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Posted in: N Korea accuses South of faking warship sinking See in context

Why wasn't China invited to take part into the investigations?

Because China doesn't care, one way or the other... And when it comes down to it, China will never take the side against N.Korea.

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Posted in: 4-yr-old girl falls to death from 6th-floor hotel window See in context


Japanese parents have very little common sense. Just stand at any intersection on any given day anywhere in the country and watch


I don't know what it takes...? And it's the same kind of deaths / accidents occurring, week after week.... Either a kid is being left unattended and falls out of a window, or gets backed over by a car, with parents, less than 1 meter away, or letting their 2 year old cross a busy intersection, while mom is on the keitai, typing a mail...

It's like, nobody learns, anything from what happened yesterday, last week, or last year... Pitiful!

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Posted in: JR employee arrested for blowing in woman's ear on train See in context

He grabbed Funata and took him off the train at Nishi-Akashi station and notified police

Not only do they have some of stupidest pedophiles, they are also total wimps... And how in the hell, do they know, he wasn't just breathing, or gasping for air...? Those rush-hour trains, are pretty crowded, it's not hard to be pressed up, to within a few inches of someone's face or ears...

"Oh, ok, just take me to the police, I've got nothing better to do..." crazy... Let's suppose for a minute he's innocent... Now, he's he's going to be locked up for 21 days straight, until the police can force a confession out of him... Loser... Anyone tries to detain me, over some BS, better stand the fxxx by.... It's not going to happen... And they've tried...

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Posted in: Dad who tried to take kids from Japan sues Tennessee judge See in context

An arrest warrant issued in Tennessee for Savoie’s ex-wife has no effect in Japan because the country hasn’t signed the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction

Has absolutely nothing at all to do with this "1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction," the reason it has no effect in Japan, is because there is NO EXTRADITION TREATY between Japan and The U.S.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

Problem is bigger than that, not just mother. Government and society is responsible for this death. In new social system people are trying to make independent life is causing all these problem.

That's absolutely ludicrous!

It comes down to stupid parents with no common-sense.. A very common trait in Japan... If government and society are doing anything wrong, it's allowing Japanese to go through life, acting like 12 years olds...

In the U.S., these parents would most likely have been charged with child abuse or negligence, you can't leave young children unattended...PERIOD....

And didn't we just read this same story like 3 weeks ago...?

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Posted in: Hair iron blamed for Narita airport suitcase fire See in context

What a dumbass.... Anyone, Japanese, American, British, you name it, that puts a battery powered device that is designed to create heat, without, at the very least, removing the batteries... And if the batteries cannot be removed... Leaving the thing at home...

300 innocent passengers are very lucky that thing didn't decided to get switched on half-way across the pacific, and then we have another value-jet type crash...

They need to make up a checklist for dumbass's, that asks specific questions, "Are you carrying and flame or heat producing devices... Oh, like a charcoal grill battery powered heater...?" A Battery powered Iron...?

It's very rare these days, in which hotel rooms do not have AC outlets, so people do not need to carry battery powered devices designed to generate heat!

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Posted in: Right-wingers vow to block release of 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

These are the same wacko's and nut-jobs that are in the process of re-writing Japan's history of everything, up and including WW2. God forbid if anyone really knew the truth of what really happened..

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Posted in: Nara officer gets slashed while responding to call See in context

Another example of a close-call.... Only by luck and the grace of god, was he saved from being seriously injured or killed...

When reality meets piss-poor training and ill-equipped police... Just hope and pray for the safety of these police, that they will never have to deal with any REAL situations, which don't involve doing anything other than giving directions, or standing around looking important..

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

Japan wasn't, but citizens of Hiroshima were. Uncontrolled anger is also evil. Fighting against evil does not necessarily make one "good side." America wasn't really "good."

Here we go again...

This is must be the standard line that all Japanese are taught to use, when confronted with any facts of history, that don't show Japan as a Victim...

"Oh, well America did it too!"

No.... America never invaded and killed 300,000 people in Nankin, innocent civilians, there isn't any comparison at all.

And Unless you are 85+ years old, it's highly unlikely YOU, "Kumasan" participated in any of these atrocities, and no one is blaming you, but what the world really needs to hear from Japan, and people like you, is that you understand what happened 60+ years ago, so that it will never happen again...!

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Posted in: Man, 19, arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

19-year-old man

I really like this... One minute, they are boys and girls, if you are referring to someone under 20 years of age, because they are minors in Japan, and the Next minute they are MEN and WOMEN....

