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No party should decide who will be PM, this task lies solely on the electorate. If , like May , you step down, then that should automatically force a general election. That would make rebels of the party in office think twice about challenging and forcing a PM to stand down, just because they can't reach a consensus or solution on policy disagreements. Politicians are there to negotiate across party lines, not force through their own agenda. They all forget , that they are only a public servant and not the messiah.

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Does my memory fail me , or didn't America once belong to the brown people (one of the colors Trump hates) before white people came and stole America from them. Then, didn't they steal the black people from their countries of origin to help those slave owners become so rich and powerful, then lets not forget the yellow people that built the railroads across America for the rich railroad barons , rather ironic that history seems to fail most Americans, especially those white supremacists. So please explain why so called white Americans think America is theirs. Except when they want to recruit for the military, do those jobs so called white Americans won't do, then color doesn't seem to be an issue. Trump is a disgrace to all Americans, use the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office for this type of rhetoric, . All across America people are working to solve the racial problems and yet Trump is stoking the fire and the white nationalists. All Americans should be ashamed today for having a racist as a president.

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This article follows the article a few days ago reporting on the salaries of politicians, it would have been beneficial if the two articles were part of comparison article, showing how the Japanese citizens are being laughed at by those elite politicians. But not to worry , there will be another consumption tax increase of 2% coming shortly. I find reading the Japanese news daily interesting , in one week we have seen , consumer spending up, salaries down, politicians salaries exposed , a neighbor spat between Japanese and South Korean politicians that has been running since WWII , no consideration for the economic damage to businesses and the people who work for those businesses, how much the Japanese politicians have allocated in the budget to support a dying industry that supports less than 300 people, which happens to be Abe's district. The Japanese news, just like the news from the US and the UK and Europe is like a comedy of errors, some hilarious, some downright scary and some embarrassing. Thank goodness we have so many inept politicians, that allows reporters worldwide to give us our daily dose of truth, of how we, the public are being taken for a ride

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This is really going to p##s China off, but what are the true motifs for the US military sale, installing personal to maintain equipment , another guise for another US involvement in an other country. "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_military_bases, " The US with no history what so ever , trying to meddle in a region that has thousands of years. In all my years on this wonderful planet I have never been able to understand the US's foreign policies or their objective. Each time there seems to be an expansion of US forces worldwide, the excuse has always been , for "national security", and how often do we see that phrase in the news lately, from Trump and his war hawks. America has always seemed a country obsessed with the dollar, its all about money.

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" U.S. President Donald Trump said he wants to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan but was concerned that without a U.S. military presence, it could be used as a base for terrorist attacks on the United States." was Trump referring to mainland US or one of the many US bases in the region. 41 years this conflict has been going on, and it's complicated if you include Pakistan into the equation. So who gains and who loses if the US pulls out, or will the conflict continue under the guise of tribal conflict.

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"Barely 300 people are directly involved with whaling around Japan, and though the government maintains whale meat is an important part of food culture, the amount consumed annually has fallen to only 0.1 percent of total meat consumption" and yet " About 5.1 billion yen ($47.31 million) was budgeted for whaling in 2019. Even Japanese economists must be scratching their heads at this budget figure, even 1st grade junior high students would find this absurd. If the resources of those 300 involved in the slaughter of wales was transferred to the tourist industry , just think what a boost that would give tourism.

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One would only hope that an outside agency either from the EU or UN will monitor such a vast movement of labour, to make sure that those Ethiopians are treated fairly, ie: living and working conditions and a decently constructed wage structure. The middle east has got a bad reputation for treating immigrants unfairly, with little recourse for any infringements caused to the immigrants. So many horrendous stories have emerged over the past several years, companies making the laborers work long hours, low pay and unsanitary living conditions. In some cases, especially in domestic service there have been many cases of abuse, beatings and even the loss of life, middle eastern governments don't care when these problems arrive, for them life is cheap. For the Ethiopian government, it eliminates the unemployment problem and also allows for remits to be sent to families which in turn supports the Ethiopian economy, so they also don't care about the well-being of their fellow country men and women. The philippine government addressed the problem by withdrawing many of their citizens, after many cases of domestic worker abuse. Indian and Pakistani construction workers were also effected, especially in Qatar in the preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Unfortunately many immigrants worldwide do not get the respect they deserve, while trying to improve theirs and the families lives.

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Abe and the LDP will win, if all the Japanese main stream media and keeps telling the Japanese population prior to the election later this month that that will be the outcome , then thats how the Japanese people will vote. They are already being informed that there will be no change so either vote or not vote, the outcome has already been decided. Is this is how democracy works ??

