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Posted in: Will the U.S. Marines charge ashore at Kansai airport? See in context

Many a tough American has been dragged outside and beaten senseless by the Yakuza. They play by different rules. I think Osaka will be able to handle a few rowdy Marines on paynight.

Not in my neck of the woods...

Many a Touch-Guy Yakuza 2-bit punk, have coward down, turned tail and ran away, like a little scared boy...

But maybe I'm just funny that way....!

I always seek out the Tough-Guy Yakuza's.... It's fun, when they have some getting in their face, they don't know what to do, shxx or go blind...But usually they just walk away, scared... ha ha ha ha... been there, done that... many times.... Still keeping my eyes peeled for someone up to the task, that doesn't sound like a Chihuahua, all bark, but no bite... ha ha ha...

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested for urinating from JR platform See in context

Ha ha ha ha.....

Well, it looks like they are making improvements. But I thought this was just Japanese custom, when-ever nature calls, just pull up along side the road, or in his case, just wang it over the platform and let lose... At least he didn't try to molest any women, or steal some underwear. I'd call that an improvement.

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Posted in: Tough man Terence Lee loses street fight in Kanagawa See in context

I'd love to meet any one of these "Tough" guys...

Matter of fact I have 100,000 yen burning a hole in my pocket for any one of them that would like to take a swing at my always cold-sober, 30-mile running, 10 swimming wimpy little 160lbs 5'9" white guy frame.... They just put their heads down and walk away....

But no matter how many yakuza "tough-guy" thugs or drunk construction workers I approach at the dead night on isolated streets, with no- cameras around, I can't seem to get any of them to take the bait, I mean, take me up on my offer.... Komaru Nee.....!

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Posted in: Saitama cop arrested for assaulting girl on street See in context

3.If you are alone on patrol and encounter the three situations below (simultaneously) which one would you engage? a. A woman being sexually molested in a park only 10 meters from you. b. A foreigner on a bike who just stopped at a vending machine. c. A purse snatcher who just struck and is running directly at you. If you answered b. e. and b. you have a great career on the police farce ahead of you!

Ha ha ha.... but couldn't you get into big trouble for posting portions of the JCop training manual online...?

Incidentally, something I did yesterday, just reminded me of part of question. I went into the bank to Furikomi my rent, and the old oyaji security guard follows me, from the other side of the room and stands behind me, peering over my shoulder, like he's trying to see who's account I'm accessing....

"Oh, Oh, Here's a foreigner, he must be up to no good, I better keep a good watch on him, he's probably using somebody's stolen card!"

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Posted in: Saitama cop arrested for assaulting girl on street See in context

It just never ends... huh...? Even the military is able to crack down on it's own after a drunken spree or some random acts of indecency, but these JCops, just keep on going.... What's next...?

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Posted in: Mother, two children found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

sure japan is a different land but I cant really understand all the japan bashing every time there is a tragedy like this. especially from people from the land of crack whores on every corner.

You know this was totally uncalled for...

Everyone feels extreme sadness when innocent children are killed, by an adult who mad their choice to die for them, before they are even old enough to experience elementary school.

If you want kill yourself, Fine, but leave your innocent kids out of it.

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Posted in: Japan wins 5 swimming golds at East Asian Games See in context

Japan wins 5 swimming golds at East Asian Games


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Posted in: Student arrested for stopping train with emergency call button See in context

As others have mentioned, why wasn't he caught on one of the other 50 times? and why did he admit to it? I feel like a broken record cause I keep asking the same questions in cases like these. It's just bizarre.

Yea... And you really have to wonder, if the guy did it 50 times before... He had to have been stopped, at least a few times, if not 49 other times. And all those other times, the staff OR Police, just said..."Oh Well.. Don't Do It Again..." and they let him go... I would be willing to bet money on this...

BTW: Sukiya you pay on the way out. As someone has already noted, Matsuya has the Ticket Machines.

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Posted in: Student arrested for stopping train with emergency call button See in context

Nakata was quoted by police as saying that he had pulled the same prank over 50 times in both Aichi and Gifu prefectures because, “I hated the part-time job I used to have at a Meitetsu-affiliated company.” Police are currently investigating other incidents the student may be involved in.

