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There are lots of little things about love with people from other countries.

That thing about being together and not talking, just enjoying the feeling of being together, that took me a while... 'isho ni itai desu' I've never said that in English. Subtle cultural differences and expectations are hard to mediate for those who haven't spent a long time in other cultures...

I think it would be hard for someone who doesn't know about and appreciate Japanese culture to make a J girl happy...Ironically though, when Japanese people get to the UK they tend to avoid people who have knowledge of Japan. As if they want a fresh start...Anyone else noticed that?

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Ironically the previous point shows the influence of an equal and opposite cultural phenomenon, the assumption that individualism is better than collectivism. Aren't we westerners culturally determined to think that way just as much as the Japanese are culturally determined to think the way they do?

It took me quite a few years of living in Japan to stop comparing everything and just accept that things are different and don't need to be hierarchicalised. On the other hand if the Japanese government wants students to learn 'critical thinking' skills as it apparently does, discussion of art might be a good way to start ;)

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