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The credit though really goes to his genetics, not him.

May be neither, just like the last Olympics

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some obscure village in Japan abuses animals, and the whole nation gets the blame by this guy.

So does the article, just look at how the location of Miyakejima and Taji in Japan is described. It would seem every place not Tokyo in Japan has to be referred by the distance away from Tokyo by foreigners.

He obviously wants Taji to turn their village into a tourist attraction for dolphin lovers, well guess what Ric, they would've preferred this relatively effortless venture if the returns were about the same if not better.

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Although it is substantially true that Komuro's conviction destroyed much of the brighter future of the industry and if any shred of international esteem along with it, we still have Tsunku, Yasu Nakata and to a lesser extent Daisuke Assakura to maintain some form of composure in the market until a new genius can emerge, right guys?

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what's with the women of this nation and their unhealthy obsession with androgynous or otherwise gay western males?

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The only occasion the GSDF can be put to use for defending Japan apart from missile defense and logistics is when the enemy makes landfall when our navy and air force are at the bottom of the ocean. Here's the irony: Tokyo will most likely surrender to the enemy in that circumstance, so the GSDF is useless for combat, unless of course they fight as partisans along with irregular volunteers, but this not what they are trained to do amongst others. Neither is the mounting of amphibious assaults against offshore interests, even reinforcing the defensive position of our continental allies is also out of the question and yet Japan has ample armor that are unfit for combat on the rugged or otherwise densely populated Japanese terrain.

There are so much inconsistencies between the strategic discipline of the GSDF and the nation's enduring 'pacifist' policies that makes me uncomfortable as a Japanese resident and taxpayer.

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what's missing from this scene? cigars, good whiskey, high class hookers..

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I tend to view a massive earthquake as the best early warning system for tsunami's, not ionosphere anomalies detected AFTER the tsunami has been unleashed.

Totally, unless there's some element of quantum mechanics involved which is most likely.

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Anyone have anything good to say about Noda?

hopefully he will be terrible enough for the electorate to swiftly reinstate the LDP. Then again the tyranny of Nero didn't return Rome back into a republic did it?

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THIS IS SPINAL TAP! wait what, why did I even make that reference

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sole custody favouring policy in Japan is quite an ironic one, because this country's step-parents just love smacking the crap out of their step-kids.

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Do Americans learn and experience stuff from forms of media apart from movies..say, books?

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I thought Japan was a country that only exalts and worships WINNERS, not losers. This kind of behaviour is basically telling our kids that mediocracy and EPIC FAIL are acceptable as long as you give it your best shot.

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Did you know that Iraq is in Asia, and that Japan supported the aggressive war against them back in 2003?

I'm afraid history is repeating, except we won so no-one is gonna punish us!

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To be fair, all of my Japanese friends here think these guys are idiots. They hate the Imperial Japan motif!

that's ironic, because modern Japan doesn't have an army to compare!

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Hitler liked eating chicken, may be liking chicken is evil.

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It's ironic. I've met young married couples couples in Japan who don't have immediate plans to have kids or never , and yet they have all the qualities of good parents. At the other end of the spectrum, I see immature stupid couples with toddlers and kindergarteners on the sidewalk and at the shops. It feels like Japan's past sins have caught up and will destroy every shred of decency this nation holds dear.

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There must be some crude deal behind Sudan (sorry for the pun)

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Interesting: this murder occurred in a town that's NOT served by the Takasaki line. May be it's worth to pay a visit.

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Any victim of war, disaster or famine who places hope in the UN for salvation have a lot to learn. Especially those from nations that the UN was born to wipe off the face of the earth.

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Cool I hope he brings a real good gieger counter! Hopefully broadcast this live around the world in about 90 languages, to let the whole world know what stupid Tokyo Electric and these useless fools in the Japanese government are really up to.

I am Kettle (UN), this is Pot (TEPCO), he is black (overpaid buffoons who are totally incompetent when the going gets tough, manages to charge a hefty sum for their services from the Japanese people despite its clear lack of respect for them)

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Oh wow, to think Neojamal's cycnical, juvenile and outright offensive predictions of Korea's subsequent course of actions came true made me lose faith in humanity..Just kidding!

I've been keeping tabs over the score for this media circus, so far Japan is winning. Their right-wing nutjobs are getting all the attention they needed just by sitting in at Gimpo Airport and the Koreans are reacting in a furious and outrageous manner. I wonder what more our friends on the Peninsular have in store for us!

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Contrary to the nationalistic tunnel vision, not everything is about Japan only. There is a balance of power involved here, and an evolving superpower right next door. You really ought to look at bigger picture beyond Nippons shores.

Well there, allowing one's country to be an American dagger aimed closley against the throat of the Chinese won't score points with them either.

Japan's lapdoggery to the Americans will guarantee one thing, that it will get little of what the Chinese are prepared to offer otherwise, and it looks much better than what the Yanks would give in the long run.

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When they say authentic Indian dining, I assume it's nothing like those Anglo-bastardised joints right?

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It takes 'courage' for a flag carrier to codeshare with a budget airline. Unless JAL is going low-cost themselves.

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A guy is killed in Osaka, why is this news?

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LOL I hate that character very much!

That reminds me, it's almost 7 years to the day her duet song with Kaz fom Siam Shade "Moment" was released as the theme tune to Gundam Seed where she made her voice acting debut. Could it be that Gundam was the last work she did before going on hiatus?

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Man, I miss the Zinzan led haka with the 90s squad, I do not like these new faces.

Many people in New Zealand will be furious about this. Will be interesting to find if they have permission or not

You think 'dance offs' with hakas in beverage promotions is something to be upset about? Then see this:


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Hirohito should be grateful he wasn't executed with them. In fact the only reason he wasn't was because the US cared more about reconstruction than exacting justice.

"Reconstruction" encompasses advancement of US's own biological weapons programme. Hirohito and Shiro Ishii had it good while people who were convicted for Class-A war crimes because they were ambassadors to Germany and Italy hanged.

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American holiday flyers have put their trust in a piece of legislation that won't help them get to their destination on time instead of being towed by the F40PH

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Why not address the HARD FACTS I provided regarding fifth column activity within the Japanese West Coast community. Rather than ignore it, what do you have to say about it?

So is the citation of dubious, un-confirmed assertions is readily accepted as HARD FACT in the JT community?

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