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Posted in: Turkey agrees with U.S. to pause Syria assault while Kurds withdraw See in context

More political theatre coming from the WH asylum, Trump started the Turkish/Syria fiasco. now all of a sudden Pence and Pompeo have miraculously convinced Erdogan to a cease fire while the Kurds are forced to withdraw from their lands with the tails between their legs, whatever happed to loyalty for the Kurdish people. All this theatrics to promote Trump in a good light to his base and promote his 2020 election. What a load of BS, typical Trump, cause a problem, then seem to correct it, I only hope that the American people see through this con man and vote him out in 2020, that's if he hasn't resigned by Christmas.

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Posted in: Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain See in context

The picture shows the ignorance of Trumps knowledge of culture regarding receiving something from a Chinese diplomat in this case vice premier Liu. VP Liu presents a letter with two hands , something normal in this part of the world, but Trump just sticks out one hand to receive. Showing a lack of manner is not only a sign of indifference but ignorance.

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Posted in: EU tells Johnson to stop playing 'stupid' Brexit blame game See in context

It's become a circus , with all the clowns under one roof, Westminster. Time to go to the people both for a second referendum and a choice of who to lead the country, one ballot paper two questions, leave or remain, conservative or labour. The UK is heading into chaos with Johnson, Brexit will cause the pound to tank, unemployment will rocket, a recession, and a possibility of a return to the Irish troubles. Being a main contributor to the EU, the UK had a better chance of staying in and fighting, but with Narage representing the UK and Cameron as PM , the UK caved. So now, the people of the UK and all those from the EU that have made the UK their home face an uncertainty not seen since the second world war.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers complete first commercial hunt in 31 years See in context

So it's now commercial whaling, 1430tons of whale meat , also mentioned ¥15000 kilo, and yet , to add insult to the Japanese citizens , after just increasing consumption tax from 8% to 10%, this "His ministry is requesting a 5.1 billion yen ($48 million) budget for fiscal 2020 to support commercial whaling." Support , are you kidding me, it's commercial whaling , no support needed. This is just more of how governance wastes tax payers money.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

More war mongering from the right wing thinkers, China , Russia , North Korea aren't a threat to anyone, this is just those right wingers that want you to think that everyone is an enemy, and want to keep the military complex making billions of dollars. America has the same mentality , they think the world is going to attack them and has to keep Americans safe. Does anyone think that the movement of citizens from this region, and the business community interchanges are only for short term game, no, this part of the world is vibrant in ideas and enthusiasm for the future, and is leading the world in many fields. so lets stop with the warmongering rhetoric and start dealing in the positives of this region, and no-one cares who is no.1.

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Posted in: Children reveal more info on assailant who killed parents in Ibaraki home See in context

So many theories in this case, hopefully the police will make an arrest soon. How about a boyfriend or ex boyfriend of the eldest daughter, maybe the parents didn't approve, and why only the parents. Whoever it was I hope they find him quickly.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

Capitulation by Abe, just to pacify Trump, this is all political circus. How can you have a trade deal that is so one sided in Trumps favor without getting a written guarantee against a possible 25% tariffs that Trump could impose in the future on Japans bloodline industry, if Abe and Japan cause Trumps ego to be upset. American agricultural imports, due you honestly think Japan inc is going to give consumers a good deal , wake up, choice is the only thing you will have, and Japanese mindset is to buy Japanese products over imported if they can, plus at a time when wages are stagnating, a 2% consumption tax rise next month, and the bank of Japan chasing a 2% inflation target. No this isn't a consumer deal , just more political circus.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade deal hits snag as Tokyo seeks assurances on car tariffs See in context

Why wouldn't you insist on a sunset clause in any agreement with the US, I wouldn't trust Trump and the US on any agreement that didn't have safeguards for Japan regarding future actions by Trump

