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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

Except from secessionist I believe that most countries and especially Hong Kong would support laws against -subversive activity-foreign interference- terrorism. As for foreign interference I think America is well versed on this subject, although it cries wolf when countries try to interfere in US politics.

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Posted in: Outrage in Hong Kong as China pushes security law See in context

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyECgE0oegE this should help explain my previous comment

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Posted in: China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days, documents show See in context

So many China haters here and on on other platforms, why. are you and your own governments so perfect. Wether you like or dislike the policies of China or their one party system, as a country they have done more for their own people in the last forty years that most countries worldwide. People tend to believe all negative media coverage without seeing facts about China. At the moment in other so called rich and democratic countries , we see the rise in poverty, homelessness , drug abuse, gun deaths, falling education and health care, so please look in your own backyard before making judgement on others.

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Posted in: OPEC, Russia approve biggest ever oil cut See in context

No mention in the article how much America's cut in production is, Trump wants all the other oil producing nations to cut their production, but is Trump going to cut the US's , from the article, it seems he is only interested about the price of oil and not really caring about the workers within the oil industry.

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Posted in: Oil prices under pressure from Saudi-Russia dispute, but tariffs provide support See in context

If the US doesn't curtail their own oil output, how do you expect the Saudi's and Russia to reach a mutual agreement to curtail theirs

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Posted in: Scientists race to develop vaccine for new coronavirus See in context

Will the author of this article please check their facts before going to print "The new virus has spread rapidly since emerging late last year in China, killing more than 800 people in the mainland and infecting over 37,000." "But even a time frame of six months looks agonisingly slow with the virus, believed to have emerged from a market selling wild animals, killing close to 100 people every day in mainland China" I agree that this is a very serious situation, and I wish all those dedicated researchers worldwide speedy success, but the 100 deaths a day is slightly exaggerated.

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Posted in: Coronavirus spreads fear and racism worldwide See in context

This is a hypothetical what if question. What if you are a big country who thinks it's no 1 in the world, sees itself being overtaken by another country , economical, militarily , technologically , educationally and is in a quandary how to respond, first you could put tariffs in place to try and hurt them economically , but what if that isn't working, how could you hurt that country, by targeting maybe the two most important things that keeps that economic giant running, food and health. What if there are no options on the table, you can't strike them militarily that would cause a worldwide uproar, but you could somehow slow them down. What if a virus attacked a main source of food, lets say pigs, and if that is successful, but the economic giant still keeps rolling. What if we could create a virus that has no vaccine to treat it, and somehow start a health outbreak , lets say in just one city and cause a panic. Now who would benefit from these two hypothetical scenarios?? There is a lot said about cyber warfare, hacking , vote rigging, data gathering, but , what if we can add another warfare into the mix, Biological warfare. So many countries worldwide have the ability, and would be so hard to prove the guilty actors. As I said this is all hypothetical.

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Posted in: Trump asks NATO to do more in Middle East See in context

How ironical of Trump, first he pulls the US out of the nuclear deal, then proceeds in the Middle East with a reckless foreign policy causing mayhem and chaos, then almost instigating a war with Iran with an assassination of an Iranian government official , and now Trump wants to drag the NATO alliance into his quagmire. NATO should give him the middle finger and say , your on your own pal.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

Also I forgot to add to my earlier comment that this raid was conveniently timed before Ghost's press conference today, maybe those concerned wanted a heads up, to see what might be revealed in his press conference and not, to find out how Ghosn jumped bail. I will reserve my own conclusion until after the Ghosn press conference later today.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

By raiding the defense lawyers office and removing computers , the prosecutors will now have all the defense teams information regarding Ghosn's and his teams defense and legal arguments. So how is this allowed by law and who authorized this action, it certain takes away any chance of Ghosn ever getting a fair trial, if he was ever to return to Japan voluntarily or otherwise. This does not reflect well on Japans legal system, especially as it it coming under scrutiny from so many places around the world.

