and businesses. Why would anyone work for free? Unbelievable

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Posted in: From 'batsu' to 'maru': Japan’s shift in attitude toward untying the knot See in context

I think it's time we looked at marriage again and come up with several alternatives.

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Posted in: Serena Williams, Nishikori out of French Open See in context

At least they played till the end, unlike Federer who has not been fined or given a press interview

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Posted in: 'I must listen to my body': Federer withdraws from French Open See in context

Many come down like a ton of bricks on Osaka for pulling out of the games and press interviews, but in Federer 's case, he's a professional? Really? What lovely double standards shame on RG

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy, driving car, causes accident in Iwate See in context

He must be the youngest driver in a police chase

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

The problem seems to be not enough medical staff to administer the vaccinations in a timely manner.

what do you mean? Anyone can give that vaccine, not as if you have to find a vein. Jeez I could give myself that vaccine.

(I'm sure they could train millions of volunteers to administer, stop making excuses)

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context

@Robib, you have made some very good points. Admittedly the whole of Japan has not been vaccinated, but a 'trial marathon was held in Sapporo and every precaution taken to include no cheering and afterwards we didn't see thousands dead, dying or infected

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Posted in: Kelly Osbourne opens up about drug and alcohol addictions See in context

Opens up? We all knew this already, y'mean she's just found this out?

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Posted in: Grand Slam leaders pledge to address Naomi Osaka's concerns See in context

These sport interviews are so boring, fruitless and time wasting. Most people I know rarely watch them. It just gives the media something to do which they do rather badly with those insipid, boring boring questions.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson urges G7 accord on COVID-19 passports See in context

I see boat full of refugees arriving.

'Where's your Covid-19 passport? No passport, no entry."

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Posted in: Vietnam to test all 9 mil residents in largest city See in context

Good luck

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Posted in: Marilyn Manson hit with new rape, abuse allegations See in context


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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

I feel so sad that mental issues is not fully understood. Some people seem to think mental issue affects only the poor and untalented. If you are wealthy and talented, no way can you suffer? Makes me so sad

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Posted in: Two women apparently jump to their deaths in Tokyo business district See in context

Very sad.

and police have not yet determined where they jumped from.

if they fell in front of a skyscraper, they could have jumped/fallen from any number of floors, not necessarily from the roof. I guess the police need to find their shoes

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man caught on school grounds sent to prosecutors See in context

Er....children are noisy little people, I mean, who doesn't know that

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Posted in: Smoking gun: French film can't kick nicotine habit See in context

It is prohibited in France since 1991 to promote directly or indirectly tobacco and advertise it. If it is the case, it is an old movie

Really. This appeared in first and other media.

French cinema is still addicted to showing smoking on screen, as a new study reveals the practice features in nearly all the country's filmsSmoking gets 2.6 minutes of screen time on average per film - the equivalent of six adverts, the French League Against Cancer found.

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Posted in: Other athletes support Osaka's decision to skip press conferences at French Open See in context

Japan will from next spring revive mental health education in high schools, axed four decades ago,

just read this in JT national/home news with most posters saying it's come too late and more should have been done ....

Now we have a young woman bringing this issue to the forefront and all of a sudden it's not a problem, it's her having a hissy fit. People with mental health will continue to suffer as long as we have people critical of others trying to shine a light on this problem.

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Posted in: Smoking gun: French film can't kick nicotine habit See in context

It may be difficult to distinguish if this is actually just a reflection of the French society in the films or some effort made on purpose to promote smoking,

just look at the credits at the end of the film and you'll see the name of the tobacco company. Wherever you see smoking in films you'll see the name of the tobacco company 'contributing ' to the making of the film

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after throwing dumbbell from 2nd-floor window See in context

The 'fence' of these balconies should be higher, so you can't see below

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Posted in: India to vaccinate entire Olympic contingent See in context

That goes without saying

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Posted in: Beset by coronavirus wave, doctors lead push against Olympics See in context

It's only recently the docs have voiced their opposition, they should have said that from the start when their silence was deafening

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Posted in: Djokovic will play at Olympics only if fans allowed See in context

That's right, not only put yourself at risk make sure you take others down with you , what an idiot

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Posted in: IOC tries to reassure Olympic athletes over virus liability waiver See in context

Hold Olympics, athletes will come

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Posted in: Pandemic mask mountain sets new recycling challenge See in context

I've seen documentaries where gorillas in the wild play with used paper masks and small fishes get caught in the strings of masks. Heartbreaking

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Posted in: 'Game-changing' drug tests to be trialed at Olympics See in context

In the future some drugs will be allowed to enhance performance because humans can only go so far and we want to see superhuman performance. Many will give me the thumbs down, but that is the future of sports to come

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Posted in: Biles makes history in return to competition at U.S. Classic See in context

Absolutely amazing athlete and champion. She is mesmerizing to watch, it's what sport is all about

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