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

This corporate behavior is worldwide, cutting regulations, deregulation all at the request of the corporate world. Corporations don't want anything that will cost them extra to be able to operate, they want to operate on minimum safety or legal binding regulations , to maximize profit for the shareholders, corporations and CEO. Then it seems when disasters or accidents do happen no one at the top is held responsible, especially by the legal system(old boys network) , who maybe give a slap on the wrist to these offenders. So all those lives lost in the Fukushima disaster, will never see any justice, and just the legal system getting rich off appeal after appeal. Someone has to be held accountable, they were aware of the problem, but they thought nah! its never going to happen. Similar to the loss of power after the last typhoon, as reported by JT, they were not prepared.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Trump says "It looks like Iran did it" well, it looks like its going to rain tomorrow, or it looks like there could be snow this Christmas. What sort of an ill judged comment is "it looks like" so many bad players in this middle eastern circus "it looks like" it could have been any one of them. Why doesn't everyone just sit back and look at who has the most to gain from this this attack, SA, America and Russia, certainly from the the oil price hike. Russia and the US for more possible arm sales to the Saudi's, and SA itself, Mohammed bin Salmon wasn't happy with the present oil price, he needs more money, and he had just fired his oil minister and replaced him with his brother, and then there is Israel , the bogey man, they want a war with Iran but won' go it alone, they need the US and SA to be partners in crime. Then there is Iran, what do they have to gain by this attack, maybe to force the US back to the negotiating table, maybe. Trump pulled the US out of an agreement that was working, and installed illegal sanctions on Iran, to the delight of the Israeli's, for what gain ? Iran suffered sanctions, and Israel got what it wanted from the US. So why doesn't anyone credit the Yemeni people with the attack, blaming Iran for supporting the Yemeni fight against the might of the US and SA, oh! and the US has not supported some shady organizations over the years to get regime changes, the CIA are not exactly angels. So NEOCON Pompeo says it was Iran, lets see concrete evidence presented to the people, look at Iraq and Libya has no-one learned a lesson. The only way is negotiation however long it takes as long as not a single life is lost, because if Iran is attacked, and a war breaks out in the middle east, there are going to be a lot of innocent lives lost, just to appease a political class that has no empathy to interest of how many lives are lost.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Surely the scientific comunity should have come up with a solution by now to neutralize the contaminated water so that it can be released into the Pacific without causing a potential catastrophic political division with its close neighbors.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters call on Trump to 'liberate' the city See in context

Is this another CIA attempt to cause another world problem, why the US , Hong Kong was a British protectorate before the handover to the Chinese, so if Hong Kong citizens have a problem it should seek the help of the British, after all they were the ones who put the stipulations in the hand over agreement regarding Hong Kongs citizens rights and the role of the Hong Kong government . China is eventually going to take over Hong Kong ending the ‘one country, two systems’ guarantee when that expires in 2047.

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Posted in: Jobs in Japan for S Korean graduates dry up See in context

Politics and inept politicians are ruining relations worldwide, either citing historical misdemeanours or bloating their own political ego's. Most are rightwing old men with no clue about reality, they only dream of war and conflicts. The business communities and business individuals on the other hand are progressives and are being held back by these inept fools.

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Posted in: Japan protests Putin message celebrating new factory on disputed isle See in context

History is a Time Machine , it can take you back as far as you wish, unfortunately wars and conflicts do have consequences , you take land and you lose land, some wars you win some you lose. Regarding Japans claim, when they were colonizing countries prior to the WW ll that was ok, when war broke out and those colonized countries got back their lands, that was deemed just, but coming towards the end of WW ll and Russia claimed its spoils , that was not ok. Hypocrisy is a strange word , depending on who is using it.

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Posted in: Abe warns Africa about debt as China grows presence See in context

So are we to believe that all Japans overseas loans and assistance is free, a gift from Japan?

