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Posted in: A night out at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

If Japan learned its lesson that would only encourage anti-US sentiment to grow in light of the invasion of Iraq and even hostility on behalf of the Iraqi people. Or even worse, fuel pro-Chinese sentiment.

I'm sure many people here have stakes in friendly US-Japanese relations and its continued antagonism against Beijing. Let's not ruin it all by some fervor over an issue that only Asians give a crap about.

I'm not saying Japan should deny the atrocities, not at all! If the US and its cool attitude towards the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has taught us, Japan should grow up and justify/excuse itself before any attempts at making apologies.

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Posted in: A night out at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

If Japan learned its lesson that would only encourage anti-US sentiment to grow in light of the invasion of Iraq and even hostility on behalf of the Iraqi people. Or even worse, fuel pro-Chinese sentiment.

I'm sure many people here have stakes in friendly US-Japanese relations and its continued antagonism against Beijing. Let's not ruin it all by some fervor over an issue that only Asians give a crap about.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy attacked by knife-wielding man in Chiba See in context

When you are out having fun at 3.AM in the morning, you are no longer a kid and must accept the risks and consequences of partaking in such adventure. This 16-year old learnt the hard way. I hope the wound isn't too deep.

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

Wasn't there a similar article on JT sometime ago? except, the breath-taken Japanese damsels in love..were not necessarily damsels but investment bank managers and their exhilarating and brilliant foreign admirers were their ambitious security analyst subordinates.

Just face it people, non-Japanese are not necessarily great lovers, they are good at talking sincerely.

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Posted in: Japan Anonymous pick up litter to protest download laws See in context

In IRC (Internet relay chat), somebody proposed cleaning as a means of protest as we didn’t want to follow the style of mass anti-nuclear rallies which are getting too much,

Which translates to: We are hipsters and we think that anti-nuclear rallies or too mainstream.

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Posted in: S Korea's president raps cabinet on bungled pact with Japan See in context

Modern Japan has and will continue to move on with or without Korea.

I'm afraid I can't say the same for vice versa

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Posted in: Charge it See in context

The next generation in automobile fuel that could save the planet is now available in a typical run-down town in Saitama.

Screw upgrading carriages for the Noda line man, drive eco-friendly cars!

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Posted in: Driver arrested after 7-year-old boy run over, killed in Chiba See in context

I drove down the the R296 last week, a national 'highway' that traverses through Sakura. It's a narrow road shared by both large trucks and smaller vehicles with little or no curbside relief between roads and buildings along a great portion of the route. My understanding is that this road was originally built for pilgrims who made their way from Shinjuku to Narita-San temple on foot and some modern age bureaucrat thought it was a good idea to pave it and let industrial traffic pass through. I saw schoolchildren perilously walking on the sides with trucks zooming by along the Usui-Old Sakura segment. It's now virtually unsafe for pedestrians to follow what used to be the original pilgrim trail.

I know that many newer suburbs in Chiba towns like Urayasu, Usui, Yukarigaoka and Narita have good pavement for peds but much older towns of this prefecture are not pedestrian friendly at all. I never imagined saying this but, it feels safer to walk down the narrow streets of Tokyo than to do so on similar roads in Chiba.

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Posted in: Oshima's win in AKB48 election big news in Japan See in context

“This general election sprang from the demands of the audience; it was a democratic movement against dictator Akimoto. It may sound wild, but the movement is comparable to the Arab Spring,”

I am lost for words.

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Posted in: U.S. to shift most of its naval fleet to Pacific by 2020 See in context

What a magnificent fleet the US has, and yet they can't finance even the most crude form of universal healthcare. The mind boggles.

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Posted in: Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile See in context

These politicians are idiots!

The jury is still out on whether they will use these fuel for power plants on Japanese soil or to build nuclear weapons. We certainly hope it's the latter. Japan's been asking the world to stop stockpiling nuclear weapons but they won't listen. What other choice Japan should take to prevent another Hiroshima?

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

Ah yes, the same old "you, too" argument... Two wrongs don't make a right, and Japan still just wants to justify, make excuses and whitewash their history. Japan is still not sorry for the atrocities that they've done during the war, they still genuinely believe that they were the victims!

but isn't that the argument those Korean nuke victims are relying on?

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

You sound like a victim to me.

Heisei generation bro. We've got so much to lose but little or nothing to gain.

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

In her book Unjust Enrichment, in a chapter called "Mitsubishi: Empire of Exploitation," leading researcher Linda Goetz Holmes writes: "Mitsubishi occupies a unique place in the history of corporate Japan's use of POW slave labor during World War II. This company built, owned, and operated at least seventeen of the merchant 'hellships' that transported prisoners to their assigned destinations; and this company profited from prisoner labor over a larger range of territory than any other."

To think that Japan was actually awesome some time long before my birth brings tears to my eyes. We sure weren't victims. No sir, we have British and other Europeans demanding justice from OUR IMPERIALISM!

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

impretty sure it was Japan that bombed pearl harbour, Japan that brutally colonised Korean, China, Singapore, japan that treated its POWs like lower class animals

Um..you see, most sane people who are not sullen with vengeance this green world tend to have problems in justifying the indiscriminate vaporisation and immolation of a few hundred thousand people with the infliction of traditional imperialist malpractices. It would certainly be nicer next time for the US to resort to methods that don't harm their allies or anyone who doesn't truly deserve it.

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Posted in: Doolittle's Raiders recall daring WW II mission See in context

They struck terror at the heart of their enemies, both combatants and civilians, they are an inspiration for freedom fighters everywhere!

