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Posted in: U.S., Japan begin talks on sending 4,700 Marines to Guam See in context

Oh, yes, the U.S, Marines have totally and completely conquested the Japanese on Okinawa!

not sure if he's concurring or is ignorantly sarcastic.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over undersea gas drilling See in context

LOL, Japan is protesting and planning to waste time finding cute names for some islands (see separate story), and China is drilling. Does anyone really need any more indication of where the power in Asia now resides? Get used to being an also-ran, Japan. Protest all you want. Even make meaningless threats if you will. But China knows that the Japanese economy is way too dependent on trade with China, so they hold all the cards.

You make an interesting point because if you look back in history, the early Yamato princes crowned themselves Emperor in direct challenge against the Chinese emperors' assertion of hegemony over Japan. In doing so Japan lost so much trade rights with the China and her suzerain states.

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Posted in: Reina Triendl joins White Family in Softbank Mobile ads See in context

Oh, her family name is Triendl, good relief! that sounds almost as heavy as 'Gertrude'

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Posted in: Asian stars woo Western record market See in context

The only westerners interested in asian music would be those westerners who also happen to be asian. And maybe a few anime/manga nerds - but that's about it!!

So true, The appreciative gulf between Eastern and Western music seems to be crossable by only those who are ...quirky. You can find that most Japanese who listen to western pop music are somewhat unstable. Even worse, those teenagers or 20 somethings who listen to English speaking indie music are sure to have identity disorders and exhibit anti-social behaviour.

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Posted in: British PM stokes war of words over Falklands See in context

Here we go again! Stupid cold islands in the middle of no where with more sheep than human citizens, call them the Falklands, call the Las Malvinas, what ever you want, but I do hope the UK and Argentina do not go at it again, oil??

It's like New Zealand with importance

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Posted in: Police issue arrest warrant for Chinese man in Seoul over Yasukuni arson attack See in context

I agree with Netninja is it wrong to take up the courage to defile the graves of soldiers that fought against their own country in contempt? or fire bomb the embassy of their nation? Who ever says otherwise is a pathetic liberal.

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Posted in: Second AKB48 documentary to hit cinemas on Jan 27 See in context

Is this the one where they help Tomomi Itano communicate with her home planet?

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Posted in: Japan likely to buy Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighters: media See in context

The F-35B's STOVL capability was the only appealing feature of the jet, and Japan refused to get that one..


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Posted in: Japan, Russia see chance to clone mammoth See in context

Silly me, God has no place in science.

But why does the idea of bringing back extinct species to life seem to somehow grossly disturbs the course of life on this planet? It's like trying to hop onto a different track of reality permanently.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia see chance to clone mammoth See in context

What's the point?

To show the world how inflated their God complex is?

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Posted in: Edano says Japan's corporate governance on par with U.S. See in context

Edano says Japan's corporate governance on par with U.S.

Why does he say it like it's a good thing?

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes to Okinawa governor for official's 'rape' remarks See in context

So I guess in your way of thinking it's justifiable to say what ever one wants to based upon where the people in question live or what their ethnicity is? No need to apologize for being arrogant and crass.

In his defense, a disproportionate number of US Forces in Japan continue to be stationed on that one island with the consent of the Yamato electorates at large.

Now, the Okinawans could declare independence or petition for new terms of federacy/union with Japan but they don't.

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Posted in: Japan concerned as China's first aircraft carrier starts second trial See in context

Headline should read: China launches aircraft carrier, doesn't have technology to land planes

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Posted in: ANA flight canceled after pilot exceeds safe alcohol limit See in context

Can you believe it? it's still cheaper to fly than it is to go by Shink.

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

In their defense, these dramas are crap. But the few J-doramas that the studios here still manage to produce on a shoe string budget are worse, if not, just as terrible. I avoided this year's Taiga drama altogether, the same choice I should've made with that Antarctic expedition show with that Smap hack on Sundays, it looks like a bad high school stage play.

BTW, is that a guy cosplaying as a Vocaloid?

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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

NIMBY or is this the beginning of a revolt?

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Posted in: Radioactive strontium found in 3 locations in Tokyo See in context

want to lead a healthy life? for starters, move out of the 23 wards.

