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"They're showing us tremendous respect," he added. This coming from Trump is his typical arrogance. Respect has to be mutual and earned and not expected just because your America. Does he not think that China also deserves respect, in this Asian region Trump and America out of thier league, China has the upper hand regarding trade and investment in Asia, America knows this, and if they go into negotiations with the bullying American attitude they are going to lose. We keep hearing from America about how China is suffering, who are they trying to impress, the American public, certainly not the Chinese. Asia is the hub of the world now, in so many fields they are leading, plus they have a younger, more educated, more switched on labour force. The problem I personally see, is what ever the outcome, Trump will take center stage and say how he alone won and China lost.

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This picture says it all, Trump angry faced , wagging a finger at China's representative, another media photo shows only two Chinese representing China and yet trump is surround by all his cabinet, all right wing white men. Trump does not understand this part of the world, or protocol or good manners. Finger wagging is insulting and not the correct way to address anyone from this part of Asia. If Trump thinks he is going to get everything he wants from a Chinese trade deal, showing anger and disrespect to the Chinese he is going to be disappointed.

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Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and now Abrams, it looks more like a war cabinet, full of NEOCON right wing warmongering lackys. They want a war with Iran edged on by Israel, plus the attempted coup in Venezuela, America is not looking so good now on the world stage. This week it ignored the UN charter regarding intervention in Venezuela, makes up its own rules as it goes along, with Trump thinking more like a dictator. The mentality of Trump has to be questioned he seems more deranged than the leaders of the countries he accuses.

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So here we go again, the crazy NEOCON's raise their ugly head, Trump, the CIA, Pompeo, Bolton, and now Elliot Abrams and we know who he is (In 1991, facing a multi-count felony indictment, Abrams agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts for withholding information to Congress about the Iran-Contra affair. He was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service, and later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush.) this is how the pardon privilege works. So you want to threaten the EU, I find that hilarious, America getting quite busy, tariff war with China, already has political involvement in , Iran, Venezuela, and now the EU, already fighting in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and many more African countries, trying to put Americanism wherever it can. And I thought colinization had ended. The US is losing its mo jo and its terrified , no longer the overall superpower, the President no longer the most powerful man on the planet. 2 trillion dollars in debt, a divided nation, so many domestic problems, plus immigration, and the clown in the WH asylum wants to build a wall. Well I raise 2 fingers to Trump and his right wingers, and the present US foreign policy, because all I see is a download spiral in the security of the world, I worry for my children and grandchildren, the world is in a worse state politically today, than since the end of WW11, and the rise of the far right is troubling.

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Ironic ,with all its domestic problems Trump can't even run America. Whichever way you look at this, it's a coup orchestrated by the US and the Republican party, namely the NEOCON group. Trump gave Rubio the task of Venezuela and now Elliott Abrams( has been appointed envoy by Pompeo, (https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/26/americas/elliott-abrams-venezuela-special-envoy-career/index.html ) This intervention by the US is nothing new, since the 60's the Republican political machine has been interfering in the policies of other countries,(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoconservatism ) , their ultimate goal was to instill American conservatism on other countries, the middle east, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Central and Latin America. Pompeo and Bolton are two of that group and are a danger to world peace and stability. America is hypocritical, the world knows it was behind this failed coup and yet it appeals to the rest of the world to take action. Guaido is just a puppet being used by the CIA and the US, this is all about big OIL. America has been punishing Venezuela and its people since Chavez came to power and nationalised its oil industry, kicking out the oil companies. Prior to Chavez , the Venezuelan people were already suffering under Caldera, mainly because of the corruption by the elite and ruling classes. I agree Venezuela has its problems, the drop in the price of oil didn't help Chavez or the lack of professional people running its huge oil deposits, but intervention by the US or any other country is not acceptable, including Russian and its neighbors.

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The position of an American President is supposed to represent America and all Americans, Trump doesn't fall into either catergory , Trump only represents Trump, president in name only , and he only has the backing of lesss than a third of all Americans. Trump doesn't care about the partial government shutdown or those 800000 plus workers or their families, Trump is avoid of any empathy. There is a quick solution to get the government open and up and running without Trump and either parties. What does Trump thrive on most, TV and media coverage , just to inflate his enormous ego. All it needs is the unions representing those government workers to get the unions representing those TV and media camera crews to back their members and withdraw all TV and media coverage to Trump and all government politicians. Trump without TV and media is nothing. So if Trumps want to do his state of the union speech , he can Twitter it.

