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Ming Thompsen comments

Posted in: 3 things you should eat at Denny’s in Japan, according to staff who work there See in context

American in name only. I wish they would at least have a version of the grand slam or at least the hash browns.

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Posted in: Car driven by 97-year-old man kills woman, injures 4 in Fukushima See in context

Hey @el rata 60's is old? lol My eyesight is going as yours will at this age but i can out surf/bike/hike many in their 20s. My wifes dad is 86 and he outworks me chopping trees and clearing land. I agree 97 is probably too old but they need to have reflex and mobility tests added as requirement.

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Posted in: Dinner time See in context

Kaiseki?! Thats so unamerican. https://www.eater.com/2019/5/28/18642472/president-trump-japan-cheeseburgers-steak

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Posted in: New app to allow travelers paperless entry into Japan See in context

Having returned recently, anything they can do to reduce all the redundant paperwork and checkpoints will be a huge deal. I finally got out of all the covid checkpoints and got stopped right at immigration because my neg covid test form was missing. One of the checkpoints didn't return it to me. A worker had to run back and find it. It took 30mins. So from the time i landed and was able to get my luggage 3.5hrs. After that i was outside. I could of taken a cab or train if i wanted. Nobody there to stop me but, my wife was picking me up. The mySOS app i have never been nagged so much everyday for 2 weeks in my life lol.

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Posted in: Burger King releases 100% plant-based Version 2 Whopper in Japan See in context

The impossible whopper in the states are pretty darn close to beef. Ill choose those just because it feels like its not as heavy. Pretty sure these are not targeted at the vegan hardcore but maybe for moral choices. The idea of vegans wanting to eat something that taste like meat still escapes me. Sadly, ive only been too a couple vegan restaurants where the food was so good i didnt miss meat.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

LOL @DOC See. Its a useless debate. Do your thang.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

If you been in tokyo and seen the mobs of people going on about their lives. (Watch those youtube walking videos) A large portion of the population here is not concerned.

Fact: covid is now a preventable disease and 99% of deaths in the US are unvaccinated.

This debate is senseless. You get vaccinated or yolo. At this point, all you can do is lookout for yourself and loved ones.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca, Nipro sign COVID-19 vaccine deal for supply in Japan See in context

@Sven Asai

So much misinformation being posted. Please cite sources.

German scientist discovers what causes the clots https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210422/scientists-find-how-astrazeneca-vaccine-causes-clots

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Posted in: Biden signs bill to counter spike in anti-Asian hate crime See in context

@Commodore Perry as an asian that grew up in texas and lived in nyc for 20yrs. I have never felt unsafe until it was enabled from the top. Last few months before leaving nyc i would be prepared as i started hearing slurrs and comments around me.

And yes sadly as an asian american almost all of my racist incidents occurred by black and brown. So, this has nothing to do with the locations its where the most asians are populated and its enabled them to turn their hate/anger on a group.

Its true, nobody wants to hear that. To call it out, like it is.

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Posted in: Most Japanese medical workers still not fully vaccinated See in context

To all the vacc skepics, get it or take your chances. At the end of the day it wont matter to those who have the vacc. I moved here from NYC 9months ago. I have had some very sick friends with covid and have seen the freezer trucks full of the dead around the hospitals. Never in my life would i have expected NYC to reopen and lift mask mandate before Japan.

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