There's this general attitude in Japan that these kinds of things are OK... It's Like, "Hey.. I'm 21, nothing but a thing..."

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor attack remembered 68 years later See in context

Funnily enough, not a lot of discussion on this anniversary in Japanese media. Doesn't go down well with the LovePeaceJapan image, I guess.

No, you won't find any mention of anything the Japanese from around 1900 to, oh say, Aug 10th and 15th 1945. And neither do the kids growing up here today, it's unfortunate.

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Posted in: Three pedestrians hit by car in front of Imperial Palace; one dies See in context

ThonTaddeo Mindovermatter, the bus drivers are nothing compared to the taxi drives. For those guys, a light turning red means "you have three more seconds to get through"!

You have a point... But I've never had problems with Taxi driver's, they appear to be a bit more concerned about violating traffic laws... Those Bus driver's though... They are in a world of their own... I can't tell you how many times a bus has come up behind me, within literally inches of hitting me, with a whole highway worth of space to go around... I mean, If I would lost my footing, or even veered 5 or 6 cm to the right, I would got nailed. And it's not because they don't see you, I call it the "Ganko Principle." They feel so certain that the own that highway and that if you're on the road, it's your fault... There's no other way to explain it.... God help one of those guys, one of these days... By the grace of God, there go thee...

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Posted in: Three pedestrians hit by car in front of Imperial Palace; one dies See in context

I don't know why everyone is bashing the pedestrians...

If they were really crossing on a RED light, then they got what they deserved....!

But in my short 25 years of living here in J-Land, I can tell you that JN drivers are some of the worst in world, especially when it comes to pedestrians... These fricken drivers think they own these fricken roads, and if you happen to be crossing, they will zoom by you, with little or no regard for the safety of the pedestrians... Especially fricken Bus Drivers.... Next time one of these fricken Oyaji's drives his 20 ton bus past me, so close that he brushes the hairs on my arm, when I running alongside of the road, you're going to read about "Bus Driver Pulled out from Bus and beaten to within Inch of life.."

No sympathy for people with lethal weapons (That's a motor vehicle for those that don't understand that term) Thinking they fricken own the road... If you are driving a Motor Vehicle, it's your responsibility to do everything you can do to avoid hitting pedestrians, if that means driving slower, and giving a wide birth around pedestrians, well, then that what you need to do..... It's not just common-sense, It's THE LAW!

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Posted in: Three pedestrians hit by car in front of Imperial Palace; one dies See in context

It totally does. A 24 year old hot shot driving a pimped out corvette side swipes and kills 3 pedestrians. Was he driving the company presidents car perhaps? I dont know what kind of company you work for but there are few 24 year olds driving those kind of cars, most likely the president let the kid give his car a test drive.

What...? Ha ha ha ha....

This is good, thanks...! At first I thought this might be real comment... You got me...! Thanks, Best laugh I had all day...!

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching 6-yr-old girl on Hyogo street See in context


Who punches 6 year olds...?

I'd love to meet this piece of work....

5 minutes is all I need...

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Posted in: Cop arrested after breaking into Saitama office to sleep it off See in context

Ha ha ha ha....

Needn't say a word....

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Posted in: Three pedestrians hit by car in front of Imperial Palace; one dies See in context

Shirokane resident and company president

Come on JT let's be relevant OK...?

Now "Shirokane resident" part is fine, but why is "company president" in the least bit relevant to this story...? Is he famous...? Did he hit these people in the performance of his JOB as President...? Other than those couple of reasons, his job title has no use, nor relevance in this story... (English 101)

No mention of alcohol here...? You hardly ever read of a guy moving down three pedestrians without the story involving alcohol or senility.

More RELEVANT details Please... JT...

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Posted in: Officer loses gun on the way to toilet aboard train See in context

Someone this irresponsible shouldn't be armed.

As I have stated numerous times before, J-Clown-Cops have absolutely no reason to be armed! They never use them, even when the situation clearly calls for it, then use them to needlessly endanger the lives of innocent people by thoughtlessly firing warning shots.... The list goes on, and on, and on...