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Posted in: Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander See in context

In the meantime Saudi Arabia just sits back and laughs while Trump and the US does their dirty work against Iran . Remember Trump did nothing against Saudi Arabia over the killing of an American journalist, was that US citizen any less important than the US contractor that warranted the assassination of a top Iranian government official, regardless of his crimes. Now the world awaits to see if another useless war by the US is about to erupt in the Middle East , wasn't Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan enough for the US , it now wants a war with Iran.

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Posted in: Abe urges LDP lawmakers to intensify push for constitutional reform See in context

I have a question , if Abe succeeds in his quest to amend article 9 , and gets to recognizes the SDF as the armed forces of Japan, does that not require Japan to go to the assistance of the US in any conflict that the US chooses to get involved in. Also if successful , where will the recruits come from , conscription, Does anyone think it's fair for Japan to help fight US conflicts, especially under present conditions by the incompetence of the US in the Middle East. I find it ironic , that if that is the case Japan will be cutting of the hand that feeds, namely oil.

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Posted in: Australian PM defends response as weather brings respite in fires See in context

Once again this show shows the complete incompetence of a political leader. There should be a club created for all incompetent world leaders, they would have no trouble filling the registration. What I can't understand is, how, with all these fires burning out of control across three states in Australia, mostly challenged by brave rural volunteer fire fighters, why it took so long to make a decision to bring in the military reservist and the leasing of fire fighting aircraft. What was wrong in bringing in the military from the beginning, and Australia having its own fire fighting aircraft, it's not that this was the first time a fire has broken out. Always politicians put cost above people and their property, things have to change, but how naive of me , it has been this way throughout my lifetime and doesn't look like changing in the near or distant future.

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Posted in: Rockets fired in Baghdad after day of mourning for slain Iranian leader See in context

How history has a habit of repeating itself, Iran has been in the American playbook for years, how about 1953 for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d%27état, then it seems later the US never got over the overthrow of the Shah, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Revolution -- and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini  that must have been so embarrassing for both the US and Britain, they lost their influence in the Middle East. Now who can the US or Britain rely on on in the Middle East , besides Israel. The Middle East is a melting pot, based on tribal and religious ideologies, the West should never have got involved, but greed has no boundaries, you give us oil and we'll give you military equipment and support to prop up your regimes. This latest assassination by Trump will only lead to further problems, so Obama got Bin Laden , Trump got Soleimani  but at what cost, how many more innocent lives will be lost because of this insane decision, taken by Trump without consultation with congress, as required, and also a slap in the face for the US allies, who were blindsided , and now their citizens are put in danger. What ever happened to good old diplomacy, to those men and women who run those diplomatic embassies who now have to face the prospect of attacks because of the whimsical decision by a man who was partying and playing golf.

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Posted in: Ghosn to be summoned by Lebanon's public prosecutor See in context

Interesting the words  "indicted criminal suspect" Ghosn is innocent until proven guilty, he has not had a trial neither has he be found to be guilty of any charges, the only charge that could be brought is skipping bail. Yes I agree the justice system needs an overhaul, but this will turn into political theatre, because this is world news and Japan does not like to be seen in an embarrassing light. Now Japan will use its political system to bring pressure on Lebanon , whether it be for future trade or investment. It could get very interesting to see how this plays out

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Posted in: Abe discusses Iran, N Korea in call with Trump See in context

A 75 minute phone call at Trumps request ?? would like to see the transcript of that call, probably found its way into the secure server like all the other calls. I wonder if President Hassan Rouhani would have made the Japan visit if he had known that Abe would discuss those talks immediately with Trump. I wonder how much of those 75 minutes Abe got to talk.