No...This kid, this boy, is just a fricken kid... another one of the 120 million boys and girls that reside here... Their biological age and appearance may change, but their mentality and level of maturity will remain largely unchanged from age 8 until age 70...

your assertion that the 'majority' of Japanese people needed these things.

Not only is it TRUE, Fxxx yea, it's true... Sorry, if you are one of the 120 million Japanese, much like the Kakapo Parrot, the Japanese Person, "The ancient, flightless Kakapo is the world's rarest and strangest parrot" and so are the average Japanese..."

Common-sense AND Teaching the difference between RIGHT and WRONG... Not just how to be polite and what university they should attend (to learn absolutely nothing at all..)

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Posted in: Woman arrested after trying to strangle 1-year-old daughter See in context

The woman called police and told them what had happened, and she was arrested on Monday for attempted murder.

You really have to wonder if these people AND stories are REAL...?

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Posted in: Canada to face U.S. for gold in men's ice hockey See in context

It's not over yet.... Although, Canada already got their Gold, against the women's team, it's time for the Men's team to beat Canada, one last time.... No win really counts, unless you win that Gold.

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Posted in: Man robbed of cash and clothes on way home in Tokyo See in context

Man robbed of cash and clothes on way home in Tokyo

And to think, he went to all this trouble of making such an elaborate cover story, just so his wife wouldn't find out he was out drinking with his mistress, or hooker, and spent all his money...

I would have paid good money to see this oyaji banging on an apartment door at 1am, completely in buff....

Ha ha ha...

I'm sure when the cops arrived, they probably arrested him first... "Yea, sure a group of youths beat you up, took your wallet and all your clothes..."

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Posted in: Police arrest wrong woman for supermarket theft See in context

how can they check fingerprints for shoplifting or even dna people watch too much CSI. A bike registered to the womans house which hadn't been reported stolen. Eye witnesses and cctv which all match the description if they hadn't arrested her they would have been stupid. Unless she had an air tight alibi but the story doesn't mention it

I really have to wonder about some of these people...? It's always the first remark, "Oh, you've been watching too much CSI! Ha ha ha"

Do you have any experience in law enforcement? Did you even graduate from HS? Do you have an ounce of common-sense in your head?

And, if you ever wondered, the TYPE and Severity of the crime also comes into play when making an arrest, especially, if not something they catch a person doing in the act... This isn't suspected murder, this is suspected shop-lifting.... BIG DIFFERENCE.... But then would you expect any different from J-Cops, who place illegal Bicycle parking in the same category as murder-one!

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Posted in: Police arrest wrong woman for supermarket theft See in context

No sir, Fingerprint Evidence is not required to make an arrest. Conviction maybe, but not initial arrest in pursuant to an investigation.

You are absolutely Correct, Fingerprint evidence is NOT REQUIRED to make an Arrest... But Did this women need to spend the night in Jail...? Because of something, that would have taken 15 minutes to determine...? Absolutely NOT!

Ok, you have the bag full of stolen goods, and you have the women they suspect. You can get two samples of fingerprints here....No problem... And you have results with an hour... This isn't rocket science...

Catching someone in the act is one thing, Yes, you catch someone fleeing the scene of the robbery, and it doesn't take much to make an arrest, BUT going to someone's home, the next day or when-ever it was and dragging them to jail is quite another...

Only in J-Cop land... If it was a guy, he'd still be in Jail, and the police would still be insisting he did it, trying to force a confession out of him... Thank God for the SOFA...

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after fall from 9th-floor balcony in Osaka town See in context

Unbelievable....WTF...? You do go out and leave your kids home alone and something happens... In civilized countries, YOU GO TO JAIL!

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

Campbell said that if Japan didn’t make changes within four months on the issue, Washington would ratchet up the pressure on the Japanese government

Better Stand the Fxxk by Japan!

Time to start getting in line with all the other developed countries...

No more games...

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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context

Japanese history doesnt acknowledge those facts because they are told by the US how they are to be written

The U.S. Never told Japan anything like that... This is the Japan Ultra-Nationalist at work...

It's because there is no such thing as saying you're sorry in Japan, because sorry acknowledges that you have committed such acts, and in the Japanese spirit of Bushido, sorry only brings shame, unlike in western cultures, saying your sorry leads to forgiveness, which there exists none in Japan.

Japan wants to be seen as the victim of WW2, that's why they have no memorials to any of their hundreds of thousands of victims, like Germany has for it's victims, NOT itself, but the victims of their actions.