Would you give a loaded gun to your 5 year old son or daughter...?

Then why would you give a gun to a J-Cop...?

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Posted in: Kindergarten principal held after driving van into group of children See in context

WRONG! Mistaking the break for the accelerator is NEGLECT at best, wreckless driving at worst, and the result was the injury of several children under his care. I don't believe his charge should be major, particularly since no one died, but he should definitely be charged with something.

That's ridiculous... The only way that logic holds any water at all, is if something, he did, caused him to mistakenly apply the accelerator, instead of the brake...

EXAMPLE: If he was wearing slippers, or boots with grease all over the soles... Or if he was speeding, and because of his excessive speed, he mistakenly applied the accelerator... Or you might even be able to make an argument that he wasn't qualified to drive that type of vehicle. Or if he had 5 previous accidents, with this type of vehicle, all involving, mistakenly applying the accelerator. Then you could certainly make a case for reckless driving.

Do you understand how that works...?

Under the stated circumstances, he's guilty of being an idiot and perhaps even a less than stellar driver, And that's WHY you are required to carry insurance...


So pull his license, and give him 20 points, or never let him drive another vehicle in his life... But there's no crime in being an idiot, certainly not here in Japan, or half the population would be behind bars!

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador urges Japan to honor base agreement See in context

If it worked the American bases would not have electric, water, sewer, garbage collection, etc.

We'll Okinawa must be totally different, because I can tell you for a fact, The U.S. bases on Honshu, get their water from "On-Base" deep wells, they have their own sewage treatment plants, generate their own steam, and do have power generation equipment, which could be easily transitioned from to full-time operation, but currently they do get a large chunk of Tokyo Electric power from the grid, but they are not dependent on it.

Oh, but they do contract out waste disposal through local Japanese companies, which make pretty decent money picking up their trash.

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Posted in: Kindergarten principal held after driving van into group of children See in context

“I mistook the accelerator for the brake.

It's unfortunate, but Sounds like a pure accident.... So you arrest the guy...?

Was he drinking? Was he speeding? Was he driving recklessly? Was he driving without a license or without insurance...? Was he taking any drugs..? Did he intentionally hit the kids..?

If the answer to all of those questions is NO, then you have no grounds to arrest him!

What a country....

That's exactly why there's a SOFA agreement, to keep Stupid JN Laws, the people that make them, and the people that enforce them, in check!

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Posted in: UK diplomat: U.S. was 'hell bent' on Iraq invasion See in context

Just the facts:

Anybody that is going to stand up for George Dubya and his lying-ass sad sacks of shit, cronies that were hell bent on invading Iraq, for oil and Dubya's "War President"legacy is/are not better than those Racist Japanese that deny Nanking or that Japan did anything wrong in WW2...

You're as bad them, even worse...

Afghanistan = The Right War: Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban

Iraq = The Wrong War: George Dubya's War President Legacy, Cheney's stock prices (Former-CEO Haliburton) All Cheney's Friends get rich, no-bid contracts...ect, ect, ect...

North Korea has no oil, those Texas folks who got us into Iraq, don't give a damn about N.Korea!

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Posted in: 60-yr-old man arrested for trying to molest policewoman in front of police station See in context

Ha ha ha ha....

But molesting someone carries the same penalty as taking a picture on a train...? If you notice they are using the same, "Prefectural Nuisance Prevention law." Gee wasn't it a few months back some guy got arrested for taking a picture on a train... Not anything obscene, just taking a picture.... Crazy shit....

Come on now guys....This isn't a felony...? But I'd bet illegal bicycle parking is though....!

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Posted in: Less for Moore See in context


Ok, I agree we are basically on the same page. I don't think it was "All" Dubya's doing, he just happened to be the one that put the finishing touches on it.... I would actually go back to Reagan, and even give Clinton a good bit of responsibility.

They need to take the money out of politics, publicly financed elections is probably to only real thing that will fix this...