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

Lets cut the BS America, the US wants to be in this region, full stop. The US should be made to pay if they want that privilege, because Japan and South Korea hosting the US military is a privilege. Ship all the military to Guam and Hawaii that will certainly save Japan and South Korea a huge amount of money. Then maybe the Okinawan's can rebuild and promote their island as a top class tourist destination, because at present the US camps have all the prime sites.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters say 'Thank you' to Donald Trump See in context

So do we rule out US interference in Hong Kong, after Venezuela and Peru, anything is possible. Trumps tariff war with china and Trump signing a bill supporting Hong Kong doesn't ease the situation , only inflames it. President Xi Jinping won't be bullied, he can sit out a trade war with the US, and at the moment is staying out of Hog Kong. I sympathize with the Hong Kong people, but they must sort out their own problems without any outside interference

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Posted in: Johnson offers up new Brexit promise for Christmas See in context

Johnson and Brexit vs Trump and the Republicans , I can't decide which has been is most farcical performance, both are worthy of the circus of year for the last three years performance. Neither are representing the people who put them in office, they are supposed to be working for all British and Americans citizens respectively, sadly so many have suffered, both in Britain and the US because of these clowns. Unfortunately so many of the citizens themselves believe the BS that Johnson and Trump spew . The uncertainty that companies and employees both sides of the pond are experiencing, only time will tell wether their rhetoric and promises are working. Personally, I am not a fan of the majority of politicians worldwide, most are chasing personal agendas and enriching the minority at the cost of the majority.

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Posted in: Hong Kong campus stalemate persists as U.S. bill sets up China clash See in context

Seems Trump and the Republican Party are going all out to see how many countries and people they can piss off in Trumps presidency term, last week was the Palestinians and the UN, over Israeli settlements, Now beside a trade war with China, now they are throwing petrol on the fire . Plus how many US domestic laws and parts of the US constitution Trump and his clowns have trampled over. Don't impeach, just vote Trump and the rest of the circus out of Washington and try and rescue the US's reputation home and abroad.

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Posted in: Turkey agrees with U.S. to pause Syria assault while Kurds withdraw See in context

More political theatre coming from the WH asylum, Trump started the Turkish/Syria fiasco. now all of a sudden Pence and Pompeo have miraculously convinced Erdogan to a cease fire while the Kurds are forced to withdraw from their lands with the tails between their legs, whatever happed to loyalty for the Kurdish people. All this theatrics to promote Trump in a good light to his base and promote his 2020 election. What a load of BS, typical Trump, cause a problem, then seem to correct it, I only hope that the American people see through this con man and vote him out in 2020, that's if he hasn't resigned by Christmas.

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Posted in: Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain See in context

The picture shows the ignorance of Trumps knowledge of culture regarding receiving something from a Chinese diplomat in this case vice premier Liu. VP Liu presents a letter with two hands , something normal in this part of the world, but Trump just sticks out one hand to receive. Showing a lack of manner is not only a sign of indifference but ignorance.

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Posted in: EU tells Johnson to stop playing 'stupid' Brexit blame game See in context

It's become a circus , with all the clowns under one roof, Westminster. Time to go to the people both for a second referendum and a choice of who to lead the country, one ballot paper two questions, leave or remain, conservative or labour. The UK is heading into chaos with Johnson, Brexit will cause the pound to tank, unemployment will rocket, a recession, and a possibility of a return to the Irish troubles. Being a main contributor to the EU, the UK had a better chance of staying in and fighting, but with Narage representing the UK and Cameron as PM , the UK caved. So now, the people of the UK and all those from the EU that have made the UK their home face an uncertainty not seen since the second world war.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers complete first commercial hunt in 31 years See in context

So it's now commercial whaling, 1430tons of whale meat , also mentioned ¥15000 kilo, and yet , to add insult to the Japanese citizens , after just increasing consumption tax from 8% to 10%, this "His ministry is requesting a 5.1 billion yen ($48 million) budget for fiscal 2020 to support commercial whaling." Support , are you kidding me, it's commercial whaling , no support needed. This is just more of how governance wastes tax payers money.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

More war mongering from the right wing thinkers, China , Russia , North Korea aren't a threat to anyone, this is just those right wingers that want you to think that everyone is an enemy, and want to keep the military complex making billions of dollars. America has the same mentality , they think the world is going to attack them and has to keep Americans safe. Does anyone think that the movement of citizens from this region, and the business community interchanges are only for short term game, no, this part of the world is vibrant in ideas and enthusiasm for the future, and is leading the world in many fields. so lets stop with the warmongering rhetoric and start dealing in the positives of this region, and no-one cares who is no.1.