Japan needs to start building memorials to it's hundreds of thousands of victims, and stop acting like a victim...

Japan YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM OF WW2, YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF ENORMOUS DESTRUCTION AND SUFFERING... WHY NOT COME-CLEAN, and start telling your own people what really happened, then you can finally put it behind you... NO MORE VICTIM-HOOD, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!

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Posted in: 3 pedestrians killed by car in Nagoya; driver, passengers flee See in context

According to the Chunichi they were probably Brazilian

If they were Brazilian, then they are treated as special Japanese, according to immigration. They aren't treated as normal foreigners...

But first I'd like to know where everyone gets this idea that they were foreigners...?

Not one word in THIS story about their Nationalities... Only the deceased Nationalities are known...

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Posted in: Man arrested after killing wife, 2 children in Osaka See in context

"A little insight to the Japanese mind regardign crime: My Japanese wife tells me that the law here is not so severe on people if they "keep it in the family." In other words, if you kill your kids or your parents it is much better than killing someone else's."

You know what dude... We don't care... keep it to yourself...

There's no fricken excuse for killing your family and precious kids, NONE AT ALL.

This kind of thing stems from lack of common-sense and morals.. They don't exit in Japan.

If you want to kill yourself.. Fine, have at it, one less loser running around MY country, breathing my air, but you don't have the right to kill women and children!

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Posted in: Riot drill See in context

And this is the amount of people they need to take on one slightly demented frail Oyaji armed with a butter knife.

And much like the movie Rambo, 200 hundred of Japan's Finest is a no-situation against the frail Oyaji...

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Posted in: Police release video image of Tiffany robber See in context

Police on Wednesday secured an arrest warrant for the man who stole four rings from the Tiffany store

How can they get an arrest warrant for someone that they haven't yet identified...? Another only in Japan moment..

This guy is long gone.... He actually looks Chinese, he was probably on the first flight out of Japan that night, he probably even had his bags with him, and a taxi waiting down the street for him.

At the Tiffany's in Hong Kong there is a security guy by the door with a loaded shotgun who opens the door for you and gives you a nice big smile. I believe it is a pretty good deterrent against crime. Needs to be applied here.

That will never happen in Japan.. In the states and other "Civilized" countries, having the security guard is one of those requirements stipulated by the insurance company, but in Japan, since everything is basically a crime, including accidentally backing your car into a pole, I doubt these companies are even insured... It's not the Japanese way...! Ha ha ha...

And with success rate of the J-Cops, I highly highly doubt they will ever find those rings, even if they do manage to make an arrest. Their best chance for ID-ing someone would come from the finger prints, if this character was stupid enough to leave his prints behind.

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl in hospital after being hit by police car in Ibaraki See in context

My hate for cops is well known but I also in this case must say poor guy. He supported a law system that will now screw his life. The law does need to change here...

To be completely honest, I don't think he should be charged either.. That said, Japan needs to really think about doing away with STUPID laws, which make everyone a criminal who's involved in any type of car accident...

They need to Charge him because, it's in keeping with the law, and the way it is enforced in Japan... If they choose not to charge him, then they need to drop all the other cases, where a driver him someone, and it didn't involve any type of illegal behavior or action... I think there was just a real heated debate here a month ago, about some old guy, accidentally hitting some kids, no deaths or serious injury involved, but he was arrested on the spot... This kind of "arbitrary" enforcement of the law, needs to come to a halt... If you let him go, you cannot turn-around and charge somebody else for the same kind of incident...

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl in hospital after being hit by police car in Ibaraki See in context

Where's the charges of "Professional Negligence" as they always do to anyone involved in a car accident in Japan!

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Posted in: Former employer of Ichihashi suffers repercussions See in context

I don't believe it. The article sounds like free advertising to me

Yea... You're probably right... Anyone that deals with a construction company in Japan, knows damn-well that they are owned and operated by Yakuza... So I do find this article suspect.

They just happen to be at the very bottom rung of the corruption totem-pole, which wouldn't be able to hire illegals, launder money, or dapple in any of the plethora of other illicit activities they deal in... Extending from them, to the weekly or monthly police and city official pay-offs to look the other way.

While the Yakuza, may not have anything at all in common with it's New York or Italian counter-parts, when it comes to violence, they certainly have them both beat when it comes to making money from legitimate companies... Estimated 90% of all companies in Japan are either own, operated or infiltrated by Japanese Organized Crime..

