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Posted in: India, Japan to hold first economic dialogue See in context

@garomakaikishi those product are not to be sold to Indians only, they can be exported to other countries. so i assume japan is doing right

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

so what?! is it really important ? or u just wanted to tell us what a cute little mouth Ji-yeon has?? or maybe how japanese are are blindly hating koreans? anything else i didn't mention?

now please tell us that you always have an impartial stance because i can't see that in you, nowhere. the unimportance of this new just wonders me what you are on?

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Posted in: Japan says it may cancel F-35 order if prices rise See in context

i hope they make their own thing....it would be great

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Posted in: Osaka votes in favor of enforced singing of Japanese national anthem in public schools See in context

if they want the anthem to be sung they better only enforce school principals and manciples.....i'm sure students will be happy :D

plus enforcing teachers to sing is not good at all......but who says patriotism is bad? patriotism would not necessarily turn into militarism. its just not related at all.......

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