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Posted in: As troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, will aid follow? See in context

The US wants to bring its soldiers home from Afghanistan, what 20,000 US and UN forces remain, compared to Japan hosting approx 50,000 and South Korea approx 29000, how about bringing them home too, Nah! the US whats to remain in the Pacific for strategic reasons, they really couldn't care less about Afghanistan or the suffering that might occur if they just pull out without concrete assurances from the Taliban, because eventually the Taliban will govern Afghanistan whether the West like it or not. The Russians couldn't exact change and neither have the Americans after all these years and so much loss of life. Afghanistan is a tribal country, always was, Russia and the US underestimated the Taliban. Naturally I hope that aid will continue, not just to eliminate the suffering but also to rebuild the country ravaged by war.

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Posted in: Japan denies it gave away too much in trade talks with U.S. See in context

Cars and parts, a national security threat, ?? someone please explain to me. Does the mean right wingers will only use Japanese cars while causing domestic terrorism.

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Posted in: Retailers kick off winter sales ahead of 10% consumption tax hike See in context

Another gimmick to make the 3rd quarter domestic spend higher, more false economy. Lets wait to see the final quarter after the tax hike

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

Deep remorse, a truly empathetic acknowledgement echoed again by this Emperor and his father before him. Lets not forget those that perish in wars, not only the military personnel , they knew the risks when they enlisted or were conscripted, but the millions of innocent civilians that get caught up in those conflicts, through no fault of their own. Lets not forget either those who starts those wars and conflicts, the very politicians that get elected to serve and protect, they never show either remorse or empathy to the loss of life, even refuse to admit the historical facts for who was to blame. War or conflicts solve nothing, but only appease the ego of those whose create them.

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Posted in: New Trump rule targets poor and could cut legal immigration in half, advocates say See in context

"The long-anticipated rule, pushed by Trump's leading aide on immigration, Stephen Miller," here we go again, Stephen Miller, words can not describe this individual, as a jew has he forgotten his history, has he forgotten the persecution of his relations, his uncle was right to criticize him. So now he is doing to poor immigrants to what happened to all jews in Europe prior and during WW ll. These words on the Statue of Liberty that reads "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." were what made America the destination of all those immigrants who wanted a better life, I wonder what drove them to leave their own countries for a life in the unknown. I only hope that this rule never gets passed and that all decent Americans fight to get it quashed.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic premium ticket packages to sell for up to ¥6 mil See in context

This is what it's all about, money, Olympics, football tennis, golf, any major sporting event that has a committee, that is all that matters, how much money can we make. from sponsors, TV and advertising rights. All these committee's have been exposed showing major corruption, but the circus keeps revolving. They don't care if the host country or city makes a loss, not their problem. At the end of the day any losses are footed by the tax payer.

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Posted in: Japan signals it will act to curb any excessive yen rises See in context

Your right about politicians not caring about the people, and the banks and currency manipulators don't care either as long as they make huge profits on the currency market. I am a fan of neither politicians or bank and currency manipulators. I receive a meagre pension from the UK which is converted into Yen, so far since Brexit I have lost over 25% of my pension, and add to that, living in Japan doesn't entitle me to the yearly increases that all UK pension recipient receive wherever they may live in the world. Greed, and inept politicians are ruining the world we live in.

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Posted in: Johnson plays Brexit hardball from a submarine base; pound tumbles See in context

Brexit was a con, the British people were conned and lied to with the facts, leaving the EU , rich boys folly, Johnson and Farage, a huge egotistical trip of their own making. They don't give a damn about the British people or the effects it will have. The possibility of Scottish independence looms even closer, there are the people in Ireland who are dreading a border and a return to the troubles of the past, and there are the forgotten expats pensioners who have seen their pensions dwindle 25-30 percent since the Brexit result, me being one of them. With the added insult that by living in Japan, doesn't entitle me to the annual inflation or wage growth increase, so also seeing a seven year loss of increases. Staying in the EU would have been a better option, at least the UK, had, as a major member a better chance of enacting law and rule changes. Now looking a the UK from afar, I don't have much hope for a successful end to johnson and Farage's folly, only a disaster for the people the UK.

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Posted in: Marubeni stops some new soybean sales to China amid trade dispute See in context

Corporate world as usual, price of a commodity either drops or slows down, suspend selling until market price improves . No different to what has been going on for years from oil to cocoa beans etc: profits rule for these big corporations, sadly, the worst hit are the farmers and then comes the consumers. What did Trump say, trade wars are good, and America will win, there are no winners in a trade war only losers.

