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Posted in: Nissan probe into Ghosn turns to 'CEO Reserve' fund, Dutch unit See in context

Oh what a big surprise, !!!! "Zi-A Capital BV was registered in the Netherlands as a company by Nissan Motor on Dec. 10 2010 with Kelly and Ghosn named as two of four directors at the time. Ghosn, who was also CEO, left as a director on Nov 2, 2011, according to a company profile available with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The role of two of Zi-A Capital BV's subsidiaries, Zi-A Capital Ltd in Dubai and Hamsa Holdings Ltd in the British Virgin Islands, are also being checked by investigators, one of the people with knowledge of the probe said.

Zi-A Capital BV is currently wholly owned by Nissan Motor Parts Center BV in the Netherlands, which is a unit of Nissan Automotive Europe SAS in France, which in turn is a wholly owned unit of Yokohama-based Nissan Motor. " Nissan looks no different from what all big corporations do to avoid tax liabilities . Exp: look how much Apple had offshore, plus Amazons tax problems in the EU, only two examples, so don't lets shed a tear for Nissan, they as a company were complicit in fulling knowing and participating in tax avoidance. So Gosen was supposed to be a fall guy, in a power struggle, and now the can of worms has been fully opened, how sad when there must be so many other at Nissan with full knowledge of what was going on.

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Posted in: China says second Canadian being investigated for harming state security See in context

"She has been accused by U.S. prosecutors of misleading banks about transactions linked to Iran," ha!! banks, well we all know how they work, screw everyone so they can to make a buck, but don't associate us with any wrong doing. So the banks want to do business with Huawei, but don't want to be caught getting their hands dirty. I particularly like the words "misleading banks"in the same sentence, usually those two words are written the other way round, "banks misleading". America getting Canada to do its dirty work is pathetic, especially as so many Chinese make Canada their second home. This arrest, and the tit for tat by China is all political, the US should first get its house in order, corporate America has used and abused China for years at the cost of American jobs, just to make more profits. Now China is a powerhouse the US starts crying foul at every opportunity. Tariffs aren't working, they're not the answer, dialogue is the only way to go.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn raises speculation over coup by Nissan See in context

" Japanese media pointed to spending on several luxury homes as evidence of such misconduct" I thought in a previous article by the media, that the properties were owned by Nissan, so that makes the Alliance guilty of any misconduct of funds if those properties were not reported in tax filings or company reports to shareholders.

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Posted in: Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S. and free Huawei exec See in context

Meng Wanzhou has houses in Canada, so she is a frequent visitor to Canada, so it does question the timing of this request by the US, why now, straight after Trumps meeting with Xi Jinping. I think Trump and the rest of the inmates of the WH Asylum thought they need some extra pressure to put on China, that seems to be the way Trump operates. I hope this back fires and Meng Wanzhou gets her freedom back, problem though, leaves Canada in a bad light, a lackey to the US.

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Posted in: Brexit deal in turmoil as May postpones Parliament vote See in context

Did anyone seriously believe the Europeans where going to let the UK go. It's two fold, they needed the UK contribution to their Euro fund, how else were they going to raise their target, and secondly to frighten other member countries of trying to go the same way as the UK. It's a rigged system folks, Brexit was a pipe dream, for all the faults of the EU it was better for the UK to be part of Europe, as a member changes could have been achieved, but out, the UK has no voice. The UK was conned by its own politicians, the EU holds no blame for the farce, only on the circus it has called negotiations. Just like all expats retired abroad, I personally lost a third of my state pension and its never recovered, so selfishly, I'm no fan of Brexit. I don't fly the flag for the country of my birth, having a EU passport was fine by me. Barnum and Bailey circus more like the US and UK circus, politically, you couldn't script a better farce.

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Posted in: Wild boar bites off woman's finger See in context

"A wild boar bit off an elderly woman's finger Tuesday in the city of Ashiya before being killed by police officers and local hunters, police said" this is how english is sometime confusing for one who has not had his morning coffee. Who was killed the elderly woman or the boar. It's ok, I did read the rest of the article.

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Posted in: Vegas man convicted of bilking thousands of Japanese in Ponzi scheme See in context

Hey , the guy is 79 years old, he's had a good innings, now is payback time, prison would probably seem like a holiday camp vacation, free food , free health care, no utility bills. It doesn't matter what the state throws at him, in regards to how many years he gets, the question is how many more years has he got left in him. That's life, we all have to pay sooner or later.