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So much hypocrisy and contradiction regarding the way the Japanese system uses the law to protect or deny accusations toward Japan or Japanese nationals or how the world views Japan. The justice system in Japan is flawed and dysfunctional , now is the time to join the laws of the 21st century, you can't keep hiding behind cultural views , and the using, " Well this is Japan, and this is how we do things". you can't expect to be a major player on the world political stage and push for globalization if you are not willing to accept facts that come from both inside and outside of Japan. Japan Inc is facing so many problems internally, but we see very little action regarding those Japanese being held accountable, but see a quick reaction to unfounded accusations and jailing against a leading foreign CEO. Time for the laws to be changed, to fit in with the 21st Century.

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Yet the same day, Milania Trump was flown to Miami in a military aircraft, ?? not mentioned in this article.

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Roughly 56 suicides a day, what a horrendous statistic. Every year they produced statistics, but no question and answers why, or how to prevent. They will probably just create another committee like previously , to look into the findings of that committee. More has to be done to bring awareness of mental health issues, starting in schools. No age group is exempt from these findings, and Japan has to overcome this cultural issue of shame. There is no shame in asking for help, and there should always be someone to listen, wether it be a parent, a sibling, a family member, a friend or coworker. People should be encouraged to come forward if they have a problem, I admire the volunteers that man 24 hour hotlines, but they to need more help and resources, they can't be expected to do it alone. Ten minutes of your time to listen to someone, just might save a life. Mental health issues are not just a problem in Japan, but a worldwide problem.

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The political system at work, British politics at its best, hahaha, the Euro politicians are laughing their socks off, so much arrogance from the euro politicians, they had no intention of a Brexit happening, they see this as a win for them, losing the UK's contribution would have put a big hole in their bloated budget. Me, I'm just sitting on the fence, but from where I sit, the UK had a better position remaining in and having a strong negotiation seat at the table, to be able to bring change to the Euro parliament, not only for the UK but for those other members who are dissatisfied . Cameron and his team disgraced themselves and let down the UK citizens, Brexit referendum was held among lies and fear mongering by all parties, so the blame for this mess lies with all those parties and politicians. Once again it has been proven you can't buck the system. As I said I'm just sitting on the fence, but since Brexit, my UK pension has lost 30% value on the exchange rate, and because I live in Japan, I am not entitled to the annual inflation adjustment the expats receive in other countries, so I get to suffer a double whammy. Politics all rhetoric and wind from politicians who fail the people all the time, who live in their own world and not that of reality.

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So this is how loyal service gets rewarded, you get thrown under the bus. Ghosn sits in jail, while all those with knowledge and aiding and abetting these yet to proven crimes get to go home to their families every night. Guilty until proven innocent, I was always lead to believe it was innocent until proven guilty.

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Just look at that picture, a photo op for the petulant child running America. This is just another PR stunt from the clowns running the circus. Bales of drugs, hah, they come in from legal ports of entry, in cars, trucks, containers, ships, planes and were the cartels know are weak and undermanned and lacking security. Those bales in the photo op and the personal look so phoney. This isn't a national emergency, only in Trumps mind , and his creation for his base, he's been watching to many re runs of the godfather, he thinks he's a mob boss. All this is a distraction from all the real problems Americans face.

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All big corporations are aware , that you can't do business in Saudi Arabia without the help of a Saudi national, usually one member of the huge royals of Saudi. Usually this is in the form of huge financial incentive, so if you want to do business in Saudi Arabia it's going to cost a lot of money. This is nothing new in the corporate world, look at Japan, you need a partner who holds 51% of the company, example ask McDonalds, plus the same happens in other countries around the world. How do you think these politicians worldwide accumulate their huge wealth, mostly hidden and organized by the corporations themselves, in offshore havens for the wealthy. It's a corrupt world, but legally done, by loopholes in the tax systems worldwide. The timing of this email leak , probably came from the back stabbers at Nissan hoping to sway the judge at Ghosn's bail hearing. Corporations hire legal experts to handle all these so called mundane transactions, so for Nissan and the groups executives must have been fully aware ,and sanctioned any financial transactions.