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Posted in: New U.S. airline rules keep passengers in seats one hour before landing See in context

But I will say this - - Janet Napolitano is doing a heck of a job.

This is a Joke... right...?

I was never a Clinton fan, still believe "George Dubya" belongs in a War Crimes Tribunal, and I voted for Obama because of his message of CHANGE... I know the economy isn't his doing, that was all George Dubya's!

But Obama has put so many people into cabinet positions, just like George Dubya, that do not know a fricken thing about their jobs, other than they helped get Obama elected... It's a Crying Shame!

There's probably only one or two good actual picks for appointments he's given out, that are actually up to the job, and both of those people are retired Generals.

This Bathroom thing is the last fricken straw...

So what do you do if you have Diabetes...? Just sit there an urinate in your pants...? I don't mind the extra screenings, I think they should've started doing that a long time ago, but these toilet rules have to change...

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Posted in: Cop, 3 others arrested for confining student during party See in context


However horrible it must have been to have your ex-girlfriend get three goons (including a cop) to bully you, break your nose, confine you and withhold food and water for three days, at least they didn't kill the guy. Moral of the story? Beware the fury (and power to enlist help of pathetic males) of a nutter J-girl.

Very well said... But not only the Nut-Job girl and her friends..

I think this is an excellent example illustrating the general lack of any common-sense and reasoning among the Japanese population... I would even say, this isn't the exception, I bet 70-80% of the JN male population not only believes this "Ganko" crap, but will let themselves get beaten to within a inch of their life, over something stupid...

Example...(You may actually know or work with these people...)

Nut-Job A: "You better say you're sorry, Or we're going to kill you...!"

Nut-Job B: "Ok... Kill me!, Na Na Na Na...! Go Ahead, I double dare you!"

These people will literally put themselves in utterly hopeless and untenable situations, which could easily result in their death, and usually does... For what... Something they believed as kids, but some-how lack the basic insight, or realization, that when you grow-up, all bets are off and you can die, or be seriously seriously injured trying the pull the same stupid shit, you might have got away with, when you were a 12 years old...

As ludicrous as it may sound.... The guy was taken hostage for 3 days, by a group 20-something nut-jobs.... For how-ever meaningless and hollow, it may have seemed at the time, why didn't he just say those two stupid words..? "Ok... I'm sorry... you win..!"

He could have walked to the police station himself...

Whose the dummy?

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Posted in: S Korea-Japan territorial dispute flares up again See in context

See.... This is what happens when you have a population of 120 million, that still believes they are the victims of ww2.... Why, do they believe this...? Because Japan hasn't been teaching REAL history... So you have an entire population of Japanese that hasn't a clue what their country did the last 100 years, how the rest of Asia suffered, because of Japan's war of aggression....

I don't even think it's the apology stuff so much any more, as it is for a population that needs to be educated, about what their country really did, and that they aren't anyone's victims, and they need to lose this culture of "Victim-Hood," lest, they are doomed to repeat it.... Those that do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it... and next time, who-ever the victor's are in 20 or 30 years from now, probably the Chinese, might not be nice enough to allow any Japanese to survive...

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Posted in: Public support for Hatoyama plunges See in context

I think it's so funny... These people that are so behind Hatoyama, and at one point (if still not today) were comparing Hatoyama's victory, akin to Obama election in the U.S.... Ridiculous....

There's absolutely no comparison, what-so-ever... Hatoyama was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth, he's pure-breed politician, mommy and daddy at every fork in the road to care for his every need.

Hatoyama, doesn't really know what he wants, all he knows is that he's not going to do anything the way the LDP did... Even without knowing why... Have fun...! I think it will be curious to see where he and his party are in another year... I'm betting it will be a repeat of the last time, some other party controlled japan, very very short-lived... I give him another year, or until the next election, he and his party will be "Day Old Pizza!"

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Posted in: Seven dogs bite five students in Mie school grounds See in context

New ground being broken everyday...

What should and what will actually happen...?

A) Do nothing, it was an act of God, or Shoganai that the students were bitten.

B) Send papers to the Prosecutor on the Farmer for Professional Negligence resulting in injury.

C) Students will file law suits against Farmer, who will pass it off to his insurance company, to compensate all the students for pain, suffering and medical bills. Farmer will be ticketed and fined for allowing dogs to roam unleashed, Dogs are taken away from Farmer and placed in kennel.

D) None of the above, but police charge several students with Illegal bicycle parking while on school grounds.

(If you answered (C) and (A) Or (C) and (D) You are most likely correct.)

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