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Posted in: Trump declares Mueller testimony a win for the White House See in context

Having been issued with a letter from the DOJ to stick only to the report, on which he did through out the whole first hearing. The attacks from the Republicans were no different from what was expected , to protect Trump at all costs, and to discredit Mueller and the report, without referencing Russian interference into the 2016 election and the ongoing Russian interference as quoted by director Ray at an earlier hearing. The conclusion reached after the first hearing was not as Trump continually tweeted completely exonerating him, but quite the opposite. Mueller and the special councils hands were tied regarding prosecuting a sitting president, when all along Trump knew that the DOJ's directive that a sitting president can not be charged only emboldened him into his ongoing rants on Twitter.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea clash at WTO over trade dispute See in context

Unfortunately so many politicians live in a historical time warp, the war ended over 70 years ago, many acts against humanity were committed on all sides , and are still happening in conflicts today, and for some thats all that keeps their political careers going. Politicians face more urgent needs today, and thats were they should focus, instead of banging the conflicts drum. All countries do it, by dragging conflicts on and on, it takes away the the true domestic problems that each country faces, and as usual those citizens are not getting the major decisions needed for those problems

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Posted in: It's Brexit, stupid: The appeal of Boris Johnson See in context

No party should decide who will be PM, this task lies solely on the electorate. If , like May , you step down, then that should automatically force a general election. That would make rebels of the party in office think twice about challenging and forcing a PM to stand down, just because they can't reach a consensus or solution on policy disagreements. Politicians are there to negotiate across party lines, not force through their own agenda. They all forget , that they are only a public servant and not the messiah.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Does my memory fail me , or didn't America once belong to the brown people (one of the colors Trump hates) before white people came and stole America from them. Then, didn't they steal the black people from their countries of origin to help those slave owners become so rich and powerful, then lets not forget the yellow people that built the railroads across America for the rich railroad barons , rather ironic that history seems to fail most Americans, especially those white supremacists. So please explain why so called white Americans think America is theirs. Except when they want to recruit for the military, do those jobs so called white Americans won't do, then color doesn't seem to be an issue. Trump is a disgrace to all Americans, use the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office for this type of rhetoric, . All across America people are working to solve the racial problems and yet Trump is stoking the fire and the white nationalists. All Americans should be ashamed today for having a racist as a president.

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Posted in: Wages fall for a fifth straight month in Japan See in context

This article follows the article a few days ago reporting on the salaries of politicians, it would have been beneficial if the two articles were part of comparison article, showing how the Japanese citizens are being laughed at by those elite politicians. But not to worry , there will be another consumption tax increase of 2% coming shortly. I find reading the Japanese news daily interesting , in one week we have seen , consumer spending up, salaries down, politicians salaries exposed , a neighbor spat between Japanese and South Korean politicians that has been running since WWII , no consideration for the economic damage to businesses and the people who work for those businesses, how much the Japanese politicians have allocated in the budget to support a dying industry that supports less than 300 people, which happens to be Abe's district. The Japanese news, just like the news from the US and the UK and Europe is like a comedy of errors, some hilarious, some downright scary and some embarrassing. Thank goodness we have so many inept politicians, that allows reporters worldwide to give us our daily dose of truth, of how we, the public are being taken for a ride

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Posted in: U.S. State Dept approves potential $2.2 bil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

This is really going to p##s China off, but what are the true motifs for the US military sale, installing personal to maintain equipment , another guise for another US involvement in an other country. "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_military_bases, " The US with no history what so ever , trying to meddle in a region that has thousands of years. In all my years on this wonderful planet I have never been able to understand the US's foreign policies or their objective. Each time there seems to be an expansion of US forces worldwide, the excuse has always been , for "national security", and how often do we see that phrase in the news lately, from Trump and his war hawks. America has always seemed a country obsessed with the dollar, its all about money.

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