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Posted in: What kind of a fool keeps the same constitution that occupation troops forced upon us 65 years ago? We should ditch the current constitution and start afresh. See in context

The Constitution is well written and has most points covered, unless you are a right-wing nationalist and then you probably want an atomic bomb or two.

because they have this delusion that somehow in the even of a nuclear blackmail Japan should have an option other than to merely submit or beg the Americans for help.

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Posted in: Edano says Japan facing power shortage in summer See in context

All city street lights should go SOLAR ASAP!!

what street lighting in Japan?

My bet is that no other G7 nation will ever find themselves in such predicament that Japan is facing right now.

This energy crisis Japan is facing is akin to the US embargo crude oil to Japan back in 1941: both avoidable and the most predictably puerile of all the available responses

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Posted in: The graduates See in context

They look like they'll be assets to their new employers!

Literally, and that's if they are lucky to get a grad position by getting the right answers to those ridiculous SPI standardized tests.

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Posted in: Ben & Jerry’s to return to Japan with Omotesando Hills store See in context

I learned of this brand from watching the Colbert Report. Can't wait for the summer.

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Posted in: Gov't enlists AKB48 as 'gatekeepers' for suicide prevention See in context

If someone like Japan's favorite son Masaharu Fukuyama did the promotion, the message would've carried weight, the man's demeanor and works tend to strike at the soul and pride of Japanese society and unite strangers together at heart. But AKB48's 'don't worry. be happy' approach is just taking the piss. This girl band has never meant more than a selfish treat for its fans, they will never compel people to do what is good for their fellow man.

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Posted in: A piece of Japan See in context

Why look at girls when you can see all these idol chasing otakus. If mankind rallies together behind a single obsession, we might at last know true peace.

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Posted in: A piece of Japan See in context

Oh look, it's the other part of AKB48 that mainstream Japan doesn't give a crap about.

'ya fool, Japanese senbatsu polls don't mean crap. Let Indonesia decide

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

BTW, the subsequent recalls of several field commanders at Nanjing, including General Matsui and Prince Asaka, suggest the Japanese top command knew what had happened and were appalled by it. Matsui was hanged but Asaka let off the hook due to the occupation policy of giving the imperials a free ride.

and don't forget Shiro Ishii & the Unit 731 who got US citizenship and houses in New England on top of immunity from war crimes because their horrible human experiments on Chinese civilians and POWs was valuable to the US biological weapons program, all the while some Imperial Army Grunt who killed significantly less people at Nanking and in a comparatively less gruesome manner with a sword most likely hanged after a summary trial. THE END. I wonder how these politicians who deny the rape of Nanking would regard the live human experiments, if the Americans thought it wasn't a crime worth prosecuting, will they be willing to admit those experiments happened?

Also many posts have implied so far that the US has this..moral duty to stop Japanese politicians saying nasty things to the Chinese because it could..provoke war. The issue as to whether the Americans do have this moral duty is irrelevant, because if they actually had it, they clearly failed to execute it prior to the war against Iraq and even now as George W. Bush and his lieutenants walk free without charge. Then again, whoever suggested of the existence of this moral duty was clearly naive from their belief that the Chinese would take military action against Japan for taking a slight at history, really now? and at the same time lean favorable towards the Chinese position by suggesting such course of action is natural. The only thing natural which they are justifying is that communist dictatorship's imperialistic agenda against Japanese possessions. From history, any nation that was 'provoked' into military action by the defending nation's statesman had had already set their focus on invasion, they just needed some miserable excuse for action. How does this serve to support the moral superiority of the Chinese Communist Party?

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Posted in: Western pupils lag behind Asians by three years: study See in context

China, Korea, and Singapore, I can see, yes. Japan? Definitely not. They have fallen to VERY low levels due to complacency and a complete lack of discipline in schools, as well as focus on outdated entrance exams (which require only rote memory), and complete dependence on cram schools to educate instead of public schools

I'm afraid to say that not many nations are resting hope in the public school system for sending top university enrollment, a disproportionate number of independent school graduates make up a large proportion of Oxbridge undergrads. Also cram schools other 'outdated educational methods' are used throughout Asia except for "we're so British Commonwealth" Singapore. Japan has just lost the game that it used to own.

Internet did not come from Asia. Neither did Facebook, Wikipedia or the iphone. If there is any cradle of all that is in the San Francisco Bay Area, possibly one of the most free spirited and accepting areas of the world.

If gay pride is the driving factor for innovation, Japan is not far behind.

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Posted in: Australia marks 70 years since Japan's bombing of Darwin See in context

The Japanese unprovoked aerial bombing of Darwin cemented the US-Australian alliance. It's kind of ironic because it's this very alliance that launched an unprovoked aerial bombing of Iraq.

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Posted in: BBC and Hulu tie up See in context

Oh that's a shame, the most interesting British TV is produced by ITV.

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Posted in: U.S. judge turns down whalers' appeal to restrain Sea Shepherd's activities See in context

Oh the whales are so beautiful, shame on the Japanese for not sharing my view.

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Posted in: Emperor enters hospital to prepare for heart bypass surgery See in context

What wealth does the emperor have? The imperial family are owned by the people. I don't envy his position, no freedoms and all that highly structured behavior. I enjoy being a free man too much. But I hope his op works out just fine.

Yes, I bet he would rather join his relatives who were stripped of their titles and privileges by the Allied Occupational Forces and forced to sell ice creams on the streets to make a living after the war. Would he be able to afford to see the same doctors, the best in the country at Tokyo University Hospital with such prompt service as he is getting now?

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Posted in: Welcome See in context

Yes, Koyuki was great in ALWAYS but it's sad that the rest of the world will only know her as that slag from Last Samurai or whatever typically demeaning Asian role she would gratefully receive from Hollywood.

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