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Posted in: Children reveal more info on assailant who killed parents in Ibaraki home See in context

So many theories in this case, hopefully the police will make an arrest soon. How about a boyfriend or ex boyfriend of the eldest daughter, maybe the parents didn't approve, and why only the parents. Whoever it was I hope they find him quickly.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

Capitulation by Abe, just to pacify Trump, this is all political circus. How can you have a trade deal that is so one sided in Trumps favor without getting a written guarantee against a possible 25% tariffs that Trump could impose in the future on Japans bloodline industry, if Abe and Japan cause Trumps ego to be upset. American agricultural imports, due you honestly think Japan inc is going to give consumers a good deal , wake up, choice is the only thing you will have, and Japanese mindset is to buy Japanese products over imported if they can, plus at a time when wages are stagnating, a 2% consumption tax rise next month, and the bank of Japan chasing a 2% inflation target. No this isn't a consumer deal , just more political circus.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade deal hits snag as Tokyo seeks assurances on car tariffs See in context

Why wouldn't you insist on a sunset clause in any agreement with the US, I wouldn't trust Trump and the US on any agreement that didn't have safeguards for Japan regarding future actions by Trump

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

This corporate behavior is worldwide, cutting regulations, deregulation all at the request of the corporate world. Corporations don't want anything that will cost them extra to be able to operate, they want to operate on minimum safety or legal binding regulations , to maximize profit for the shareholders, corporations and CEO. Then it seems when disasters or accidents do happen no one at the top is held responsible, especially by the legal system(old boys network) , who maybe give a slap on the wrist to these offenders. So all those lives lost in the Fukushima disaster, will never see any justice, and just the legal system getting rich off appeal after appeal. Someone has to be held accountable, they were aware of the problem, but they thought nah! its never going to happen. Similar to the loss of power after the last typhoon, as reported by JT, they were not prepared.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Trump says "It looks like Iran did it" well, it looks like its going to rain tomorrow, or it looks like there could be snow this Christmas. What sort of an ill judged comment is "it looks like" so many bad players in this middle eastern circus "it looks like" it could have been any one of them. Why doesn't everyone just sit back and look at who has the most to gain from this this attack, SA, America and Russia, certainly from the the oil price hike. Russia and the US for more possible arm sales to the Saudi's, and SA itself, Mohammed bin Salmon wasn't happy with the present oil price, he needs more money, and he had just fired his oil minister and replaced him with his brother, and then there is Israel , the bogey man, they want a war with Iran but won' go it alone, they need the US and SA to be partners in crime. Then there is Iran, what do they have to gain by this attack, maybe to force the US back to the negotiating table, maybe. Trump pulled the US out of an agreement that was working, and installed illegal sanctions on Iran, to the delight of the Israeli's, for what gain ? Iran suffered sanctions, and Israel got what it wanted from the US. So why doesn't anyone credit the Yemeni people with the attack, blaming Iran for supporting the Yemeni fight against the might of the US and SA, oh! and the US has not supported some shady organizations over the years to get regime changes, the CIA are not exactly angels. So NEOCON Pompeo says it was Iran, lets see concrete evidence presented to the people, look at Iraq and Libya has no-one learned a lesson. The only way is negotiation however long it takes as long as not a single life is lost, because if Iran is attacked, and a war breaks out in the middle east, there are going to be a lot of innocent lives lost, just to appease a political class that has no empathy to interest of how many lives are lost.

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