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Posted in: Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of U.S. air base See in context

Another example of how Japan and the United States has (sic) no respect for the government and people of Okinawa.

"President" Trump would probably say "If they don't want our bases there, shut 'em down and bring our troops home." I would tend to agree. If the Okinawan governmentpeople truly don't want US bases on their island, US forces should be withdrawn and, if any military defense of the island is needed, it should be the responsibility of JSDF or some type of Okinawan home grown force.

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Posted in: Nigerian court sentences 54 soldiers to death for refusing to fight extremists See in context

Troops regularly complain that they are outgunned by Boko Haram, they are not paid in full and they are abandoned on the battlefield without enough ammunition or food

Perhaps Nigeria should launch investigations of applicable government and military officials to determine why soldiers aren't being properly paid, fed and armed. I think, these summary executions will only cause other soldiers to forego mutiny and join Boko Haram or desertescape to neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Grand jury decides not to indict police officer in Ferguson shooting See in context

White cop gets away with murdering a kid and white folks celebrate.

I didn't see any white folks celebrating. The non-media white folks I saw were participating in the protests,

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Posted in: ABC, CBS, NBC decide not to broadcast Obama's immigration speech live See in context

if we come to a place where our major broadcast outlets are not fully covering the news

NPR aired live coverage of the President's speech.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Islamic explorers discovered America 3 centuries before Columbus See in context

They did not believe in the leaders who closed the Dark Ages

The Dark Ages have been closed? Has anyone mentioned this to ISIS?

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Posted in: Abe sends offering to Yasukuni shrine, but has no plans to visit See in context

Just curious, but is Prime Minister Abe required by law to publicly announce this donation and are politicians required to publicly announce their visits to Yasukuni shrine? Seems to me that making a public spectacle of donations and visits only serves to alert China, et al, of the donationsvisits and invite scorn. Why not donatevisit on personalprivate time without all the pressTV hoopla?

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Posted in: Teens sharing photos of themselves 'praying' for victims of Tohoku disaster cause stir See in context

Although some people, busy as they were, went about their day oblivious to the fact that the moment of silence was being held**,

Instead of criticizing the kids' actions, which I don't think were disrespectful, why not criticize the "some people" who failed to show any respect at all.

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Posted in: Crown prince has A-type flu virus See in context

Did he get a flu shot?

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

But this is a domestic matter for China, so the government declines to comment on it.

This is the attitude Japan should take in response to most of the proclamations from China and South Korea. Elevating every issue such this to diplomatic status only serves to encourage the two countries to continue to "tweak Japan's nose". Knowing that by making such comments it'll get a rise out of the Japanese Government.

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Posted in: Rabid Japanese fans label athletes who don’t bring home a medal 'tax thieves' See in context

Ignorant Japanese fans label athletes who don’t bring home a medal 'tax thieves'" would have been a much better title for this article.

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Posted in: Victory of Korean speed skater competing for Russia triggers outrage in S Korea See in context

I'll bet that if Ahn had not won a medal or, better yet, if he had been beaten by a South Korean skater, the headlines would have been a whole lot different.

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Posted in: Kershaw, Scherzer win Cy Young Awards; Darvish 2nd, Iwakuma 3rd See in context

Darvish could have won 17-18 games, if he had received good run support from his teammates in 4-5 games. He was beaten 1-0 in four games this year. Hope the Rangers can keep their best players and pick up a few more good pitchers and hitters before next season.

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Posted in: Europe considers sanctions against U.S. over spying See in context

Edward Snowden has created a sense of urgency among European governments that, at the very least, they need to be seen in the eyes of their citizens to be doing something to stop the spying.

When European versions of Edward Snowden pop-up and divulge what their countries' spy agencies are doing, it'll be European countries turn in the barrel.

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Posted in: 50 dead in wave of Iraq attacks centered on Baghdad See in context

"Attacks have killed more than 3,900 people since the start of the year"

Blame the US, if you want to, but these killings boil down to Sunni-Shitte religious hatred that has spanned centuries.

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Posted in: Afghan policewoman kills U.S. adviser in Kabul See in context

Maybe the Afghan woman's husband or some other relatives were killed by american during war or while in jail.

An article on another website stated that the policewoman is an Iranian married to an Afghan and indicated " she had plans to kill either the Kabul governor, city police chief or chief investigator, but when she realized that penetrating the last security cordons to reach them would be too difficult, she saw "a foreigner" and turned her weapon on him." The article also said the policewoman displayed "unstable behavior," but had no known links to militants

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Posted in: Newborn girl found in bag near highway in Saitama See in context

Here in the US, many cities and states have laws which allow parents to take newborns to a safe place and hand the baby to a staff member. Under these laws, safe places include hospitals, emergency care facilities, police stations and staffed fire stations. The entire process is legal, completely private and parents cannot be prosecuted for child abandonment.. Can newborns be dropped of at safe places in Japan, without fear of criminal charges?

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

YuriOtani: "I expect the next American diplomat in Japan to mess up will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law."

According an explanation of diplomatic immunity at http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Diplomatic+Immunity, several levels of immunity are granted: the higher the rank, the greater the immunity. Diplomatic Agents and their immediate families have the most protection and are immune from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits. The lowest level of protection is granted to embassy and consular employees, who receive immunity only for acts that are part of their official duties—for example, they cannot be forced to testify in court about the actions of the people they work with. The Diplomatic Relations Act of 1978 [22 U.S.C.A. § 254a et seq.] follows the principles introduced by the Vienna conventions. Further, if a person with immunity is alleged to have committed a crime or faces a civil lawsuit, the department of state alerts the government that the diplomat works for. The Department of State also asks the home country to waive immunity of the alleged offender so that the complaint can be moved to the courts. If immunity is not waived, prosecution cannot be undertaken. However, the Department of State still has the discretion to ask the diplomat to withdraw from her or his duties in the United States.

Possibly, Japan waived all diplomatic protection for Nagaya in return for the plea deal and minimum jail time.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

YuriOtani: Ah he should of been covered by diplomatic immunity.

The Japan Daily Press website http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20121223a6.html reported "U.S. authorities said that his vice consul status did not afford him immunity from prosecution for crimes unrelated to his diplomatic work, such as the domestic violence charges." An earlier, 09 May 2012, JDP article also reported that Michio Harada, a deputy consul, made a statement that "Nagaya would remain on staff. However, due to the crime not being related to the official’s work, the consulate would not be providing any legal support to Nagaya, and he would need to find his own lawyer." A restraining order was also filed, prohibiting the diplomat from making any contact with his wife.

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Posted in: Global doomsday hot spots draw believers, revelers See in context

Well, I see that this website is still up and the 21 December doomsday prediction didn't result in Japan being destroyed. It's still Thursday here in the US and we still have a few hours to go before Friday gets here. Maybe the doomsday date was based on USMexico time and I'm still doomed!

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