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Wow , such negativity from the defense team, where is the Japanese fighting spirit in this lawyer and his team. , he sounds like he's lost the case already. But then, my memory failed me again ,this is Japan, defense lawyers don't want to upset the prosecution lawyers or the judges, in case it damages their own personal chances of one day becoming a prosecutor or a judge. Carlos, it's not a legal team you need to defend you, a ju ju witch doctor with all his good luck charms has more of a chance. Welcome to Japan.

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Trump to give a prime time speech (All the major U.S. television networks agreed to air Trump's speech.) here is the problem, the media giving Trump access to a nationwide audience , without agreeing to a Q and A. One sided Trump rhetoric, is like a dictatorial speech. His rhetoric and lies have to be challenge, that's what is called a democracy. Trump is just a con artist, he knows he can say anything , blame anyone, and unless you stand up and challenge him , Trump wins. A national security threat isn't at the southern border, it's within the US's own borders. This WH asylum and the republican inmates are the biggest threat to America and it's so called democracy. There are so many problems the US has to fix, health , education, immigration, crime(mostly by US citizens),gun control, infrastructure, the voting system, homelessness , poverty, and the list goes on, and yet all the media concentrates on, is the wall and the southern border. The US media has to take its responsibility to the American people by standing up and challenging all the BS that Washington spews. I know that's a hard ask, when all the media is privately owned and bows down to Washington, and reporters are under pressure, but some media has to stand up and be counted, you owe it to the American people, otherwise Democracy doesn't work.

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If your father was like Trump, that kept on ranting and raving, you'd have him committed to a mental facility. So does that make Trump better than say your father or family relative. Invoke the 25th amendment and get this idiot out of the WH.

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Foreign intervention by other countries and US influence , into the affairs of another country, now were have we seen that before ??

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I don't know what's up with the people posting here, when I was a 16 year old and a 26year old women invited me to her house , I would be thinking , yes, this is my lucky day. Get over it guys, 16 year olds or either gender are more adventurous than you think. Most of my generation at 16 were either working or in a relationship, me I was half way to New Zealand in the Pacific ocean at 16.

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Seems it's the blame game season in America, from Trump and now big business. Whats wrong with standing up and saying you got it wrong. Apple has priced itself out of the market, especially since technology from South Korea and China has caught up and is leading sales in Asia of their most of their products. Just modifying a product every year and hiking up the price isn't going to solve their problems. The market is looking for something new , what is it, I have no idea. The smart phones today can do everything already, buying a smart phone just for the camera ??. Apple has the brains and the capitol to try for a new challenge, so lets see what you got Apple.

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His approval rating is down to 39% , his wife is down in Florida, his ego is getting destroyed, he keeps blaming the Democrats, when this shutdown was all his doing. Republican President , Senate and the House controlled by Republicans. Most Americans don't want a wall, a total waste of taxpayer money, this is just Trump. Just six more days before the Democrats take control of the House, shut down the border, it's the holiday period, most Americans and Mexicans are at home with their families, I don't think they'll care if he shuts the border. Trumps bargaining strength is weakening daily, 2019 looks bleak for Trump and the Republicans, so the next 6 days should be fun watching the tweets come from Trump.

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How often do we see this in articles "U.S.-led sanctions " again here we see US trying to control the world with its idea of how the world should be. I wish every time the US tries to impose sanctions on a country the rest of the world vetoes this proposals. Sanctions don't work , imposing sanctions and hurting the population of a country only shows the inability to negotiate. How tired the world must be of the US'S attitude of do as I say not as I do.

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More than likely the interest rate hikes are causing Trump Inc millions of extra dollars in interest payments on his bank loans. Another Trump bankruptcy looming ???

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Trump , "the art of the deal" clown, with more knowledge of the bankruptcy system of America than most, this gets more comical daily. Definitely the case of, the lunatics are running the WH asylum.