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Posted in: Lost 81-yr-old man, granddaughter, 3, kept warm by their dog until rescued See in context

I'm glad they are OK

But they got lucky.

From the details of the ordeal, it seems the brave pair did not have a mobile phone or cell signal coverage. Wow this is amazing, because a typical Japanese on the mainland would most surely fall into a coma as soon as they become separated from their mobile phones or receive a cell signal strength of 2 bars or less. "I have been severed from the collective [mailing friends], I guess I don't have anything to do now than shut myself down!"

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Posted in: Japan to return ancient books to S Korea in early Dec See in context

On a sincere note, the Koreans can be angry at the Japanese bureaucracy and politicians for making the whole repatriation process so agonizingly slow. They do this to any Japanese private individual who makes the effort to get anything done through the system. What's even more frustrating is the fact that these archives are just sitting somewhere in storage where they haven't seen the light of day. If it was such a cherished treasure that Japan doesn't want to give up so easily, it ought to have been on public display. Is Japan such a thieving douchebag that isn't able to appreciate the loot they stole? It certainly seems that way, regardless of whether or not the general Korean public themselves know its significance and the politicians are demanding them back for mainly the kicks. But hey, whoever appreciates their family heirlooms in the item itself? However, if your neighbor steals them you know you have a duty to get it back, or else you be damned by the spirits of your ancestors who probably acquired it out of whim while window shopping at some antique store.

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Posted in: 3 junior high school boys arrested for bullying in Shiga See in context

This is only the tip of the iceberg and furthermore a softer part at that! there are reported cases of bullying where the victims are maimed and actively killed.

and yes I know the fact that icebergs don't appear in Lake Biwa.

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Posted in: Boyz II Men visit Sendai to meet fans, student volunteer workers See in context

Hurray for 90s artists, people from an age when music was still good.

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Posted in: Japan to return ancient books to S Korea in early Dec See in context

Actually Meiji emperor and so on were all descendants of Koreans...

Why not take them too? they are all descendants of Dongmyeong, the holy father of the Koreans. Surely, the current generation of Japanese would be committing theft as just-a-guy would probably agree if they continue to enthrone individuals who bear that sacred Korean lineage as "Japanese kings".

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Posted in: Twitter opens window into user activities See in context

Great, now I can have all my favourite f***book features on Twitter?

wait what..

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Posted in: Something's fishy See in context

A natural predator in the wild being confined to a tank by man for his own amusement in exchange for guaranteed feed and medical attention?

and they say we don't have heart, but I'm sure that shark knows we do,it can hear the sound of our hearts pumping all that nutrient rich blood flowing through our bodies whenever we are in the water. That underwater Santa better watch out or else he'll end up as feed and the one needing medical attention.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga's photo book to be released on Nov 22 See in context

people might mock Lady Gaga, which I don't, but she's the one earning over $100 million per year! I love her singing!

Well there's your answer, appeal to the stupid people who make up the world in large and bag the cash.

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Posted in: N Korea celebrates sweet revenge with 1-0 victory over Japan See in context

I would actually fear for the well being of the home side had they lost.

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Posted in: Video of the week: Tokyo Metro See in context

My bad, I was just poking fun at the fact that old Tokyu Corp trains are still running on the line I mentioned. There are actual new and old Metro train sets running on it. You might see trains with strange liveries sometimes because of the tracking rights by other railroad companies.

I wonder if this new smartphone tool will be an effective tool to navigate the network. The Metro network seems complex for non-Tokyo residents like myself who don't use the tubes often.

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Posted in: Video of the week: Tokyo Metro See in context

If you’ve been riding in Tokyo’s subways recently, you have probably seen this video playing in the trains and on displays at stations.

Nope, totally missed out. Try operating the Hanzomon Line with actual Metro train sets?

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

And here, in Europe, we have absolutely no idea what is Japanese cinematography.

the French do, and their tastes are crap even by Japanese standards.

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Posted in: Noda becomes Japan's 6th prime minister in 5 years See in context

Noda stressed that he is an ordinary man without political star power or looks, and promised to be a peacemaker who will unite the deeply divided party and seek to engage the opposition.

we hope you do the opposite and intimidate the crap out of the rebels in your own party.

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