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Cashless payments ? by the way, what's a credit card?

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I admire Fast Retailing for their actions , but charging for the paper bags. Aren't wrappings or items carriers built into the price of an item. Everything you buy in a supermarket, comes in some form of a wrapper or container, which is included in the price. This seems like an almighty rip off from Fast Retailing, already they provide boxes to take all old Fast Retailing items for recycling or charitable endeavors. So come on Fast Retailing play the game , your profits are huge enough without price gouging your valued customers.

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Whale roast beef ?? somebody is messing with english here

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Our "national security interests" now where have I heard that before, I think Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has been watching to many Trump movies. Trumpism finally reaches Japanese shores, the only thing wrong with this, is the same experience the US has "there are growing concerns that Japanese exporters will also take a hit."

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Trump has to be front and center everyday, wether it be newspapers, twitter, tv news, social media, his ego knows no bounds, as long as he sees his name up in lights , he should be on broadway, but then again who wants to promote a flop.

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This article is a bit late . here is a link with an agreement made so Iran can navigate the illegal US sanctions and keep the Iran deal going.https://financialtribune.com/articles/business-and-markets/98681/eu-says-instex-operational. So now Trump and the US's foreign policy in disarray . Oil price started falling on the EU-China-Iran agreement, so that will hurt Trumps majestic art of the deal. Now hopefully we will see Venezuela reach a similar deal so venezuela and Iran can breach US sanctions and start releasing their oil on to the market, and bring the price of oil down and some sanity to Trumps sanctions policies .

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I agree with previous posts, my only hope that these children get proper care and counseling for a long time. what a truly sad article.

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Trump haters, no just people blessed with a little bit of intelligence , that don't rely on the main stream media for their information. North Korea being accused of, without concrete evidence of torture, a million people in concentration camps, kidnappings, Oh!! America in the present day is holding immigrants seeking legal asylum in concentration camps, fact, America leads the world in incarcerations, fact, America loses more lives by gun violence than motor accidents, fact , America has instigated more military interventions in other countries since WWll than any other country, fact, human right abuses are continuing today in the US, fact ,Racism, fact, the list could go on about the US's faults. Trump is just a showman , a con artist, no different than the con artist US pastors that fly around in jets payed for by the people they con, with their fire and brimstone bible rhetoric. So why is so much hate towards North Korea, it has a nuclear arsenal, it has also conducts tests, doesn't anyone remember the South Pacific tests, native people removed from their lands , just so the big boys could blow up their toys, Nuclear arsenals are held by America, UK , France, Russia, Pakistan(a harborer and funder of terrorists) Israeli, Iran could have been added to that list but is in compliance of a multi national agreement, monitored by the Nuclear watchdog commission , of which Trump pulled America pulled out of. No people don't hate Trump , they just see him and the Neocons here has surrounded himself with, for what they are, puppets of the American political system, America should be renamed " The Barnum and Bailey Circus, the greatest show on earth folks.

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There is something familiar with this handshake, anybody else notice.

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Denying exports at the whim of in chaotic Trump and US White House is self defeating, how long before your company profits suffer and you have to start laying off your workers. China doesn't care about threats, tariffs or boycott, it only encourages China to be more self reliable. Look at China's growth it the last 40 years, China has overtaken all other world economies. People may criticize China for many things, but the one party system of government and their 5 yearly plans seem to work, hasn't anyone been paying attention, and lets not forget India in this equation, look at their rise.

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Looking at the headline of this article, makes me wonder what the context of the Abe's long phone call with Trump prior to this Iranian trip was, maybe Trump was dictating the rhetoric for Abe to use, that's what I read from the headline. When are world leaders going to stand up to Trumps type of America and say enough. Countries could start by ignoring all the sanctions imposed by Trump, has anybody looked at a world map recently, and looked at the populations of those countries outside of America. The US keeps telling the world , you need the US, b##l s##t, only because of the use of the US dollar in the banking system for worldwide trade. Time to align the world with an alternative to that system and include maybe the Euro and the Chinese Renminbi. Maybe America wouldn't be so quick to threaten military action or install sanctions if you threatened the US economy. Japan had a good relationship wth Iran, and Japan like any other sovereign nation should be able to trade with whoever it wishes to bolster it's economy.

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Thank you Sebastian Vettel, for addressing the crowd booing Lewis Hamilton, the sign of a true sportsman.