I think Obama got stuck holding a big shit-sandwich. No thanks in small part to that Iraq war, which was all based on a pack of lies... Afghanistan was the right war, and that's where Bin-Laden was, but Iraq was all about oil and enriching Dubya's and Cheney's cronnies....

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Posted in: Less for Moore See in context

The USA is not a capitalist country. Americans have simply stolen the word to legitimize their "system". The movie should really be called "Corporate Socialism: A Love Story".

What-ever it is you're smoking, you should be careful, In Japan, it's illegal just using that stuff!

American is "George Dubya's" global model of True "Unregulated Capitalism!" And it's proven what happens in REAL time when you let Industry Regulate itself! Not only did that dummy, "George Dubya" take down the U.S's economy, but he almost took the rest of the world's economies with him!

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Posted in: Man gets 17 yrs for fatally abusing girlfriend's 2 daughters See in context

this is sick, how on earth would one come up with a 17 year sentence as punishment for the lives of 23 children?

I know it will sound totally ridiculous, but it's because they were girls... And Japan still places the worth of Boys higher than that of girls... They don't say it out right any-more these days, but if you look at the sentencing of these scum-bags that kill kids, you shouldn't be surprised to find that 9 times out of ten, if the gender of the murder victim was a male, then that person who got charged with the crime received a much stiffer sentence. I would speculate, that if these two kids were boys, he would got the death sentence. Actually, I am quite surprised it wasn't a suspended sentence, and it would not surprise me in the least, if he's out running the streets in 3 or 4 years.

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Posted in: Student leaps to death after trying to kill girlfriend See in context

Yuuda had made a written statement to police promising that he would no longer become violent.

How about no longer have any contact with the girl...?

Or does this reek of too much common-sense...?

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Posted in: Man held for stealing car left in parking lot where bodies in drums found See in context

i'm surprised they know how to match fingerprints

Absolutely agree!

I'm surprised they were able to connect them to somebody.... Now that they have somebody, maybe they "force" a confession out of him...

But then again, I wouldn't leave anything to chance, knowing these J-Clown-Cops, they could just as easily screw that up too.

I wonder what kind penalty they have for grand-theft auto under Jn Law...? Probably more than disposing of a body, but less than illegal bicycle parking...

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Posted in: Do it at home: Train manners in Japan See in context

the nose pickers...and Bazza, you forgot to mention the ones who examine it afterward like they just mined a precious jewel (puuuuke!)

the cell phone users in the priority seats

How about someone coughing or sneezing right in your face... Ever experienced this...?

I have to wonder who the hell wrote this article....? Again, no email to send comments to the writer... As is the case in ALL big newspapers and web sites..

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing eldest son during fight See in context

Sounds like self-defense...

A 72 year old man and 46 year old guy...

Unless this forty-year old is in a wheel-chair...

The key words here, "during fight," it doesn't say argument, it says, "during fight..."

Fight = Physical Altercation

And a 72 year old man, unless he was an Olympic boxer, or Tae kwon doo fighter, he has a right to defend himself, in his own home when faced with a much stronger and younger opponent...

Now, if he was laying in wait, for his son to walk through the door, and then jumped and stabbed him, it's an entirely different matter.

It's unfortunate, it was his son..

Sounds like he'll be just fine in a few weeks, and now he's learned a valuable lesson, don't mess with dad...

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Posted in: Cop arrested for breaking into female cop’s apartment in Chiba See in context

Syaka-I agree with you, in other countries police commit crimes far worse than in japan, but this is Japan Today after all, if you went to sites about other countries you'd probably here about that stuff there...

Sure, but they aren't systemic like the JCops... Every once in a blue-moon, you will get some criminal cop on the force who will rape a girl or pull a DUI which ends up killing some people, yes, that occasionally happens.

But you will never ever read about incident after incident, week after week of cops breaking into homes, groping women, or stealing their underwear.... In the states, every single cop, with the small exception of some small hick-town / back-woods police departments in Alabama, Georgia, or Texas (which you would probably never ever have the occasion to run into) are throughly screened with psyche evals, lie detectors and background checks. Perverts like those of the JCop police force would never make it past the initial screening.

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