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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

War is an inevitability between human beings. There is always tribalism, indifference that aren't (but can be) overcame, such as economic differences of how to govern a nation. The more complex society is, the more dystopian the earth becomes. Most people are distracted by the shiny objects and tall buildings.

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context


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Posted in: Cruise back with more stunts in 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' See in context

Looks like terrifying fun.

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Posted in: YouTube sees accelerating growth despite strong competition See in context

Personally sick of all the Advertisements on Youtube. Also, they changed the "Block Replies" option and took it off of youtube and put it onto Google + for more views.

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Posted in: 3,058 treated for heat exhaustion nationwide in week to July 12 See in context

Oh, the heat. I'm melting.lol

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Posted in: If security bills that would allow Japan to use its Self-Defense Forces to defend an ally are passed in the Diet, do you think Japan would be compelled to fight a war alongside the U.S.? See in context

Sure, let's get the politicians and defense ministers in their finest gear-good luck out there!

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Posted in: Japanese should take heed of Greece's woes See in context

Well, if there is no international market for exports of fancy Japanese goods, austerity and taxation can ensue. We're all participating in a global market which can affect us all. If China collapses; America; Europe, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) are unemployed. Even on smaller levels, if the economies of places in which Japan exports to slows, Japan also slows. Taxes can only go so far before it causes a deep poverty within the society.

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Posted in: Typhoon hits China as nearly 1 million evacuated See in context

Yikes-Looks like two storms barreling in on them.

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Posted in: Man jumps out of moving car after argument with girlfriend See in context

I blame the woman. You creatures nag-nag-nag.

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Posted in: Heroin use, overdose deaths mounting in U.S. See in context

A lot of poverty and stress in the U.S. Look at the drug epidemic in the homeless population in places like L.A. Surrounded by all of the glamour and materials that if used effectively, can assist those who have been dispossessed by their system that in essence creates a commodity out of people.

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

An allergy to milk is the most common human allergy on the planet. That's all I remember of five years of biology classes : )

Drinking another animals nutritional secretions is quite unneeded. People say "there's calcium in it, there's calcium in it!" however, there is calcium in Salmon, Bok Choy, Kale, Dried Figs. There is only a need of 600 milligrams per day which can easily be obtained from those sources. If there is one proponent of a cow that could be of a higher reward than risk would be grass-fed, free range colostrum. the first dietary liquid that most mammalian females produce in the very early stages up to and after birth. Bodybuilders use the powder, or drink the liquid form to help grow. It is also filled with the highest natural compounds of immunogobulin (at least 50 g/l).

However, it of course is not considered to even be remotely used as often as most people use dairy. Which the over-consumption of Cow's milk (and the protein content) has links to diabetes; D-Galactose is a PRO-inflammatory agent found in cow's milk and breaks down through the digestion process into a toxic sugar that is toxic to ovarian cells in Women.

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

Good. Lactating humanoid females only occurs during the neonatal period, in which mammalian creatures get the vital proponents from the milk to help support growth. Drinking highly processes milk from another animal is asinine, especially from an animal that has had it's diet compromised from natural grass-fed to feeding them processed corn, or worse--a nasty mixture of mysterious fructose based substances.

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Posted in: Man arrested for slashing his mother with kitchen knife See in context

More Class warfare tactics. The guy was crazy despite his employment status.

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Posted in: Sugary drinks may cause 184,000 global deaths a year: study See in context

Fructose, glucose, sucrose, treacle, diatase, syrup, dextrose, lactose, cane sugar, date sugar, agave nectar (mmmm), Ethyl Maltol, Maltose, Molasses, Mannitol...so much substances our bodies cannot process sufficiently. Same can go for processed salts (not necessarily iodine found naturally, such as seaweed) causing a host of diseases as well.

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Posted in: Gay U.S. couples wed on historic day as conservatives resist See in context

For a very small minority in the world, homosexual beings are receiving quite the acceptance from media outlets for a largely taboo or obscure way of living- not religious based assumptions, but at least scientifically abnormal.

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Posted in: For Japan, lesson from Greek crisis is to keep on spending See in context

Im broke. And bought many fancy things.. ihave noticed that im always broke.

You must go into debt to keep our economy growing-That's the capitalist way!

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Posted in: If you were given a choice to live and work in Japan or China, which would you choose? See in context

Nationalism.lol But, at the moment Japan is still a better choice as it holds a better quality and standard of living.

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Posted in: NBC latest to dump Trump over Mexican immigrant comments See in context

Keeping the American people, and the world relatively ignorant as to what the U.S. military excursions were doing in Central and South America beginning in the 1900's can lead someone to shame the dispossessed of global capitalism from the corporate empires.

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Posted in: China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise See in context

China would need to set-up a system that has variables separate from a global capitalism if they are interested in having growth for a long time. 2008, 1980 and 1930 continually exposes the obvious weaknesses in the current system of bank failure and private ownership of vital resources and Fiat monetary systems that run amok and crash.

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Posted in: Gov't to stop inefficient coal-fired power plants being built See in context

It'd be pretty cool to see buildings themselves harness power. A turbine section that can intake air, solar panels and Conductive coating can all be applied to a certain degree to reduce the demand on the coal/nuclear plant supply.

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Posted in: Woman who beat husband to death over affairs 36 years ago avoids jail time See in context

Prime real estate for female serial murderers.

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices up 0.1% in May; jobless rate 3.3% See in context

The jobless rate was unchanged at an 18-year low of 3.3% in May.< What is the workforce participation rate?

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Posted in: China slams Western misconceptions of its role in World War II See in context

Fascism has still prevailed as a governance system for most industrial countries.

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Posted in: The gun control debate: Do you support the right of citizens to own and bear firearms? See in context

Mankind of today are driven mad by civilization in either an aggressive or repressive manner. Less weaponry for the aggressive maniacs is a good thing, but ultimately, they'll find something to take life with.

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