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So many questions in this article, none proving but allegedly some wrong doing, "slush fund", whats new in this , most governments and international companies around the world have one, for shady dealings. Dealings with Saudi Arabia, I think most international companies operating in the kingdom have had to pay some kind of illegal kickback to be there, so nothing new there. Japan's banking system, an acquaintance , good to have a friend in the banking system, nod nod, wink wink. "The contract, which racked up losses during the 2008 global financial crisis, was later transferred back to Ghosn's personal asset management firm with his acquaintance backing the transaction," that doesn't look like he is trying to defraud anyone, he is just using the system, like so many others. I like this wording "practically controlled by Ghosn alone," what do they they mean practically, that means not alone. . "The confinement of Ghosn, credited with saving the Japanese automaker when it was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy in the late 1990s," and this trumped up investigation is the Japanese way of saying thank you ??

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A lot of China haters here, this is all a political game, "U.S. President Donald Trump told Reuters last week he might intervene in the case if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with China." conveniently the arrest was made as Trump was negotiating a deal with China. Trumps mentality, the art of the deal, try and put pressure on the other party, what a load of c##p. America using the bully boy tactics with Canada, do as we say or there will be consequences, this is America's foreign policy worldwide. America thinks the world will not survive without their help, either it be military or economic, this is BS, America is just another player, not number 1.

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Oh what a big surprise, !!!! "Zi-A Capital BV was registered in the Netherlands as a company by Nissan Motor on Dec. 10 2010 with Kelly and Ghosn named as two of four directors at the time. Ghosn, who was also CEO, left as a director on Nov 2, 2011, according to a company profile available with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The role of two of Zi-A Capital BV's subsidiaries, Zi-A Capital Ltd in Dubai and Hamsa Holdings Ltd in the British Virgin Islands, are also being checked by investigators, one of the people with knowledge of the probe said.

Zi-A Capital BV is currently wholly owned by Nissan Motor Parts Center BV in the Netherlands, which is a unit of Nissan Automotive Europe SAS in France, which in turn is a wholly owned unit of Yokohama-based Nissan Motor. " Nissan looks no different from what all big corporations do to avoid tax liabilities . Exp: look how much Apple had offshore, plus Amazons tax problems in the EU, only two examples, so don't lets shed a tear for Nissan, they as a company were complicit in fulling knowing and participating in tax avoidance. So Gosen was supposed to be a fall guy, in a power struggle, and now the can of worms has been fully opened, how sad when there must be so many other at Nissan with full knowledge of what was going on.

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"She has been accused by U.S. prosecutors of misleading banks about transactions linked to Iran," ha!! banks, well we all know how they work, screw everyone so they can to make a buck, but don't associate us with any wrong doing. So the banks want to do business with Huawei, but don't want to be caught getting their hands dirty. I particularly like the words "misleading banks"in the same sentence, usually those two words are written the other way round, "banks misleading". America getting Canada to do its dirty work is pathetic, especially as so many Chinese make Canada their second home. This arrest, and the tit for tat by China is all political, the US should first get its house in order, corporate America has used and abused China for years at the cost of American jobs, just to make more profits. Now China is a powerhouse the US starts crying foul at every opportunity. Tariffs aren't working, they're not the answer, dialogue is the only way to go.

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" Japanese media pointed to spending on several luxury homes as evidence of such misconduct" I thought in a previous article by the media, that the properties were owned by Nissan, so that makes the Alliance guilty of any misconduct of funds if those properties were not reported in tax filings or company reports to shareholders.

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Meng Wanzhou has houses in Canada, so she is a frequent visitor to Canada, so it does question the timing of this request by the US, why now, straight after Trumps meeting with Xi Jinping. I think Trump and the rest of the inmates of the WH Asylum thought they need some extra pressure to put on China, that seems to be the way Trump operates. I hope this back fires and Meng Wanzhou gets her freedom back, problem though, leaves Canada in a bad light, a lackey to the US.

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Did anyone seriously believe the Europeans where going to let the UK go. It's two fold, they needed the UK contribution to their Euro fund, how else were they going to raise their target, and secondly to frighten other member countries of trying to go the same way as the UK. It's a rigged system folks, Brexit was a pipe dream, for all the faults of the EU it was better for the UK to be part of Europe, as a member changes could have been achieved, but out, the UK has no voice. The UK was conned by its own politicians, the EU holds no blame for the farce, only on the circus it has called negotiations. Just like all expats retired abroad, I personally lost a third of my state pension and its never recovered, so selfishly, I'm no fan of Brexit. I don't fly the flag for the country of my birth, having a EU passport was fine by me. Barnum and Bailey circus more like the US and UK circus, politically, you couldn't script a better farce.

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