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Abe , you were elected by your peers to run the LDP, and in turn those peers were elected by their constituents , and with that vote it gave the LDP the responsibility of running Japan and looking after the future of Japan and its people, both at home and abroad. America is Trumps problem not yours, Japan and its people are your first priority. Diplomacy is not easy, something Trump knows nothing about, he just thinks he can bully and cudgel his way through anything. His attitude towards Japan and this successful part of the world amounts to ignorance and a total lack of how to do business within the Asian culture. As for the 100 fighter jets you have committed to buy, think about how that money could be spent in Japan, with all its domestic problems, and who would fly those jets, I can't see all university graduates queuing up to join the SDF just to be a Top Gun fighter, this almost 2019 not 1941. Japan does it fare share for America by hosting its bases, this is not to protect Japan, it's so the US has a presence in the region. So let Trump waffle, just keep working for the good of Japan, its people and for peace in the region.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to cut GM subsidies in retaliation for U.S. job cuts See in context

Subsidies, ??? isn't that a dirty word in the political arena. If I recall America condemned China for subsidies it dishes out to industry. So now America is threatening to stop subsidies to its motor industry, the farmers would not be surviving in the present climate of tariffs without big handouts, how many more industries receive the subsidies America, come on, you want a level playing field. Don't get me wrong the EU and the UK and many more countries prop up their domestic industries with subsidies. To politicians it's both political and economical, votes and jobs, problem with that, is that the tax payers foot the bill, along with all the other nonsensical and wasteful spending. The politicians have lost the plot worldwide, and instead of coming together and working out all the domestic and foreign problems that they all have they continue along the path , of excessive military spending, war mongering, and their own political agendas, while so many people are suffering so many hardships that we could not possibly imagine. They say there is no fool like an old fool, but what has my generation left for the future of my children and grandchildren, probably many think the same way. The world hasn't changed, conflicts across the globe continue, people are starving, people are dying, what ever happened to learning from past mistakes. So the G20 is coming up, I wonder how much excessive wind will be blowing up north from Argentina that week. Well thats my rant for the day , back to my coffee.

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

This is all political, as soon as the UK voted to go it alone , the EU went into defensive mode, aiming to thwart any discussions.The EU wanted to make the UK and its population pay for trying to disrupt the system that had been put in place, and we all know you can't beat the system. All the EU and the bureaucratic elite wanted to do was protect their money wasting Union. All EU countries knew of the waste that was created, but supported it because of the subsidies that they received. The thought of losing the UK's contributions to the EU was a significant amount that the EU could not afford to lose. I personally wanted the EU to work for all, the idea the dream, that was envisaged by DeGaulle was a way of uniting those countries ravaged by WW2, to bring peace and harmony. Unfortunately the cost to the populations of the countries that make up the EU was to much, I mean the equality was not shared by all. The UK might think May is weak, but like in any divorce there are no winners, you just have to negotiate the best deal that you can, maybe this is a bad deal I don't know. The EU has to get its own house in order now, if anything these negotiations have shown its faults and weaknesses. Me, I'm one of the worlds dreamers, I don't want to be labeled by my place of birth ,ethnicity or religion, I would like all passports to say World Citizen , a world without borders, as I said I'm a dreamer.

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Posted in: Prosecutors likely to build new criminal case against Ghosn: report See in context

Has it been confirmed where he pays his taxes, he might not come under the jurisdiction of the Japanese taxation authorities. We don't know the wording of any contracts referring to his employment or the benefits he receives, or where those benefits are paid Everybody seems to have made up their minds about his guilt, how quickly he has been replaced at Nissan without even a conviction of any crime. The timing here , maybe the upcoming proposed merger , which Nissan was objecting to, could come into the equation.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

I hope that includes all politicians, government workers, bankers, and CEO's , or does this pension saving idea only relate to blue collar workers.

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Posted in: Licensed private lodgings top 10,000 in Japan See in context

Until I saw the numbers breakdown , I thought that they'd all opened in Shimogyo Kyoto.

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Posted in: APEC summit ends with no communique as China, U.S. differ See in context

So much China hate here, why ?. Just think how China grew, huge corporations worldwide deserted their own countries workforces for cheap labour, bigger profits for themselves and their shareholders. The excuses they gave varied from , unions, high labour costs ,lazy workforce, the list goes on. China welcomed them with open arms, and why not. How do you think Japan grew. So I don't think the negative rhetoric coming from politicians helps, notice how they don't condemn their own corporations of disloyalty. China has grown into a world power, and especially the US doesn't approve, for many reason. America is used to being the bully on the block, always getting its own way ,and when challenged, cries foul. Politicians look for any excuses for their own failures. The developed counties, hahahaha, that in itself is a joke, just look at all their problems, more people are living below the poverty line than ever before, homelessness , housing, infrastructure, and yet all the while spend billions of their wealth on military budgets, trying to establish a superior position in the world. Just look inward before spewing hate, and see what damage the politicians and corporations have done to you.

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Posted in: Ex-secretary of LDP Diet member arrested over ¥100 mil heist See in context

A politician with a 100million yen cash in a safe, oh no , please tell me that's not true. I think maybe the wrong person is in jail.

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Posted in: Democrats ready to pursue aggressive Trump oversight: Pelosi See in context

I think it's time for Pelosi and Schumer to stand down, having them to carry on until the 2020 elections does not fare well for the Democratic party. Now is the time for the Democrats party to rebuild itself, new faces and new ideas.

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

Trumps face in the article photo says it all, the man is completely insane.

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Posted in: Democrats pick up governorships but lose Florida, Ohio See in context

For Dems to stand a chance in 2020, Pelosi and Schumer have to go, replaced with younger and more vibrant politicians, who are beyond reproach, who don't take corporate money and are in tune with the voters and their best interests. Change has started, but the results of the next two years are going to be a deciding factor for 2020. The Dems have to resurrect the party from the top down and gain a pair of cohones, otherwise it's going to be business as usual.

