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mimi comments

Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

They love their masks. Won't be surprised if we keep wearing them till 2040.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

They love their masks .Won't be surprised if they continue wearing them till 2040

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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

They love their masks otherwise they would have gotten rid of them long time ago. One lady told me that she doesnt mind wearing a mask forever .she loves it . masks till 2040.yeaaaaah

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

ridiculous .why give money before a child is born? they may choose not to have a child after getting the money .

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

2 years ?seriously? stupid judges. He should have just been fined

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Posted in: Shionogi applies for COVID-19 vaccine approval See in context

this might be better than the commercialized Pfizer etc

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Posted in: Musk says he is granting 'amnesty' to suspended Twitter accounts See in context

Awesome Musk. Love it .

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Posted in: Kishida pledges help to those financially affected by Unification Church See in context

using taxpayers' money?

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context

Why is it hard for Afghans to adapt and easy for Ukranians ? Discimination.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

But what are the children doing on social media? who allowed them?

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Posted in: Capitol riot panel blames Trump for Jan 6 'attempted coup' See in context

Can't wait for 2024.Someone will be provd wrong.

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥1.45 tril on 4th vaccine shots, other anti-virus measures See in context

can't wait for the 25th

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Posted in: How will the world decide when the pandemic is over? See in context

It will be over when the beneficiaries stop making it.

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Posted in: Police step up patrols at train stations See in context

will they do it forever ?

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Posted in: Austria orders nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated See in context

The so called "protected" are fearing the unprotected. First time in History since the world began. Can they just mind their own business?

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Posted in: Only 1 in 5 Japanese happy with ¥100,000 handout plan: poll See in context

Ridiculous. Why give money to the family that makes 800,000 yen a month ? Give to everyone equally or to the ones who have been directly impacted by the COVID.

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Posted in: Singapore to stop paying medical bills for those who choose to be unvaccinated See in context

Crazy .If the vaccines work why still forcing people to wear masks? They lied to us from day 1

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