"When the pro-Ferrari crowd booed Hamilton, Vettel told them to stop. "Don’t boo Lewis – you should boo these decisions, not him," he said"

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Posted in: Trump administration bans cruises in crackdown on U.S. travel to Cuba See in context

Seems Trump can't make up his mind, nothing new here, on whether he wants American isolation from the world or, America's attempted takeover of the world. I think it's time for some reflection on what Trump wants, so until then, America should close its gates, keep Americans in and everyone else out.

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Trumps speech with May in the UK yesterday, Trump was asked by a reporter about the tariffs, he was adamant about the tariffs and even said if it reached 25% maybe the manufacturers will return to the US. Only one problem with that scenario , the US doesn't have the workforce at the moment, employers are struggling to get workers. So with Trump and his crazy immigrant policies, banning all immigrants at the southern border, were will the orange buffoon find the workforce to run those imaginary returning companies to the US. His rhetoric always quotes how many great US companies have returned to the US, unfortunately like everything else that emits from his mouth, everything is minus the facts to back up his insane rambling rhetorical episodes. Tariffs aren't working with the Chinese and I doubt they'll work with the Mexicans.

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As if British politics isn't already in chaos, Trump has now decided to interfere in British politics, pushing his right wing agenda. This comment from Pompeo " U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Britain last month it needed to change its attitude towards China and Huawei,"  TOLD Britain , the arrogance on the man. Trump and his underlings have no credibility when trying to interfere in British , or for that matter any soveriegn nations politics. The US is collapsing within, healthcare, gun violence, poverty, homelessness, human rights, infrastructure and more , now wants to drag Britain down the same path. Trump the UK doesn't want yours or your cultists interference in its politics, if the UK wants to deal with China or any country whats so ever, that the UK's decision. The main reason for Brexit so the UK could trade with whoever it wanted, so the UK doesn't want to be tied to the US or its chaotic foreign and domestic policies. This is just a huge PR stunt for Trump, he is only interested in himself and nothing else. The pictures of the Queen with Trump, and Prince Philip is an insult to the UK and degrading the House of Windsor, fortunately Trump isn't the first or won't be the last to cause insult to the British monarchy and its citizens.

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An economic adviser working with Kushner on immigration plan ? When the economic policies are creating havoc, another inmate jumps from the sinking ship.

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Oh !! surprise surprise, corporate world is catching on to Trumps insane foreign policies , By stopping Venezuela and Iran to openly trade their oil, and Saudi Arabia not filling the shortfall the price of oil has gone up, benefitting the US and SA, but hold on, there is another world outside of the US who are being penalized by those insane US policies. Plus those stupid tariffs inflicted on countries, are making the US importers and consumer pay those billions of dollars of tariffs. So now will the corporate world stand up to the US and the orange buffoon in the WH asylum before the market crashes.

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Thank you PTownsend for your link, seems history keeps repeating itself within Central America, as long as the mighty US corporations and the rich elite continue to suppress the people of those Central American countries , those people will continue to suffer. Most of those families that make it the US border are only trying to give their children a better life, that's how America was built, on migrants. Venezuela is the latest of those Central American countries to fall foul of those policies by the US's big corporations and the rich elite of Venezuela. Why do socialist policies that are improving the lives of those citizens, scare the US ?? The rest of the world knows why, Greed, money. Tariffs serve no purpose, and in this case, for all Trump's bluster, the eventual loser will be the American consumer.

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When will these so called leaders of the civilized world, stop ramping up the war mongering rhetoric. We all know that this is controlled by the American military manufacturing complex. The world is tired of these conflicts that kill and maim more civilians than military personnel. A world that promotes peace for its inhabitants, to be able to live a meaningful life, and would be more of an acceptable rhetoric than what we hear today from all these right wing conservative racial bigots. Time for main stream media to stand up and call out this life treating rhetoric for what it is. The world is facing so many problems, climate change, water shortages, poverty, destructive weather events unseen in my lifetime, and yet these political leaders think more about their own popular images than the millions of people they are elected represent. Japan has one of the most respected constitutions in the World, let it stay that way and not be influenced by the call to support the US's war mongering policies. time for the allies of the US to say enough is enough, your on your own if you continue with these destructive foreign policies

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I wonder if Carlos Ghosn's prosecutors are reading this article, puts a light on the various renumeration packages leading CEO's get, and the reason such large amounts are payed to them. Ghosn's case should have been an internal matter for the Nissan alliance group and their shareholders. Hopefully the Japanese legal system will realize that corporate governance should be handled internally.

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Abe , my mistake not all caps.

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