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MiniAiko comments

Posted in: Mother held for allegedly drowning 12-day-old son in bathtub See in context

This is a terrible tragedy, indeed. I know PPD can be severe, but murder is murder regardless. If she is not put in jail, her mental situation must be intense enough to have her be put in a mental institution. Either way, I don't think she should be allowed to just run out of that court with no punishment. Murder is murder. That poor child had a life ahead of him that could have been filled with wonderful happiness and beauty, and that mother took that life away. PPD doesn't justify murder unless she is insane to an extent. And, don't blame the father. You know nothing about the father. You automatically read "unemployed" and you believe that the father is to blame. He may have been a decent man, working everyday to find a job. My own father was unemployed for the longest time and he was the most caring man in the world. He may not have had a job, but he tried everyday to find one, and he would come home and take care of his children like a good father should. The father of this child may have been a deadbeat dad, too, but you also don't know that. Jumping to conclusions by one simple word will land you in irrational arguements and make you seem like a idiot. R.I.P poor child.

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Posted in: Goodbye Yon-sama, hello Girls’ Generation See in context

I have no real taste in pop music, due to the fact I'm more into J-Rock and Trance. But, I quite like the style of some of the Japanese pop singers. Then again, thats probably due to the fact I'm a teenage girl and an otaku. I love all things cute (and yet I'm strangely into gothic music and such...) and sometimes I wish I could pull off that style. But, the K-Pop music artists are probably more talented and of better appeal to men and such. So, I basicly have no input. I'm glad I could waste your time like this, and I hope you enjoyed it too. MiniAiko out!!!

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Posted in: Bruise-like marks found on body of dead 3-year-old girl See in context

Toddlers get bruises all the time, due to the fact that kids fall and topple all over the place. They run around and play, and sometimes they get bruises. But, what can be looked into is the condition of the bruises. How many are there and are they in any awkward spots that couldn't be formed by falling. Like, on the inner thigh or around her neck. Those are places that you usually don't bump against the ground from time to time. The burn mark is extremely suspicious in my eyes and the fact that the boyfriend didn't call the mom or a docter is even more suspicious. I hear about these sort of cases all the time, and it gets to be very depressing. If little Megumi's death is found to be the fault of an abuser, there is no doubt in my mind that that man should be taken to court. But, this also seems to be the error of the mom. She obviously brought a dangerous person into poor Megumi's life and wasn't there to make sure her daughter was alright. You should never leave your young daughter in the care of someone you can't completely trust. If it was a grandparent, a daycare or a husband, it is completely responsible. But, how long did she know this man before she left her child with him? Obviously, I may be sounding harsh, but you have to take these precautions when dealing with a sensitive case such as this one.

RIP Megumi

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Posted in: Tokyo couple die in apparent suicide See in context

I don't know about romantic, but these Japanese suicide rates are going to be high this year. I can already tell. Soon, stuff like this won't be tragic enough to be in the news. "Oh. Another suicide? Ah well. Did you see the basketball game last night?" will be how most conversations go.

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Posted in: 5-yr-old girl dies after falling out of car and being run over in driveway at Tochigi home See in context

This is definitly very sad. I can't believe that something like this would hppen so easily with all the safety features we have on modern day cars. I hope Sawa is resting peacefully. And, to parents, BUCKLE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE SEAT!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Annoying habits by train commuters, hot trends for 2011 and other survey results See in context

I don't like to be anywhere alone, nowadays. I'm no spring chicken! I remember when it was semi-safe to walk alone. xD

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for 'hunting old men' in Yokohama See in context

Hunting old men? Really? They only hunt old men because they know someone around their age will kick their ass. I agree with ikkochan. Who cares if the man could've fought back or was drunk off his rocker, he was still assaulted. Thats a crime no matter what age you are. I'm just suprised to see a headline that isn't "40 year old man rapes teenager" or "Child gets stabbed in parking lot". Every headline I see on JT is usually some crazy Japanese man assaulting an innocent child or young adult. Its strange to see that the children were the attackers this time. I don't think its refreshing, but more or less disappointing.

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Posted in: Osaka restaurant employee arrested over murder of Hyogo couple See in context

Stuff like this makes me think "What a wonderful world...". I haven't been reading the news for but 5 minutes and I already came across 3 murder stories. Its terrible and ridiculous. But, I guess thats just how the world works... :"(

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