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Posted in: Japan's youth suicides hit 30-year high See in context

This is a sad statistic, and many reasons that politicians and people won't admit, or just ignore. There is so much pressure kids have to face in todays society, they don't have time to be children. School pressures, bullying, social media, Juku, school clubs, pressure from parents to study and pass tests, latch key kids, going home to an empty house every day, both parents working , or pressures from living in a single parent family, were the sole bread winner either a father or mother has to work crazy hours, children stuck in nurseries from morning till night, the list is endless . So the child never gets chance to a child. maybe at weekends, but then the parents or parent is either working or sleeping, no time to listen to their own children. Society in general has collapsed world wide, no job security anymore, money problems, etc, the list goes on. If the parents have so many problems how do you think they find time to listen to the problems of their children. Perhaps the lack of empathy, probably cultural as well, a pat on the back and a well done now and again from those who teach and parent would probably go a long way, I know the child would feel good and appreciated.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi killed in Istanbul consulate; Trump finds explanation believable See in context

Here we go again, MBS and Trump out of the same mold, throw those in you inner circle under the bus , and then deny everything to protect your own ar#e. Both are cowards and bullies, the world would be better off without both of them, plus you could add a few more to the list.

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Posted in: Trump reluctant to abandon Riyadh over missing journalist, wants evidence See in context

Quite simple America, get tough with sanctions, and if the Saudis stop the oil to the US, easy, lift sanctions on Iran , and they'll supply all the oil needed. But we know that will never happen, a pipe dream. First pressure from Israel won't let the US lift sanctions, and secondly the Saudis won't cut the oil because other countries will step in andbecause OPEC won't let the Saudis tarnish their image siding with the Saudis.

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Posted in: Abe renews pledge to change constitution to include reference to SDF See in context

I can't understand Abe's fixation with changing the constitution, Is this Abe doing the US's bidding, just so that Japanese can be dragged into conflicts that America creates. Then what will be the Japanese peoples response be when military personnel start returning home in body bags. As for pride, that's what everyone should achieve in everything they do. Japan is fine as it is, the Japanese constitution is respected worldwide, does Japan really want to be like America, run by Neocons who are just looking for a conflict to appease the mighty military industrial complex, who actually run the US foreign policy

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Posted in: Pompeo says no more U.S. reconstruction aid to Syria if Iran stays See in context

Speaking to a pro Israeli group, dah !! It's Israel who are pushing for conflict and with the neocons, Pompeo and Bolton, the Israeli puppets . I am often amazed at the arrogance of the US, do they honestly believe that they are Syria's savior with the US dollar. Has he taken a look around the region lately, I don't think there will be a shortage of reconstruction money flowing from other countries. As other posters have mentioned, Iran was invited to the party unlike the party buster the US

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Posted in: Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal See in context

Did I just read that he is worried about cheap imports, nah, cheap imported food in Japan is non existent. They make it so the Japanese equivalent is always cheaper. The only difference will be choice , but at a cost.

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Posted in: U.S. may push Japan, EU not to strike trade deals with China: Ross See in context

Again, America waving the big stick, and coming from crooked Ross is even more of a joke. Time has come to isolate the US and all its illegal policies. The world is a big place and America is running scared of China economically and this part of the world. Here it's where it's all happening the innovation, medical breakthroughs, investments , a young switched on population who don't need the US. Let the Americans buy only "Made in America" products and lets see how long that lasts. This part of the world will survive without America and its big stick mentality, and their " do as I say and not as I do" policies, all, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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Posted in: White House adviser Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault' See in context

I watched her say that on State of the Union , and it just flowed out of her mouth without batting an eye lid or taking a breath. I don't question her statement but Conway isn't the most truthful in the WH propaganda room. She is just doing the media rounds trying to discredit the FBI investigation and push for Kavanaughs nomination. Just look at who surrounds Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Halley, Conway ,Sanders, Kushner and least we should not forget Stephen Miller, what a bunch of Trumpets and Neocons. Politically, the US is an outcast, far removed from reality.

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Posted in: China-Japan maritime crisis threatens 'Silk Road' project: report See in context

More saber rattling rhetoric from desk bound military analysts, there isn't going to be any conflicts in this region, everyone has to much to lose. I wish the media wouldn't keep giving this c##p print space.

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Posted in: Asian firms shuffle production around the region as China tariffs hit See in context

Tariffs are illegal and a waste of time, because everybody breaks the rules including the US. Just play the game, carry on manufacturing were you are now, just rebrand the manufacturing country and tranship through a tariff free port of origin. Well this was a waste of time, they probably do that already.

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Posted in: Trump attacks credibility of Kavanaugh sex accuser See in context

Trump the serial groper, defender of all accused of any form of misconduct towards women, spare me the BS.

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Posted in: Pricey new iPhones make debut in Japan See in context

Same pixel count as the iPhone 4, and you can't watch in HD 1080p. These people should have done their research instead of listening to the hype. Another underperforming high priced disappointment from Apple.

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